The Nine

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • After living through a hostage situation in a bank for over 2 days, 9 people's lives are changed. This show examined what happened inside (via flashbacks) and what happened after. Interesting idea, weak delivery.

    [Does not include episodes after "Outsiders"]
    I had high expectations for this show. The premise was interesting: a bank robbery/hostage situation that would be told in flashbacks with some twists along the way and then getting to see how the characters had changed since being released. Unfortunately, the execution of the show was not nearly as interesting.

    For the most part, I was uninterested in most of what happened with these characters when they got out. The only question I had was why one of the couples broke up. This lucky got answered before ABC pulled the show. After that, I didn't really care whether or not it came back.

    This show was meant to be a character show about the lives of the people that experienced the horror of being a hostage and how that changed them. I was more interested in what happened in the bank so this show never really grabbed me. Plus, how long could they have really drug out flashbacks to what happened in the bank?