The Nine

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Something about The Nine didn't click...

    Don't get me wrong, I found The Nine interesting at times. It wasn't awful, like most of the Lost rip-offs out there. The premise was interesting: nine random people get taken hostage for 52 hours by bank robbers. What happened during those 52 hours were revealed gradually during flashbacks and how the those hours in living hell affected the people's lives were the jist of the show. Fine. Sounds good enough. But there was something or a combination of various elements which didn't flow properly. Could it be that almost nothing about the bank heist/hostage situation was revealed? The lack of action or that the characters knew more than the audience? Another problem with this show was that it didn't know what it wanted to be. Fans of shows which focus on character development like House, Grey's Anatomy or even Lost didn't tune in because they thought from the previews it would have a lot of action and fans of action shows like 24 or Prison Break *did* tune in but found themselves uninterested and changing the channel during the first 20 minutes due to the lack of action. This show had difficulty finding it's audience and deciding what it wanted to be - an action adventure with conspiracy and plot twists or a character drama focusing on how the nine people were affected by the hostage situation? I must say, I found it hard to stay focused on this show. And putting it behind Lost was a dumb move - two dramas which required you to think and that confuse you (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) back to back just wears the audience out.

    I did not care for most of the characters. Nine characters and I didn't find a single one appealing or particularly fascinating. I found most of them obnoxious and to put it bluntly, stupid. Some of their actions just left me thinking "why did they do that?" Most of them were stock - they had no layers and were simply stereotypes.

    We got very little answers about the bank robbery. The show, which was marketed as essentially Lost in a bank, focused on the aftermath of the bank robbery and the nine character's lives after being taken hostage rather than providing answers to what happened during the 52 hours. Were Kathryn & Lizzie raped? Was the robbery a conspiracy? Were some of the hostages actually involved with the bank robbery? We'll never know. It would have worked better as a mini-series - if it did get renewed, then where would they go from where they are now? They would either drag what happened during the bank robbery flashbacks over a few seasons or focus on the lives of the hostages and their relationships, which would have defeated the whole plot of the show.

    The Nine is like every other Lost wannabe out there; there's nothing unique about it. People will forget about this one in a year. My advice if you haven't watched it? Be glad you skipped it.