The Nine

Season 1 Episode 6

Take Me Instead

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

This episode begins with a flashback about halfway into the robbery. Randall is getting more and more nervous as the phone continues to ring. He is angry he doesn't have any cigarettes. Kathryn's mother yells at him for having a temper tantrum, and as he threatens her. Kathryn steps in to beg for her for mother's life. Nick then gets Randall to focus on the possibility of a negotiation, saying he should trade a hostage for the cigarettes he wants so badly. Randall takes his advice and Lucas picks up the ringing phone to ask for cigarettes and food.

They to decide who should be the hostage to trade. Malcolm says his daughter is there and she should go first. Lucas and Randall seem surprised at there being someone else in the bank. Lucas takes Malcolm back to get Felicia, and Randall thinks she is good leverage with Malcolm, so he doesn't want to let her go. After more discussion, Nick finally convinces Randall to use Nancy, Kathryn's mother, because she's the oldest woman and is already driving Randall crazy.

Back in the present day, Egan is acting a little motherly towards Nick, wondering why he was out all night. Nick is visibly annoyed by this and suggests Egan go apartment hunting. Kathryn calls for Nick, and Egan invites her over for a poker night before giving the phone to Nick. Kathryn has plans to be with Ed and says she cannot come. She then invites Nick to lunch because her mother wants to thank him.

At Malcolm's house, the security alarm goes off and he asks why they are still having trouble with it. His wife scurries about, getting ready to go out of town. Felicia complains about the house arrest they've put her under because she went to visit Lucas in prison without telling them.

Lizzie visits Lucas in the hospital. They are moving him back to prison in two days. She thanks him for what he did for the group and he seems put off that she appears to be passing a message along from the others.

Kathryn arrives home to romantic candles and rose petals scattered all over. As Ed tell her he's come to realize how important she is to him, and Kathryn quickly dismisses herself to go to the bathroom, clearly anxious because she knows what Ed is about to ask her.

Back to the bank, the SWAT team sets pizza and cigarettes outside the bank quite a distance from the glass doors. Inside, Kathryn is saying goodbye to her mother, who apologizes for bringing her there in the first place. Lucas tells the SWAT team that Nancy will bring the pizza and cigarettes to the door and then she will be released. Before she can go, Kathryn is concerned that her mother will need her purse, thus creating more chaos. Nick takes control of her, makes sure her back is turned to the door, and Nancy leaves the bank. She turns around to pound on the door, begging to be let back in. She gives up and walks towards the pizza, and sees the SWAT team move into place. She freezes, while inside Kathryn is being assured by Nick that everything is going fine. Suddenly, Nancy runs back towards the bank with the pizza and cigarettes, but the SWAT team drags her back unharmed. Lucas and Randall are upset the plan has failed, and Nick tells Kathryn her mother is safe.

Back in the present day, Kathryn is at her therapist's office and admits she had a panic attack when Ed proposed. She wants her prescription refilled. Ed had been very understanding about her reaction and they agree to table the marriage talk. She then admits she can't stop thinking about Nick, which is causing her to second-guess her relationship with Ed.

Jeremy calls Franny to see if she is going to Egan's poker night. She isn't, so he asks her to attend a charity function and she accepts.

At the luncheon with Kathryn's mother, Kathryn asks Nick if a poker party is a good idea due to his gambling problem. He assures her it isn't a problem anymore. Nancy arrives, and makes a toast to Nick's heroic behavior and to Kathryn's engagement. Kathryn wonders how her mother knew and curtly informs her they will talk about it later.

Back at the bank, Malcolm retrieves the food, and tells the SWAT team if they do anything, his daughter will die. Back in the present day, Malcolm invites his daughter to the USC homecoming rally. She agrees.

Egan and Nick go apartment hunting, but Egan doesn't find anything he likes.

Kathryn arrives home and nearly bursts into tears when she asks Ed why he told her mother about the proposal before he asked her. She wonders if "they worked out her dowry" as well. He counters she's not upset about her mother knowing, but is upset she doesn't know what she wants. Then he says he's tired of waiting.

Back at the hospital, Lizzie watches Lucas being transported back and there is flashback to the robbery. Lucas takes Lizzie to use the same bathroom where Felicia was found and asks her why she has to go so often. She reveals to him that she's pregnant. He tells her that Randall won't like that, so Lucas advises her not to say anything.

In the present day, Lizzie walks in on Jeremy putting on his suit jacket for the charity event. Lizzie assumes he has a date, which he confirms, "I didn't tell you because I thought it might be too soon." She agrees, but tells him to have a nice time.

Kathryn is the first to arrive at the poker party, saying her plans with Ed changed. She admits to Egan that Ed had proposed, but she's a commitment-phobe, and hasn't answered yet.

The card game is now in full swing, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Nick insists on playing Texas Hold 'Em.

Lizzie is back in Lucas's room where he apologizes for his rudeness earlier. He asks if she'll just sit with him. She does.

Franny and Jeremy share a moment outside the charity event where he tells her, "This is the most uncomplicated I've felt in a long time." They kiss as Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine" plays in the background.

Back at the poker game, Egan and Nick go head to head, while Nick clearly moves begins to go into "out-of-control" mode. The stakes are upped with Egan putting in everything he has on him, and Kathryn says, "This is ridiculous." Nicks wins only at the flip of the card, to which Kathryn argues with him she shouldn't have continued betting that much when he has nothing in his hand. It gets more and more heated until Nick snaps at her, "Is there a problem?" Judging by the look on Kathryn's face, he's just ruined any chance he may have had with her.

Kathryn then tells her therapist about the card game, saying she couldn't believe Nick was willing to bet everything on chance. Then she wonders why she is resisting Ed. Her therapist acknowledges that what they went through was powerful, but Kathryn says she doesn't think it will last outside the bank.

Back at the bank, Egan handcuffs Nick to a post as Lucas holds him at gunpoint. Nick thanks Egan for speaking up about keeping Nick inside, and Egan says that they all feel better having him there.

Card-game morning after, Nick admits to being a jerk to which Egan is gracious. Nick tries to give the money back, but Egan refuses. Nick then wads up a rental application that Egan had and tells him the money he won will go towards his first month's rent.

Back to Lizzie and Lucas, where she tells him he's the only one who knows what happened between her and Jeremy in the bank. Lucas reminds her that how a person acts with a gun pointed at their head is not an indication of their character.

Jeremy and Franny lie in bed together.

Kathryn comes home to find Ed sleeping and she gets into bed with him. She wakes him up and she asks him to propose again. He pulls a ring box out of the bedside table, which Kathryn recognizes it as belonging to her grandmother. This explains why her mother knew before he proposed. This time she says yes.

Malcolm's wife has arrived home from her trip. She asks if he ever heard back from the security company. Malcolm tells her they had a broken window sensor.

Outside Malcolm's house two men are sitting in a van that reads "Castleton Security Solutions" on the side. The men are listening in on the conversation inside Malcolm's house.
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