The Nine

Season 1 Episode 6

Take Me Instead

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • Exceptional episode!

    We learn a lot in the flashback sequence this week, which makes the episode very intense. Susan Sullivan's portrayal of Kathryn's mom in the flashback is absolutely heartbreaking and her mere presence on the screen elevates this episode to another level. Lizzie and Lucas continue their connection, which was very good to see. Nick's stubborn and dark side rears it's ugly head and adds many more layers to the "hero" part he's been playing up until now. Tim Daly does an excellent job with this complex side of Nick. And I love how the writers are making so many of the characters "grey" - that's important in a series that really is character-driven.

    Kim Raver shines in her side of the episode this week, with Kathryn finally accepting her feelings for Nick for the first time since the robbery. Her reaction to Ed's proposal is well acted and written, which is the first time I've felt that with her as an actress.

    The Malcolm and Felicia relationship is also nicely done, but as Malcolm seems to be approaching the "moral center" of the show, I'd like to see more of his character than was shown in this episode. But this easily one of the best episodes to date.
  • One Month Later

    the series continue with the lives of the nine. It is one month since the robbery standoff and in the flasback portion of the series, it is now the second hour. More from the flashback will be reveal in the weeks and months to come. When I heard that egan is planning ma poker party is planned, my jaw dropped and fraring that I may have to give it 8.5 and less. But I was surprise that that porker scene was intense. Really intense. I never expect a poker session to be so intense. Kim Raver has emerged as my favorite Nine addresses.
  • It gets better and better!

    Since 1x04 it gets better and better, this was the best episode so far. :) Very interesting flashbacks, how don't know how the writers manage to make them to exciting. I'm always scared that something could happen to the characters, but you know, we know that nothing happens. *lol* Anyway, the episode was really good. The ending? Wtf?! Who were those guys? Why where they listening? And what happened between Jeremy and Lizzie? He pointed with a gun to her? Whaty?! Argh, I wanna know. I hope so much that they increase the number of viewers, because so far, the ratings get worse with every week. :( But we need to know what happened in there!

    I like it, that Nick and Egan live together, even when they are the two characters I like the least. Their scene were nice this episode.

    I really, really like Lucas <3 And I liked his scenes with Lizzie; present and past. I kinda ship them. Everyone's better than Jeremy. :P
  • I get to watch about every other episode. This one is my favorite so far.

    I don't know exactly what to say here. I'm writing a review of a show that I like, but I'm not overly excited about it. I get to watch about every other episode (if I remember to watch.) With that said, this episode is my favorite so far. Not remembering as much as I wish about the other episodes, I felt the momentum was good. I felt the characters were deepened, and the realationships solidified in an interesting manner. I believe that there was definitely a theme in the episode that reached into all the story lines and made definite sense. As to the filming of the episode, I feel that they direction was adequate and that the cuts weren't as frenetic as I believe they have been.

    So, all in all a good episode. I'm happy with this show, and hope it is given a change to continue to develop. Now, if I can only keep my schedule straight enough to keep watching.