The Nine

Season 1 Episode 8

Turning Point

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2007 on ABC

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  • My review will include a full summary of the episode with many spoilers in it. Reason Im posting it is that it has just gotten aired in The Netherlands and I believe the Americans have the right to know what happens next.

    >>>Long Summary ahead, includes *many* spoilers!
    This episode is not just special because it was never aired in the united states, but also because it is indeed a turning point in the story.

    After Randall started hurrassing Lizzie, the girls decide to use drugs from Eva's purse to drug him. When Randall lights a sigarette, Eva makes notice of her nicotine addiction and gets to get her chewing gum from her purse. After she has managed to retrieve the drugs aswell, an opportunity presents itself when Franny gets to get a cup of coffee for Randall. After she has returned, however, it all goes wrong before Randall gets to start on his coffee. As the guard stands up to stretch his legs, he falls down and gets an attack from his injuries. Jeremy takes him outside and tries to convince Randall that the guard needs surgery, but Randall refuses to let him go and when the guard gets in shock he tilts and kills him. Randall immediately goes berserk, understanding that he just killed a man and knowing that if he will be captured their will be no way back from the death penalty.
    When no reaction comes from the outside, Nick realizes that noone is going to call and he alarms the robbers that the police are assuming the worst and planning a strike. While going all the way to get the police to stand down, the coffee gets colder however and when Kathryn succeeds in the strike to be blown off, Randall returns to his coffee, realizes its cold and throws it away.

    This story gets told as the eight get questioned by the police. It was very touching how they went into tears telling the story and it showed a lot of grief and mental struggle which was pretty well acted.
    The episode reveals how Nick lies to the police about the dead guard, trying to prevent an assault with possible casualties, and thus how he got into trouble afterwards.
    Also Kathryn gets ahead of her husband in the struggle for District Attorney which obviously doesn't please him and Egan tells Malcolm how his speech, when the guard gets removed from the scene, gave him new hope for a better feauture.

    The episode ends as the hostages tell eachother who they are as it is their first chance to talk to eachother and while Randall knows all is lost for him, it seems like the start of a pact which should ultimately end the whole situation.