The Nine

Season 1 Episode 3

What's Your Emergency?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • Wow!!! What an amazing episode, it was very interesting from started to finish.

    Throughout the show I was wondering what Felicia has done. Everyone seems to be having trouble to get to grip with the robbery in the bank. I love the ending, it's so touching.

    I find this episode more interesting then the first two, but those episodes were still good!!! I love it the way they show bits and pieces of the robbery, it's such a good show, don't understand why the ratings are so bad!!! Some show is probably worst then this show and it's still showing. It isn't fair!!! This is one of the best show I have watched!!! can't wait for next weeks show in NZ.
  • The excitement is building.

    I simply cannot understand why this show isn't doing better. And this episode is a great example of what what good TV is really all about.

    I know the serial drama has taken a hit this year - it's just not as popular. But I don't think it's fair to put this show in that catagory. This episode really drew me into the characters themselves, and at just the right time in the season. With more and more questions raised, and even more character revealing moments, this show has reached an excellent level of entertainment you don\'t see much on TV anymore.

    The flshbacks were exceptional and hart-pounding. Watching Felicia run through the bank hiding in order to help had me hoping and saying "Don't do it!" all at the same time.
  • Best episode yet....

    I went into this episode not expecting much, the past two episodes were kinda disappointed because they kinda had that lost feel to it, where you dont think you'll ever find out what "really" happens and the plot goes nowhere really, but this episode was great even from the start. it begins, as usual, with a ten minute flashback from the robbery, which i thought was nerve-racking. i was on the edge of my seat, i hadnt done that since prison break season 1. a lot of shows have gone good to bad or the other way. the nine is a pretty solid show and "whats ur emergency" proves my point.
  • The Nine keeps us watching to see exactly what happened to them in the bank.

    I am finding the relationships between the Nine more and more fasinating. Whatever happened to all of them in the 52 hour bank setting caused how they all relate to one another now. I am most curious to find out just what Jeremy (Scott Wolf) did to piss off Lizzie (Jessica Collins). Jeremy will also be in a whole lot of trouble if the bad guy he tried to kill dies. Nick (Tim Daly) knows about it and will not let it go. When Lizzie tells Jeremy that she is preggers he has this most unhappy look on his face and wishes he had known sooner. Sooner than what? Franny? Look forward to next week.
  • Don't reveal the show too much too soon.

    This show needs to slow down and not reveal itself
    That much or get ahead of iself as it needs
    To take it one step at a time and that Nick
    Tries to keep his job and the same goes for
    Jeremy trying to keep his as a doc. Kathyrn tries to keep her sanity at the top of her game. This show is great but I really think it is revealing itself too much too soon!
  • 13 days Later

    I am hooked with ths show that keeps getting better by each passing week. and I'm taking about "The Nine." The show I hope will keep viewers hooked every Wednesday. "The Nine" along with "Heroes" are two of the best new dramas of the fall season. Two years ago Entertainment Weeky Front Row Panel, invited me to choose the best TW shows. If they come back and ask me to pick the best new drams, I'll say 1) The Nine, 2) Heroes 3) Standoff. this week, the nine continue to adjust after their hostage standoff and one of the nine finally remembers what happen inside that day.
  • I still have hope for this

    I still have some hope for The Nine. My biggest fear with this show is that after a couple of months their "after" lives will become boring. The exciting part of this show is finding out what happened in the bank not just how it effected their lives. And I don't like the idea of 5 minutes of what happened and then the rest back to present day. It is still interesting for now but I could see it start to slide.
  • Good episode. Too much filler with the baby.

    Compared to previous episodes, this one was a bit slow and drawn out. I know we're supposed to see how the robbery affected everyone, but this one spent a little too much time on the pregnancy. I don't understand why Kathryn was so obsessed about Jessica's baby. Maybe something happened in the bank that led to that, but without that information it just doesn't do anything for me.
    Felicia continues to be an interesting character. So obsessed over trying to remember what happened, yet no one wants to tell her anything. I have my suspicions about the little "memory party" that was held at the end. Were they telling her everything, or did her dad set it up just to ease her curiosity, with major details being withheld?