The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Season 1 Episode 6

A Real Botswana Diamond

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2009 on BBC
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A Real Botswana Diamond
The No.1 Ladies are the latest victims of the Kgale Hill Break-ins and Mma Ramotswe and JLB Matekoni's engagement is not going as smoothly as expected. Note Mokoti's return, fake diamonds and Cephas Buthelezei's ruthless attempt at blackmail, forces Mma Ramotswe to face her demons before she can move onmoreless

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  • This show caught my eye because of what looks like a very accurate portrayal of Botswananian society. I wondered if they were American actors doing the accents or if they were naturally Botswanian. It is a great detective show along with drama.moreless

    Jill Scott is an amazing actor in this. It doesn't even look like acting she is so good. The rest of the characters are great too. In this show Precious got her ring back from the jeweler by blackmailing him because she found out about his crooked past. Also a wild girl is trying to kill Precious as she procured a gun from her thug man friend. I think she wants to kill Precious for getting in the way of her current scandal. Precious confront her mean ex who is a trumpet player. He used to beat her and she was having to pay him off to keep quiet that they were still currently married....but Precious found out he was still married when they were married so her marriage to him isnt valid so she can now more freely marry the nice guy.moreless
Paterson Joseph

Paterson Joseph

Cephas Buthelezi

Guest Star

Colin Salmon

Colin Salmon

Note Makoti

Guest Star

Harish Patel

Harish Patel

Mr. Patel

Guest Star

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    • Rose: If there is one thing a man cannot stand, it is change.

    • Florence: I'm a high-class maid!
      Mma Ramotswe: You are a high-class cheat! All talk and no work!
      Florence: (to JLB Matekoni) She will break your bed. You will die. This is going to be the end of you.
      Mma Ramotswe: No, Mma. This is the end for you.

    • JLB Matekoni: Does a modern lady require a diamond ring if she is to be engaged?
      Mothleli: She does. A diamond ring for... 50,000 Pula. It is the one thing on which all ladies agree.

    • Mma Ramotswe: I have made some mistakes in the past.
      JLB Matekoni: Who has not? Today all mistakes are washed away.

    • (Mma Ramotswe choosing a ring from the jewellers)
      Kebone Legodimo: Diamonds like those may be easily missed. People may not notice such a diamond at all.
      Mma Ramotswe: I will notice it. Rra Matekoni will notice it. And that is all that matters.

    • Mma Ramotswe: I am not the same person now. That girl you used to shout at and punch, she is gone.
      Note Makoti: That is what you like to think. (Mma Ramotswe drops glass as Note touches her) That is what you like to think.

    • Cephas Buthelezi: Whatever would he think of you, this simple mechanic man accepting his ring under false pretenses. Even if it is a counterfeit.
      Mma Ramotswe: What?
      Cephas Buthelezi: Cubic zirconium. A fake diamond for a fake engagement.

    • (at her father's grave)
      Mma Ramotswe: I have done a foolish thing, Daddy. I have agreed to marry a good man... while I am still married to a bad one.

    • (talking to the monkey who broke into Mr. Patel's shop)
      Mma Ramotswe: I'm not afraid of you. You should be afraid of me.

    • JLB Matekoni: I am determined to be more courageous.
      Mma Ramotswe: It was courageous of you to ask me to marry you again, after I turned you down.
      JLB Matekoni: Then I will build from that base.

    • Note Makoti: With me you take the rough with the smooth.
      Mma Ramotswe: I lost my baby.
      Note Makoti: There would have been others.
      Mma Ramotswe: There would have been other bruises too. And broken bones. I was glad when you went away.

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