The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Season 1 Episode 5

Beauty and Integrity

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2009 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Contestant Shortlist for Two Shots Pulani's Miss Beauty and Integrity Contest:
      1) Motlamedi Matluli
      2) Gladys Tlnapi
      3) Patricia Kopong
      4) Thabisa Gopane
      5) Baone Magasane

  • Quotes

    • Cephas Buthelezi: There's room for both of us in Gabarone, Mma, the city is growing. You can carry on with your bits and pieces while I take care of matters that require a man's approach. A professional detective's approach.
      Mma Makutsi: We are professionals.
      Cephas Buthelezi: I meant qualified, experienced, professional.

    • Mma Ramotswe: Have you heard the expression 'never judge a book by its cover'?
      Mma Makutsi: Mmm, luckily, that does not apply to pretty girls.

    • JLB Matekoni: If a man has no wife, if a man has no chance of a wife? If the woman a man wants for his wife will not look at him twice, then what?
      Old Angler: Then the river is a fine companion.

    • Mma Ramotswe: (talking to Rose about Rra Matekoni) Just because we sometimes break bread together does not mean we must do it for ever and ever.

    • (talking about the rival detective, Cephas Buthelezi)
      Mma Makutsi: You did not find him full of bluster and hot air?
      BK: He blows his own trumpet but he has a trumpet to blow.

    • Guy in Canteen: Motlamedi is the most beautiful girl in Gabarone.
      Mma Makutsi: And what about your integrity?
      Motlamedi Matluli: Oh, it looks very good in a swimsuit.

    • Mma Ramotswe: Are you alright?
      BK: Is there anything peculiar about a hairdresser with no hair, Mma?
      Mma Ramotswe: The less you have the more you care about other people's.

    • Mma Ramotswe: It is a contest of integrity, not just beauty.
      Motlamedi Matluli: Integrity? Men with their wives in the big houses, their girlfriends in the small houses, and their morals gone missing somewhere in between?
      Mma Ramotswe: Not all men are like that.
      Motlamedi Matluli: Perhaps you know some which I do not.

    • Nandira Patel: You've got it all mapped out for me. You are the owner of my life, not me.
      Mr. Patel: I want the best for you. I know what the world is like. You don't.
      Nandira Patel: You don't know my world.

    • Mma Ramotswe: It is you. I never thought I would really find you.
      JLB Matekoni: But you did.
      Mma Ramotswe: I just set off driving and then... And then I had to find you.
      JLB Matekoni: Because?
      Mma Ramotswe: Because... I want you to ask me again.
      JLB Matekoni: Ask you?
      Mma Ramotswe: I want you to ask me again to marry you. Is that something you can do?
      JLB Matekoni: Yes. Yes, it is. Mma Ramotswe... would you be my wife?
      Mma Ramotswe: Rra Matekoni... yes, I will.

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