The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Sunday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 23, 2008 In Season


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  • Incredible story. Incredible acting. Sheer work of utter perfection.

    Watching this was a stunning and eye-awakening experience. Through the storytelling alone I felt completely immersed in the culture of the Republic of Botswana. Everything was perfect. The shots, the acting, the writing. As much television as I watch, and I have seen a lot almost perfectly done shows, none will ever be so perfect as The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I am grateful to have had an opportunity to watch such an achievement as was this. It shows that good television comes in all shapes, and sizes. It shows that there does not have to be mindless action to hook you into the story. There needn't be bloodshed, or sex, or gratuitous amounts of swearing.

    As much as I enjoy watching all of those, I feel like that's the easy way. It's the simplest way to entertain people nowadays. But this show took the higher path, the more difficult one, the road less traveled, if you will...and it did it flawless.

    I cannot wait to see more of the masterpiece that Anthony Minghella started and helmed, only to die just days before his vision fully came to light. It's a shame that he couldn't witness its release. He would have been proud.