The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Sunday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 23, 2008 In Season


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  • A very sweet show, with love just shining through every character. No blood, no gore, nothing disturbing. Forgiveness seems to be the No. 1 attribute Precious brings to her detective agency.

    One of the parts I like best of this show is not the show itself; it is the author's diary about the making of the episode. The episodes are terrific; the interplay between the characters is better than terrific. I love Precious and Grace together, and can see that this relationship will be one of the better ones on television. I cannot help but think after I see the episode (not during it, because I'm so enchanted) that this show should win an Emmy or two. Maybe three. The backdrop of Botswana is just inspired. I know the books are set there, but to actually film there was a bold move. Seeing the people who live there, seeing the roads, learning so much about the country, learning it is the safest country in Africa, this is just wonderful. I cannot come up with enough superlatives to describe this show. I will say that I watched the pilot and four episodes back to back, I was enjoying it that much. I hope I can corral my family to watch it with me. Watching the mysteries being solved is a wonderful experience -- the outcomes are so beautiful.

    I highly recommend this show, especially for teenagers, if you can get them to watch. Sit on them if you have to.