The NRL Footy Show

Thursday 9:30 PM on Channel Nine Premiered Jan 01, 1994 In Season


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  • The Footy Show NRL

    I saw the Footy Show the other night and they had on a guy who can read people's Minds they put a envelope in the box signed They padlock on the later they said they got the envelope out of the box and the Envelope hasn't been touched or change I looked at both signatures and a different signatures and the envelopes has been changed it been switch got photos to prove it if he's going on telly and saying he can read people's Minds and good with numbers you should get it right before he goes on public TV.
  • Talk About Getting rid of the lifting tackle

    Listened(Sunday 12/4/15) whilst you discussed the lifting tackle Fifta made on a smaller player and how we need to get it out of the game. Two things that suprise me firstly the tackled played who has been back slammed is left lying on the ground, whilst his mates and other players come in, push and shove each other directly over the poor bloke lying on the ground potentially injured-without any consideration for his condition, none of you really said anything at all about the danger to him-. What is more important having the biff or the players safety?

    A few minutes prior, a few panel members are literally hoping or encouraging Hargreaves and Thaiday to have a blue- we have spent years trying to discourage our younger players from dangerous behaviour or undisciplined play- The world has changed considerably since most of ilk were playing League and for the better-In my time I have seen personally seen acts that have resulted in the guys I played football with becoming paraplegia or quadraplegic. You all talked of the horror when Alex McKinnon had his neck broken and celebrated the slow recovery. I believe you need to present consistent representation of what we want out of football-to have you guys, who were all great players either not seeing the dangers in some areas and appearing at times to encourage it, from my perspective does come accross well this side of the TV screen.

    I actually enjoy the show, when I get time to watch it, but sometimes think all of you need to look more in depth at the outcomes of what you say and to be consistent in the messages you are trying to deliver


  • Great to have Sterlo back.

    It was an excellent show with Sterlo back on the panel. Please make him stay with the show every week, he is the best to watch and listen to....come back Sterlo. He is just as good as Fatty and is made for the show, it would be a shame for him not to be permanently back on the show. Andrew Voss is okay but sometimes raves on too much. Sterlo actually knows what he's talking about and he's point of view is usually spot on and respected by everyone. On ya Sterlo, you're a legend...I'm not being biased because I'm a Parra fan!!!
  • Nrl is my favourite sport and the footy show is it's main supply of information...........

    Nrl is a great sport. Starting in 1908, the sport hits it's 100th season this year. So what a fitting way to start the year of by me reviewing the nrl footy show. Every Thursday during the nrl season, at 9:30pm, I watch the footy show. With great prevous nrl players Paul Vautin, Peter Sterling (host until 2006), Paul Harrigin and Matty Johns, The footy show is a great show. The audience also gets involved as well as Nrl players and Reg Regan ( matty johns ego). Some Segments include anti-ads ,our house and thats gold. Oh, and a final note, SOUTH SYDNEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!