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    • Milo Interrupted
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      After a disturbance in the Hills is blamed on Valley kids, the Valley's mayor appoints a child-services czar to improve parenting skills. Elsewhere, Milo learns that his freaky friend Helga has been abandoned by her parents and he is forced to spend every evening with his lonely pal. But Bob and Pickles suspect their son's late-night antics may be because he is on drugs... more than his numerous prescribed pharmaceuticals, that is. And Chip and Biff walk in on their parents at the wrong time. . .and end up having to scrub their corneas.moreless
    • Misfit Love
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Bob learns that the family may lose their medical coverage, so he urges the family to be extra careful. Milo brainstorms and realizes that if he gets hurt, he'll get to transfer out of the school for freaks, and go to "normal school" with his friends. So Helga sets out to injure him -- but there's really no need once Pickles inadvertantly sends Biff and Chip to the emergency room. As a result, Milo gets to transfer to regular school, where he falls in love with Yvette, a girl who's literally out of this world.moreless
    • Pickles' Little Amazons
      Pickles' Little Amazons
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      When Pickles is convicted of being an unfit mother, her punishment is having to do community service -- as the leader of a Girl-Scout-like group called The Little Amazons. When it's brought to her attention that her group is short one girl, Pickles comes up with a solution -- putting Milo in drag.moreless
    • My Name is Robbie
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      A freak accident at a Globicide-owned amusement park leaves Bob unable to use his mouth. Out of compassion (and at the advice of their lawyers), the people at Globicide build him a robotic suit with limbs that he can use to perform his duties. The now whole Bob gets an inflated ego and quits his job, but lands a new job as a lifeguard on the beach -- with a silicone-filled co-worker named Dusty who affectionately calls him Robbie. Meanwhile, Beth counts down the days to her upcoming birthday.moreless
    • Heroine Addict
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Pickles decides to quit smoking, but she replaces one addiction with another when she channels her nervous energy into becoming a reckless thrill-seeker. Her decision comes much to the dismay of Bob, who worries about her safety, and Milo, who resents her unseating him as the crazy one in the family.moreless
    • The Golden Child
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Bob fears his career is going nowhere. That is, until marketing genius Milo's sales take off for his new energy drink, "Manic," which improves Bob's co-workers' productivity. But the real secret of his success is found out when Bob's company anoints Milo as their new CEO.
    • Bucketheads
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      To keep dry in the rain, Pickles puts a bucket on Milo's head and sends him off to school. Funzie, the cool guy, thinks Milo's bucket is hip, so the next day, everyone's wearing a bucket on their heads. Milo finds himself running with the in-crowd, so he sets out to launch a strange new line of apparel -- with disasterous results.moreless
    • Get Off My Back
      Get Off My Back
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Everyone is excited about Dump Day -- the day when the Valley people get to loot the stuff the Hill people have thrown away. While looting, Biff and Chip are humiliated by Hill kids, so they decide to compete in the two man triathalon against Jared and Blaine. Bob gets a gargoyle statue, which he intends to put on the roof, but it keeps getting knocked off (with help from Milo and his friends). While gluing the gargoyle to the roof, Bob gets knocked off the ladder by his rambunctious sons. The result is Milo getting glued to Biff and Chip's back. When little Beth sees how her brothers have bonded, she decides that she wants to be stuck to someone too... Meanwhile Biff goes into a trance, during which time Milo and Chip bond, which irritates Biff and causes him to back out of the triathalon. So Milo and Chip decide to compete in the triathalon together....moreless
    • Please Be Genital
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      When Bob's coworker, James, orders a mail-order-bride on eBay, he throws a bachelor party at a strip club -- which Bob mistakes for a "colonial themed steakhouse." Bob accidentally ends up on stage and a stripper steps on his "family jewels." He goes to the doctor, who says he can't have sex for two weeks. But he and Pickles have had sex every night since their marriage! And poor Milo, who is sent to slumberland nightly by the sound of his mother screaming "Oh God," finds himself unable to sleep... Soon, Pickles begins to think that maybe she isn't sexy anymore, then later thinks that Bob is having an affair. So she responds like any good wife -- by beating up the woman she suspects he's having an affair with...a nun! Bob finally confesses what happened, and they agree not to have sex for two weeks, but the couple soon find that sex is the only thing that they have in common. But they each soon realize where their place is when the family are all in danger of drowning (in their home!). Meanwhile, James's bride arrives in a coffin, so Pickles sets him up with Anita Bidet....moreless
    • Disfigured Debbie
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Milo runs for school president against Debbie Klimer, leader of the snobby Debbies, and he loses -- but then his opponent suffers a freak accident. The Klimer family fakes young Debbie's death while she goes under the plastic surgeon's knife, but the operartion is less than successful and Debbie returns looking like The Phantom of the Opera. Shunned by her upscale family and friends, The Oblong clan and the valley kids take in the reject Debbie as one of their own. But when Debbie's cheerfulness starts getting on everyone's nerves, the valley kids turn to the freakish school nurse to get Debbie back with the in-crowd.moreless
    • Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Milo and his friends crash a party thrown for the Mayor's daughter, Debbie Bledsoe, and they cause the Debbie's new locket to be tossed into the sewer. The zaftig Helga goes after the gift and gets lodged in the pipe, plugging it up like a human cork. The hill people and rescuers work feverishly to rescue... the locket, and leave Helga blocking the main water line -- just one flush away from the great beyond. Helga causes a disruption in the water supply to valley, but the hill people pay no attention -- until their water is cut off too.moreless
    • Narcoleptic Scottie
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Milo soon grows attached to a stray Scottie dog the Oblongs take in, but the pet brings out the animal in the hyperactive boy, and the family gives the pooch away to Bob's boss, George, thinking he'll have a good home. But when his new owners soon tire of him, Scottie finds himself in an animal testing lab, sniffing perfume with narcoleptic side effects. So the Oblongs set out to rescue Scottie before it's too late.moreless
    • Father of the Bribe
      Father of the Bribe
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Biff and Chip finally get their driver's license -- and end up smashing Bob's car. To make it up to their Dad, the male siblings chip in to buy a new car at an auction -- but a series of unlikely events places Johnny "The Mayor" Bledsoe's car in their posession. Which might not have been problematic, had The Mayor's $80,000 bribe not been jammed in the steering column. The boys lay claim on the money, but The Mayor wants it back...moreless
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