The Oblongs

Season 2 Episode 2

Get Off My Back

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 08, 2002 on The WB
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Get Off My Back
Everyone is excited about Dump Day -- the day when the Valley people get to loot the stuff the Hill people have thrown away. While looting, Biff and Chip are humiliated by Hill kids, so they decide to compete in the two man triathalon against Jared and Blaine. Bob gets a gargoyle statue, which he intends to put on the roof, but it keeps getting knocked off (with help from Milo and his friends). While gluing the gargoyle to the roof, Bob gets knocked off the ladder by his rambunctious sons. The result is Milo getting glued to Biff and Chip's back. When little Beth sees how her brothers have bonded, she decides that she wants to be stuck to someone too... Meanwhile Biff goes into a trance, during which time Milo and Chip bond, which irritates Biff and causes him to back out of the triathalon. So Milo and Chip decide to compete in the triathalon together....moreless

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    Billy West

    Billy West

    George Klimer / James / Anita Bidet (Voice)

    Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon

    Voice of Milo Oblong / Jared Klimer / the Debbies (Voice)

    Lea DeLaria

    Lea DeLaria

    Helga Phugly (Voice)

    Jean Smart

    Jean Smart

    Pickles Oblong (voice)

    Jason Sklar

    Jason Sklar

    Chip Oblong (Voice)

    Randy Sklar

    Randy Sklar

    Biff Oblong (Voice)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Apparently Helga has a crush on Biff/Chip.

      • When Milo is glued to Biff and Chips shirt, Bob Ob says that the glue went through the shirt to the skin. Which means that the shirt was also stuck to Biff and Chip. However, They continuously change shirts throughout the episode. And when there back is shown, for some reason glue is on all of their shirts connecting Milo to them.

      • This episode has been slightly censored by Cartoon Network. The network has muted "assholes" from the mayor's line "Move it, assholes!" In early prints of this episode, which may have never been broadcast anywhere, the line was "Move it, pussies!" During the April 4, 2004 showing at 12:30, the network had not muted "assholes". They had shown every single crude joke and all the bad language supposedly used.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Pickles: Careful Milo, that things is loaded.
        [The spear gun goes off and fires through Anita's bra, impaling two coconuts]
        Anita: Uh-oh.
        Pickles: Oops. Guess mommy is too.

      • (Beth jumps on her father)
        Bob: Ahhh! Gargoyle, gargoyle!

      • Bob: Pickles do you think it queer that there's smoke rising from under her covers?
        Pickles: Now Bob, according to Dr. Spock if you worry about every little thing we could give her a complex.
        Bob: Its a lot of smoke.

      • Bob: I want, I want, I want, when I was your age I hopped fifty miles to school through the driving snow, always looking over my shoulder for the snow monkeys. I think I have a concusion.

      • (talking about Jared and Blaine)
        Milo: Everybody says you two have sex with each other.

      • Beth: Milo, now that Biff and Chip are gone, we can be a clump.
        Milo: Okay, one, I don't understand what you're saying. Two, you have syrup on your butt...I hope.

      • Creepy Susie: Wee,wee...what, I'm not allowed to have a little fun?
        Helga: Give me that, I'll show you how a hula hoop is supposed to be used. Heeheehee, I found a cute new belt.

      • (at movie theather)
        Milo: Hey! Why are you squezzing my boobie.
        Girl: Are you trying to feel me up.
        Biff: No,I was feeling Milo up.

        (The gargoyle falls off the roof)
        Bob: You can break my spine but not my spirit!
        (At the bike race)
        Bob: Keep Pedaling,Keep Pedaling!
        Pickles: You're Doing it! You're Doing it!
        Milo: Whheeeee! (crashes into
        a street lamp.

      • Pickles: Dear lord thank you for this bountiful blessing of rich peoples crap. Now lets go refurninsh the house!

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