The Oblongs

Season 1 Episode 5

Heroine Addict

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 29, 2001 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Heroine Addict
Pickles decides to quit smoking, but she replaces one addiction with another when she channels her nervous energy into becoming a reckless thrill-seeker. Her decision comes much to the dismay of Bob, who worries about her safety, and Milo, who resents her unseating him as the crazy one in the family.moreless

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    Billy West

    Billy West

    George Klimer / James / Anita Bidet (Voice)

    Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon

    Voice of Milo Oblong / Jared Klimer / the Debbies (Voice)

    Lea DeLaria

    Lea DeLaria

    Helga Phugly (Voice)

    Jean Smart

    Jean Smart

    Pickles Oblong (voice)

    Jason Sklar

    Jason Sklar

    Chip Oblong (Voice)

    Randy Sklar

    Randy Sklar

    Biff Oblong (Voice)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (9)

      • Biff: Gross, you can see up Mom's dress!
        Milo: Hey those are my underwear!

      • Pickles: Hey, a framed photo of the family with novelty back drop.
        Bob: They can put us in front of the great wall of china, on a Gondola in Venice or in front of the flaming gates of Hell.
        Whole family: HELL!!!!

      • Biff: Hey.
        Chip: Baby wanna make a baby?
        Bob: Boys, leave the mannequin alone.

      • Velva: Its a good thing we have these action figures to help plan our rescue.
        Gremlin: Yes, they make excellent gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah or as a substitute for love.

      • Pickles: Milo, would you be a dear and shoot mommy in the head?
        Milo: Dad will get mad...

      • Milo: Wanna play a game of Russian Roulette?
        Pickles: How many bullets?
        Milo: One in every chamber.
        Pickles: I'm in!

      • Pickles: I'm sorry, I'm on the second day of my three day hangover.

      • Anita: I'm proud of you girlfriend, you managed to get your life back from an overwhelming- Pickles you're lighting your finger on fire!
        Pickles(with her finger on fire): Aw, crap.
        (Sticks it in her martini)
        Look at that, that was a perfectly good finger. That's it, I'm quitting the booze too.
        Anita: NO! I mean, why?
        Pickles: Cigarettes and liquor go together, like porn and nachos.
        Anita: But the money you've spent here has paid for the first half of a very expensieve operation.
        Pickles: What operation?
        Anita: Sorry, boundaries.

      • Pickles: It's not an addiction. It's just an overwhelming need that controls my life.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Velva is HUGEY based on Xena, a female warrior like Velva.

      • the photographer: I hope I don't get sued for this(snaps photo of family dressed up as Simpsons)
        when the family does the family photo, the oblongs dress up as the Simpsons, and to add more to the reference, Bob sucks on the pacifier and makes the same trademark sucking sound as Maggie Simpson.