The Oblongs

Season 1 Episode 12

My Name is Robbie

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 06, 2002 on The WB



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    • (Beth's birthday)
      Beth: Wow now I have ointment, salve and balm for my head thingy!
      (Throws away presents)
      Beth: Okay where's my doll, jump-rope and new watch?
      Pickles: Little girls don't get presents when they're greedy.
      Beth: You forgot were you puted them didn't you?
      Pickles: Who wants cake!

    • Bob (singing): She reminds me of a woman, a sexy woman. Yeah a large-breasted, full-hipped woman that craves a spanking.

    • (during the 'it's a third world' ride)
      Robot kids: ...Where we don't get to eat and we don't get to sleep. Rotten stench in the air becasue there's pee everywhere, it's a third world after all!
      Milo: Mom, I want to work in a sweat-shop!
      Pickles: Sorry honey, you're too old.

    • Bob: I may not have arms and legs, but I have the one body part that truly matters in a man -- and it's huge!
      Dusty: I'd like to see that.
      Male lifeguard: Me too!

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    • An attraction at the amusement park is "It's a Third World" -- a spoof of "It's a Small World (After All)" with animatronic children singing in sweatshops.