The Oblongs

Season 1 Episode 9

Pickles' Little Amazons

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Aug 25, 2002 on The WB
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Pickles' Little Amazons
When Pickles is convicted of being an unfit mother, her punishment is having to do community service -- as the leader of a Girl-Scout-like group called The Little Amazons. When it's brought to her attention that her group is short one girl, Pickles comes up with a solution -- putting Milo in drag.moreless

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    Billy West

    Billy West

    George Klimer / James / Anita Bidet (Voice)

    Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon

    Voice of Milo Oblong / Jared Klimer / the Debbies (Voice)

    Lea DeLaria

    Lea DeLaria

    Helga Phugly (Voice)

    Jean Smart

    Jean Smart

    Pickles Oblong (voice)

    Jason Sklar

    Jason Sklar

    Chip Oblong (Voice)

    Randy Sklar

    Randy Sklar

    Biff Oblong (Voice)

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      • Beth: Dont worry, she'll get arrested again soon.

      • (Pickles smacks Pristine)
        Pickles: Pristine, get a hold of yourself!
        Pristine: Okay, I'm fine now.
        Pickles: I'll tell you when you're okay!
        (Pickles continues to smack Pristine)

      • [Hoodlums come out with knives and Peggy does sign language]
        Master: Nice work, kid.
        Peggy: I know sang woo woo.

      • (Milo, in drag, is hanging laundry)
        Bob: Hello young lady, can I give you a hand?
        (Milo turns around and Bob realizes who it is )
        Bob: Milo! *to himself* easy man, he's still your son.
        Hello milo, i'd like you to know that i'm not disgusted, I accept you and love you, I just don't know how i'm going to tell your mother.
        Milo: Mom did this to me.
        Bob: They always do.

      • (after having been dolled up as a girl)
        Milo: Mom, I really, really don't want to do this!
        Pickles: Oh but honey, we need you, besides, you're a stone-cold fox.
        Milo: Yeah but all the guys will think i'm - really?!
        Anita: Oh yeah, some of my best work.
        Milo: I have a wedgie.
        Anita: It's a thong, just relax and accept the string.

      • Amazon Master: (To Susie) You're not certified to drink your own urine!

      • Peggy: But we need to get ready for the jamboree this weekend!
        Pickles: Jamboree!?! Does this crap ever end?
        Milo: Hey, this isn't crap, this is good stuff!
        (everybody stares at him)
        Ok, i've been crochetteing and loving it.
        (puts on pink crochetted beret)
        How cute is this!?
        Bob: It's adorable Milo, maybe you could crochette me a noose so I could hang myself.

      • [The Little Amazons are out selling cookies]
        Guy: Well, well, well. If it isn't Mister Denzel Washington come to beg for my forgiveness!
        [Milo stares at him for a minute]
        Milo: Sir, i'm just a little boy in drag selling cookies.
        Guy: This house is made of play-dough, I've got four hundred honey bees in the parlor!
        [The girls run off]
        Guy: Denzel wait! Eskimo kisses!

      • (selling cookies door-to-door) (Steve from globocide answers)
        Steve: I'll take it!
        Peggy: But you don't even know what we're selling.
        James: I don't care, i'm a pleaser.
        Milo: Score! You just baught the whole wagon bright eyes! (turns around and sees helga in the cookies box smothered with crumbs and chocolate)
        Helga: *gasp* Someone ate the cookies

      • (Pristine's troop of Debbie's approach skipping)
        Debbies: Oh I don't know but i've been told, marry a man who's rich and old. One, two, three, four, one two, three four!
        Pristine: Hello Pickles.
        Pickles: Hello Pristine.
        Pristine: My girls have already sold three palets, how are your little trolls doing?
        Helga: I ate three pallets.
        (Pristine looks smug)
        Peggy: Well it doesn't matter, you just wait till the jamboree!
        helga: Yeah, we'll wipe your butts.
        Pristine: We'll just see who does the wiping. Ready girls, prissy skip!
        (The Debbies and Pristine skip off)

      • Pickles: Here girls, have some merit badges.
        Helga:(picks one up) Hey, hygeine! (sniffs herself) For the sake of integrity, I can't accept this.

      • Pristine: Sorry pickles, you need at least four girls to get into the jamboree and you only have three. I say three because that's only a half,
        (points at Beth)
        and that's at least one and a half.
        (points at Helga)

      • Miss Hubbard (about Pickles): Officer! Arrest that woman! She's an unfit mother and a whoore too boot!
        Officer: Well, the Old Lady's white, and she's holding a Bible, we'd better do what she says

      • Pickles: I'm sorry hunny, but it's not as if we can build a girl out of spare parts.
        Susie: It's true, I've tried.

      • (Pickles, Beth and Bob are in a police sation)
        Prisoner: See you on the outside Beth!
        Beth: Don't be no one's bitch.

      • (in the plant place)
        Bob Oblong: Lordy,where to start.
        Milo: How about we start the car and drive someplace fun.
        Bob: Okay,mister that goes on your permanent sass record

        (Helga walks around near the subway with a cane and sunglasses)
        Old Lady: You poor creature!
        Helga: Yea! It's not easy being blind.
        Old Lady: Oh,my god! You're Blind too.

        Bob: Don't be silly. Now stuff me in your backpack but watch out for the sporks.

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