The Oblongs

Season 1 Episode 9

Pickles' Little Amazons

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Aug 25, 2002 on The WB



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    • Beth: Dont worry, she'll get arrested again soon.

    • (Pickles smacks Pristine)
      Pickles: Pristine, get a hold of yourself!
      Pristine: Okay, I'm fine now.
      Pickles: I'll tell you when you're okay!
      (Pickles continues to smack Pristine)

    • [Hoodlums come out with knives and Peggy does sign language]
      Master: Nice work, kid.
      Peggy: I know sang woo woo.

    • (Milo, in drag, is hanging laundry)
      Bob: Hello young lady, can I give you a hand?
      (Milo turns around and Bob realizes who it is )
      Bob: Milo! *to himself* easy man, he's still your son.
      Hello milo, i'd like you to know that i'm not disgusted, I accept you and love you, I just don't know how i'm going to tell your mother.
      Milo: Mom did this to me.
      Bob: They always do.

    • (after having been dolled up as a girl)
      Milo: Mom, I really, really don't want to do this!
      Pickles: Oh but honey, we need you, besides, you're a stone-cold fox.
      Milo: Yeah but all the guys will think i'm - really?!
      Anita: Oh yeah, some of my best work.
      Milo: I have a wedgie.
      Anita: It's a thong, just relax and accept the string.

    • Amazon Master: (To Susie) You're not certified to drink your own urine!

    • Peggy: But we need to get ready for the jamboree this weekend!
      Pickles: Jamboree!?! Does this crap ever end?
      Milo: Hey, this isn't crap, this is good stuff!
      (everybody stares at him)
      Ok, i've been crochetteing and loving it.
      (puts on pink crochetted beret)
      How cute is this!?
      Bob: It's adorable Milo, maybe you could crochette me a noose so I could hang myself.

    • [The Little Amazons are out selling cookies]
      Guy: Well, well, well. If it isn't Mister Denzel Washington come to beg for my forgiveness!
      [Milo stares at him for a minute]
      Milo: Sir, i'm just a little boy in drag selling cookies.
      Guy: This house is made of play-dough, I've got four hundred honey bees in the parlor!
      [The girls run off]
      Guy: Denzel wait! Eskimo kisses!

    • (selling cookies door-to-door) (Steve from globocide answers)
      Steve: I'll take it!
      Peggy: But you don't even know what we're selling.
      James: I don't care, i'm a pleaser.
      Milo: Score! You just baught the whole wagon bright eyes! (turns around and sees helga in the cookies box smothered with crumbs and chocolate)
      Helga: *gasp* Someone ate the cookies

    • (Pristine's troop of Debbie's approach skipping)
      Debbies: Oh I don't know but i've been told, marry a man who's rich and old. One, two, three, four, one two, three four!
      Pristine: Hello Pickles.
      Pickles: Hello Pristine.
      Pristine: My girls have already sold three palets, how are your little trolls doing?
      Helga: I ate three pallets.
      (Pristine looks smug)
      Peggy: Well it doesn't matter, you just wait till the jamboree!
      helga: Yeah, we'll wipe your butts.
      Pristine: We'll just see who does the wiping. Ready girls, prissy skip!
      (The Debbies and Pristine skip off)

    • Pickles: Here girls, have some merit badges.
      Helga:(picks one up) Hey, hygeine! (sniffs herself) For the sake of integrity, I can't accept this.

    • Pristine: Sorry pickles, you need at least four girls to get into the jamboree and you only have three. I say three because that's only a half,
      (points at Beth)
      and that's at least one and a half.
      (points at Helga)

    • Miss Hubbard (about Pickles): Officer! Arrest that woman! She's an unfit mother and a whoore too boot!
      Officer: Well, the Old Lady's white, and she's holding a Bible, we'd better do what she says

    • Pickles: I'm sorry hunny, but it's not as if we can build a girl out of spare parts.
      Susie: It's true, I've tried.

    • (Pickles, Beth and Bob are in a police sation)
      Prisoner: See you on the outside Beth!
      Beth: Don't be no one's bitch.

    • (in the plant place)
      Bob Oblong: Lordy,where to start.
      Milo: How about we start the car and drive someplace fun.
      Bob: Okay,mister that goes on your permanent sass record

      (Helga walks around near the subway with a cane and sunglasses)
      Old Lady: You poor creature!
      Helga: Yea! It's not easy being blind.
      Old Lady: Oh,my god! You're Blind too.

      Bob: Don't be silly. Now stuff me in your backpack but watch out for the sporks.

  • Notes

    • This episode was first broadcast on Canada's "Teletoon" station on September 9, 2001 - and on Cartoon Network on August 25, 2002.

    • Mrs. Hubbard first appears in this episode, but she's not given a name until episode 9, "Milo Interrupted."

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