The Oblongs

Season 1 Episode 11

Please Be Genital

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 15, 2002 on The WB
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Please Be Genital
When Bob's coworker, James, orders a mail-order-bride on eBay, he throws a bachelor party at a strip club -- which Bob mistakes for a "colonial themed steakhouse." Bob accidentally ends up on stage and a stripper steps on his "family jewels." He goes to the doctor, who says he can't have sex for two weeks. But he and Pickles have had sex every night since their marriage! And poor Milo, who is sent to slumberland nightly by the sound of his mother screaming "Oh God," finds himself unable to sleep... Soon, Pickles begins to think that maybe she isn't sexy anymore, then later thinks that Bob is having an affair. So she responds like any good wife -- by beating up the woman she suspects he's having an affair with...a nun! Bob finally confesses what happened, and they agree not to have sex for two weeks, but the couple soon find that sex is the only thing that they have in common. But they each soon realize where their place is when the family are all in danger of drowning (in their home!). Meanwhile, James's bride arrives in a coffin, so Pickles sets him up with Anita Bidet....moreless

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    Billy West

    Billy West

    George Klimer / James / Anita Bidet (Voice)

    Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon

    Voice of Milo Oblong / Jared Klimer / the Debbies (Voice)

    Lea DeLaria

    Lea DeLaria

    Helga Phugly (Voice)

    Jean Smart

    Jean Smart

    Pickles Oblong (voice)

    Jason Sklar

    Jason Sklar

    Chip Oblong (Voice)

    Randy Sklar

    Randy Sklar

    Biff Oblong (Voice)

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    • TRIVIA (5)

      • After Bob confesses to Pickles about his injury, she comments that two weeks isn't a long time.
        Pickles could not have known that the doctor told Bob he shouldn't have sex for a couple of weeks because Bob didn't tell her what the doctor said.

      • In the scene with the cucumber that Mrs.Oblong is cutting up stops getting smaller when the camera zooms out, although the pile she was cutting it into gets larger.

      • The marquee at the airport reads:
        Hill Valley Airport-
        No Security Checks for Faster Service

      • # This episode was first broadcast on Canada's "Teletoon" station on September 22, 2001.

      • During a flashback sequence, we get a brief glimpse of a pre-op Anita Bidet.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Pickles: We can do without sex. After all, we have a very rich relationship.
        Bob: That we do, Sugarlumps.
        Pickles: I mean two weeks isn't that long.
        Bob : Nah!
        Pickels: (Silent for a few seconds) Gimme sex! Gimme sex!
        Bob: (Runs off screaming) No means no! No means no!

      • Bob: Sweetie, is that you humming?...Oh, God.

      • Pristine: Consuela, how do you say 'You're not cleaning mi casa bueno enough! There is el spot-o on el floor-o!'?
        Maid: Mrs. Klimer, my name is Cathy, I'm from Ohio!

      • James:Anyway, back to me. I'm thinking of proposing to Anita! Maybe you could give me some marriage advice?
        Bob:Sure. Never let a stripper clog dance near your dingle!
        James takes out a notebook to write this down
        James: Are there two g's in 'dingle'?

      • Bob: One day the love of your life tells you you have nothing in common, leaving you alone, in the dark, shivering, covered with beagle bites.

      • ( Milo begins suffering from insomnia)
        Biff: Dude, you look thrashed.
        Milo: I didn't get any shut-eye, (points to his eye that's always closed) accept for this one which doesn't count because there's something wrong with me.

      • Pickles: Bob, we need to talk.
        Bob: This sounds like a conversation that could affect the rest of our marriage, i'll just check the messages then we can give this our full attention.
        (plays answering machine)
        Dr. Kleimer: Hey Oblong, what's three feet tall and has sex? You baby! You two weeks are up, enjoy!

      • (after remembering seeing a pre-op Anita at the beach when she met Bob)
        Pickles: Hey Anita, you got a brother?
        Anita: Uh...yeah, sure.

      • [ sees the kids drowning in the house]
        Bob: Don't worry kids, daddy'll save you!
        [throws himself repeatedly against the door but nothing happens]
        Darn old world craftsmanship!

      • Pristine: Have you been crying or are you just high?
        Pickles: A little bit of both.

      • Pickles: Rise and shine me!

      • Pickles: Kids is mommy still pretty?
        Beth: Your mustache looks very pretty mommy!

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