The Oblongs

Season 1 Episode 11

Please Be Genital

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 15, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • After Bob confesses to Pickles about his injury, she comments that two weeks isn't a long time.
      Pickles could not have known that the doctor told Bob he shouldn't have sex for a couple of weeks because Bob didn't tell her what the doctor said.

    • In the scene with the cucumber that Mrs.Oblong is cutting up stops getting smaller when the camera zooms out, although the pile she was cutting it into gets larger.

    • The marquee at the airport reads:
      Hill Valley Airport-
      No Security Checks for Faster Service

    • # This episode was first broadcast on Canada's "Teletoon" station on September 22, 2001.

    • During a flashback sequence, we get a brief glimpse of a pre-op Anita Bidet.

  • Quotes

    • Pickles: We can do without sex. After all, we have a very rich relationship.
      Bob: That we do, Sugarlumps.
      Pickles: I mean two weeks isn't that long.
      Bob : Nah!
      Pickels: (Silent for a few seconds) Gimme sex! Gimme sex!
      Bob: (Runs off screaming) No means no! No means no!

    • Bob: Sweetie, is that you humming?...Oh, God.

    • Pristine: Consuela, how do you say 'You're not cleaning mi casa bueno enough! There is el spot-o on el floor-o!'?
      Maid: Mrs. Klimer, my name is Cathy, I'm from Ohio!

    • James:Anyway, back to me. I'm thinking of proposing to Anita! Maybe you could give me some marriage advice?
      Bob:Sure. Never let a stripper clog dance near your dingle!
      James takes out a notebook to write this down
      James: Are there two g's in 'dingle'?

    • Bob: One day the love of your life tells you you have nothing in common, leaving you alone, in the dark, shivering, covered with beagle bites.

    • ( Milo begins suffering from insomnia)
      Biff: Dude, you look thrashed.
      Milo: I didn't get any shut-eye, (points to his eye that's always closed) accept for this one which doesn't count because there's something wrong with me.

    • Pickles: Bob, we need to talk.
      Bob: This sounds like a conversation that could affect the rest of our marriage, i'll just check the messages then we can give this our full attention.
      (plays answering machine)
      Dr. Kleimer: Hey Oblong, what's three feet tall and has sex? You baby! You two weeks are up, enjoy!

    • (after remembering seeing a pre-op Anita at the beach when she met Bob)
      Pickles: Hey Anita, you got a brother?
      Anita: Uh...yeah, sure.

    • [ sees the kids drowning in the house]
      Bob: Don't worry kids, daddy'll save you!
      [throws himself repeatedly against the door but nothing happens]
      Darn old world craftsmanship!

    • Pristine: Have you been crying or are you just high?
      Pickles: A little bit of both.

    • Pickles: Rise and shine me!

    • Pickles: Kids is mommy still pretty?
      Beth: Your mustache looks very pretty mommy!

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