The Oblongs

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • This should've lasted longer than 10 episodes

    WB made a big mistake canceling this great show. The Oblongs is about a family that gets infected by waste,and go through modern life itself. It sounded like a terrible idea,but WB thought wrong. Every character has something different about themselves. The dad has no legs or arms,the mother smokes and her hair is a wig,the sister has a pimple and seems like she has no mouth at times,the brothers are siamese twins and Milo,the son,seems like the only normal,but he only has 1 line of hair. The humor never fails to make me laugh. This show has that "I wasn't expecting that to happen" humor. All of the characters are hilrailous,especially the dad,and it does help by the fact that he is played by Will Ferrell. Milo's friends look hilrailous and are funny,especially Helga,the fat one. Helga talks hilrailous,and has her moments. The kid who looks like Milo has a hilrailous running gag where he always gets attacked dogs. The other girl (Not the goth one) looks just laugh out loud hilrailous and she doesn't even look human. As for the animation,it's great. Everybody has weirdly shaped bodies and looks. It's actually an example of animation that looks stupid,but great. However,this show only lasted 10 episodes. Why? You have a great show,but you cancel it. Adult Swim doesn't even show new episodes of it. Please,make Oblongs return for another season.
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