The Oblongs

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Now i don't watch Adult Swim that much but I really love this show and i think there are episodes of this on youtube.

    OK now how can a show so beast like this last 13 episodes, well at least there a new season coming this August according to the internet. OK this show is funny in so many ways. OK my favorite characters are either Bob or Milo. Now there both hilarious but sometimes Bob is funny. ( I think its because Will Ferrel voices him.) OK the characters are Bob, he has no arms or legs, Pickles has a wig and she is accidicted to drinks, Biff and Chip are conjoined twins and they are attatched by the waist, Milo has only one hair on his hair and he has problems, and Beth has a giant pimple on her head. Now Milo's friends are hilarious as well. Like Helga is a fat toad girl, there's the nerd that when she talks spit comes out, and the girl that goth is pretty funny too. Now my favorite reccuring character is Helga. She cracks me up so much. Well if you haven't seen this show check it out on youtube. Its really good. Overall 10/10.