The Oblongs

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • I miss this!

    I absolutely love this show and wish it had never been cancelled. Milo and Creepy Susie are my favorite characters, partly because I share things in common with them like Milo's ADD. The show's about a poor family who live in "The Valley" a toxic dump that causes them to suffer from a variety of defects and mutations. They get looked down upon by the stuck up rich people who live in "The Hills," the place that's dumping all the toxic waste on everyone else.

    It was a really funny, morbid, and straight forward show... Watching it reminds me of myself and people that I know in my life. Freaks. Weirdos. Whatever. All still human beings who are more interesting being the way they are. Like the Oblongs. I love how the family could stick together and love each other despite their circumstances. Everything wasn't all dark in The Valley. Please bring back this show.