The Oblongs

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Atomic Betty, No Matter How Lame That Show May Be Is At Least is a More Watchable Show Than This

    Wow, what the hell is wrong with everyone giving this crap 9s and 10s. This show is just AWFUL!! It's not funny, the characters are mean spirited and the episodes are lame. I will say the dad character is at least likable but the only good character and likable aspect of the show. Also the only episode I ever found worth watching was "Pickles' Little Amazon" where Milo dresses as a girl scout, other than that I could care less about this show. I really hate that goddamn bully and wish they'd kill him off and maybe I would like this show more and MAYBE I'd give this show a higher rating. I also heard a rumor that this show is coming back. I hope not because this show sucks and I'm shocked that people like this crap but hate Atomic Betty even though that show is Canadian, what the hell is wrong with people these days! At least Atomic Betty has likable characters despite the bland and boring repetitive episodes but at least I could survive that show, I can't even get through an entire episode of this without being forced to change the channel other than that girl scout episode. This show, IMO gets a 3/10! It may be better than that stupid Allen Gregory show that aired on FOX awhile back but I'd rather watch The Cleveland Show or Brickleberry than this crap!