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one tree hill vs the o.c

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    yea what i hated about season 4 was taylor and ryan. i really liked taylor, she was funny.if they needed to give ryan a love interest they should of had lik a new character because taylor and ryan didn't make any sense, it was so random. i liked the whole activism thing by summer because it showed how mature she had gotten since season 1. but then again she is my favourite character so i like all her storylines. oth season 5 and 6 i could stand, but i didn't like. i watched the first part of 7 but hated it with all the new characters. i just feel they shud have ended it after s4, on a high note. i always say that i wish they kept the oc, but it probably would hav ended uplik oth, where i really just want it to end before it goes even farther down.

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