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Re-watching the Series

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    [1]Jun 7, 2014
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    Not sure if anyone posts to this board anymore. I just finished re-watching the entire series once again and once again I fell in love. It's amazing to me how much this show still hooks me. I seem to catch something new every time I re-watch and I always seem to feel differently about something. I think this show will forever be my favorite.

    Still a little sniffly after finishing the series finale!

    I am excited to start at season one again soon

    Has anyone else re-watched recently?

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    [2]Jun 21, 2014
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    I actually just started again. Can't believe it's been more than 10 yrs since the show started at this point.

    I know i'm not in this show's target grp, since i'm 31 at this point, but this show just have so much nerve and feeling that it really appeals to me.

    I just finished re-watching the first season, and those last four minutes with Hallelujah playing, seeing Marissa drink, Ryan drive away with Theresa with Marissa standing there on the side of the road as a sorta flashback to his first day there was just so expertly done.

    Also seeing Seth leave letters for his parents and Summer and then sailing off is a really power scene.

    If anyone else is up for it I might be into a re-watch discussion, because I think I might actually finish this re-watch even though it's hard to feel any other way after watching one of the best season finals ever made imho.
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