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Submission Guidelines

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    The below is an excerpt from the full guidelines which can be found here.

    Do not accept or post links to non-CNET sites.

    Copy / Paste Material
    Do not accept or post material from other sites. If any sentence of any submission can be found at another site when using a search engine, it should not be accepted or posted. Show Quotes
    All show quotes (and quotes leading off an Allusion, see #10 below) must have the name of the speaker(s) bolded using HTML start and end tags. The name is then followed by a colon, which is not bolded. The dialogue itself should not have quotation marks around it. There should be no spacing between different speakers' lines in the same quotation, or extra spacing after the last line of a quotation. Action/context/background description should be in parentheses (or brackets) and italics.

    How to Submit Proper Quotes

    Brooke: So that's the boy that beat Nathan?
    (Peyton nods)
    Brooke: Well, he's good from behind.

    Character: Character Quote.
    (Character Action)
    Character: Character Quote.

    Please do NOT use any quotation marks.
    Please do not use paragraph or break tags.

    Please put html tags for italics around any "action" and outside the parentheses (as shown above) using italics tags.

    Please put the colon AFTER the closing bold tag.

    Trivia & Notes Debates
    Trivia and Notes are not the place for debates, i.e., one entry or separate entries discussing an issue back and forth. If an entry is in error, it should be deleted, along with any additional entries saying why it is wrong. Editors may at their discretion include "common misconceptions as Trivia, as they are small details that viewers may not know (see #9 below). Debates should go in the show forum.

    Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production. They should not deal with on-camera events or trivia. Trivia
    Trivia is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view an episode. Trivia is attached at the episode level, not the show level. It should be specific to what aired in the episode and not deal with off-camera events, which should be submitted in the "notes" form. A car license-plate number is trivia, and a producer walking off the set is a note.

    Allusions: An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. Allusions are prevalent in television shows, and some shows, like The Family Guy, make extensive use of this kind of humor. When submitting allusions, always credit the original media being referenced with as much detail as possible.

    Nielsen Ratings
    Nielsen Ratings are copyrighted material. Nielsen Ratings should not be submitted to any guide or accepted by any editor.

    Guest Stars
    Persons featured in historical footage typically should not be listed as Guest Stars, particularly if they have no other TV appearances. They can be included in Notes or the Recap.

    Finally, when submitting always add a so-called timecode, the approximate time at which a quote is spoken or an event occurs. Otherwise, I've got to watch the entire episode in order to check the submission. Thank in advance
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