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Was Mischa Barton fired or did she quit?

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    meeshhead wrote:

    mrsAri wrote:
    I maybe shot down in flames for this i thought a bold move for the show killing her off, while the other characters evolved and developed...e.g summer became more likeable Marissa just got worse and everyone i know disliked the character more and more as it went on, i doubt anyone would believe Ryan and Marissa would be together forever if that was how the show ended. Just my thoughts...dont kill me lol

    You shouldn't be "shot down" for having an opinion. I would agree that it was a bold move, but only if there was nothing else involved in the motivation for that move. But I still think that Mischa's quitting gave them them the opportunity to use that death scene for high ratings and profit.

    And as far as most people disliking her character, that wouldn't have been a good reason to kill her off. There have been many shows and soaps where the "hated" character actually carried the show and helped make it a success.

    IE Dan on One Tree Hill. People hate him but I love him, he adds so many storylines. Hes like Julie Cooper but much more intense.

    Anyway, Marissa may have been more dramatic in s3 (towards the end) but its only because they had to do that in order for her to be killed off (meeting volchock for ex). The writers knew what they were doing. If it wasnt for that, shed be like any other season. She carried that show.
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    stellarchick86 wrote:
    JHarperFan wrote:

    tyini wrote:
    i think it was more Josh's doing. He probably saw that he took Marissa as far as he could. To bring her into the last season, the show wouldn't have ended as good as it did. Especially since she brought soo much drama. I was sad that she died, but as the season went on, I really liked what was happening. In my opinion Ryan looked soo much happier. He was making jokes and turning into a more calmer person. That's the way to end a show

    Season 4 would have been much better with Marissa, the Core Four could have finally had a happy season, all they had to do was stop writing crappy soapy storylines for Marissa, they didn't need to reinvent her at all, they just needed to stop with the sh1t storylines, nothing even happened in Season 4 so what would've been the difference if she was there, they could've done all the same storylines just replacing Taylor with Marissa. Taylor was annoying and ruined the chemistry of the cast, the first 3 episodes were solid, but those three episodes were not worth the death of Marissa. Ryan wasn't meant to be a happy go lucky character, he was the brooding bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Marissa was not meant to die, Josh would probably even admit that, it was a dumb last ditch effort to save the show, when the irony is it just quickened the death of it. Just my two cents.

    Wow, couldnt have said it better myself or agree more. I hate when people say "well she needed to die or have her character be reinvented because she was getting too annoying/dramatic so either she had to die or come back from the shipping thing and be a different person"..its like just make her have better storylines! Marissas had those kind of storylines since day 1, but because all the other storylines were better than they were in s3 it wasnt as noticable, but since the rest of the storylines werent that great (the hospital, Julie/Kirsten, Seth/Summer/college, etc) it made hers stand out too.

    i get where your coming from. i think the largest problem with the fans isn't because of storylines. it's because there are a lot of ryan/marissa fans, which i get 'cause i'm a big fan too. although it would have been cool to have marissa in the 4th season, how chessy would it be for her to just all around change into such a positive person with no major issues, when the major issues like drugs/drinking is basically her character

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    I agree, tyini. And most of the storylines and interest was based around Ryan/Marissa. If you took her "troubled, bad girl" traits away, you took her character away. That's why after she left the show, we all saw it go down in flames.
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    This to me says Mischa had nothing to do with it. It came straight out of Joshs mouth. If Mischa had left, he wouldve said 'Mischa had left' not 'writing her out'.

    -What made the third season stink?
    Josh S: "...And then killing Mischa [Barton] off. I think it led to a real creative resurgence in the fourth season, but that was hard decision. I'll never know if it was the right decision. I'm not sure ultimately. It was the right decision creatively because it led to the best season we had since the first season, just because all of a sudden there were a lot of new possibilities and it just opened up the show in a lot of ways. Marissa Cooper just became mired in the story. The character was just this Velcro strip of melodrama. And the Ryan-Marissa drama just became a stranglehold around the show, and we couldn't figure out any other way to break out of it."

    Heres the link in case you wanna see it yourself:

    I also dont get why hes saying that he did 2 shows at once, The OC and some other show that didnt go far and he'd never do it again.well, hes doing it right now with Gossip Girl and Chuck isnt he??
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    It seems somewhat odd for Josh to just end her character..I mean, lets be honest here. Mischa's storyline was probably the most interesting on the OC. She basically WAS the OC.

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    Locked - Question answered. Please dont spam.
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