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  • Brilliant!!!

    This TV show is excellent. Although teens may not be as rich as these kids, they will find that they can relate the some of the things on the show. Also, you will not want to miss an episode and find out what happens will enjoy Ryan Atwood (Ben Mackenzie) and Seth Cohen (Adam Brody). Guys will enjoy Marrisa Cooper (Mischa Barton) and Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson). Teens, boys and girls, will love this. As well as adults, men and women, will enjoy it too! I love it! The drama will make everyone forget about their problems. You will want to buy the seasons on DVD so you can watch THE OC over and over again.
  • Amazing Show

    Never thought a "Teen Drama" would be my second favorite show of all time (right behind beast wars transformers) I like to consider it more of a "Dramedy" though because the show has a lot of humor also.

    Very few shows have as good of character development as this one, and the cast works together flawlessy.

    Season 3 was the only season where the show went downhill for a little bit but then made an amazing return in season 4.

    Seth and Taylor are my favorite characters.
  • is missed.

    I MISS IT:(( its one of my favorites i loved the story and the characters!!
  • Family of the Year - The Cohens!

    In a show renowned for its inclusion of indie music and creating the first real bromance outside of Scrubs' JD and Turk, the only bad side can actually be summed up by the constant goings-on of one character - Marissa.

    It is ironic that although the arrival of Chino-born Ryan Atwood is a catalyst for many a scandal in Orange County, it is the girl next door who manages to grate on my nerves on every topic, from her relationship with Ryan to her death. The only real character development without any reversal for Ryan came after marissa's death and his subsequent relationship with Taylor. I also don't see how Marissa was ever referred to as the hot girl in school.

    Other than that though, I will forever remember this show in it's portrayal of the best family unit on tv in the Cohen household. from Seth's adorable geek to Sandy's calm humour and Kirsten's maternal warmth. Anyone would be lucky to have a family like that, which is why everyone should hope to be inspired by the troubles ryans journey.
  • OTH/OC

    I agree with the guy with the breaking bad picture, when he said there is one show better I thought he must mean OTH. The OC is epic, One Tree Hill is the best ever.
  • It all went a little downhill...

    I absolutely LOVED this show in the beginning. It had me hooked for the first couple seasons. However, I never really liked Mischa Barton as Marissa. I the beginning I didn't mind her, but eventually I just began to dislike her more and more. I think they could have picked a better actress for the part. I still can't really say what I didn't like about her, but there was something that just got me about her that I didn't like.

    I absolutely adored all the other characters, though. But eventually the story-line just went downhill. I couldn't even watch the last season, and I still haven't. I watched maybe like two or three episodes but gave up. This show had SO much potential, but sadly, did not live up to it. However, the first couple seasons were great and I still continue to watch them to this day.

  • Teenage drama

    I remember watching this religiously every week in my early teens. It still remains one of my absolute favourites.

    Summer and Seth were adorable.
  • The show starts of with a bang! but soon after takes a nose dive.

    First season top notch teen drama! As the show goes It just becomes crap and stopped caring..
  • One of the best teen dramas of all time but it will always come second on my list.

    The O.C. was one of the first shows i ever watched religiously.I discovered it one summer and i immediately fell in love with it.With that said,the O.C. is my second favorite teen show after One Tree Hill.I love both shows but i think One Tree Hill is better,even though the O.C. gets all the praise.They both started the same year but OTH evolved so much more.
    Anyway,let's talk about the show now.The show is about a troubled teen from Chino named Ryan who after being kicked out of his house ends up in the home of a rich family in Orange County.There he forms friendships,he finds love,he faces his own fears and he tries to overcome his troubled past.
    Most of the characters are excellent and well-written and most of the storylines are enjoyable.On the other hand,the acting is average.Benjamin Mckenzie is sort of wooden, Mischa Barton is not exactly the best actress and Willa Holland is insufferable.However,a few members of the cast,like Kelly Rowan,Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher are truly magnificent.
    The first season is definitely the best season of the show and the beginning of this beautiful journey.The pilot and the tear-jerking season finale are two of my favorite episodes.
    The second season is not as good as the first one but definitely one of the best.Kirsten's alcoholism,Caleb's death and the return of Trey are extraordinary storylines.
    The third season is kind of a let down considering the strength of the first two seasons.Johnny's death and Volchok were two aspects i hated about this season.
    The fourth season is the worst season,IMO.I thought it was kind of weird.Storylines i hated include: Summer wanting to save the world,Che and his spirit animals,Taylor getting married to that obnoxious french guy who wrote a book about her(??) and Ryan's dad ending up with Julie...
    As a whole,the O.C. was and always will be a great show that influenced a lot of teens around the world,including me.Long live O.C.
  • Adam Brody (Seth) red carpet Interview

    Great show for teens.

    Adam Brody hit the red carpet for the premiere of his new film, Damsels in Distress, and StarCam's Josh Nasar relays a question from a fellow movie buff that leaves the former OC star searching for words. See if Adam is able to pull it together without inserting his foot into his mouth and hear about his role in the film. You can watch it anytime on our YouTube channel (StarCamCelebrities) or follow the link. Thanks!!!
  • Appropriate for teens only.

    The show seemed to have the dynamic that is really only JUST for teenagers.

    The creativityand quality storylines were quickly exhausted by the end of the second season, thingsbecame drab and boring.

    I love the show though, it was a great show an angsty teenage me could relate to and escape to.

    The characters were all lovable and charming in their own way, and it was perfectly cast for what they were looking for.

    Despite the CW be NOTORIOUS for casting pretty overagers.

    It at least got taken off the air sensibly unlike Smallville and One Tree Hill.

    Overall, a good show but not great.

    There is no lasting keepsake appeal to the show when you get older.
  • Awful show.

    Awful show. Not suitable for those under 18 (or anyone for that matter).
  • The best teen show ever!

    I first watched the first episode and thought it was amazing. I then watched the second one, and the third one, the fourth one... and by the end of the first season, I was in tears when Ryan was leaving Newport to go back to Chino. I got hooked to this show really bad. Seth was sailing away, Marissa was heartbroken, Kirsten was in tears, Sandy was heartbroken, Summer was heartbroken and most of all, Ryan too was heartbroken. I even loved the second season more, with Zack in the mix, Lindsay - the illegitimate love child of Caleb Nichol, Carter who had a crush on Kirsten, Julie's porn Identity revelation, Rebbecca Bloom - Sandy's old flame popping into town, Alex the sexy lesbian Bait shop manager who had a thing with both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper and Trey Atwood, the mislead Atwood that comes to live in Newport with the Cohens and lands in a lot of trouble. It was just amazing watching the second season! The whole Johnny Harper drama in the third season, Taylor Townsend and Dean Hess secret romance, Sadie the cousin who comes after Johnny's death, Volchok the bad boy afraid of Ryan Atwood, Dr. Henry Griffin and Matt Ramsey turning Sandy Cohen to 'Caleb Nichol', Kirsten's relapse to alcohol, Kaitlin growing boobs, Dr. Roberts and Julie Cooper having a thing and getting married, Summer and Marissa having a cold war, and finally Marissa dying in a car crash... Come on that was entertaining! And for the fourth season, I thought that it would be boring without Marissa but it turned out that Taylor Townsend was a great source of comedy. Her french husband Henri Michel was amazing. I couldn't get enough of this show. So sad it came to and end due to cancellation, but I loved it so much. Long line The O.C.!
  • Morrisa ugly girl


    Like the show, but the girl which plays Morrisa is terrible! She is too much....stoped watching cos of her. Can't believe they couldn't find some nice, pretty girl for this role! I would like to see at least a little attractive people in the show, but Morrisa! Come on! Can't even say if she is a girl, looks like half man, half woman, horrible! Replace her pls!

  • A decent enough show

    The O.C came to TV at the perfect time for me. In my teens, not doing much with my life, with a nice soundtrack to accompany the story lines. This is by no means a very good show and there is nothing majorly compelling about it, but it is a very nice teen drama and is perfectly suited for anyone that can relate to it. If you find yourself thinking that what you are seeing is quite stupid I couldn't blame you, but if you enjoy Ryan finding his way into a new life in the early episodes then sticking with this show will reward you. There are good emotional scenes at times and the relationships of the characters are nice enough. Like I said, nothing too deep about it, but a nice enough show that it will probably be fun to come back to some time and relive when I have completely forgotten what happens.
  • o.c


    the o.c was i good show.i did like it and i was sad to see it go :( but to be fair it was time it ended anyways so it does'nt matter.but i would like it if they was a new film or a long ep in the new year :) it did go down hill near the end :/

  • Set in orange county, california The O.C. is a story revolving around the Cohens, Nichols and coopers with the entry of Ryan Atwood, the stranger who changed their lives forever..... a show you will savour no matter what!

    Set in orange county, california The O.C. is a story revolving around the Cohens, Nichols and coopers with the entry of Ryan Atwood, the stranger who changed their lives forever.The story begins with Sandy Cohen, a lawyer bringing ryan to their home when his mother threw him out, because once 'he was that kid' and he wanted to give him a chance. As the story unleashes we enter the ever changing world of orange county with every face hidden beneath thousands of masks waiting to be ripped off. From the outside they can all be described in a few characteristics and yet you know they can't be... for they're as complex as they can be. From ryan atwood, the brooding young man to julie cooper-nichol, the manupelative, calculating gold digger.. they all have skeletons hidden from their past... from porn tapes to illegitamate children... from stealing cars to taking drungs.. they're all involved in something that'll leave you dumbfounded. For they're all leading secret lives that we know can't be secret for long. With awesome sound tracks, captivating music score, breathtaking performances this is one show you will savour.california.... here we come!
  • I love the OC

    why they stop the show I love it . . .
    I love adam brody he is so cute and it is stupid from him to break up with rachel bilson
    They were a cute coppel (how you write that I don't no I not so realy good in engels haha ^_^ well yeah bye
  • One of the best examples to fall under the definition of 'Overrated'.

    I don't understand how this show has become so popular amongst the teenage viewing population. First of all, the actors are at least 10 years older than the characters they play. E.g. Ryan is supposed to be 17 years old or there abouts but is played by a 28 year old actor. It's just not convincing to see typical high school students looking like post-graduate university students. Perhaps Ryan, summer, seth and co. were all too stupid to graduate highschool the first time and have had to repeat for the 10th year in a row? Generally, the quality of the dialogue is shocking at least compared to deep and meaningful dialogue in Dawsons Creek. This show is overrated. Period.

    Another thing that bothered me, was that there is too much happening. Yes, the things that happen ARE in fact things that are in the average teenage life. Death, gay experimenting, drugs, sex, boy/girl troubles, and of course, violence. BUT with all of this happening in every episode, it just makes too much drama, and way too unrealistic.
  • I liked the show when it first came on, but after season 1 I gave up because I thought the whole concept of the show was ridiculous.

    Season 1 was very interesting. But it shows teenagers in a really bad way. I liked the Oliver storyline, but I didn't like Theresa's pregnancy very much, I thought that was silly. Seth and Summer are a cute couple, and when Seth left I thought that was really immature, although I can understand why. Season 1 had so many good qualities, amongst the unbelivable drama and the terrible depiction of teenagers. After season 1 the entire series went down.

    Lindsay still remains the one thing I HATE about the show. I thought she was pointless and someone who Ryan would never go for. I hated how Summer and Seth broke up and got back together, same with Ryan and Marissa. It was like, by the end of the year, their break-ups never existed which I hated. The only good thing about this season was Alex. I liked Marissa and Alex's relationship, because it's normal some teenagers experiment. Season 3 was even worse. Taylor was horrible, and so was Johnny. While the guy was cute, he was also terribly annoying and I wish he didn't have a crush on Marissa and remained her friend. Kaitlin was a good addition to shake things up - I completely forgot Marissa had a sister before she came, and I think it's real she'd feel jealous of Marissa because people seem to idolize her and Jimmy really did, in my opinion, love Marissa more than Kaitlin, or showed that love more. Charlotte was another bad addition - hated that storyline, but this season, to me, redeemed Julie Cooper. She was not nearly as cruel and vile as usual, and I think it had to do with her suddenly becoming poor. Johnny's death was stupid, I wish they did that better, and I hated Marissa dying too. Marissa, I think, was a key character in making the show.

    Season 4, is one I can't really comment on, as I haven't seen a whole lot of it. But I gave up on The OC a long time ago. I do think it has some positive points about it, and it's not on my worse-show-list category, but I do think that over the course of 4 years it did go downhill and changed for the worst. But I'll always love Seth and Summer, Ryan and Sandy and Kirsten. So this show gets a 6/10 from me.
  • an amazing show!

    An amazing show! I hated when I heard that it was coming to an end. I just hated! I didn't watch the first and second season, but I watched season 3 and 4 and I loved it! This show showed us the ward life of Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen with a touch of fun. I loved the entry of Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend and Willa Holland as Kaitlin Cooper. I think that the dead of Marissa Cooper put the story more interest. I cried when Marissa died. It was so sad! And the music...made me cry...
  • OC is the best show ever!!!

    I think that this show is the best!!! I just started watching it, and now I can\'t stop, not that I would like to stop but anyway! i mean, it have so much drama in it and that\'s just great! at first when i heard that someone in my class was crazy about the show, i was just like, oh, yeah right!!but then i watched one episode and i fell for it to!!!! now i have to watch it all the time!!!! they have such great actors/actress!!! this is one of the best shows i\'ve ever seen!!!! i\'m like a tv-show junkie!!! and i watch many tv-shows and this is one of the best!! I LOVE OC!!!!
  • terrible

    This show and shows like this i don't understand why people watch this garbage. I saw the first episode and thought it was pretty good, but after i turned really boring and annoying and i couldn't watch it anymore. I would rather watch infomercials than this pile of garbage. WARNING RANT AHEAD this show sucks and all shows like this should be canceled and that it enough said get rid of garbage programming like this. every time shows like these get canceled I swear three more pop up even more terrible than the last. hears an idea watch a show like Lost, or Dexter those are shows worth watching. sorry for the rant but i can't stand shows like this.
  • the cohen family transforms the life of ryan atwood in so many ways. drama with every character is constant, however the story is mostly about ryan.

    this show is ridiculous. i cant even put in words how much i love it. i watch it all the time. i hate watching things more than once, i feel it is a waste of time, however this show is something i will never get tired of. it puts me in a mood i not necessarily like, but i cant stop watching it. the music in the show is awesome. the characters are great and the story is wonderful. it is sad how much time i spend watching this show, but its so interesting and it is something i truly love. ryan atwood is absolutely gorgeous. i love him!! one thing i hate about it is that marissa became a lesbian. she and ryan's relationship didnt need to end. they were too perfect. taylor is great and everything, but once you start with someone, it is in people's minds that they should be together only. that they are the only people meant for eachother. still love the show and just put a bid on ebay for the series=)

  • I absolutely love this show. The show is really interesting and really dramatic. I love the fact that they were smart enough to think of this. I like all of the characters, especially Marissa, and I love the whole cast and crew.

    I am very glad this show exists. They were smart enough to create something different. There is a very reason why 90210 passed the best teen drama torch to The OC. It was the most talked about show for a long time and it had the greatest and the most interesting storylines that 90210 didn't even show. Marissa and Summer are my favorite characters because they are hilarious. I also like the fact that they made nerdy Seth date the it-girl. Ryan is very cool and a great lead character. I can't say anything wrong about this show only the fact that the only reason it was canceled was because Marissa died. Now it passed the torch to Gossip Girl.
  • awesome

    I love this show, and i can\'t wait when I will watch a new season. After death Marissa I don\'t image, how the show looks. I hope that will great. I think that, when I watch a promo 4 season. Maby 4 season will be beter than third. It\'s mean more funny and I hope that Seth and Summer still will be together, becouse it\'s my favorite coup. In promo I saw then Kristen and Sandy will be happy again, and I glad for this. I worry about Julie and Ryan, both Loved Marissa, and its hard to live without her. I\'m glad that Taylor and Katlin will be regular. I think that is a new age of The OC without Marissa, I missed for her. In my opinion fourth season will be awesome and more intresting.
  • A show that treads new water, and revolutionizes how TV shows are written...not hard to see why this is such an amazing show.

    Ever since its creation, The O.C. has raised a new standard for television shows everywhere. The writing, character development, and invention of the "Adam Brody" character arch type are just at a new level of emotional suspense and comedy that no drama before it even compares. It starts off pretty standard; a small fish in Ryan Atwood is introduced to a big pond when he moves away from a broken down ghetto to a financially lush environment in Newport Orange County. Throughout the show we see him evolve and try to fit in his new community with his bad boy demeanor along with his friends, most notably his brother in law, Seth Cohen.

    Although the story doesn't sound so different compared to other teen dramas, where it absolutely excels in is its absolutely fantastic writing. Dialogue, comedy writing, it does everything at an elite level. Every episode you wonder to yourself if the best writers in the business joined together to carve the episodes out. You'll be laughing out loud at least a couple of times per episode in largely thanks to Seth Cohen's witty remarks and sarcastic humour, or feel so empathetic with the various love relationships or dramatic situations that happens with various characters in the series. What sticks out the most is how particularly strong the supporting cast is; side characters are developed better than main characters in other TV shows, and that's no knock on those other TV shows. Coming into watching my first episode of The O.C., I was an anime head into those gory action animes, but The O.C. has really opened up my eyes to dramas, though the unfortunate thing is that none of them will ever be better than The O.C.
  • a show that total changed things and paved the way for shows like one tree hill and gossip girl and a remakes of 90210 and others.

    i think the oc is one of the best shows of all time for its catagory. it total changed things well there was 90210 and mel rose place but the oc was diffrent it had if funnyness and comdey on top of the serious topics that kids went through and had alot of high rated eps. and drew in millions of views over 9 million watched the first season. it changed thing. it had so many good eps from chrismaka to the final countdown and so many others and it had its serious eps were marisa over does and were marisas mom cheats and her father loese everything. and kalab dies in the pool and to the porn tape of marissa mom.i think you could say the life in the oc was crazy. it was a great show and could of kept going if marisa did not die and i was so mad when the show went off. but its was one of the all time greats for its catagory.
  • best show ever Marissa' Summer's..Giggle Seth's.Sarcasm Ryans...Broodin n punchin for his wife Kirstens..tough motherly love **** Kaitlynz..teenage drama Anna's..wittyness

    best show ever...miss this kinda made sense and had a personal touch to it.. there aint no other show like OC...90210 is alrigh but its not the O.C everything about oc was
    loved it!!!

    there will never be any other show like the OC.

    Ryans...Broodin and punchin for his wife
    Kirstens...tough motherly love
    Kaitlynz...teenage drama
    taylors...unstoppable mouth

    its was oh so cool...u guys...make a remake with all da same that'll will be cool..continue from where marrisa dies but bring her back to life.
    it'll be the best comeback ever...shows these days are jst wana be' gossip girl and 90210..

    The O.C was epic...a Master Piece.
  • Missing it very much...

    If there is replacement show for Beverly Hills 90210 (original one) it was "The O.C", so instead of making the remake of BH (remake really sucks), the producers should not end the O.C. For me the end of this show is the end of the third season where Marissa died. Because for me the relationship between Ryan and Marissa is the plot of the series and when she went, the show all fall apart unfortunately.
    I like all of the charachters maybe the acting was not the first class but it was really an amusing show Although I dont like teenage drama series, I watched it without skipping one part (not season 4).
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