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  • Cool storyline, good characters, hot girls. Is's the best TV show.

    Cool storyline, good characters, hot girls. Is's te best TV show. Just simply great.
    My favourite caracters are Seth and Summer. And the creator (Josh Schwartz) just so brilliant. As soon as you watched the pilot episode, you knew this show was going to hit it off. It has comedy, romance, and deals with many real life problems that teens have to deal with, like drugs and divorce. The cast is made up of wonderful long-time actors and fresh faces who will be more than one hit wonders, I'm sure. Major thanks to FOX for inventing this addictive drama!
  • Désolé je suis Francais donc je vais écrire en francais. La vie de RYAN, SETH, SUMMER, MARISSA à NEWPORT BEACH

    The OC est ma série préférée car tout les ingrédients y sont réunis de l'humour, de l'amour, du drame, des rebondissements, de superbes acteurs, de la musique exceptionnels et des épisode d'exception qui ne sont pas prises de tetes avec du fun et qui se ré-invente a chaque épisode. En gros que du BONHEUR pendant 42 minutes, c'est cela une série culte, une certaine alchimie qui te donne chaque semaine envie de regarder la suite et qui te rend accro a ces intrigues, à ces personnages et à ces acteurs. Donc voila je vous conseille de regarder THE OC car franchement vous ne serez pas dessus.
  • The Best Show Ever

    It is the best show ever.I am watching this show anxiously.It is a very good way to learn the country(California)and its popularity\'s life.I know everything about that.I live in Greece and the show comes out in my country later than America but now i am downloading the 4th season.Also i visited O.C. a couple of years ago.I am very sad because of just 16 episodes this year and i hope that this will change.The show must continue for more episodes and seasons.With or without Marisa i will watchingyou.Think about more episodes please.It deserves it.The show has everything it needs
  • The story centres around Ryan Atwood, a boy who is taken in by public defender Sandy Cohen, to his lavish home in the Orange County. This sets off a chain reaction, that affects the Cohen family, the Cooper-Nichol family, and the rest of Orange County.

    The O.C. has pretty people, great music, dramatic storylines, beautiful locations... what more do you want? I reckon Seth is the best character, with his sharp wit and sarcasm, rolled into one geeky but cute teenage guy. Then Summer with her b****-turned-sweetie personality, and her \"rage black-outs\" lol! Marissa and Ryan are so sweet together, which is clearly demonstarted in their first date by the pool!!!! Marissa with her not-so-sweet \"hobbies\" and Ryan, who is the guy from the \"wrong side of the tracks\" with a heart of gold. The adults, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, Jimmy and Julie Cooper, and Caleb Nichol are alright, though sometimes they are kinda screw-ups as parents. lol.
  • Want to know more about SUmmer

    I heard she was in with the director of the latest epidode. This came from my mate who worked on the set last year but still knows a few of the production team.

    Can some one please confirm this because it is breaking my heart into 2. I thought she loved me longtime. I don't know if I can trust her anymore. These white painted posters on my wall may have to come down. I am shattered, I think I am going to root for Darren Hayes. At least he won't cheat on me. Or at least I think that is the case.
  • Its great.

    The last episode i saw was \"The Summer Bummer\". I was really thrilled with that episode. I really love what they did in the fourth season. This season the episodes are worth watching. I really love the love team of taylor and Ryan. And also Seth and Summer. I cant wait for the next episode of it. I want to finish the whole season right now. I was bummed when i heard that seth and summer broke up in their real life relationship. The OC will never be the same again without their sweet actions and kisses. I think they should love each other again.
  • Although The OC is about to drown(barring a miracle), I'll still never understand why people don't appreciate the best written characters on television, even if they are in the worst storylines.

    The OC, for me, started in 2004. I live in the UK, and we got The OC in Januray of that year. Having missed out on most series at their beginning(Smallville, Buffy), I decided that if this was good, it'd be MY show to follow.

    I'd watch it every week, and follow it until its end. Looking for another weekly show to watch after getting into Buffy, The OC was a perfect choice. Slightly edgy, well-directed with beautiful music and strong storylines, the first episode was definitely one to watch.

    It went on for a whole season. A great season too, that saw shocking, entertaining storylines without a hint of rubbish. It was damned witty, its characters were all iconic and it was heavily emotional. Whilst many shows these days basque in false emotion; Lost, 24 and maybe even House at times are fine examples of a "false" connection with its characters. Whilst other shows like these rely on temporary emotion to drag you in, The OC kept you in the loop wiht its characters. They drove the storylines, whilst other shows let it be the other way around.

    Throughout its first season, The OC did little to alienate; sure, Oliver was a little annoying but he didn't drag it down, and the storylines involving Seth, Jimmy and Ryan were all brilliant.

    Then, the second season came along, and things did begin to deteriorate in some departments. Although never being completely submerged by the Rebecca, Newport magazine/Caleb-Julie or Seth's comic storylines(as well as other questionable moves, such as Lindsay), it did lose some of its spark that remained so alight in its first season.

    I continued to love it, however; it always remained compelling even if it was questionable; once again, each character possesed something so iconic that you COULDN'T stop watching- or at least I couldn't.

    The audience, however, begun to leave. Too impatient to wait around for improvement, this is when the show began to lose its buzz. For me, though, I felt like the show was being widely underappreciated. It seemed like The OC was a victim of its own buzz, much as Lost is now; big and talked-about for a season, yes, but annoyingly ignored by the "lamestream" and critical media when its really developing.

    People like an idea, and nothing else; they understand nothing about their own tastes, and don't really watch television for any reason other than "everyone else is doing it". Maybe if The OC had started out without the buzz, its audience would have started modestly and grown instead of being kicked to death by CSI and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights.

    If only people weren't so easily alienated. The OC continued to be compulsive viewing, even as it went into its 3rd season. Now, the beginning of this season didn't entirely work, I agree. The Kirsten alcoholism story was a little flabby, but it was met with a nice conclusion that brought Julie and Kirsten closer together.

    Season 3 felt like a rebirth to me, and yet for so many others it was awful. I still don't see why; Kaitlin added a lot of spark, the ending credits had a swanky new theme and Ryan had found a great girlfriend in Sadie, who I've heard is returning this season.

    As well as some nice semi-closure regarding Ryan's relationship with his mum, the Sethummer storyline was a lot nicer as they figured out how they piece together as a couple. The third season was brilliant! Ridiculously underrated by critics and viewers, it took the show to new places. I liked this place; nothing was taken too seriously, including Ryan's birthday, Julie's marriage with Dr Roberts and whatever else you care to mention.

    It ended nastily, but not in a critically brutal place. Marissa dying was sad, but it was well-performed and important to the show.

    Here we are at season 4, and an ungrateful fanbase is jumping off the wagon at the worst possible moment. I've seen The Avengers; it felt like a complete rebirth; each problem the characters had were washed away. It sort of felt like when Marissa dies, so did a lot of the clutter.

    The second episode continued this fresh-feeling version of The OC that a lot of fans liked in the first season. Still, statistically nobody cares. Why aren't you getting back on the bandwagon?

    As the only show left that feels like its "mine", I'm devastated to see it die in the ratings. What are you doing?

    Are you moronic, America? Just plain silly? The best show on television is sat there waiting for you, whilst you kill it with bull like "Grey's Anatomy". The producers gave back the show you loved, so you better start watching it again.

    You know what? If The OC dies, it'll be the biggest injustice since Angel was cancelled. Its stupid, nay silly to ignore this show!

    I've liked every season of it.

    SEASON 1: 9.4/10
    SEASON 2: 7.6/10
    SEASON 3: 9.5/10
  • I watch this show in my spare time. it's not my fav!

    The O.C. is good show, not excellent and not bad!!! I love to watch it i my spare time. I know what is about, and stuff! My favourite character is Summer (Rachel Bilson), bacause she is sooooo beautifull, funny and interesting! I liked Marissa too, but seems like now she is gone, that's so bad....
  • Kaitlin throws a party to make the Mean Girl in school Jealous. Taylor and Ryan Hook up and Seth and Summer are back together and strong!

    I LOVED this episode! Its totally a trendsetter. Kaitlin trowing a party while her mom was away is classic. And now she has more pretty girls to hang out with!Kaitlin isn\\\'t alone anymore. They should follow up on that whole \\\"Mean Girls\\\" story. Connor was hilarious too! Who would of thought of him and Roger??? Obiously the amazing writers. Well if \\\"The O.C.\\\" stays like this episode then they would have more viewers! I also loved Taylor from the beggining! But her with Ryan was genius. They are sooo cute in an awkward way. Great episode! Hilarious. I love it.
  • This show owns so much. This season is way better than 2 and 3 so far, I think the writing has been interesting and more witty this time around. I'm glad there isnt too much drama so far this season, because SOOOO much crazy stuff has happend in the past

    This show owns so much. This season is way better than 2 and 3 so far, I think the writing has been interesting and more witty this time around. I'm glad there isnt too much drama so far this season, because SOOOO much crazy stuff has happend in the last couple seasons, glad they are making things a bit more realistic. I just hope more people will start to tune in because the ratings have been low. Once the season gets more dramatic I think the ratings will pick up. I'd like to see Luke return for an episode. Yeah.
  • The characters are excellent they put alot of emotion into their drama and are all extremely cute expecially Ben McKenzie (ryan outwood).

    The OC is an excellent programme it consists of laughs ,love, romance and alot of action.This tv programme catches the eye of almost everyone especially the teenager range . I love this programme it wicked you can never replace it. All of my friends like it .The OC is a programme that you can talk about for hours and you will still have plenty to say about it. The OC is just fabulous it has all the qualities of an extremely good programme . The acting catches all emotion and draws you into it by just watching a couple of minutes.You cant miss this Programme The OC.
  • Surprisingly entertaining.

    You know, it's The OC.
    It's good, surprisingly entertaining even, positively funny, with a good dose of "soapy" where it comes to who's dating who and who's dying.
    I don't stay home because I want to watch it, I don't mind missing the occasional episode because you can easily catch up by watching the next one. I didn't even start watching untill somewhere 3/4 into season 1.
    But yet every year after the month long break over summer, I'm so glad it's back! I will definitely miss this one when they pull the plug. Even though it's been running for a few seasons now it's not getting too boring or too uninteresting/predictable, and at least the characters are getting older.
  • So far the new season looks promising

    I am quite happy with the new season so far because it has shown alot of emotional side of people wich we are usually shown but it has gone that much deeper to make julie crack and her life has been turned upside down AGAIN but now caitlyn is there she is going to be the main person the show is about sooner and it will be alot more interesting than marissa i think. so i am hoping for veiwers sake that the she does get better and back up to season1 and 2 worthy and poeple should stop hating on it and if they don't like it just don't watch it, stop clogging up the boards with worthless rants

    Enjoy all and no hate
  • I\'m glad Mischa is gone, but I still think that the show is heading downhill.

    Mischa Barton was a drain on the show and I\'m glad that she\'s gone, but I still think that this show is past its prime and I doubt that there will be a 5th season. I think that the cast in general is moving past the point of tv, and are likely going to start pursuing movies more intensely. Plus the show seems to have lost its purpose. The characters are all moving in different directions and it seems that its making it harder and harder for the writers to keep them interacting. Perhaps some new characters could help revitalize this show, but I still think that this will be the last season of The OC.
  • Taylor tries to seduce Ryan by being his sleep therapist. The others are wondering if Ryan is ready to date again. Julie and Kirsten partners up with a guy name Bullitt.

    The show follows the surprising kiss between Ryan and Taylor. Seeing how Taylor behaves, she is immediately attracted to Ryan because she has a thing for people who does her favors. Kirsten and New Match want to expand, and they find a guy named Bullitt who could help them out. From the history of the Kirsten and Sandy relationship, I think that something will turn out from New Match, as it did with the Newport Group under Sandy's supervision. Summer goes undercover with Che to free rabbits that are being used for experiments. I think Summer will get kicked out of Brown because she doesn't quite fit in. Everything with Che and stuff, it doesn't go well with what Summer does. I would like to see how Ryan and Taylor work out in the next episode.
  • It's getting better... But I really miss Marissa.

    I started to watch the OC at the middle of the first season, and I liked it. It was funny, but without any real-life problems. I mean, whoever has that much money??
    Now I'm watching season three, because that's the one running in my country, and it's real boring. I'm not even sad if I miss some parts.
    But I read what's going to happen, and now I found all the episodes of season 4 on youtube. It's really getting better... All the problems with Marissa's death coming up, Summer getting a hippie, Ryan trying to kill someone, and then getting closer with Taylor, Julie's problems with boys, and Kaitlin...
    So I think this is a good show, apart from season three. That was the worst ever.
  • Don't be fooled, it's still the hottest show on TV.

    I must admit that I originally watched this show for the 20-somthing hot guys posing as high school kids. What kept me watching was the fast-paced drama. I predicted that this show would back itself into a corner, exhaust every possible scenario within the first two seasons and fizzle out tragically. I could not have been more wrong. After struggling for a few episodes while dealing with cutting their dead weight (Mischa Barton), they are back with a vengeance, proving that it is possible to seamlessly transition into the college years, and even get better! Plus, the guys are still hot, so what the heck.
  • whatupmyasian here

    i cant believe i'm back. omg im back. i love the OC. this is whatupmyasian if anyone is reading this who knew me from before. yea. season 4 rocks, i love rylor and seth and summer r distant but they'll get back. love the oc. keep it real guys. im back!!!!1
  • Without Mischa Barton... this show is boring...

    I was not an exact fan of the OC, but at least I enjoy watching it, but after Season 3, this show has gone to the ground. In some episodes, I think that some of the plotlines were good, but the subplots were bad, but after Season 3 the whole show change into a boring style and now I can't stand watching it. So I am going to tell you this: you should watch the first three seasons of the OC, but after that you should not bother because it is going to bore you very, very much. The good episodes are among the second season, but if you were a sort of OC fan before Season 3 you should not even think about going to see Season 4, because Mischa Barton the show has come to sort of pointless. That's all I have to say about this show...
  • Favorite

    This is one of my absolute favorites! My sister got me watching it.But it has gone down a little from the beginning. But still, I like it. So sorry for Marissa, but life goes on anyway. And I have never liked it when Seth lies, all the time! I still feel like he and Summer are ment for eachother! Well well, Ryan is a fine guy! I like his silence, he doesn't need to say much to get me to like him! However, This is the kind of show I have always liked. The teens and their troubled lives. Give me more!
  • One of my favorite shows..

    This has been one of my favorite shows for awhile now. I missed a few episodes at the beginning of the first season, but my friend told me to start watching and now I can't stop. Every season finale something no ones ever expects would happen happens.It is a little hard to get used to the changes in the forth season like Marissa being gone and Summer becomeing a hippy, but Seth and Ryan seem to be the same. It is still a great show. It's nice that it isn't only about the teens. The show has a lot of characters who all have their own problems.
  • Revamped 90210 meets Romeo and Juliet. If you don\'t like, you aren\'t watching.

    Seriously, the pop culture prowess of a Joss Whedon show, the O.C. bounces in and out of serious to comedic with rapid ease.

    Indie music filled slow mo scenes that enliven an already wonderful cast.

    Just set whatever it is you think you heard, or felt it might be. Sit back and watch a expertly (though season 3 left me wanting) written and acted show.

    Love triangles and heartfelt romances galore.

    Love it
  • Trashy

    the oc fits the genre it hails from to the tee, it is shameless consumer targetted rubbish. it recycles every idea used in a teen " drama ", and it does it very well. they fool people into thinking it is original and is therefore very succesful. its main characters story lines get more and more far fetched. its as though the writers are testing to see what they can get away with. a teen lesbian love affair, suicide, statutory rape you name it, its probably been tried in this utterly unbelievable show, 94 95 96 97 98 99 100words
  • the oc is such a great show.i think its one of the best shows on tv right favorite character on the show is ryan.

    the oc is such a great show.i think its one of the best shows on tv right favorite character on the show is ryan.i think the hottest girl on there is marrisa.sometimes summer can be hot.i love the story lines and always the eposodes of the always a shocker that you will never beleive it and have you guessing and thinking whats going to happen next on the oc.i love everytime ryan gets ino a fight.the parents are funny too including seth.i like the first epodoses on the show.all mys friends like the show on tv.i like the show alot.i even got season 1 threw 2 threw 2 and planning to get season 3.i reall like this show

    The O.C., otherwise known as Orange County, California, is an idyllic paradise - a wealthy, harbor-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities, of kids living secret lives, hidden from their parents, and of parents living secret lives, hidden from their children. Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks who is thrust into this world, will soon learn that nothing is what it seems. He moves to the O.C. when Sandy Cohen, an idealistic pro-bono public defender, invites him to stay in his guest house. Sandy's wife, Kirsten, wealthy and beautiful, former homecoming queen, perfect spouse, mother, and business woman, isn't happy that Ryan has moved in. And she's worried about how it will affect their teenage son Seth, a soulful dreamer ostracized by his peers. Making the whole situation more interesting is Marissa Cooper, the heartbreakingly beautiful girl next door who seems to glide through life effortlessly. That is, until the indiscretions of her wealthy father Jimmy, threaten to break her world apart. The O.C. is a story of fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and the coming of age of three young people. Ryan's arrival is the catalyst for new alliances forged, old flames rekindled, and unlikely friendships born.

    Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) is a troubled teenage youth from the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles who finds himself on his own after he is thrown out of his own house. He finds a place to stay in the posh home of the Cohens in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, the O.C. (Orange County), California. Ryan is accepted by the stern but compassionate Sandford \"Sandy\" Cohen (Peter Gallagher), a lawyer who represented Ryan in the past for his miss-deeds. But Sandy\'s wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), aware of Ryan\'s criminal history, is wary of this new house guest. The Cohen\'s son Seth (Adam Brody) bonds with Ryan quickly and shows him the ropes of the community and vice versa for Ryan giving advice to Seth about life and love. Ryan develops a crush on Marissa Cooper (Micha Barton) a neighbor girl who lives down the street and has problems with her not-so-sheltered existence in dealing with her distant father Jimmy (Tate Donovan) and weak-willed mother Julie (Melinda Clark). Also, Marissa\'s best friend, Summer (Rachel Bilson) is oblivious to the crush that Seth has on her, while taking a liking to Ryan. And so begins a new life for Ryan, the Cohens, the Coopers, and basically everyone else in the wealthy, picturesque, secretive, turbulent community of Orange County.
  • With the death of Marissa Cooper from a car crash, the lives of her friends and family will never be the same. Some people who we would have never expected to change, do, and everyone else deals with the grief in various ways.

    I\\\'ve been watching The O.C. from the beginning and know basically everything about the show. I\\\'ve stayed with the show through its good times, and through its bad because i was addicted to the drama and somewhat comedic experiences that occurr in the show. What makes this show great is that there is a story for everyone person, boy or girl, old or young. Whether its high school drama or parent split-ups or deaths, there is always something in the show that interests anyone who watches it. My least favorite storyline was when Seth was taking drugs and lied to everyone about it, because that it something that Seth doesn\'t do. I love that Seth formed the holiday to combine Christmas and Hanukkah. I must say though that what upset me the most was killing off Mischa Barton. Even though she was leaving the show, the show could have had her leave town for college in the show as well. Nevertheless, I love the new storyline between Ryan and Taylor. I think they would make a great couple because they are so different. I hope this show continues for many seasons to come.
  • The O.C. is back, and in season one style!

    There´s a saying, and it kinda goes like this "If you have a classic, a good thing going on, just keep things like that and everything is gonna be just fine".
    Well, it seems that producers had forgotten about that saying for seasons two and three.
    But in miraculus way, they ´ve gone back to season one style.
    And that´s why this show is going to be as good as it gets, as it did in 2003.

    So tell all your friends, that after a 2 year hitatus, The O.C. is back.
  • The OC is one of the best most entertaining shows on earth, Season 1 in my opinion was one of the best seasons of any show ever, Season 2 was how do I put it "Creative Fun". Season 3 was ok & Season 4 is nearly as good as Season 1!

    The OC is one of the best most entertaining shows on earth, Season 1 in my opinion was one of the best seasons of any show ever, Season 2 was how do I put it "Creative Fun". Season 3 was ok & Season 4 is nearly as good as Season 1!
    If you haven't seen the show yet, Season 1 is a must-see! I would rate Season 1: 9/10, Season 2: 8/10, Season 3: 7/10 & Season 4: 8/10. Why didn't I enjoy Season 3 as much? I still loved it, it's just compared to the other seasons it unoriginal, boring & depressing. The only reason I gave it a 7 was because it had some "classic" episodes.
  • Amazing

    With its reinventing, this season has the promises to be the best season ever. But come on.. why only 16 episodes?? Give it a full season! Cant stand the fact that when 408 airs 50% of the season will be gone. Anyway This show continues to amaze me! Ryan takes it up a notch seth continues with his eternal summer struggling. The new char. "che" is so funny. And this just after 3 seasons

  • Just change the time! Id rather watch Greys Anatomy on ABC! If you put it at 8pm Ill be able to watch if not its up to recording it and watching it later! ;) But overall, I still like the show.

    Just change the time! Id rather watch Greys Anatomy on ABC! If you put it at 8pm Ill be able to watch if not its up to recording it and watching it later! ;) But overall, I still like the show. Good show! Change the time!!!! Make it at 8pm or something! Okay what else can I say to make this thing 100 words when this is all I need to say???? I dont know why before the days and times would always change for this show...Oh yea because of American Idol...ick! Well I think you really need to do it because Greys Anatomy is better than the O.C. so thats something you should worry about and change the time for! thanks
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