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  • Fad show

    This is a fad show, I swear. I can\\\'t stand these kinds of shows. The stock characters, the rediculous story lines, and all the other nonsense that is just nonsense. I can\\\'t understand why anyone would even find this show appealing. I mean the acting is apalling and everyone looks like they show be in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog but their acting skills belong in the dumpster. This show is fad and it will phase out, as all fads do.

    No offense intended to anyone, just an opinion. Peace!
  • ...thank you all of The O.C. crew for making a very good show to us and i think it's time has done. we want remember you always with good memories

    At the first season it was a very good youth show but after that it loose it's line and become something different. At least they break their cast. Really i don't like marissa character much but when she died it's kind of lost it's taste. I think it's time to a good finale for The O.C. so it could be still one of the good examples for tv shows otherwise it will turn to be absurd show which everyone make laugh about it. In brief thank you all of The O.C. crew for making a very good show to us and i think it's time has done. we want remember you always with good memories
  • Lost it's edge when they killed Marrisa off!

    The postmodern soap opera continues to mine the intertwined lives of the Cohen-Cooper-Nichol families for drama and self-mocking humor, with new characters (like Jeri Ryan) and a hot soundtrack adding to the proceedings.

    BRIEF HISTORY:Creator Josh Schwartz earned a Writers Guild of America Award nomination in 2004 for his pilot script. The series will undergo a change for the 2006-07 season, as Schwartz plans to add new characters and phase out some of the "older" ones. STARS: * Chris Carmack as Luke * Benjamin McKenzie as Ryan Atwood * Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper * Adam Brody as Seth Cohen * Rachel Bilson as Summer * Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen * Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen * Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cooper * Melinda Clarke as Julie Cooper Nichol * Alan Dale as Caleb Nichol
  • This show is okay. In the first and second seasons it was my favorite but after that the creator Josh Schwartz used up all the characters. I hope the fourth season gets better.

    I thought this show was okay. It was good but it could use some help. I thought Marissa was a great character but the creator used it her up in the first season. They could do more with the character Seth beside make him a loser. He needs to do more interesting things then be Ryan's sidekick and Summer's on and off boyfriend. Also, why are there so many people going through the kitchen every morning. The only one who is coming from outside to the kitchen should be Ryan and maybe Seth if he is visiting. Overall I think this show needs help if it is going to make a fifth season but it has great potential.
  • Trying to hold on here and support you O.C., but I think it's over after this season. To bad, I was an avid fan.

    Just unbelievable! I love that they are still including Marissa in the show and it's kind of like she's still there in some sense. Which is why I will continue to watch for awhile anyway, that is until all the hype of her death is over and she slowly starts to dissapear from the show for real. I'm excited that Ryan is going to possibly get revenge on Vulchec for what he did, but then what will happen to Ryan if he does, jail? Summer and Seth's awkward new relationship is distressing, I don't like that at all! Atleast Sandy and Kirsten seem to be doing ok. Poor Julie though, and little coop oh goodness, it's like she does'nt even seem to care her sister is dead, what's that about? Overall the show is breaking my heart and honestly it's killing me to know that the characters I have come to love will inevitably fall apart until they and the show are unrecognizeable. The thing I always loved about the O.C. is that they generally had happy endings while still remaining edgy and exciting but still familiar. Which to me was refreshing for a change. I think that this will be the last season unfortunetly because I really loved this show, never had I been so effected by a show and I can't believe it actually brought me to tears more than once. I also really love all the other characters, but it's just not going to be enough for me any further than this season now that Marissa is gone. Sorry O.C. but I think your headed for destruction! :( :(
  • Not that interesting.

    I saw this show expecting too much, after just a few episodes, I got tired of it. Peter Gallagher and Tate Donovan make the show look cool, but it ain't cool enough for me. It lacks the charm of Beverly Hills 90210, it's way too serious. I just don't find it that interesting. I see it every now and then if there's nothing on, there's nothing in the show enticing enough to see. It didn't work out for me. The OC needed a hook, it's not going anywhere, even though this show is going well, I'm just not liking it.
  • The OC is not only good, but brilliantly executed!

    The plot itself, in its barest and most simplistic form, revolves around Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie), a troubled youth from Chino who's family has abandoned him and who's family's disregard for him has influenced his lawyer - Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher) - to take him into his own household situated in the fabulous, wealthy Orange County. What ensues are many riveting episodes involving the new touch that Ryan brings to the pretentious Orange County as well as observing the relationships that he establishes with the girl next door - Marissa (Mischa Barton) - and Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), not to mention the oppression and confusion that he feels when arriving in a completely new world.
  • love it to death....

    as soon as i saw the trailers, i knew i would love this show, but all the early episodes i saw bored me... but then i saw Caleb fall in that pool, and i knew i had to watch for next week. Within no time i had looked up everything there is to know on the internet, and by the time Marissa pulled the trigger in the Finale, i was in way too deep to turn back... The third season was good, but not up to par with the others, however, this season seems to be back on track, up to standard, side splitingly funny and heart wrenchingly beautiful, the O.C. is the only show for me.
  • This show is about a group of young people living in Califorma. They deal with some real life issues.

    I started watching the show towards the end of last season. Since then I really like it. I could't believe how the last season ended. It was so sad to watch. The new season looks really good. I watched the first episode and it was great. My favorite charavter is Ryan. He is not afraid to express himself. It is really hard to convince him to do anything. I can't wait to see more of the show. It should be great.
  • Unfinished! (if that makes sense to anyone out there)

    They didn\'t give us enough details about what was giong to happen in the future. For example, I know, for a fact, that Summer will be comnig back because it only makes sense for the show. They should\'ve had a scene maybe after they showed ryan the powerpoint where Summer and Seth talk about their feelings and how Summer is only scared of coming back to the OC because he best friend just died. It seemed like this episode was just made to fill in the gap.
  • Ryan drifting back to his old habits in the aftermath of Marissa's death, Summer trying to move on at Brown (and becoming a hippie), Seth (and I mean this in the lest homosexual way possible), trying to get over Ryan and Julie picking up some bad habits.

    Wow. My friend convinced me to watch the first episode of The O.C. sometime last year and I was immediately hooked. Since then I've downloaded every episode and am still loving it. So when I heard you could watch the season 4 premiere online a week earlier than everyone else, I was pumped.

    This new episode is great. I thought it would be bad this season, but I was actually quite impressed. Ryan and Julie struggling to cope with Marissa's death, Seth missing Ryan and Summer almost getting over it ... I loved it. Well, six words to go. Whoa, that\'s it! Until next time.
  • The O.C. is about a teenage boy who comes from a poor background and moves to the seemingly perfect O.C. with a rich family. But the O.C. isn't as perfect as it seems.

    This shows is a cult favorite and has captured the hearts and attention of many teens. The show's out there and over dramatic plots make it very addictive and you can't stop watching it even if it starts to bug you. My favorite character is Seth Cohen, because he's the geeky sarcastic guy who finally gets the girl but can't seem to keep his mouth shut so he constantly looses the girl, Summer. Summer is the petite popular girl who has a rep for being a slut (she's not) she has rage blackouts (lol) and wears the pants in her relationship with Seth (who I think is a little afraid of her, lol). Ryan is the main character he moved to the O.C. to get a second chance after he almost messed up his last one. Although Ryan tries to avoid drama he is constantly getting sucked back into some especially when he's dating Marissa. Marissa is the pretty girl with a partying problem, he tries to rebel against everyone which eventually results in her death. The show also revolves around the adults of Orange County, who have equally dramatic lives. They have to hide their dirty laundry or else people will start talking. Their antics include: Alchoholics, lying, cheating, sex, gold digging, tax fraud, and other illegal things. The show is very dramatic and can almost be too dramatic but watching it is like watching a train reck, you can't take your eyes off of it.
  • A teenager from the wrong side of the tracks finds himself in a new life after getting Sandy Cohen appointed as his public defender. Ryan takes the Cohen family, and many other families within the community, through drama, romance, tragedy, and happiness.

    I honestly think this is an amazing show. Although the death of Marissa took a real toll on the show, I believe that the produces will take the right steps to make the show not completely horrible without the core four. If Schwartz had killed off Seth or Summer, I might have stopped watching the show. But he didn't, and I am awaiting the premiere on November 2nd. This is still my favorite show, and I recommend it to everyone and anyone who will fall inlove with the show as I did 3 years ago.
  • The OC

    Why does everone think its weird that im a guy who watches the oc? This is the best "real life" show ive ever seen and your listenin to someone whos favorite shows are Sonic the hedgehog, Family guy, Ren and stimpy, Beast wars, and get the picture. This is one of the greatest shows ever made. What i think is drugged up is that everyone seems to think season 3 isnt that good, Whoever says this has bad taste in wait whoever says this is on crack! This show is amazing. And i dont cry easily during season 3 ive cried like seven times already. I love the oc!
  • group of americans living in california, it shows the ups and downs of their life in dramatic fassion!

    well what can i say, it is clearly the best thing on tele and should be seen by every self respecting person! i think it is so brilliant in season one, season 2 was a little less exciting, a bit more repetitive, as was the start of season 3, probably the first 3 to 6 episodes were a little poor, although from that point on... i was, like everyone i know, addicted! season 4 has just started and the first eppisode carries on from where season 3 left off, the death of marissa and how ryan will cope... enjoy people, i did!
  • A decent show. I watch it nearly every night.

    Why did they have to kill Marissa off. She was one of the better characters. Who are they going to have for Ryan now? It's really unfair. Maybe if they wanted to kill her off they could of done it at a later date maybe at the end of season 4-5. What's going to be the next big storyline? It could be anything but just as long as Summer and Seth stay together I will be happy. But then again it will be good to see how they all grieve over the loss of Marissa. She was a really good character but I guess she left because she has had a lot of storylines and Summer hasn't. I also think that they need to bring another girl in for Ryan.
  • the oc has finally lost it steem after 3 seasons its run out of juice and should just go on hiatus for a while

    the oc has finally lost it steem after 3 seasons its run out of juice and should just go on hiatus for a while, while it was the first to show the now famouse \"orange ounty\" and has plenty of knockoffs a.k.a desperate housewives, laguna beach. and the real houswives of orange county. its loosing steem and popularity they should put it on hiatus and see what the reaction does have quite a loyal fanbase...but its losing them due to unrealistic plots and sucky writing....i wish it would end and put us out of our misery...and on a last note i must say the only thing keeping this show alive is the great chemistry and acting skills with leads such as adam broody and rachel blison
  • A must watch!!

    At the beginning, I used to hate this show for no reason. I just thought it would be lame from the posters and stuff. But out of boredom, I downloaded the first episode from season 1 and now im totally hooked.. i finished till episode 12 in season 1 and my aim is to watch it all. Im just loving it. Espically Ryan (L)
  • Dont you realize something very familiar about the O.C.???

    When I watch O.C. I can't help but notice the similarities between this show and One Tree Hill.though there are some diffrences but whoever came up with this story line is so unoriganal.
    and to be honest I like One Tree Hill better then O.C. cause it has more down to earth problems rather then some made up parent,getting people pregnent nonsence!
    I also think the story line is a bit off cause' if you miss a single episode and watch the next one it won't make any sence.
    I know that there are more characters in O.C. which sometimes only adds to the confusion of not knowing whats happening,but all sayed its still better than sitting at home doing homework!
  • The O.C (orange county) has a set as beutiful as its cast. With a cast full of gorgeous people came a far out hit with real issues.

    Although my classification is \"Past Its Prime\" i hope that i stand to be corrected with the new season. The oc is an addictive teen drama which is full of charisma and potential.

    Season one was a real heart stopper. With a very varied cast of legends and new comers, as well as a fantastic and common storyline with a phenomenal twist of originality. From there season 2 remained as edgy and with as many twists as season one, however after the finale of season 3 i found myself hugely disappointed with one of my favorite shows.

    However Fox has NOT axed the show and will allow it to return for a fourth season but i beleive if they do not up there game we are looking at not only a fourth season but a final one aswell !!
  • Lets hope its on the way back...

    The first season of the oc was pretty had everything! It had fresh new characters, great storylines, and a really great mix of comedy and drama. But then it started to go downhill...season 2 was good, even very good in places, but was boring in others. Some stories started to repeat themselves, some were annoying. And the characters just seemed different. The actors looked a lot more air brushed, whereas in the first season they look fresh and real. But it was still worth tuning in for...then came season 3. The oc lost a lot of viewers in season 3, and rightly so. A lot of episodes were repetetive and boring, and even frsutrating. It picked up towards the end as it usually does, but by then it seemed to late. At the time, i rely didn't like the idea of marissa being killed off, but after seeing the season 4 previews, i'm happy. And getting pretty excited. The oc used to be my favourite show, and with the look of season 4, it seems to be going back to its roots, and i'm finally starting to get excited about it again.
  • Not until the 3rd season had finished did I watch the show. I got the DVD's, and within a few months.... well, thats why I'm here.

    Once upon a tme, I mocked and laughed at this show. Now I love it. This show has made me cry so much.... When Anna left, Season 1 finale, Caleb dying/Julie trying to save him, Caleb's funeral, Seth telling Kirsten she needs help, Marissa shooting Trey and Jimmy leaving Julie. I've still got the last 3 episodes of season 3 to go though, so I am sure the tissues will be needed.

    The music in this show is amazing. "Hide and Seek" is one of my particular favourites, as well as "Hallelujah" (season 1 finale). Not to mention forever young, I want to be forever young.

    Great show, do yourself a favour and watch it.
  • This show just got better!! Marissa is OUT!!

    I LOVE the OC. I hate Marissa and all her problems. It makes the OC too dramatic. I hope they bring back Lindsay for the 4th season. Now, SHE was the perfect girl for Ryan. Bottomline: The OC rocks more now that Marissa died. Seth and Summer are the cutest and best characters. Ryan is so gorgeous. Marissa is stupid and gross. I started hating her when she had that whole \"lesbian\" phase. Thank all the powers in the world that she\'s fried!!
  • I think the show is great. It deserves a Golden Globe. It's about the lives of the Wealthy Cooper-Nichol-Cohen and Ryan Atwood, the boy from the wrong sides of the tracks in Newport Beach, CA in Orange County.

    I love it! It is the grestest show ever! This show should be nominated for a Golden Globe Award. The characters on the show is great. Marissa Cooper remind me of "90210's" Brenda, "Dynasty's" Fallon, and "Knots Landing's" Olivia. Ryan Atwood reminds me of "90210's" Dylan, "My So-Called Life's" Jordan, and "Felicity's" Ben. Seth Cohen reminds me of "90210's" Brandon, "Freeks and Geeks'" Neal, and "Saved By the Bell's" Screech. Summer Roberts reminds me of "90210's" Kelly, "Buffy's" Cordelia,and "Felicity's" Megan. Julie Cooper, Marissa's mother, reminds me of "Dynasty's" Alexis, "Knots Landing's" Abby Fairgate Cunningham Ewing Sumner, and "Falcon Crest's" Melissa. Jimmy Cooper, Marissa's father, reminds me of "Knots Landing's" Jeff Cunningham, "Party of Five's" Charlie, and "Dallas'" Bobby. Sandy Cohen, Seth's father, reminds me of "90210's" Jim Walsh, "Everwood's" Dr. Andy, and "L.A. Law's" Michael. Kirsten Cohen, Seth's mother, reminds me of "90210's" Cindy Walsh, "Family's" Kate, and "Once and Again's" Lily.
  • I luv the OC so much every1 should watch it

    The oc is one of my favortie shows. i luv benjamin mckenzie he is soooo hot and adam brody 2. there both realli realli hott which is why i luv this show!!! i really luved marisa too i was soooo sad wen she died i was realli angry too. but the show is still realli godd after that even. i think every1 should watch the oc becuz its a realli good show even like all guyz should watch it becuz they could relate to it. i cant wait for the rest of this seawson cuz the oc is an awesome show!!!
  • ok but it deffinetly wearing down

    i absolutely loved this show up until about halfway thrpough season 3. It is very safe to say that most of the drama is created by people getting in trouble for having affairs, or because they were drunk, or because someone took something they did the wrong way. For example if 2 people are hugging, every other character immediately assumes they're having an affair, however, it is entirely possible that they were old friend and hadn't seen each other in a long time, or they both just hear some good news. It was a very good show but i hope for everyone's sake season 4 is the last. Even if you love the show u have to admit, it is really getting pretty boring and pretty old.
  • this show a wonder ful combination of drama, comedy, and romance. i think it was wonderfully written.

    the o.c. is an incredible show! i think the way the writer manages to face serious issues that are true for many people and make them a little funny is great. i love kandy!!!! kirsten and sandy forever. the music from the show is also incredible i love many of the songs including hide and seek by imogen heap and dice by finley quay. since i have begun watching this show i have been dying to visit california and am even thinking of going up there for college. this is my favorite show ever im absolutely OBSESSED with it.☺
  • Trials and Tribulations of young rich kids and an adoptee.

    In the begining The OC was a great fresh show. Seasons one an two were very interesting. Season three started to taper off a little bit and I don't see how the show is going to survive without one of their main story lines..... Ryan and Marissa. Seth and Summer are great but he can only lie so many times before she is going to be completely done with him. Sandy and Kirsten can only have so many problems and the core audience doesn't care much about their story line anyway. I seriously think the writers have lost their creative edge on this one. I really liked this show and hoped it would last but going up against Grey's Anatomy I think its doomed.
  • Season 1 was amazing, season 2 great, season 3 good and can't wait for season 4!

    The oc is still my favourite show on tv, even though its not as good as it was. The characters are amazing and I love every one for a different reason! Ryan: bad boy turned good guy, Seth: Funny as anything, Marissa: miss popular with problems, Summer: Gorgeous girl in love with stunning geek (Seth). Season 1 had soooo much crammed into it that I didn't think they would be able to come up with anything for season 2, but the writers pulled through and delivered more twists that no-one saw coming. Season 3 was a bit emotional throughout as they all choose their future colleges but had me bawling my eyes out in the finale, as I'm sure many were, when we said a tragic goodbye to a much loved, main character! Roll on season 4!
  • O say can I see how this show stays on TV? No.

    Orange County never looked so fake. Until this show debuted in 03. This show has taken over my family, with my sister and Mother claiming they watch it devotedly. But I, I can't give this show that same time. Ya see- I need my TV to be realistic. And, in some world, that I dare not even dream of because it is so out of my tax bracket it's painful, the O.C. may seem relateable. But to normal wage earners like me, it seems like vapid excess. Everyone's cute, everyone's rich, and their main problem is that they don't realize what a blessing that is. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh-my mother and father are divorced, I need to get in my Porche and cry a spell, give me a break!
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