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  • O say can I see how this show stays on TV? No.

    Orange County never looked so fake. Until this show debuted in 03. This show has taken over my family, with my sister and Mother claiming they watch it devotedly. But I, I can't give this show that same time. Ya see- I need my TV to be realistic. And, in some world, that I dare not even dream of because it is so out of my tax bracket it's painful, the O.C. may seem relateable. But to normal wage earners like me, it seems like vapid excess. Everyone's cute, everyone's rich, and their main problem is that they don't realize what a blessing that is. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh-my mother and father are divorced, I need to get in my Porche and cry a spell, give me a break!
  • this show rocks !!

    The oc is one of my favourite shows because it shows how real life could be for some people !! this is the best show to watch and i think this show is totally awesome ! i've watched like every episide they have made that's how much i love it ,i hope everyone else watches this show to but if they don't watch it they are missing out !!!
  • life about the calebs,the nichole and the coopers in the oc or the orange country.

    the show is really nice.Seth and Ryan are the best.Although in season 2 when marrisa and ryan get back together is a little bit too much of them.Any way alex was great and summer's OKAY.I luv seth although he's shown as a geek, he's still pretty funny.The show is awesome in every way.THe high school teen initially and then life after graduation,the show rocks.I Love the show though it isn't completely perfect all the time.But...hell! it rocks any way.i Am absolutely addicted to it is all i can say.i have watched the whole of season one and two(am indian)...i am really waiting to watch season 3.
  • Good show. Great charactures 8 out of 10 tumbs up. ^_^

    It isnt the worst the show i have ever seen in fact it is really good!
    Lots of drammer and romance ect.
    Not long ago I was watching the first season, wow! there style of clothes is really different to what its like now! It seems really old and daggy now, but then. . .we would have been like "Oh my god! that dress is so mine!" Well not daggy as such, but now the latest and very different to what its like now.

    The season finale im ALL against, killing off Mariassa!
    I REALLY hope they Marrisa doesn't die. I know for a fact that Fox studios have already got a back up story line, one of them was that Marrisa was just in a coma. and things like that.
    Me and my friends have even made a special time and place that we discuss what happens on the OC, 10 during PE on the oval.
  • 1 word = "WHACK"

    this show rocks my socks. its like nothing i've seen before. i could really watch it all day if i wanted to, and some days i have done...
    there are all sorts of awesome characters on the show and some of them are HOT. some people watch it for this alone but not me. i also watch it for the storyline which is also awesome. people get shot.. people fall off stuff.... AWESOME
    i don't have much more to say so i guess i'll just end by saying this is a good show, watch it if you're bored. no joke you will love it!

    lots of love, kit
  • This show totaly shows how us Teens live.

    I absolutly love this show to death. It totaly shows what teens have to go through every day of there lives. The actors are great the writings great the shows just plain awsome. Some of the things in this show don't make much seance but its still a good show. In the realstionship part of the show I don't think it makes much sence but thats probaly because my towns boring and isn't up to the trends in other parts of the world. But thats just my opinoin about that part of the show but most of these shows don't really make sence to me.
  • A great TV show

    the oc is about the life of a few teenagers and adults in orange county. i havnt been watching it recently but i will try and watch it again when i get the time to. i think the show is very dramatic gripping and at times it can be very funny. i havnt watched much episodes of the first season but the ones i did watch were very good. i watched all of the second season and i have watched maybe 6 or 7 of the third season. overall the oc is a very good show and many people should watch it.
  • the oc gets a bad rap but i think it\'s awsome

    i have read a lot of blogs and forums on this show recently (for the first time i might add) and i was honestly shocked to see how many people don\'t like it, i always thought it was a very popular show. it may be a bit sleezy, contraversial and at times overdramatic but come on ... isn\'t that why we love it all the charachters work together to make the show strong and it is also nice to see that unlike many other shows this programme allows the charecters to change i mean summer and julie cooper have certainly changed i think this is a very succesful show and i hope it goes on for a long time
  • Best show ever. And i think that a lot people are going to agree with me. Just the best.

    Thruly when The O.C. began on the network i was just amazed. The 1 season is great. When it finished i just couldn't stop my tears. The end of the season - magnificent. When the 2 season came i was more then happy. I think that it was little better then the first. But the third just colected the scores. Ya very sad that Marisa left The O.C. but that might be good. There will be a new star and she could be greater then her. Let's just hope that people are going to continue watching it. The O.C. forever.
  • This show is amazingly complete

    I think that this show it's simply perfect. The way in which the plot is managed shows that this drama is done in a very imaginative way. How characters, sets, music have complemented along the seasons, make this serie even more interesting as time passes by or as seasons go by...
    It's impossible to watch this show and be doing something else, because it makes you feel part of it in every single scene. You lough, cry, only 50 minutes this show allows all kind of feeling to appear. It's the perfect combination of characters, problems and specially music that gives this show the perfect mood for every situation.


    Go head indulge yourself in the paradise known as Newport Beach, Orange County. A beautiful sea side community with nice big house's and BMW's in the drive way. Where you will find the image of the perfect family. But when the parent aren't looking the kids live there own life's with parties, drugs and scandal
    Meet Ryan T., A kid from the other side of the O.C, a ghetto called "Chino" after his brother made him steal a car he was arrested where he was bailed out by Sandy Cohan his Public defender. Sandy feeling sorry for Ryan offer's him to stay at his house in the O.C. Ryan quickly gets pulled into this dark world!
    I love this show, granted the last season was a bit weak but I have faith in this show.
  • The OC - Jump into the lives of four young students in Newport, CA. Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer. Follow them through their adventures and get to know each one of them as if they were your own firends. Once you started, you cant stop. Have fun !

    The OC -

    Ryan and his brother stole a car and got caught by the cops. Since his brother, Tray, had a gun and drugs on himself he is now earning three to five years in jail. Ryan by the way got kicked out by his mom and the public defender Sandy Cohen decides to give Ryan a shot and takes him home to the Cohen house in Newport, wich can be compared to a 10 million dollar house. Ryan gets to know Kirsten Cohen, the mom of the house, and Seth, the 16 year old boy who mostly plays playstation while disgussing comings with his plastic horse, Captain Oates.

    Ryan gets to know Seth very well and they become what they would like to call best friends/brothers. The first day together Seth and Ryan takes a trip with the Summer Breeze, Seth's own little sail boat wich is named after the love of his life, Summer. Summer doesn't even know that Seth excists. Even if they've gone to the same school since ever. Ryan also gets to know the girl who lives next door Marissa Cooper. She has lived next door the Seth for 16 years without saying a word to him, not because Seth have but..

    Ryan gets invited by Marissa to the Yearly Fashion Show. A big tradition in Newport area. Seth doesn\'t want to go but Ryan tells him that since Summer and Marissa are best friends she will probably be there too. Seth dicides to go.

    Ryand and Marissa get closer and closer to eachother even if Marissa allready has a boyfriend, Luke. Seth and Summer also get pretty close, now she at least knows that he excists. Ryan and Luke are like the oppisites of eachother, but they share one interest very much, Marissa. This can cause a little trouble. And it does.

    One day Ryans mom returns and the Seth and Ryan friendship seems to have reached its end. Ryan and his mom are doing much together and they both seem very happy. Kirsten convinces her to join them at the casino night that day and after to many drinks she messed up almost the whole night. The next morning Ryan wakes up when his mom is about the leave. Ryan doesn\'t try to stop her because he seems to know that it\'s the best for both of them.

    Sandy and Kirsten went to the social serviese that day and when they came back they wanted to sit down and talk to Ryan. And a few seconds later they officially declared him as a member of the Cohen family. Ryan and Seth are now as close as you can get to...brothers.

    Shortly; Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer are hanging out more and more together and becomes kind of the Perfect Four...


    I strongly reccomend The OC series to all of you. A tip: Start with the first season. At least the first episode, to get some background and to know what it all is about. I would like to end this review with one word : Cailfornia !
  • My new best friend.

    Recently started watching the OC and I'm now hooked. My favourite couple is Seth and Summer they bounce of each other so well. Its not a typical lovey dovey relationship but its so refreshing to see that they are so confortable with each other. The other main couple is Ryan and Marissa who have their fair share of ups and downs, they are forever splitting up and then getting back together again. They all live in huge mansions, have great jobs, busy social lives but of course nothing is ever running smoothly. There are always lots of little sub plots in each episode.
  • Teens in Orange County.

    I love this show! I can\\\'t get enough of it, I can\\\'t miss an episode. The fact that they finally killed Marrissa is great to me because she was just f***ing up everyones life anyway. Seth is by far the funniest but that doesn\\\'t take much. I can\\\'t wait for Ryan to kill Volcheck because I know he will due to the fact that its Volchecks fault that Marissa died anyway. Unfortunatly though I don\\\'t think that this show will be on much longer but hey it was good while it lasted and I can\\\'t wait for the new season to start.
  • It had a strong first season but then evolved into a totally different show.

    The O.C. was incredible in its first season. This was mainly due to good characterization, a compelling storyline and classic, infectious story of boy meets girl. However, after the first season, after the boy became pretty well aquainted with the girl, the wonderful characterization took a plunge. Ryan (aka the boy) came to be just like everyone else in O.C. rich, spoiled, melodramatic. When he first came to O.C. he was different, bad-ass yet fragile. But his surroundings changed him and the show developed into a soap opera. ugh. I can't believe the show has survived as long as it has.
  • Hands down this show makes teens and even older keep thriving for more its got Love, fight, rich,poor, snobs,good guys, heros, and villians it makes TV.

    3 year ago many thought a repeat of dawsons creek and beverly hills 90210 was coming to fox, another stupid teen show people said. But when the curtains came up everyones Jaw dropped. With new faces like Benny Mac, and Rachel Bilson, and acting greats like peter Gallagher. the started off with a bang and in my eyes every episode thereafter. From fights ovr Boyfriends and Girlfriends, to regular basic family problems, like marijuana , and alholism, the show always taught a lesson and never looked oer the extrodanary. Theres no twist and turns no magic, aliens or ghosts, the show is just that good. Great storylines and terrific people if u havent started yet get to watchin the OC.
  • The O.C.-is an idyllic paradise,harbour-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect.'The O.C.' tells the story of the Cohen, Cooper, and Nichol families, and Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks,...

    the out cast Pilot (episode #1) Ryan Atwood is a troubled teen who finds himself in even more trouble when his older brother, Trey, bullies him into participating in a car theft late one night in their hometown of Chino, California. The boys don't get far with the car as they crash it and are arrested. Trey is sentenced to three years in prison, but seeing as Ryan is under eighteen, he is set free under the supervision of public defender, Sandy Cohen. After Ryan is thrown out by his mother, he finds himself homeless with nowhere to turn. He calls Sandy, who without hesitation, takes Ryan in, and out, to his cushy home in Newport Beach, California. Ryan's arrival to Newport Beach sparks many a reaction among established residents. Sandy's wife Kirsten, for one, is not thrilled to have a criminal living in the house, and is concerned of the effect it may have on their son, Seth. While Sandy and Kirsten discuss the situation, Ryan smokes at the end of the Cohen driveway. There, he meets Marissa Cooper, the not-so-much sheltered girl next door. She is waiting for her big-man-on-campus boyfriend, Luke Ward. Marissa and Ryan click from the start and share intrigued glances and light-hearted quips. She doesn't believe his bad-boy persona and assumes he must be the Cohen cousin from out of town. Sandy comes out and interrupts the moment that would be lusty, and Luke arrives to pick up Marissa. Before she leaves, she invites Ryan to the charity fashion show taking place the following night. The next morning, Ryan meets Seth, who seems just thrilled to have a new friend. And Ryan seems intrigued by Seth and his life. The two play videogames and go sailing. Seth confides to Ryan that he has feelings for Summer, Marissa's best friend. He's even named his boat after her, and plans to sail to Tahiti with her, even though he's never actually spoken to her. Ryan mentions that he's been invited to the fashion show by Marissa, and that Summer will be there. Seth decides to tag along. Up on the hill, Marissa watches the boys, until she hears a knock at the door. Once again, Government money collectors pay the Cooper home a visit. Marissa is oblivious to their repeated interest in her father, Jimmy Cooper, but covers for him anyway, saying he isn't home. But he is home, just in the next room, and he passes the men at the door off. The day progresses and it's Fashion time. Marissa's mother, Julie Cooper, is introduced as a knows-what's-best mother who seems far too excited about the fashion show. Marissa seems separated, even if subtly, from her mother and younger sister Kaitlin. The fashion show goes on without a hitch. Boys are looking at girls, and girls are looking at boys. Everyone seems pretty interested in Ryan, especially Summer. She invites him to an after-party. Ryan in turn invites Seth, saying it was Summer who had invited them. At the party, drugs, alcohol, and sex seem to be consuming teens everywhere. Even Ryan looks overwhelmed. Seth, astounded. Meanwhile, back at home, Kirsten worries about Seth's whereabouts while Jimmy walks the dog. The two meet at the end of their driveways. It seems they've known each other for a long while- they have a history. Kirsten seems concerned about Jimmy's recent mood. But Jimmy says all is fine. Back to the party, Summer is making heavy advances on Ryan, and Seth misinterprets this as betrayal by Ryan and he exposes that Ryan is in fact from Chino, a less than stellar place in the Valley. Everyone is disgusted. Seth storms off to the beach, where Luke, and other "popular" boys decide to harass him. But Ryan comes to the rescue, and takes Seth home. Seth cannot believe how nice Ryan is to him, and he falls asleep insisting he'll never forget it. Outside, Summer and Holly return Marissa to her driveway, and they leave her there passed out. Ryan goes out and carries Marissa into the pool house where Seth and he sleep. She is gone the next morning. The next morning also sees Kirsten furious that Seth was out all night, drunk, and in a fight. She blames the out-of-character behaviour on Ryan, and she insists he leave. Sandy will drive him back to the valley that afternoon. Seth is saddened by Ryan's departure and gives him a big hug, thanking him for being a friend. As Sandy and Ryan drive away, Ryan spots Marissa at the end of the driveway, again waiting for Luke. Ryan watches Marissa in front of the sunset, and she watches back. They seem sad… love lost. When Ryan and Sandy arrive in Chino, at Ryan's rundown house, Ryan thanks Sandy for everything he's done. He goes into the house to find he's been deserted by his mother and step-father. Sandy enters and realizes Ryan won't be staying there. So he takes him home, back to Newport Beach. This time for good. And so begins a new life for Ryan, the Cohen's and the Coopers, and basically everyone else in the wealthy, picturesque, secretive, turbulent community of Orange County....

  • The only actor that is good is the one that plays Seth's dad.

    Ok first I wanted to watch the show because well, I just wannted to watch something, but then I saw all these other shwos that were so much better! And The OC suddenly became this not so cool, not so awesome, over-rated and draggy show. It seriously gets boring after awhile. Especially the breaks up and get back together over and over. They need better story lines. The actors are just ok but nothing special. Mischa Barton is extremly beautiful, but I don't like the way she acts. Seth is kinda funny when he acts but he just dosen't seem too good. Summer is ok, but her role dosen't need really good acting in my opinin. Ryan dosen't show much expression when acting. The dad and the mom are good in acting. That 1 is for the mom and dad.
  • i love the characters in the show and i was dissapointed to see marissa.

    i missed the episode on the night it played on the tv and i was getting really excited to see it. a week later i watched i i was really upset because i expected the episode to be really good. i thought it would be more interesting but i thought it was boring it could hav atleast showed the funeral for marissa at the end. i liked watching the graduation and the flash backs of the first time ryan and marissa metr each other. but ova all i thought i was sort of just like the other seasons of the ocs finales. the oc is one of my favourite shows so i was really dissapointed about the finale but i think i will still watch season 4 if there is one!!!!
  • This show WAS good, now its not...

    The O.C. used to be one of my favorite shows ever! It had a lot of drama and good stuff. But now it seems like its doing very bad. When this show started it was great, and it was getting better and better....until they killed Marissa. And now she's off the show, and she was my fav character. She is such a great actress. I read in an article that she left because she wasn't getting along with the director and she didn't like what they were doing to her character or something like that. So thats why she left the show, but I still wish that they would have her. I don't think I'm gonna watch The O.C. anymore.
  • Marissa dies!

    I don\'t like this show, very much to be honest! I liked to watched in the begining, but even then it was not so special! The thing that annoyed me the most was when I found out that Mariisa is a junky and depends on drougs and drinks! That was a BIG shocker! I also heard she had a girfriend in series for a while! As I heard in news, someone was gonna die and very soon, everybody found out it was Marissa! She looked like a decent character in the begining...oh, well! I don\'t like this show!
  • I feel sorry for this show. It seems like it\'s going downhill fast, but then again, that\'s just my opinion.

    I used to be in love with this show. I used to look forward to thursdays, because of the O.C. Now it just seems like it\'s going nowhere, fast, real fast.
    I didn\'t look into why they killed off Marissa, but i wasn\'t really that interested. I don\'t think the writers really wanted that at all. I think Mischa Barton wanted out before the show went sour. I\'m sorry for all you O.C. fans out there, but i don\'t see this show going anywhere. It had its\' glory days, and now their time is up. I completely understand how someone would think the complete opposite of what i just said. I don\'t want to make anyone angry on any level, that is just my opinion on the matter.
  • A great show! The choice of characters is amazing! Why did FOX decide to cut back to only 16 episodes for Season 4? Season 3 was way better than Season 2. I just don't get it - That's not cool, FOX!

    [The O.C won't start its fourth season until well after the rest of FOX's fall schedule hits the air, and as things stand now, it won't be around for as long either.

    The network confirmed Wednesday that it's ordered only 16 episodes of the show for the 2006-07 season, as first reported by Variety. A typical full-season order for a series is 22 episodes.

    Typical for most shows, that is. Through its first three seasons, "The O.C." never shot fewer than 24 episodes; last year the count was 25.]

    Why that? The O.C. is one of the few shows that are absolutely worth watching because every week there's something happing in Orange County. It never gets boring in Newport Beach.
  • More Twists Than O.Henry Himself

    All I caould possibly say about The O.C. is: Whoa! Did they actually just do that!? I have never seen a show that continues to shock its viewers with every new episode like The O.C. has. It is without a doubt one of the best shows on T.V. and if they cancel it then I will go crazy. For one thing they have an awesome cast, and for another their stories just get better and more twisted all the time. Plus they just throw curveballs at you all the time, first they had the whole "Lukes dad is gay." shocker, then the little love triangle between Marrissa, Ryan, and Theresa; and the one between Seth, Summer, and Anna, abd finally the season three finale shocker of Marissa's death. I just can't wait to see what will happen next.
  • wow season 3 was one of my favorites i'm completly hooked on this show!

    Wow my best friend got me hooked on this show and i\'m so glad she did this last season was by far my favorite she and i have O.C. night every thursday and when \"The Graduate\" episode aired and we saw Marrisa died we bawled like babies..i can\'t wait for season 4!
  • The O.C is the one show you can feel in love with right away. The way they make the 4 kids love each other and have seth, summer feel in love because ryan move there. The whole good family, with the bad boy is good i love that so much and i love ryan

    The OC is the show you do ont what to miss it will kill you inside. If i was going to miss it i ask someone i know to watch and tell me what happened. I buy the first season on dvd i miss 1or 3 show but i know what happend and i love it. This show a other reson i love it because me and my best friend want to live in Calf. I will move there and make my dream come true that i want for my whole life. This show is going to be play for a long ass time and I will be watch all of them
  • THE O.C.

    about a kid from chino that gets throun in jail when him and his brother steal a car he then moves to orange county and moves in with the cohens and he becomes family and he gets into alot of fights and gets some girls he has alot of friends
  • 90210 for a new generation

    i was actually suprised that this show made it past the first season. a lot of these very adult teen dramas have come along and most of them have fallen flat on their face. i really want to see how well the show will do now that they have killed off misha barton's character. will it last beyond next season?
  • I don't get it? I don't now what it is about. I use to see it but I have stopt because I didn't know what it was about.

    Why does every one watch it? I do not know what it is about. Every one says it is good and I looked at it. But I did not understand what it was about so I did not look at the show the next time. But I really want to watch it because they all ways talk about it. I wold be pleased if someone can explain what it is about. The show seems good. I live in sweden so the shows are a little after. Mabey when we have seson 1 you have seson 2. I do not like the show so much.
  • The OC really is nothing like where you live, and nothing like you imagine.

    When I first saw the O.C. on television, I thought it was just another stupid drama show with just little teenagers having sex, fighting, drugs, basically, aloada nothing in particular. It really isn't, i thought this just because I didn't watch it and I didn't understand.

    The O.C. is one of a kind, the show's filled with beautiful settings, colourful characters and a slow, but interesting plot. There's no other show like it and it's not just another teen drama.

    The characters are easy to understand and once you watch one episode, you'll want more. Anybody who hasn't watched the O.C. yet, do yourself a favour and watch it from the start.