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  • The O.C. is great.

    So many lives that relates to all viewers. Teenagers everywhere wish that they went to parties like these. Also its a great uplift for viewers being bullied or outcast as it throughout it shows new characters develop and become accepted into mainstream society in and around school for example ryan, seth, lindsey etc. It also shows problems teenagers these days have to face and some adults too. This really is a Show for modern times.
  • wow

    i like wathing the o.c but i don\'t know whats going to happen now will the police think Ryan went psyhco thinking he kidnapped marrisa and she tried to get him to stop the car and he wouldn\'t so he decided to kill them both by drving off the road.? will we see Ryan\'s dad as we\'ve seen Trey in season 2 from the brothers grim to dearly beloved and Ryan\'s mum in season 3 will there be a chance of Ryan\'s dad coming out of jail.?
  • Ryan Atwood mets Sandy Cohen, he then takes him to wealthy OC where Ryan meets Kirsten, Seth, Marissa, Summer, and the water polo team. Luke is Marissa's boyfriend who doesn't like Ryan. Seth is a nerd and loveswSummer a popular girl with Marissa.

    It is a great television show!! The first season blew me away but as the second and third season came it just all slowly went downhill. I think that in the first season so many things happened too fast. Ryan get Thresea pregnant, Luke's father becomming gay and fall action of Luke leaving Newport. Also the obbsessive Oliver who almost killed himself over Marissa. It is a great story line but so much has happened and as the second season came it just couldn't top the first. Then the third season came which I feel was the worst, ending in Marissa Cooper being killed off.
  • A decent show that went downhill fast.

    I\'ll admit it, I watched the first season of The O.C.
    At the time, I found the show to be mildly interesting and decent. However, after that, it just got boring and repetitive.

    To put it simply, the second and third seasons made the show go downhill fast and made it lose it’s interest from season one (well, for me anyway.) The storylines started to become tediously unoriginal and recycled from previous episodes and I lost interest in it, getting occasional updates on what was going on by friends who were still into the show.

    Hopefully the death of Marissa from the season finale will get the show back on its feet. Or make it sink faster.
  • With the death of a major character, will it be curtains for the OC?

    I have a feeling that Fox wants to wrap up the OC - and soon.
    By killing off the basically main character, they're pretty much telling the audience, "Look, we really wanna end this show, so we'll make it unenjoyable for you right here, right now. Bye bye Marissa."

    I mean, come on. What are they gonna do now? her character had been through a lot. I'll admit it. There wasn't much more she could do on the show. She shot a guy, got expelled from school, hooked up with the "bad boy", shoplifted, drank to her heart's content...the list goes on...

    So her character couldn't have grown anymore.

    Not to mention the whole thing where her unrequited love fell off a cliff and died.

    Yeah, that was kinda hard.

    It got to the point where, if anything else happened to her, it'd seem like a total soap opera and it'd be way too unbelieveable.

    Even tho, it pretty much already is.

    It'll be interesting to see how the characters react to her death though, and where it'll take them.

    Mischa barton really really really wanted to get off the show. She was like so ecstatic when she got written off. So haha. I thought that was hilarious. But what is she gonna do now?

    So the OC probably won't make it much longer.

    Too bad...
  • The OC, best teen program around!

    The OC, Orange County, a brilliant show written by brilliant people acted by brilliant actors.

    The storylines have always been unique and original and even if the plot has been doen before the characters make it their own.

    Ryan is an ood ball who doesn't fit in with the high society however as the seasons fly by he gradually fits in, however he is tested.

    Seth, the good old geek becomes friends with his adpted brother Ryan, wins the heart of Summer, loses it frequently but always seems to just hang on.

    Marissa and Summer are great mates and they aqre the typical Californian goody girls. Then they meet Ryan they change, the helter skleter life has its benifits though.

    The oldies have their storylines too and although not as central they do make an interest point.
  • losing it's touch

    I think that this will be the last good season of the OC. I loved season one because it dealt with issues that relate to us but season three more deals with the parents than it does with the teens.
    I own the box sets of seasons 1 & 2 and have watched them alot but i don't think i can do the same withseason three because there aren't as many episodes.
    One thing i do love though is them bringing back the other older historic charactors it brought back the memorories of the other series.
    I might not watch it next season.
  • i love the oc!!!! it has got to be one of the best shows out there!!!

    The OC is just one of those shows that you can watch every week and know that something exciting is going to happen and after you watch it you know that you have to watch it next week so that you don’t miss what happens. It is one of those shows that moves so fast that if you blink you could miss something. The writing of the show is what keeps its viewers loyal there is no doubt about that. The characters fit perfectly together. I am a little worried no that the third season has ended because i\'m pretty sure that Marisa is dead and that is going to change the show. But it could be a change for the better. I would have liked it if she hadn’t died though. The comedy on the show is brilliant. This show is one of my favorites and I can’t wait till the third season comes out on DVD and the fourth season starts. It will be interesting to see what direction the show goes in from now on. Hopefully the writing will stay the same though. It is a terrific show and I hope it lasts longer then four seasons. I have heard rumors of it ending after four seasons I hope it doesn’t.
  • i love the O.C.!!!!!! it is one of the best shows ever

    it is a story about ryan,seth,marissa(well not in the 4th season) and summer who all live in newport beach,california.
    ryan comes from chino and when he and his brother steal a car, ryan meets the cohens. the cohens take ryan into their home and he meets seth, his best friend.he also meets marissa cooper, the beutifal girl next door who is very troubled.and then we get summer the fun,funny,flirty femme the series progresses it sows how they deal with their secrets in a town full of the show is about to enter its 4th season, we have lost one of the fab four.and i guess the next series is about how they deal with her death. i mean how could you not love it!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is just a tale of 4 young teens living in the fabulous O.C. with friends, and enimies. They all have their own personal up and downs, and certainly encounters with eachother. When your least expecting it there is always a suprise headed.

    This is a show i never thought i would watch. It was always the one that seemed cheesy, and just another one of those fake drama show. But after watching just one episode of the O.C., I was soon to realze it was much, much more than that. Since that very night when my friend convinced me to watch one episode, i ahev been hooked. Watching every single show, learning about the cast, and getting to know the characters. It is that kind of show where no matter whow many times you watch it, it will never bore you. You just get so caught up in the lives of the characters, that you soon think of it as real life, you start to take consideration of the show into the hands of your own life. Thinks of similar situations in teh show, and really relate to them. This show has truly touched me. It will always be at the top of my list.
  • One of the Best

    Agree or not, that's your oppinion, here's mine:

    The O.C. ... hmmm ... well it's all about the tumultous life inside Newport, ... though it's more about the "core four": Ryan and Marissa, Summer and Seth. And if one of them is gone ... the show is pretty much ruined. I actually fell in love with the show ( I know it sounds strange ), and I could have barely waited to see the next episode, and the next season and so on ... The fact is that it illustates all of a teenager might go through and how it may affect him ( a perfect example is Marissa, who went through a lot, too much than she could take, and we all saw what eventually happens). The ending of the third season sucked, I was pissed off and if the producers don't do something to "fix it", I think ... after going through fans reviews, is that the forth season is going to be a big disappointment and it will be the last season "The O.C." is going to see ... if it could survive 'till the end of the season. So I say this, though it hurts: "It was a great show, that will end much too soon, for nothing."

  • Basically like OTH. First season was great, and it just got worse and worse and worse.

    It was such a hit when it first came out. Before, i did not know one girl who didn't watch the O.C. Practically everyone watched it, even the guys. Then they made a second season, and it got crappier. Anna left, the storylines got gay, and Seth decided to take a trip.

    Everything became so unoriginal after. Time and time again, all you seem to see is the same thing because storylines are repeated. Seth always chasing Summer down. Other shows use this concept with two destint lovers taking breaks and leaving each other for a while. But the O.C can't seem to pull this storyline off. In fact, they do a pretty bad job on it.

    I'll give credit to the fact that they pulled off a good first season, and that from the few episodes i've seen from season 3, the comic relief was not that bad. But, other than that, mehhhh.

    I'll stay tuned for season 4 to see if it's any good. Then, i can give a better review...... though, i think the review will come off as more of a flame..

  • The O.C is a very informative show with alot of good.. it used to be an amazing show but then it got kinda boring .. dont get me wrong the OC is one of my favorite shows but they are ruining it espicially by kiilling over the precious Marcissa Cooper.....

    The O.C is a very informative show with alot of good.. it used to be an amazing show but then it got kinda boring .. dont get me wrong the OC is one of my favorite shows but they are ruining it espicially by kiilling over the precious Marcissa Cooper..... i like the OC alot and i think it is a very good show.. i just think that it has become a boring show that interests me little.. well lots of things havent been going to well on THE OC and i dont like it veery much at alll ...i still think that is the best show and really good but not as good as ONE TREE HILL
  • It is about a palce called Newport in Orange County.Bad boy Ryan meets Sandy a public denfender,Kristen a hard worker,Seth a nerdy kid,Jimmy a bad ancountant,Julie a housewife,Summer a boy magnet,Marissa a beautiful girl. There is going to be trouble!!!!!

    The O.C. is the best programme ever!!!All their characters are fantastic!!!! My favoite character is bad boy Ryan Atwood i like Seth too but i perfer Ryan.All the episodes are brilliant specially the last episodes of the series.I loved the first episode when Ryan came and when he burned down the model home I knew that this was going to be my favoite programme and it is.Every episode was good the one where Marissa took drugs,when Oliver almost commited suicide,when Theresa said she was pregnant.I can't beilive that the baby isn't his.I didn't like the lesbian storyline it didn't look that Mischa Barton was kissing a girl.I loved Trey and when he raped Marissa and then Ryan found out and they had a fight and then Marissa came in and shot him that was the best episode ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!I didn't like Johnny but was he hot!!! I loved the episode when he fell off the cliff i was crying even though i hated him.I didn't like Sadie,she and Ryan weren't right for each other.I hated Katlin she was sooooo annoying and Volchok that killed Marissa.When he pushed the car off the road I could have killed him and then Ryan saw the gas and the fire and he helled her like he did in Tijuana and the music was brilliant and the car exploded and he layed her down on him and she begged him not to leave and then she died.I never cried soooooooo much. the O.C. is really the best programme ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Now I like The Show.

    I feel so stupid that I didn't watch The O.C. season 3. I went out and bought the first season and its a cool show. I can't wait to see what happens next. I thought the show was stupid at first but I was wrong. Its not my favortite show but it is worth watching. Why does it have to be about rich kids though. Thats one of the reasons why I never watched it before. I wonder what kinda crazy stuff is in store for the fourth season. I'm gonna give it a try and hopefully I'll like it and not be disappointed.
  • This show is about teens, rich teens who have issues with everyday life doing random things. But in the end someone always has a gun or drugs.

    This show angers me sooo much. I remember the first day it premeired. I was there watching and I loved every second of it, i love Marissa and Ryan and I hate Luke. I wanted Seth to get with Summer, blah blah blah. The list goes on. But ever since season 2 with Oliver trying to kill himself I have wanted to kill myself. This show has gona terribly downhill like a speeding missile. So ok season 2 was dreadful, I mean horrible but, I continued to watch it and then when season 3 came along I was hoping, praying for a better season. My prayers came un answered. Season 3 only got worse. The missile from season 2 was digging deeper into the ground. I can only wait for season 4!
  • Not another teen drama!

    I have to admit this is better then other teen shows but honestly not the best. I like how it has a little bit more how should I call it "spice" then other shows. I do of course have to give a shout out to all the actors and actresses the acting in the show is fanaminal!
  • I have heard what others say but I love this show for the teen drama and pop/punk rock!

    I don't know about the rest of you but I think TV is supposed to be high drama and in some instances unbelievable, thats the whole point, it makes it interesting.
    Also I cannot stress how impressed I am with the choice in background music used. The OC has introduced me to Imogen Heap and Death Cab for Cutie, neither of which I would have known about if it wasn't for the OC, both are great but Imogen Heap is one of my personal favourites now.
    I for one, am looking forward to more high drama and brilliant music.
  • Teen drama with too many teeny pop punk music? Not quite appealing

    I used to watch this show in season 1 and the show went downhill pretty fast. Not only did the storyline started getting boring, but also the fact that the plot is almost always the same. He hooks up with her, they get back together, she breaks up with him, they get back together, "OMG, do you really love me?!", they break up, "Oh you do love me", they get back together, etc., etc. Why do we also need another teen soap opera? We already have 90210 and One Tree Hill which I think they absolute suck IMO. Oh sure, there are some serious issues in the show like drugs, someone getting killed, business corruption, etc., but many shows are already like that like 90210 or even One Tree Hill. If you don't agree that 90210 or OTH has never had a serious issue before, then you must have never watched the shows before. There are already shows who deals with alot more serious issues than the OC like Rescue Me which is 10 times the show the OC can ever become. The show actually lacks character developments. Seth is like a cross dresser between a geek and a girly guy who cries so much because his friend is leaving Newport Beach. He is one of those guys in which you just want to punch the guy in the face. Oh, and he listens to lame emo music. And if you think Ryan is a badass, then you obviously have never heard of Jack Bauer, Vic Mackey, or John Locke. For a character who's supposedly to be the "tough" guy, Ryan is pretty lame. Anyways, it seems the show seems to focus more on the character's emotions rather than dealing with the plot itself. Honestly, the OC is already having 16 episodes in their next season as I heard and I hope they end the show already so we can have more space for better shows like 24 or atleast, put the Shield or Rescue Me on Fox and let one of them replace the OC. It's already a waste of space.
  • Once upon a time....

    This was once a great show. Then, came season two and it lost it's momentum. Then, came season three and it the show is painfuly predictable and no even worth watching. It's become a run of the mill teen soap and is only still on the air because of it's stars and the fact FOX still can't come up with anything better to show on Thursdays.
  • Pretty good....

    O.C is pretty good.. but olny if you are in to that type of stuff... sometimes it tends to be a lil dawson creekish..:)but so so it\'s pretty nice..

    i like the whole O.C commmunity thingy .. the place looks awesome... and ... Seth\'s mum and dad those charcters and the relationship is nice.. although they stubble here and there..

    i think Seth and Summer are meant to be kinda they are cute... but Ryan and Marissa well ... i think he deserves better sort of .. or sm thing like err she standing in the way of him becoming better.. we see it over and over again in the show where he throws a way something good for her and in the end she ends up not valuing... bu then they are ok too

    overall its a pretty good show... :0)
  • After graduating,Seth awaits a letter from a college near Summer who is going to Brown.Ryan is going to Berkley&Marissa is going along with her father on a boat.Ryan& Marissa run off the road after being hit by her ex.Ryan rescues Marissa.Is she alive?

    This episode was very \"intense\". The four were leaving and seperating to start new lives as adults. It was very emotional(as you can imagine) for the parents.
    They have a nice farewell, thinking that they will all see each other soon enough. Little do Summer and Seth know that Marissa might be dead. I think that her \"death/injury\" is a good twist to the end of the season. Showing that with change comes great challenges and problems.
    The next season will bring answers to many questions, and many more problems to deal with(as always).
    At the beginning of the season you expect all of them to stay together, go to the same college and always be friends. All that might change...
  • very nice show

    I really love the oc, i think it's a nice show. I never used to watch it before untill my friend and sister introduced me to it and since then i loved watching it.i really like watching summer i think she's funny the way she beats seth when he has done something wrong makes me laugh.
    They are so made for each other, its so cool that they're going out with each other in real life. I don't really like watching merissa i think she's boring and annoying.Ryan is cool and seth is funny. lol i like seth's father he's so cool.
  • A can't-sto[-watching, must=have show

    Being not preppy, I honestly figured that the O. C. would be a waste of my time. I\'d seen a couple snibbits of episodes, but was never really interested. Once I sat down and actually watched the pilot, I was amazed. After just one episode, I was completely hooked. I watched the first and second seasons on DVD in probably four days. I just couldn\'t stop watching. Even if you think the O. C. is not a good show, I suggest you sit down with a couple close friends and have a marathon. You will never forget the O. C.
  • ryan a "tough" guy is adopted by a rich family and he lives in the pool house it just so happens that they have a son of the same age. and that mischa barton lives next so they go out and break up and go out again. dont get me wrong i love the show!

    I really do love this show its just at times it can be unbeliavable and ryan and mirisa are so annoying as a couple..arrggg...but it is entertaining to watch but at times i can get bored half way through an episode and lose my interest :(. the show does cover alot of problems that do really occur in real life and do deal with them in the right way (most of the time). and sometimes it is way to obvous that they are making a life lesson point which can be irritation in any show. i do really like this show but it is getting to an extreme with poeple dieing every season and so on... its turning into a day time soap. haha
  • Shocking yet disappointing

    You know what..I'm soo happy Marissa died Because she got to a stage where she got quite unberable. People pitied her more than loved her. She either had problems or caused the problems and then expected everyone just to forgive her. She was soo lonely she needed attention like with Johnny where she could have just stopped seeing him since knowing that he is in love with her but instead she didnt mind it. Anywayz the season finale as a whole wasnt awesome bt still enjoyed, i expected something better, more exciting. this ep tried hard to make it somewhat suspensful but instead just made me go 'huh'. The acting was quite poor espacially from some actors eg. at the graduation some made it look like it was just another day. Anywayz I will still love the O.C. with or without Marissa and lets see what season 4 has in stores for us.
  • About 4 teenages and their familys growing up in Newport Beach.They have the looks, the clothes and the money. But still life is all that it's cracked up to be. It shows the ups+downs, hook ups+break ups, tears+smiles of are fav people on tv.

    I really enjoy watching the show. I think Marissa and Summer are so pretty my fav being Summer still love you Marissa to. Seth and Ryan are so gorge i think seth is so funny. Every week it is funny with ups + downs, hook ups + break ups, tears + smiles its good to see every thing happening. They are all really great actors old and young that fit together so well it really makes the show you can really fall in the love with them. I hope it carrys on for loads more seasons it keeps getting better and better.
  • Primetime soap opera about rich kids?

    Honestly, when they first came up with the concept for the OC it didn't sound too bad. It was something about a troubled kid in a rich society. Apparently it developed into a show about the problems of rich people. It must be so difficult living in a big house on the coast. I don't understand how this became a fad.

    The actors are too old to play accurate high school students. The character "Marisa" is 1 year older than a normal high school senior. The actress is 19. The others age vary from 25 to 28. Either these are some learning disabled rich kids or the casting crew couldn't find a 'perfect' enough 18 year old to play the part. Either way, I don’t plan on wasting an hour to watch a poorly cast soap opera during primetime.

  • They neeed coloured actors!!. What has happened to our world. Come on, we dont live in a all white society.

    If this show is suppose to be close to reality, why is there only white actors on the show. Come on, this show SUCKS!!!!. one because its not realistic. and two because their is no diversity in it. They neeed coloured actors!!. What has happened to our world. Come on, we dont live in a all white society. If the show did take the little time to audition other actors that arent white. Perhaps, the show would reach out to different audiences. And have a wider target. Come, on do i have to do all the thinking here. Desperate Houswives did it. Why cant you.
  • It is abaut Ryan who have a very dificult life who will have a chance of start over in a reach famaly and nice.and i almost forghet... the principal love is betwen Ryan and Marissa!

    Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) is a troubled teenage youth from the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles who find himself in his own after he is thrown out of his own house. He finds a place to stay in the posh home of the Cohens in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, the O.C. (Orange County), California. Ryan is accepted by the stern but compassionate Sandford \"Sandy\" Cohen (Peter Gallagher), a lawyer whom represented Ryan in the past for his mis-deeds. But Sandy\'s wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), aware of
    Ryan\'s criminal history, is wary of this new houseguest. The Cohen\'s son Seth (Adam Brody) bonds with Ryan quickly and shows him the ropes of the community and vice versa for Ryan giving advice to Seth about life and love. Ryan develops a crush on Marissa Cooper (Micha Barton) a neighbour girl whom lives down the street and has problems with her not-so-sheltered existence in dealing with her distant father Jimmy (Tate Donovan) and weak-willed mother Julie (Melinda Clark). Also, Marissa best friend, Summer (Rachel Bilson) is obvivious to the crush that Seth has on her, while taking a likeing to Ryan. And so begins a new life for Ryan, the Cohens, the Coopers, and basically everyone else in the wealthy, picturesque, secretive, turbulent community of Orange County
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