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  • great

    the oc it one ov the greatest programs going no other tv show could beet it so i wished it came back on with the same characters and bring marrisa back because i think it was a bad mistake cuttin her off

    i think seth goin a lot better with anna than he does with summer she is such a selfish idiot

    i also think that ryan goes well with marrisa if she wasent so bad to him poor thing i so hope that the oc comes back on even if they don't live in the big house or manshon .
  • The OC is a Television Show about a boy, named Ryan, that is "saved" from the criminal world, by the Cohens, a rich family, which lives on Newport Beach!

    I love The OC!
    In my opinion is the best show ever!
    There are great actors on it, and a good history!
    I think people from every age can watch and like, because it addresses many different issues! I really don't understand why they canceled.Most of the people said it was because of the death of one of the main character,Marissa, but i don't agree, and I think the show mantained the same quality even after her death!
    About the performances...most of the cast is really good,but ofcourse there are some actors that need some "help".
    Ending, it is a really good TV show! I recommend, watch!
  • Ryan Atwood a kid from wrong side of the tracks gets help from Sandy Cohan, who sees a good kid having to deal with the bad things in life

    I had a love hate feeling about this show. I first didn't want anything to do with the show. Fox promoted the show so much that I couldn't wait for it to start so the promos would stop. Then the night it premiered I couldn't find anything else to watch. I really liked the 1st season and looked so forward to the next season, but season 2 really put me off. It seemed like Seth and Summer would get back together only to have Ryan and Marissa break up and by the time they patched things up Seth and Summer were ending their relationship. That and the whole Oliver thing really pissed me off. Season 3 seemed to be going in a better direction until the end of the season which again didn't sit well with me. Season 4 looked like they finally got it back on track only to have it be cancelled mid-season
  • Best show EVER!!!

    I can even smell California when I watch this show. Never ever watched anything like this before. It's so pure and simple at the same time deep.

    Every moment of this show is special. The characters, the drama, the acting... everything is so incredibly good. The cast rocks! I like marissa, ryan, anna, seth, kristin, summer, sandy, jimmy and almost everyone in the show. The show is just too perfect. It has comedy, drama, emotion, happiness, sexy moments everything.

    I love OC. Can't believe it's off-air. How can they stop a show like this!? Huh?

    I'll miss and love the OC 'til the end! :D
  • The OC covered many hardships in teens lives.It showed how family and friends come together through hardtimes.You need to watch, all the seasons and then you will really get a feel of how good this show really is.

    Honestly, I was an advid watcher when the OC first came out and throughout all the seasons. Even after Marissa died. Although I was absolutly appauled by the fact that she was killed off, I still loved the show. In the past 3 years I got Tivo and decided to tape the shows. I started watching them again and fell in love all over again. I am completely obsessed again and wish they would come back. I dont understand why they went off in the first place. Gossip Girl supposedly took the place of OC. To tell the truth Gossip Girl isnt cutting it for me. I dont look forward to watching that as much as The OC. The characters in Gossip Girl are unreal. Dont get me wrong i do like the show but The OC was way better, why is gossip girls stil on the air and not the OC?
  • It's the BEST teen Comedy Drama I've ever watched. I love it!

    I never watched the first season on tv, I ignored it. I never knew what I was missing until I watched it on DVD and I'm now so addicted to The O.C.! I love Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie, Rachel Bilson. Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher, Mischa Barton, Alan Dale, Tate Donovan and the rest of The O.C. cast. I've at least seen them in other tv shows like Gilmore Girls, Judging Amy, 24, Neighbors, Friends and I still cannot get enough of them, especially Adam Brody whom I love just the way he talks with his tongue! I Love The O.C.
  • The most amazing show on television!!!

    I watched the whole series like three times, and yet I still enjoy watching bits and parts of it wherever I can.
    Ben McKenzie is absolutely FANTASTIC! He can play the brooding bad boy all day and he would be real 100%. When I heard that Chad Michael Murray was the choice to to play Ryan and he turned it down to play Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill I thought, wow, it's too bad , because he was a bigger name than Ben. And then I started watching One Tree Hill and I realized that there's no one better to play Ryan than Ben.

    His performance just blows me away every time I see him on screen. He is not trying to look sad or brooding he just naturally does it.

    Ryan is the show! Ben is the show!

    And the music! I took me in the land of indie rock and and I love it ever since!

    Though there were mistakes made with the show...I have to say, it will take a while for another show like this to come around!

    I'm lucky that I was a part of this phenomenon which was and will always be...The O.C
  • The OC came out of the gate very strong and was able to get a HUGE following right away, but the story of these funny loveable characters were cut short due to many different reasons, still a great show.

    From the moment the first episode starts with main character Ryan and his brother trey, there is something different about this show. A show that melds the worlds of adolsences, adults, wealth, drama and humour all into one and makes it interesting while doing so. Most agree that the first season of this show was its prime, it brought you into the world of the Cohen's, one of the richest families in the OC and illustrated the main differences (and similarites)that people of wealth have in comparison to lower middle class people. But none of that matters. Its the characters that REALLY make this show amazing. Father Sandy Cohen, Mother, Kirsten Cohen and their son, Seth are actually a very close wealthy family and each of them in their own way break the mold on the stereotypical "rich family." then enters Ryan, a boy from a VERYdifferent life and yet, somehow they all come together to form this great unit, great family. then of course comes the drama, things like love interests for the boys Ryan and Seth (Summer and Marissa)and people like Kirsten's bossy, rich, powerful and opinionated father, Caleb Nichol. If you haven't seen the show, pick up the first season. Its great. Its definitely keeps you interested and there are no slow spots, this show just keeps getting better. The second season is also good, but beware, the third is not even near the same level (however, the fourth, thats DEFINITELY worth watching). ITs a shame that FOX wanted this show GONE and that Grey's ended up getting all the ratings on thursday's because the OC was definitely something special!
  • A ood teen drama....

    The O.C. - also known as Orange County, California - is an idyllic paradise, a wealthy, harbor-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities, of kids living secret lives hidden from their parents and of parents living secret lives hidden from their children. 'The O.C.' tells the story of the Cohen, Cooper and Nichol families and Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks who is thrust into this world and who will forever change the lives of the residents of The O.C.
  • The story of the Cohen family and the son they adopted.Basically their lives and their relationships.

    Its a great show i love the chareacters and the storyline. Its so sad that its ended it really was a great show I thought it really helped me in some areas and it must have also helped some teens in some areas. I learnt a lot about relationships there, I also learnt that most chicks that act like they are sluts are the holy ones just like Summer. I thought it had a great storyline and was heading somewhere.What really touched me was the death of Marissa that was really but the show had direction and definitely had a great crew.I think my favorite character would have to be Taylor she was so mean but not really mean. All in all a great show kudos to the cast and crew.
  • would like to commend Adam Brody,Rachel Bilson etc,and my personal favourite Ben Mckenzie for such a remarkable performance.i must say Ben Mckenzie,you would be one of the best actors usa has ever produced,the next generations would speak  good of you.

    The show was incredibly entertaining. I must say there are so many moral lessons to learn. Life is what u make of it. In general our destiny is in our hands. Every day, every minute, every seconds counts, use it wisely. It is the best show so far that I ever was interested in, because it felt so real. The way and manner parents relate to their kids actually shape them to become either good or bad to the society.   Being expressive helps a long way. It puts one in a stable position, where u can either forge ahead. It wont be rosy at all times, unity understanding faith is the key to healthy living. Be grateful for everything.
  • BringitBack

    This is a great story about a troubled teen from a bad area in California known as Chino brought to The O.C. when his mom throws him out and disappears. His mom comes back but he ends up staying with this family the Cohen's anyway. The girl next door known as Marissa played by Mischa Barton is Ryan's on and off girl friend until she dies in the end of season 3. The Cohen's son Seth is known for being a geek before Ryan showed up but now has a girlfriend named Summer that he has obsessed over his whole life. Bottom line is that its a great show that never should have left :(
  • Troubled Chino teen Ryan Atwood gets a chance when the rich Newport family Cohen's lets him in. It'll change all their lifes.

    Sadly a show with this much potensial, get increasingly boring way too early. Season 3 isn't any good and season 4 is quite awful in my opinion.

    Where other teen dramas have managed to keep me interested way longer than The O.C. ever did, O.C. just kept annoying me over and over again. The acting isn't very good, the characters are mostly getting screwed over if they was interesting a while and those never interesting are painfully abused repetedly in wrong settings.

    Somebody should really take heavy notes on how a promising show turns this insignificant, and make sure history never again repeats itself. I'm not even commited enough to take a look at writer staff on this show, trying to figure out why it turned out as it did, but hopefully the people behind it took notes and never again let in those who managed to kill it off. New shows shouldn't have the same fate.

    In all fairness. it was interesting a while. It's just a shame it didn't last long....
  • The kids of Orange County, without realizing it, they created a cult world and a fult genre that is used today almost all the time.

    The whole "poor-kid-comes-to-rich-town" story, is a lot older than the O.C. but this tv show brought it back and up quick. nowadays almost every tv show has the conflict between upper class living and the simpler middle class families. all of this started in The O.C. when Ryan ATwood stepped into the Cohen mansion. I've watched this tv show for so long, its amazing. every season, every episode, every character made me laugh cry and love. This show did things for the population that they didnt was possible. A lot of aspects in my life have been affected by The O.C. I just really love this show. ever since i saw my first episode, the second season's sno.C with Alex, i've been a total fan. Everything they've done from the Trey thing to killing off Marissa i've back just for all of the great storylines that come out of it. This show, still today, means something to me, and i think ill forever be inlove with Seth Cohen
  • The O.C. Rocks!!!

    The O.C. is one of my favorite shows. I own season one through 4. I was very disapointed to see it end so soon. I loved when misha Barton was on the cast. I was just so used to her with Brian and the whole love-tragic story. I didn't her character sometimes on the show for all she put ryan through but i did love the four of them together. Then she was gone and i missed the drama lol. But they did make a great sequel to the ending of season four. It would have been better if Marissa Cooper was still on the show. I think it would have went on for more seasons then. I'll always love the O.C. show it has an amazing cast and it will always be remembered. #1 O.C. Fan, Winny look alike
  • one of...

    As I mentioned in classification this TV show is one of my personal favorites. Especially it's because of McG, because I can watch and I enjoy watching all the movies and all the TV shows that have been produced by him. His perfect at his place. In this TV show also. It wasn't the typical teenage drama when you sit in your cozy watching the episode and predicting what will happen next. This was something different, so I love it really much. Time to time I had a headache, because I wanted to find out what will come next. I think that our generation need more TV shows like the O.C. because there were a lot of good things to learn, to "ask for advice and to get it" and enjoy the dream living in Orange County or other region of California. This is the reason why we were watching the Beverly Hills 90210, the O.C. and now the 90210, to enjoy the life, the problems of rich and quite famous.
  • gotta love drama..

    I didnt watch much of the o.c. in the beginning but i soon caught on and fell in love. I never missed an episode, it was an absolute favorite. Marissa and Ryan made the show for me, it would have been nothing without them. My love for the show died with marissa. It was the most shocking episode ever and i still remember shedding the tears. After that, i was no longer a hooked fan. I found myself only watching it to keep up with Ryan and to see what was going on with the others. Ill still always have a love for it and I love that the old episodes are still airing. But when Marissa left, she killed the show.
  • Amazing, just amazing. I never really liked any teen soaps, but man this one is awesome.

    Amazing, just amazing. I used to rag on my best friend, whom like myself is a guy, for watching this show. He used to always tell me I didnt know what I was talking about, and if I gave it a chance, I'd be hooked. So one night in 2004 I decided to tune in, and I caught the episode, "The Chrimakuh That Almost Wasn't" I thouroughly enjoyed this episode and immediatley called my best friend to ask him if he could lend me his first season on DVD! After watching the very first episopde, I COULDN"T STOP WATCHING!!! I maintained and watched every single episode on from "The Chrismakuh That Almo9st Wasn't" Live on TV Until the very last episode in 2007, "The End is Not Near, It's Here," Which nearly brang tears to my eyes. Season 1,2 and 4 are absolutley incredible, however there is a big hiccup in season 3, not very wathable up unitl the last four or five episodes of the season. This along with 24 are probably my all time 2 top favorite shows!!!!!
  • I Loved and always will love the oc

    wooow wear to start! i remember when i was in grade 9 and this show was in its second season, eveyone was talking about it ! i was a survivour fan but for some reason all the talk about the oc got me to watch a epsiode. so one thursday night i went down to my room and fliicked on fox and from the opening them song i fell in love. )the first epsiode i saw was the one called 'riskey business'_ it was very good. i watched the rest of the second season and then bought th efirst season in the summer and fell mor ein love with this show. it seemd the oc was ontop of the world and everyone was watching it all my friends and familyy! the night after the third season permier (i loved it by the way) people at school wernt sayin the same responses that they had given abou the first two seasons ! i knew something was wrong from this point when i liked th show and all the people who got me hooked to it in the first place dident like the premier! soooo the season went on and the ratings went down and down eventually to the point when they hit the mega panic button and killed of micha berton ! this was the final axe in the OC as rattings shot the show to cancalation levels! the fourth season was a attempt to build the show back up to a level wear fox could continiue to air it , but after a weak start to the season it was al down hill for the oc! i remember for the first time missing weeks of the OC (altho i did misss some epsiodes in the third season i still wanted to no aht happend) now it was like the oc was missing something, like it lost something! iafter the finale i cried i was on my toes for the last scene and always look back to the oc and remember how good it was.

    The oc was my life , i go tmy music, clothing style, personal style, and eveyrhting else form this show. i wante dot be like the oc ! and still do!

    I am excited for 90210 as it reminds me of teh oc in a way, and hope this show picks up like the oc did!

    i will alwyas love the oc and wenever i see a rerun or have th chance to watch a rerun i am happy, it brings back good memories about everything!

    long live the oc , one of my fav shows of all time
  • It's about the life of the rich and the privileged in Newport, Orange County, where an outcast kid from Chino tries to fit in.

    *Sigh* I still can't believe one of my favourite shows have ended. Now what to write about 'The OC'? There are so many things to say. First, unlike all other teen dramas, the show's plot was NOT based on the relationship problems of the main characters. Second, the show was a complete package of laughter (remember Seth's 'most sexually charged nose graze in the history of nose grazes'?), tears (the tragic season 3 finale), romance (Sandy and Kirsten) and lots of crazy dialogues to share with friends.
    Kirsten (about Sophie Rose): Isn't she beautiful?
    Seth: She's going to be after she no longer looks like a squished meatball.
    Ryan: You just called your sister a squished meatball.

    Then there was the classic music from 'The OC.' Anyone with good ears for music acknowledged that. My personal favourite was 'Forever Young' by Youth Group. Then there was Phantom Planet's scream at the beginning of every episode: 'Californiaaaaaaaaaaaa, here we coooooommeeeee.' Ryan punching guys at school, Marissa overdosing at TJ, Seth's comic book addiction and Summer's love for the environment, it was all part of this beautiful experience. Then there was Taylor Townsend with her funny lines and annoying but lovable behaviour. Even 'Mini Coop' Kaitlin ( whom Seth described as 'Not so mini anymore') was tolerable after she started behaving herself (remember 'Clown Porn'?).

    All I can say is that I hope Josh Schwartz makes a spin-off of this great show. 'Gossip Girl' is funny and enjoyable to watch, but it's a more light-hearted show, without any actual problem in the people's lives (except for Nate). It just doesn't have that 'OC' charm. Are you listening Josh Schwartz?
  • It is still one of my favorites!

    The O.C. is one of my favorite series, they took it off the air way too soon. Since I am a big fan of Mischa and well she shouldn't have ever left the show. The intertwined drama felt like a nighttime soap opera to me. Everyone was very attractive and alluring. The O.C. also seemed like drama within surreal life and circumstances. They should bring back a similar show or recontinue, if that makes any sense. I love Brian McKenzie and this show definitely gave him his start! Rachel Bilson is very cute and was able to continue carrying the show.
  • i dont watch shows like the hills/heroes n' stuff, but the oc is awesome! btw, it is on sumtimes, but not as often as it should be. it should get nominated for stuff too, even though it is kinda old, its still awesome!

    awesome! i dont watch all these shows like the hills and heroes and stuff, but the oc is awesome! it has real life situations and is so realistic, but still dramatic. i dont know why i even started watching it cause i always thought it would be bad, but when i decided to watch it for the first time, it was awesome, and i watch it whenever posible ever since! funnily enough though, i still havent seen the first episode or even the first or second season cause i want to watch all the episodes in order. it should be on more often though, and get nominated for stuff, even though it is kinda old, its still awesome!
  • The OC is a show I never thought I was gonna watch, but now I have, and I love it:)

    What I love about the OC, is that all the characters are interesting, and has great storylines.. I'm usually not a fan of "parents" on a show, but Kirsten, Julie, Sandy ++ is only fun to watch:)
    I think Seth is the sweetest guy ever, and him beeing friends with Ryan is just so cool:P they're not alike at ALL!! .. but they get along well, and that's good:) Sandy must be one of the best dads ever, he's so nice to everyone, and wants to help out anytime!!

    these rich kids beeing involved with betray, stealing, unfaithfulness, LOVE, fights.. makes this a good show.. and it's fun and exciting to watch!! the creator of this show is a genious..not only because of this show, but because of gossip girl and chuck!! some of my other favorites.. so no wonder I like this show so much:)
    my fav characters in order must be: Merissa, Sandy, Seth, Ryan, Summer, Kirsten, Julie, Jimmy, Luce...

    (ps: I've only seen the first season when I'm writing this)
  • This show is basically a drama and it's has really influenced me in many ways!!!

    this show was my favorite.... because of The OC i became addicted to Series all in all... from the OC on i couldn't sleep without watching a series.... full of drama and interesting every episode... you just can't switch the TV off and you can't stop watching it coz u always gotta know what will happen next.... They always find a way to catch your attention again... whenever a problem ends 2 or 3 others replace it and they are always more intereting and harder to solve than the others... i also find it gr8 that unlike other teen series there are also grown ups involved just like in real life...
  • The O.C:the most addictive series i've ever watched! A must see show!

    What can i say about the oc, without spoiling anything? Orange Country superficially seems like another spoiled-rich-teen-drama, but when you start watching it you'll realize that it's missjudge. This show has some great characters that you start loving since the pilot:
    -Who on earth wouldn't want Sandy and Kristen as parents?
    -Who hasn't dream of finding their own Summer?
    -Who wouldn't want to have Julie Cooper as a neighbour?(lol)

    Basically the story is about struggle, discrimination, apparences and lonelyness; pretty much what everyone have been trough high school. It also has it romantic and funny part wich make this show even richer!

    So personally to everyone who is looking for a show to watch, i totally recommend the oc, you won't regret it and you'll realize that this show is much more great than it seems!
  • This should not have stoped when it did.

    Having watched the whole thing quite quickly on DVD, I found that like much on TV it was not consistent for entertainment. The first 2 series are really good but by series 3 it just feels like the show should be renamed "What's Marrissa's problem this week?". As much as the end of the series is tragic, it also feels like a relief to be past all this. The fourth series struggles at the beginning as it feels it has to sort out all the repurcussions of Marissa's death, which is fair enough, but for so long? Anyway, once Ryan gets over her a bit, and moves on to his relationship with Taylor, the whole show becomes the much funnier tongue in the cheek show that it should be. This is not the place for serious drama. As such, I got a bit annoyed to realise that the show was cut short half way through series 4, as there was so much still left to see and go through, and it was all getting so much better again. I would have loved to have seen more of Ryan/Taylor, and that they would have finally been in college, after their complete and utter failure to get anywhere academically in series 4.
    So that's why I'd like to see it back, just to get a proper execution of the relationships and new scenery and give them proper screen time.
  • I miss this show best show ever.

    I never watched season 1 of the show when it aired but i did watch repeats and I fell in love with this show. Adam Brody is just so funny as Cohen. Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are both great actresses and Ben McKenzie was a great newcomer. The adult cast was perfect and the show was flawless. In season 2 it got more drama filled and it intorduced a fave of mine Alix played by Olivia Wilde. Season 3 was great too and Autumn Resser and Willa Holland where perfect in their roles although i was sad to see Marissa go but Season 4 was great the two new regulars fitted in perfectly. The show is my all time fave and i love everything about it.
  • This show is basically a drama and it's has really influenced me in many ways!!!

    this show was my favorite.... because of The OC i became addicted to Series all in all... from the OC on i couldn't sleep without watching a series.... full of drama and interesting every episode... you just can't switch the TV off and you can't stop watching it coz u always gotta know what will happen next.... They always find a way to catch your attention again... whenever a problem ends 2 or 3 others replace it and they are always more intereting and harder to solve than the others... i also find it gr8 that unlike other teen series there are also grown ups involved just like in real life...
  • My personal favorite.

    The O.C. is probably one of the best shows to ever air on television. Premiering in 2003 this wasn't just a teenage drama. Adults and their children can both relate to this. It's about human struggles and the way in which we are all connected. It's about people trying to do what is right, and trying to make things work with the people around them. It's about finding true love and having a good time. It was the perfect combination of hardcore drama and it dealt with sensitive issues, as well as providing us with some fresh, witty banter every week. Yes, the characters were flawed, each and every one of them. But it made them seem more real. After a couple of episodes they begin to feel like close friends. The acting was great. Of course nothing is perfect, but it only helped to add to the show's reality factor. The setting may not be everyday America, but the problems and the issues are real, from drugs and alcohol to teenage pregnancy the OC tackled it all and it was definitely triumphant.
  • Not only a show that deeps the rich lifes of Orange County, California but also a history of love, loyalty and frindship. The best teen show ever!!!

    The best teen show i ever wacth. Who through Joss Schawrtz did the Gossip Girl, that crap after this. Let's talk about this great show (The OC), it has some elements that define the show: the friendship/loyalty between Ryan & Seth, the love of Seth and Summer and the fathers/sons relathionship.

    The cast are gorgeous but not all of them are talented. Tha girl who play Marissa is awful, no talented, but even so his death colaborate to the show cancellation. The others are acceptable with mention to the Sandy Cohen guy and of course Adam Brody (Seth).

    The histories are great but with the course of the show, it become a little repetitive. And the end-point let me down a little, i expect more of the last season.

    The first season was amazing, almost perfect (Marissa again!), the second was so-so, the same as the third, The last season start strong but the plot doesn't progress how it needed (that Che guy was horryble, same as the french men who married Taylor).

    Overall, it is a great show, the last teen show that i follow and it is a good-ride.
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