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  • Not only a show that deeps the rich lifes of Orange County, California but also a history of love, loyalty and frindship. The best teen show ever!!!

    The best teen show i ever wacth. Who through Joss Schawrtz did the Gossip Girl, that crap after this. Let's talk about this great show (The OC), it has some elements that define the show: the friendship/loyalty between Ryan & Seth, the love of Seth and Summer and the fathers/sons relathionship.

    The cast are gorgeous but not all of them are talented. Tha girl who play Marissa is awful, no talented, but even so his death colaborate to the show cancellation. The others are acceptable with mention to the Sandy Cohen guy and of course Adam Brody (Seth).

    The histories are great but with the course of the show, it become a little repetitive. And the end-point let me down a little, i expect more of the last season.

    The first season was amazing, almost perfect (Marissa again!), the second was so-so, the same as the third, The last season start strong but the plot doesn't progress how it needed (that Che guy was horryble, same as the french men who married Taylor).

    Overall, it is a great show, the last teen show that i follow and it is a good-ride.
  • the oc is in orange county and is about rich, fabulous lives, but underneath that is whole mess of things!!!! Life seems to be going perfect until layer/da worker sandy cohen adopts kid named ryan atwood and the rest is history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i absolutely love the oc!!!! it's my ultimate favorite show of all time!!!! i can watch the episodes again and again back 2 back and not sick of it at all!!!!!! i wish they would;ve never cancelled it!!!! it wuz a huge mistake and they should bring it back 4sure!!!!!!! oc fan 4eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watch it everyday!!!!! i love the story line and i most of all love the characters!!!!!! i love seth cohen more than all of them(no offense to the others) i just find something about him 2 be sooooo special!!!!!! he's a very unique character and i love him 4 that!!!!! i luv the whole show in general and w/o a doubt it is my favorite show!!!! luv the oc!!!!!!
  • Oc Wow it is still one of my favourites ever. Classic, bring it back please

    I have not seen the last season yet. So I dont know anything how it ended. But why cant they bring it back?
    Why couldnt CW do it? Is it to late to save?

    I meen Bvh had its end they are bringing it back now. On a new level but hellooo. I want it back. God I miss this show like hell. I never had any time to watch it so I have the Dvd´s except for the last one.

    I hope they didnt end it because Marissa died. She was a pain. But, mm. Ok maybe it was too much letting her die.

    I want it back. Now :D Love it ;) Kisses
  • I love this show! my favorite season was 4! Because marissa wasnt in it! Ryan is better with Taylor! seth should be with summer and i wish luke would of come back! I just dont like marissa! she never believed in ryan when he knew that oliver was bad!

    I loved the oc! My favorite season was 4! Because marissa wasnt in it. Im glad ryan got together with taylor because he is better with her than marissa! Marissa never believed in ryan when someone or something was going to happen to her! I just dont like marissa! she is a very unpleasant person! sorry fans of marissa and ryan but its true! I wish luke would of come back though! I wish the whole thing with julie and luke would of lasted longer!
    I wish they would have had another season of the oc but they didn't!Go the oc!
  • The O.C would jst blow u is the best tv series ever was magic

    "The O.C" is in fact the best teen drama that has ever been on the television airways. I have been watching the show since the beginning and haven't stopped since. Now that the show has left the air for good with a fourth and final season awaiting DVD release, I recommend picking up every season to own or rent. The first season was masterful, witty, and has all of the teen angst you could hope for.

    From the moment troubled outsider Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) arrives in Newport, he is not accepted by many. Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), Sandy (Peter Gallagher), and Seth (Adam Brody) make up the Cohen's, a family willing to give the outsider a chance. With in no time Ryan makes friends with Seth and the beautiful and popular girl next door Marissa Cooper (Mishca Barton). And with friends come foes with Marissa's jealous boyfriend, and the captain of the water-polo team Luke Ward (Chris Carmack). Nevertheless a Newport wave of peer pressure, love triangles and generational conflicts ensues in this California beach side community that is the O.C.

    The show returns for its second season and to no surprise has more drama than when it debuted. Only this time Ryan is back in Chino with his ex-girlfriend Theresa Diaz (Navi Rawat)who is pregnant with either Ryan or her ex-fiancé's child. Seth is Portland with Luke and his gay father. Meanwhile back in Newport Marissa is sleeping with her gardener and Seth's clandestine love Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) is hanging out with a replacement of Seth. And even the adults have love trouble. Julie-Cooper Nichol (Melinda Clarke), Caleb Nichol (Alan Dale), and Sandy all get caught up in sins from the past while Kirsten has a fling with her co-worker. But nothing amounts to the explosive season finale and the best cliffhanger yet.

    A third year begins and senior year is better than ever. Almost. Although this season brought many new story lines and a fantastic new character Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser) the season was somewhat of a letdown. On the first episode Trey Atwood (Logan-Marshall Green)'s storyline is wrapped up appropriately and new characters begin to flood Newport. Marissa must choose between Ryan and a surfer dude Johnny Harper (Ryan Donowho). Summer must decide whether or not she can trust Seth. Julie must decide how to move on with her life. Kirsten must try to move on from her alcohol addiction. And Sandy must decide if he wants to take on Caleb's legacy of scandal. Nevertheless the season finale is a disappointment to some but the most intense cliffhanger O.C. fans have ever seen.

    Highschool is over. Time to move on. But events conspire to reunite Summer, Ryan, and Seth in posh Newport beach. This season the script returns to its comical appeal and witty dialogue after the melodramatic third season. Nevertheless the season focuses on three important characters Julie, Ryan, and Summer, the three people whom were closest to Marissa. Julie must choose between a billionaire or a down and out man. Ryan must decide if he is ready to move on from Marissa and catch Taylor. Summer must decide who she really is. And the other characters have decent story lines that wrap up the series perfectly. The series finale is without a doubt the best episode and the last five minutes will make you cry, laugh, and love the O.C. for what it is- The best tv series u will ever see!!!
  • Deeper than it seems.

    Ahh, the O.C. The truth is that the show debuted in my first year of high-school back in 2003. I hated the show throughout its lifespan because I thought it had nothing new to offer mainstream television. If anything, it was at least shallow, and when I heard about the how foolish and controversial the Season 3 twist was, I was convinced that I would never watch the show and die believing that it corrupted young minds (due to its "sole" focus on rich, beauty and teen angst).

    Truth is, the O.C. is more of a satire of the place it is set in. It's funny - very funny - and it is drenched in pop culture. You may actually learn a thing or in by watching the show, specially because the central characters differ in their own ways. There's the geek, the princess, the beauty, the tough guy, but how their lives come together is what's important. The show is very complex, with events building up and the characters reacting, for the most part, very naturally and realistically. Sure, Season 3 destroyed the show (honestly, if you know the twist, just skip it altogether), but the important message here is that the O.C, unlike what you may have thought previously, is an honest, heart-felt, short-lived saga into the minds and lives of young adults. If you were ever a teenager, it's never too late.
  • OC is a story about Ryan who is a poor and a hood locking guy, but he makes stupid choices, like one steel a car with his brother trey. But Sandy Cohen a aouterny helps him and he moves in with them. In the rich man world anything could happened.

    I loved this show, and i still do, but i think i was bad that Marissa died, she and Ryan and Seth and summer made the hole show, not Ryan and Taylor, not because I'm not into changes just that that wasn't the best change.
    IO think the hole show went down after that. It wasn't fun to lock at after that, and that's to bad because before, oo i loved it.
    Even my mom and my sisters and brothers liked it.
    My little brother thinks that season 4 was the best because he got to see Taylor wash the car whit only bh and under pant, lol, but same S***
    i loved the 3 season and the 1 i like the 2 to but i think i watch it to much so you you get tired of it.

    but i alway s's going to love this show, just not he last season.
  • It wont happen but who cares

    This show was great and is not something I thought I was gonna like. Granted it was a little girlish and teenish but it was captivating and intriguing. It alos had some of the bets music ever played on a show ever! While the first venture by McG (fastlane) was not that great this proved to be his best. You learn a little then keep applying. This had great character development, story arcs, and tons of detail. Something you dont find from a lot of shows. I feel this show went out respectfully and lasted just as long as it should have.
  • This show follows the lives of Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer. Ryan is from Chino and sandy takes him on after his parents leave without him. Seth and Ryan bond but Kirsten is not really sure if its a good idea. Ryan gets seth into his first fight =D

    its a stunning show i absolutely love it the characters change so much throughout the seasons =D Ryan starts out as the kid from chino who gets into a lot of trouble but in later seasons does the right thing most of the time. Seth starts out as the kid who isnt very popular and is always picked on for being geeky comic book loving guy when Ryan comes along that all changes. Marissa is sort of always in Summers shadow i thought till later seasons when she becomes a lot more of a likeable character. Summer is the popular girl who always wants to do the thing thats going to make her more popular. I wont carry on for i could give away some storylines. This is a must watch show if you like Teen programmes i would advise it to anyone =D
  • A tv drama about a group of teenagers living in the OC.It follows the story of Ryan a troubled teenager from a rough area who comes to live with his lawyer Sandy Cohen and his wife and son.He soon makes friends and settles in well but not without drama.

    I absolutely love this show and was devastated when it was cancelled.I think the writers of this show should definitely try to come up with another show like it as it was a huge hit and was just so great and entertaining.What grabbed my attention was the excellent storylines and plots surrounding the difficult transition for Ryan (Ben McKenzie) from trouble maker to settled rich kid.I love the way the writers created each character so that it takes time to like them but once you grow to see their softer side you find it very hard not to love them.I think it was a wise idea to bring in new characters and problems every now and then because it brought new excitement and variety to the programme.I am an avid fan of this series and own all the box sets because in my opinion it is just an amazing show and one of the best American tv series made.
  • This show is pretty good for teens and coming of age kids.

    I thougt of this show as a great show for a coming of age child. Also, it is really good for a teen, or a person that has just turned into an adult. This is a pretty good show. They say that this show is filled with great, precise moments of when there needs to be somethnig like a dramatic part. I found out that it all began when a troubled, young teen is emboriled into the lives of an upper-class family, who live in an upper-class home in an upper-class neighobrhood called Newport Beach in the Orange County, in good old California. So, to my opinion, this is a great show for all sorts of people.
  • Ryan Atwood is bestfriends with Seth Cohen whose girlfriend is Summer Roberts whose late friend Marissa Cooper was the girlfriend of Ryan Atwood. These four teenagers have had to face a lot of difficulties, but they always manage it together as a family.

    The O.C. has a lot of good drama and funny punchlines worth watching. We have the sarcastic and funny Seth Cohen, the broody and macho Ryan Atwood, the popular alcoholic Marissa Cooper & the strong and independent Summer Roberts. What more can this show have? I'll tell you; it has the not so perfect parents vs. the very perfect parents. In other words, this show is worth watching. The O.C. has been a trend setter when it comes to how teenagers are acting, what music they listen to and what clothes they wear. The show has become internationally known and for good reason. It's one of the best shows made in history.
  • i enjoyed watching the whole series it was , well great the charcters were intense, but subtle, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    ok well lets start by saying that this seems like an long review 100 words min, but hey these things happen, well my name is kerry, you may call kezzra, i enjoyed watching the O.C. i first watched it on foxtel, and then went out and purchased all 4 of them, i particularly, enjoyed seasons 2 and 4, different yes but momentous, when taylor and ryan got togehter, sparks flew, it was, awesome, i love summer, i think she is gorgeous and also seth cohen, ryans not bad, but hey, sadie is also a fav of mine, and volchuk , not bad , any comments feel free will reply to all????
  • This show is filled with drama and funny at the same time

    I love this show. I cant believe it got tooken off the air.SETH COHEN is HiLARiOUS I LOVE him. but its a great show if you can buy the dvds its worth the moneyTHere is so much stuff going on with Marissa and Ryan. Then we have Seth and Summer with a side of ANNA. Theres college. Also people dying left and right. Caleb, Johnny, and Marissa. WE have some get shot which is very crazy but exciting. Love triangles. Love squares. Love pentagons. Or Love hexagons lol. I just say that Love is in the air. Thhis is a very great show.
  • As teen dramas go the oc will be high up there as the best but went downhill each season!

    the story of an outsider who is adopted into a waealthy family and weathly lifestyle!

    I'll admit it was amzing! season one was perfect and really made things great! had great characters and storylines!

    season 2 kept going in the right direction, bring each characters into new situation also gave us that amzing rain episode! my favourite of all time!
    season 2 also gave us that amzing season finale which seemed to b giving us a promising season 3. how wrong was i.

    season three was just bad bad bad! crap new characters, crap storys. they concentrated too much on the drama and it was BAD. i can't bare to watch that season.

    you'll think it's cos they killed marrissa, but they killed that character early on in that season and there was no going back for that waste of space.

    season 4 was better than season 3. concentrated more on the comedy! it wasa decent season but also dissappointing! nice to finally see ryans dad! brought him in in one of my favourite epsidoes!

    there now die hard fans - KILL ME
  • I really don't like this show!

    If I could sum up the show in 3 words it would be: Boring, Stupid and annoying! The characters are so annoying and I hate how they act. Only about 3/4 of the acting is good and even the ones that are good still don't get a good score on the acting part. My sisters watch this show and I have seen a few episodes and they were boring.
    Lots of people like this show and I don't hold it against them if they do! This is just my opinion! The OC is boring and I am glad that it got cancelled and that they are no longer showing new episodes anymore!
  • very good show

    One of my favorite shows for a long time. Great acting in the show. Especially the acting of Benjamin Mckenzie. He was my favorite character in the show. I also really liked the acting of Adam Brody. His character really suited him. He had a really funny touch to it. I also thought that Sandy Cohen was one of the greatest dads on prime time television. He was a great actor. Over all a great show for teenagers. Sad to see the end of the show only after four seasons. If Mischa Barton had stayed for another season they would probably be making shows right now.
  • THE OC 4 LIFE!!!

    The OC is the BEST DRAMA of ALL TIME!!! The OC is one of my top three favorite shows of all time. It doesn't matter what new shows I like, The OC will always be up there. The OC is great. The weekly drama The OC brings to the show keeps the audience in suspense. I always want to know what happens next. I always couldn't wait for the day new episodes of The OC will be aired. The OC is addicting. Once you start, you just can not stop. The OC has everything; comedy, drama, romance, a little violence, and tragedy. THE OC 4 LIFE!!!
  • California, here we come.. The OC is the best drama series ever!

    The O.C. is a great show. It's the best ever! The lives of the people living in the Orange County were changed when Ryan Atwood came along. He lived with the Cohens and became Seth Cohen's best friend & brother. I like all the main characters. Ryan is a really cool guy. He's brave and very helpful. Seth is a funny and creative guy who loves Summer Roberts so much. He created a comic book called "Atomic County", which was their life in the OC. Summer was a mean girl who only cares about shoes, magazines, and looks. She changed when she went to college. She become an environmentalists. Sandy & Kirsten seem to be the perfect couple. They made it through every trial. I like the Cooper family. Julie was all mean at first then she became a bit nice. Jimmy tried to be the best dad that he can be but it wasn't enough for Julie. Marissa had a sad story and it ended at a car accident. Her younger sister Kaitlin has an attitude like her mom. She's a smart kid and she uses it in the wrong way bur there's a reason for that. She just wants a happy family. I hope there's a spin-off about the Cooper girls. I also like Taylor Townsend's character. She's so funny.
  • Let me just say I never watched this show when they aired new shows. But I have been watching the reruns on the soap channel and just can not get enough of it.

    The story line and characters keep it interesting. This is definitely a really good show. I usual watch the two episodes that they air on Saturdays because I don't get home in time from work to watch the ones they air on soap net during the day. I will probably end up buying the seasons on DVD so I can watch beginning to end. I can't get enough of Cohen's character....I don't know what season I am on or how many more to go but is Marissa really a lesbian? That kind of through me off guard when I watched it. I have seen up to the episode where Summer tells Zack at the airport that she can not go and runs over to Cohen's house to find him hanging up side down from the roof with his spiderman mask on and gives him the classic upside down kiss!
    Well I am done ranting. Can't believe I never watched this series before.
  • I miss this show so much!!

    I love this show a lot. It had an amazing plot for it. The OC always had new fresh story lines. Every character had a very different and unique personality. This show was packed with drama of all types. The humor in this show was hilarious. The constant drama between Seth, Ryan, Summer, and Marissa was absolutely great. Seth and Summer were the most perfect couple ever. Ryan and Marissa had true love for each other. I own all 4 seasons and i never get tired of watching them. I wish this show was still on air. This show is one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • I love The OC. It is the best teen soap ever. I miss it already.

    The OC was the best show i have ever seen. The acting and the plots were just amazing. I believe that the show is gone mostly becuase Marissa was killed off. However she wanted off the show. So there really is nothing the fans could have done about that. I love the drama in this show. The parties were awesome. Marissa and Ryan were so cute together. I wish they could bring it back. I have all four seasons and love them all too. My favorite season is prolly 2 or 3. This show will forever be in my heart. I will always love this show.
  • The OC was the best teen drama on television. Screw Beverly Hills. It died too soon, and for that I blame you...The people.

    This is in many cases is a very bittersweet topic to talk about. I love the show so much, but everytime I think about it, it makes me sigh because it left waaay before it's time. This show had all the elements of a good T.v. show (besides action). It had suspense, good dialogue, original comedy, a good story line, great charachters and the twists. I felt I was able to relate to every charachter on the show (more so Seth and Ryan). The reason why it got cancelled is because Nobody gave it a chance, and after Marissa died, people stopped watching for some reason, which is Ironic because in some ways the show became more entertaining. With that said, I don't blame FOX for canceling, because it's I blame you...The people.

    RIP THE OC - Although I wish I had new episodes. I don't mind at all reliving the legacy you already set before me.
  • When I first saw a preview of the OC on Fox...

    I thought, "Oh great, another teen drama about rich, snobby people" ! I couldn't switch the channel fast enough. But last summer, I became bored with summer activities and i just sat home and watched a bunch of soaps on soapnet. There it was, "The OC"! It was as if the show was stalking me so i decide to give it a chance! I watched one episode and i automatically fell in love with the main character, Ryan! I was totally wrong about this show! I was so interesting in the show, i acutally quit cheerleading just so i can watch the show every day. (just kidding, but i almost did!) I would record it and watch it after practice! This show made my summer worthwhile. I really regrette wishing for the cancellation of this show! It was great! The characters were realistic and quite intruging. Summer and Marissa made my day, everyday!!! Seth was such a hottie, for a nerd!! This teen drama was awesome!
  • i seriously dont know whats a sumeracy is so thats why i dont know what to write my teacher always gets mad ar me because i dont know what it means he keeps telling me but i forget well im sorry that i dont understand i hope i can watch some episodes bye

    wheni started watching the oc it was like season 2 and i miss aot so i dont know what happend so thats why i need to watch some videos to keep me up in the progress and i really love the oc its the best show that ever came on and its interesting for me and other people oh my god right now i really want to watch a movie episode of the oc wee thank you for letting me watch some episodes my sister watched it first theni started first i thaught it was going to be boring cause the poeple in my calss didnt like so igave it a try and it was awesome the best thing that ever happend to me
  • For me one of the best series of always! I adored four seasons specially the second one. The piano as background music was of the best things.

    Orange County (of where the acronym O.C comes.) it is a paradise in the Califórnia where everything shows to be extremely perfect. However, behind the walls of the mansions, worlds are desconstruídos, and secrets come to the surface.

    Ryan Atwood is a problematic adolescent who brings the Orange County near with Sandy Cohen, a public idealistic lawyer who, while avoiding that Ryan goes for the prison, invites it to live in his mansion.

    Kirsten, the perfect wife of Sandy, is not happy with the change of Ryan for his house. His biggest preoccupation is that the behaviour of Ryan will contaminate his the only son, the adolescent Seth, a dreamer naive and in love with the colleague of school, Summer.
    The oc in terms of background music is the best. The history of oc is a very well done history, with good music, and very good actors. I adored the series!!!!!
  • the oc should be back but now with the cw! the cw should ressurect the oc!

    i think fox has been very cruel to the oc they now have this show called so your smarter than a fifth grater! give me a break! i mean what is fox thinking am going to start watching more cw and i think the cw should ressurect the oc! i know the writer is working on gossip girls but hey nobody knows the oc could be picked up form ground.just like star trak when somebody donated money. anyways fox is getting too much into reality like amrican idol which is good but they are laking good tv shows like the oc and this new tv show called drive that not going to last.
  • Amazing Storyline.

    Ok First of I love this show. Its an amazing story of a teenage boy named Ryan. I grew up in the O.C and am used to the lifestyle. Heres hw I got Started on this show. My Mom told me to start watching it when I visited her in the Winter time about exactly a month ago. She said you have to start watching it and I was stubborn and said no way. But since she is mom she made me anyway and instantly fell in love. This show is amazing and its number 4 on my top 5 list. If you havent seen it, do... its worth it.
  • Bring the O.C. back! My favorite show of all time. This show was like a triple layer chocolate cake: Light and fluffy on the outside, but more comnplex and darker on the inside. And it tastes good too!

    This was a must-see show for me. The cast was absolutely perfect, and all the characters were very likeable. Ryan: The bad boy. Seth: the funny and quirky guy. Marissa: The girl all the guys want that likes to drink and party. Summer: The spitfire. The plot was great; always kept you guessing. This is a show that on the outside is light and funny, but on the inside is much more complex and darker. Ryan Atwood moves in with the Cohen family, going from poverty-stricken Chino, to the fabulous Orange County. There he becomes part of the Cohen family, meets girl next door Marisssa Cooper, and gets into more than his fair share of trouble.
  • Good and stylish.

    The O.C. was an American teen drama television series that originally aired on FOX in the United States from August 5, 2003, to February 22, 2007, running a total of four seasons. The series, created by Josh Schwartz, portrays the fictional lives of a group of teenagers and their families residing in Orange County, California. The O.C. has been broadcast in more than 50 countries worldwide and was one of the most popular new dramas of 2003.
    The OC is great I think it is very cool and stylish, the chacters are great my favorites are Seth and Summer there both very funny, I also like Ryan. All in all this show is fun and enjoyable to watch.
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