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  • A perfect start, then a sadly suicide. "The O.C" made everything right when it comes to make everything wrong.

    The O.C. invaded TV screens for some time making "the indie music" household friendly, introducing an above average young cast, captivating the audiance by interesting story lines and pulling some shocking season cliffhangers. But most notable, it is well-known for consuming all its success in a very short time. Unarguably, season 1 and season 2 was the best seasons of all, the first being "the original" and the second being "sexy, shiny and funny". Then the drama became overdrama, the characters became highly predictable and third season became a modern-TV torture. Then Marissa was gone. Considering the never ending "on and off" thing between her and Ryan, it was a timely decision but it turned to be a disastrous one once writers found nothing to replace the absence with(obviously Taylor was not that of an appealing character to carry out the show). Once a trendsetter, then a "young and restless" wannabe, "The O.C." remained as the sole example of "how to ruin a show in 2 years".
  • We want more from the luxury of the O.C. - bring it back!!!

    This show, which by all accounts should have been written off as a redo of good ole' Bev Niners, is funny, quirky and absolutely delightful. Somehow, over the first few episodes, it turned from being a guilty pleasure to just a genuine pleasure. fantastic hour of television that I await all week. The writing is quick, the acting (for the most part) is great and the in-jokes crack me up. Despite its silly premise, this show is pretty smart. And endearing. And really, really funny!!! Get over all minus of the show and sit back, and enjoy being entertained.
  • Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen, Marissa Cooper, and Summer Roberts are amazing characters!

    This is such an amazing show; I wish it didn't get cancelled though! :( I thought that they should of made a Season 5 because it would of been nice for all of the fans, you know? I have seen all 4 seasons and I think the OC has a great cast. I love Seth and Summer together and Marissa and Ryan :) I liked how Seth named his boat after Summer. And he also remembered her poem about the mermaid which didn't turn out to be hers. There were some fantastic story lines in this show! There were also some sad and great scenes.
  • A very good show.

    What can I say, I love this show, I have only every seen season one though! But I think its brillant, I cant wait to see the other seasons. I think season one is awesome, I just love Seth. He is so cute when he around Summer. I also love Ryan, his cute little face, but then he is the bad boy, very sexy! All in all, I think this show is well writen. There is some great lines in it too, cleverly plotted! The characters are really great, I love most of them. I cant wait to see the other seasons now.
  • Great show

    Inevitably when a new show comes out, critics feel the need to compare it to something else. Why can't critics just base their opinions on the actual show and not something that was on the air in the 90's, namely 90210. I am not saying the show is without flaws, there are some things that need to be worked out, but I think it's a good show. It is entertaining and that's the most important thing. I think the actors are doing a good job and getting more comfortable with their characters with each episode. The plot lines for each of the episodes are somewhat exagerated, granted, but I would prefer to have a story that is exagerated and not entirely plausible or realistic. I want an escape. That's what this show provides. People just need to keep in my it's a soap and that's what soaps are like!
  • I take it all back....

    I really do.. having been a O.C hater I can now announce I have been converted. After 3 bouts of the lurgy and thanks to a daily double bill on E4 I am now the O.C newest fan. Started out on S02E16 and now awaiting for the previous episodes to land on my door mat. Give it another go, I'm now addicted! Just about to start on series 4 and no doubt I'll be in for a late night if the last episode is anything to go by... roll on next week when I have no work for 9 days, you know where you'll find me ;O)
  • My favourite breakfast-time show to watch!!!

    Hi, guys, I live in Hungary!!! The OC was first aired in Hungary in the first mounths of 2004 on Viasat3 Mondays at 8 or 9pm, I don't remember exactly. I was a kean viewers of the show, I didn't miss a single episode of it, until it went on a longer hiatus in the middle of the 1st season and moved to Saturday afternoons, than I lost interest, that shows that it wasn't the best show on Earth. Now Viasat3 is repaiting the 3rd season (and the 4th season will be premiered soon) and I never miss a single episode again ... so all I wanted to say, it was a good show, but not from the type I will remember forever (like Jack & Bobby for example). It's perfect for me to watch on Saturday morning during breakfast, I enjoy it, but until the next Saturday it never comes to my mind, and I'm not worring what's gonna happen next. It1s a good realxing show that I really miss from TV nowadays...
  • Have To be A Well Worth It Show To Watch

    The O.C Is Good Beucase There Are Comedic Moments But Also Can Be Realistic, Because Some Of The Situations That teh Characters Have Been In, Other People Have Been In Same Situation So Its A Great Show To Have. Have To Say 1st Season Is The Best, Cz There's More Good Things That Happen In it, And The 4th Season i Personally Have 2 Say Is A Bit Of A Let Down, I Just Think Some Of The Episodes Could Have Been Better To Finish The Series Finale, Other Than That This Show Is Excellent, Well I Would Say That I Have The BoxSets!
  • Ryan Atwood lived in Chino all his life until he stole a car with his brother and his brother got prisoned for it and his mother was pissed at him and kicked him out.So he called his lawyer and took him to OC and ryan's life and everyone changed from then

    The love of my life!
    This show was my obession last year. I couldn't stop watching it. This was like the perfect show. It had the love, the fun, the laughter. I know alot of shows did but this was the best. The cast was SUPERB and the plot was wonderful and it was well-directed. I loved everything about it the music, the books.. everything. And I loved the characters (Seth, he is good and I connected with Seth, I felt I was him. The guy that didn't belong). (Marissa, the girl people thought was perfect but truly wasn't). (Summer, the joke of the OC) I loved it and I wished it would stay. But, RIP in The OC ... Forever in our hearts.
  • Orange Country!!

    Why, why, why? Three words, and that's why! Why did the O.C. end, I just started getting into the show, well there goes the love. I thought the show was still on until I went on to and found out it ended in February. Really, REALLY sad, I hope they bring it back soon cause the show is off the hook, I mean off the hizzy, I mean off the O.C. O.C. looks so beautiful. Well that's so far I can say, this is my T. V. Review for the O.C. (Orange Country) Peace out, this is Halo. Access Hollywood!

    i started watching the oc this year on soapnet and i really enjoy watching it.i love the actors and i love the writting of the show but i did not like the idea that marissa had to die and ryan had to hook up with taylor but i guess shes ok.anyway i love that it finish summer and seth get married and kristen had a new .but i relly wish marissa was still.i love that ryan ended with someone.i wish that summer was really preganat because i really wanted seth and summer to have a baby together. I LOVE THE OC
  • i love this show!

    I loved this show. The first season was absolutely amazing, and although the second season didn't start off as well, it turned around towards the end. And even though the third season was only decent and the fourth wasn't good at all, the plots of the first few seasons were crazy and moving. The show was a nice escape from reality. The music is amazing and the characters, especially Seth, Anna, Luke, Summer, Ryan, and Sandy are very fun and entertaining. The show is very witty and fun and it always kept me wanting more every time. It is a shame that it went so downhill because it was amazing.
  • Orange County, California sums up this show. It has drug overdoses, relationship problems, alcoholism, and a lot of fist fights.

    This is the best ten soap EVER! I absolutely love it. It started off with bad boy Ryan moving into the glamorous and rich Orange County, California and it became so much more than that. I love Seth and Summer they are historical together. I guess Marissa was alright but she sorta acts like a drama queen. I think adding parents to a teen soap was a really good thing just to show they have the same problems, well not exactly but close. It is over and now I watch Gossip Girl but I still watch The O.C. as well because it was one of the best shows on TV.
  • The O.C circulates around a group of teenagers and there not so perfect lives in orange county.

    The O.C. is a hit Television series which charts the lives of families living in America's famed wealthy location, Orange County. It shows the audience a different perspective of the so-called 'American Dream', and instead of portraying what everyone classes as a life full of happiness, perfect sunsets and prosperity; it shows us that everybody can have problems, even if they do lead a life of luxury. The show is mainly based on the character of Ryan Atwood; a hopeless delinquent from a broken home, who ends up with a second chance when taken into the family, by the self-righteous attorney, Sandy Cohen. We are then introduced to the not so perfect lives of the people living in Orange County's Newport society. At first it appears to be a place full of very wealthy families, lavish champagne parties, and stuck up trust fund children. But beneath the surface we get to see a side of Newport that makes the O.C. not such a wonderful place after all. At student parties, we see teens taking cocaine, binge drinking, and having casual intercourse with other people from each others schools.Tate Donovan's character, Jimmy Cooper, is eventually revealed to be embezzling money from his client's accounts, and Newport's wealthiest man, Caleb Nichol (played by Alan Dale), is found out to be using illegal tactics to earn his endless income. So from the beginning of the series, the audience is shown that from the younger generation, right up to the older age group in this high society, people still do things that are not necessarily within the law.
  • what a good show

    well i think this was the best show I have ever watched. I think I will have nothing to do that I am done season 1 2 3 and 4. I think they should come out with a a season 5. I think if they came out with a new one it would be high on the rating list. This show a lot popular now than it was before. I think they should at least consider it. If they don't i will be so upset because this show is fascinating and i really really liked it. SO please just at least consider it
  • The first season of this series made me not doing my assignment, that's for sure…

    The first season of this series made me not doing my assignment, that's for sure… the basic story of this series was not new… we watched many story like this before… the poor kids magically moved to rich house or the poor kids become a part of the rich community…. What made this series interesting is…. this series is a perfect mix between comedy, sarcastic comment and drama… well, at least the first season… I guess, they delivered so much in the first season that we, the viewers, expect more or the same in the second season…. And eventually they failed… the second season was okay but the third season gone pretty bad… no more happy thoughts, the comedy couldn't cover the over dramatic situation…. And Marissa died?! Come on! I thought she was one of the main character here… and we all know when you killed one of the main characters you're going to loose many devoted viewers…. But I appreciate they ending the series…. I guess, some series are meant to be axed…… not the ending I was hoping for but it's okay considering how badly the story got developed …
  • The OC is another teen romance soap opera in the genre of Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill.

    The OC begins in Chino, CA when Ryan Atwood is arrested along with his brother Trey for auto theft. His Public Defender, Sandy Cohen, recognizes his intelligence and offers to take him into his home in Newport Beach. Initially Sandy's wife, Kirsten, opposed her husband's generosity but when Ryan is returned to Juvenile Hall Kirsten and her son Seth visit him and shocked by conditions she decides to bring him back to their home.

    Ryan gets off to a rough start when he is attracted to Marissa Cooper the daughter of the Cohen's neighbors Julie and Jimmy Cooper. The main problem is Marissa's boyfriend, a BMOC named Luke. Confronted, Ryan decks Luke and sets off the first of what will be several brawls in the first season. Ryan starts school at the private haven of the Nupsies, Harbor High school, allied only with Seth. This series tells the story of Ryan's adventures and by extension the rest of Newport.

    Renewed for now a third series The OC can be considered a part of pop culture with TV appearances and newspaper items constantly featuring series stars.
  • Basically this show was about Ryan Atwood. When he came to the Cohen house he was a troubled boy. You wouldn't think he would end up being bff's with Seth Cohen or end up with Taylor Townsend. Seth and Summer Roberts are cute too. BRING IT BACK!!!

    When this show started it was Ryan Atwood we saw stealing a car with his brother Trey. Next thing Ryan is in Juvy and his lawyer is Sandy Cohen.
    Long story short... Ryan moves into the Cohen's pool house. He becomes friends with Seth Cohen and they go to a party where Luke punches Ryan for sticking up for Seth (there both drunk, first time for Seth) and here comes the famouse line "Welcome to the OC Bi***h"
    Anyway Seth love Summer Roberts but he's never talked to her in his life. Ryan falls for Marissa Cooper but she's with Luke.
    Well we all know how it ends.... How did they get there? Marissa died in a car crash... Thanks to who???
    Ryan went AWOL and then came back... Ryan ended up with Taylor Townsend.
    Summer and Seth got married.
    Kirsten and Sandy Cohen had a little girl... Sophie Rose Cohen.
    Julie Cooper Nichol Cooper ended up with Frank Atwood... With a son, and Caitlin.
    Is that all?
    I think so...
  • Okay, here is the deal. I never got to watch it when I was younger and it was still on. I was always busy with my own life. Making it work and so on, but ever since my new roommate got me hooked on it I can't stop. Its great!

    I can't say this about too many shows. But seriously, since I first started watching The O.C. series. Wow!! I just finished Season One. It's just so real. I cried at the end of the season. I am in love with the characters. Like I will get mad at the characters when they do stupid sh*t. Like when Marissa pretty much choose Oliver over Ryan. Even though I knew he had serious abandanment issues. She just made me furious! And that medling Theresa, when she came back, I knew she would mess things up. And I totally saw eye-to-eye with summer. I am just like her in almost every way, except I don't have lots of money. But when she was scared to be a public couple with Seth. It's hard to find a decent guy after u see ur friends go through a bunch of a**wholes and weird-o's. It's hard to trust, and open ur heart to another person. However, I will write u another review when I get done with Season Two. C U SOON!
  • Pretty good. Deffinately a trendsetter for the shows after it and etc.

    Not a bad show at first, then soon as we all knew it it turned into a pretty big teenybopper fest. Which was disapointing to my antiteenybopper ways. Ah, yep, good times. Anyway, this shows a lot of what those "rich towns" are really like, and trust me I live in one. It was hilarious. What really made me like this show was the ongoing fling Ryan and Marissa had, so when she died, the show jumped the shark. Because well, they were meant to be. DUUUH!!! OMG.

    Anyway, good plot, ok actors, (although the adult actors were terrific)

    Good guilty pleasure.
  • Season 1 was the Best!

    I loved The o.c. when it was on but then i was very sad when it got cancelled!
    But for all the people who haven't ever watched the show it is about a guy named ryan who comes froma rough family and comes from chino gets adopted by a rich newport family('The Cohens'). The show is just about there lives in Newport and all the crazy, wild things that go on! Some of the main characters are: Ryan, Marissa, Seth, Summer, Sandy, Kirsten, Juile and way more!!

    When the show got cancelled at the end of their forth season i was very upset but the i got over it but then i was watching the first couple episodes of the first season again and then i realised how good the show was and now i miss it so much!!!

    Some things that i miss about the show is like how ryan and marissa would go out because they were sucha great couple and how also seth and summer went out!!

    It was also really sad at the beginig of the show and on some epiosdes of were you see flash backs becasue seth(one of the main characters) didn't have any friends until ryan came!

    I miss the show heaps and i really i want the show to come back on now!!!!!!
  • So sad its gone!

    The first season of The OC was the best out of any show on TV. The episodes were amazing and it had the most interesting storylines. Don't get me wrong, the other seasons were good too, but they couldn't measure up to the incredible first season. The fourth season was good, but it didn't feel like the same show when I watched it. So many new characters made it seem like you were watching a different show. Besides the fact, it still continues to be one of my all time favorites because of how amazing it was and how funny it was. It got cancelled way before its time and should still be on!
  • The OC- this show can help children of the world to understand more about our society. In the OC there is two societys, the poor and the wealthy. So this show can teach us a lot, for the future.

    The OC was a great and well thought of show. About a poor adult called Ryan Atwood, being gave an opputunity to live with wealthy citizens from the OC (orange county CA). He has been take up by the Cohens. This communtiy may look picture perfect but everyone has their secrets. Drama abords the OC, and ryan, marissa, seth and summer are the core four. Freinds forever.This show ment a lot to the world, it taught us about relationships, people, money and most of all ourselves. I think some time in the future a director sould start a show like the OC because people will enjoy this show a great deal. I have rated the Oc "10" because it teaches us a lot and is very entertaininy. There is a lot of reality, and supernatural shows why not make a show like the OC!!! re think and re make it...Love the OC
  • I'm surely going to miss this show

    A teenage soap revolving around the lives of four teenagers Ryan, Seth, Summer, Marissa and their families and friends. This show definitely has a lot to offer to both teenagers as well as adults and can be enjoyed by everyone. The secrets and lies just keep on coming and the twists and turns are just endless. The people and instances from their pasts keep affecting thier daily lives, leading to more complications and tense situations. The acting is also superb and you can be assured that all the actors and actresses are giving their 100% to their respective characters. It's definitely a show anyone can relate to and one can also learn a lot from it like how to deal with problems in our day to day lives. Definitely worth a watch.
  • This hit TV show is life changing and I wish it were back on TV!! It is a great TV show and i fell in love with it! I hope they decide to bring it back because it is the best TV show ever and i really love it!! You should watch it if you havent seen it!!!

    I love this TV show!! I think this show has really changed my life and taught me many lessons!! It has helped me with the death of my identical twin sister and school and relationships! It's a great series and I hate that it's over! I wish it were still playing! I think all the cast are great and I love them all! They are great actors and have great experience!! I love the show and I hope they will get back together and make many more series!! It was a hit show and many people loved it! It taught many life lessons and was very educational! I hope to see the OC come out with many more episodes and series! please bring this show back!!!!
  • A Fantastic Show! (More of a final season review)

    The final season of the OC flows seamlessly between comedy, drama, romance with intelligent cohesive writing and fluidity. The show went 'back to the beginning' to the originality and vibrancy that once made it so enjoyable. This final return to form came after a string of asinine storylines mainly those of season 2 & 3 where more often than not the dowdy Marissa was at the centre and causation of the conflict.

    The OC was at its creative height in the first season and the final chapter closes the door in a remarkable flurry of quirky, nostalgic and romantic episodes. I have always been of the opinion that this show worked better as a romantic comedy and with much gratification this strength was put to appropriate use this year. The OC never worked as a serious drama henceforth the final season sought to fix that issue and consequently delivers numerable episodes which can be easily considered some of the strongest of the entire series. The OC is about as flawless as a narrative in this medium can be. The second and third season are weakest, but one cannot deny that there is little fault in such a funny and innovative season of television such as season one and four.

    The new-ish characters, namely Taylor Townsend et al. and the new relationships formed in the final season really drive forward the considerably shorter run of episodes (16 in fact) in a way one has not seen since the beginning. Autumn Reeser, an incredibly nuanced actress, is quite the revelation as she steals almost every scene she appears in. Having said that without giving away any plot points Taylor and her new love interest couldn't have more electric and beautiful chemistry; the romance in season 4 was poetically handled all round with humour and wit, something that has been in deprivation previously. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson prove they can still be one of the only couples on television that are actually more fun together than apart; Ben McKenzie absolutely shines this season and Ryan has a wonderfully realized character arc that assumes the focus of the story as it should. One can really tell the actor was enjoying himself this year.

    The series finale is moving, poignant and I freely admit to blubbing my way through much of the entirety of this season, the finale being no different. But never fear there is plenty of sqeeing like fangirl to be had too :)! A thoroughly enjoyable run of episodes in a series that was sadly cut short. But thankful for small mercies the OC went out in a blaze of glory not to mention a creative high. The final episode acts as a rewarding payoff for both long and short term fans with a healthy dose of irony and melancholy the sun finally sets on the OC as we flash forward several years in the future to revisit our favourite characters. The finale could not have been more fitting; the last scenes might just stand as the most perfect 10 minutes of the entire series as the story comes full circle. So why watch this season? If you want funny situations, tongue in cheek dialogue, romance abounds and the haunting tribute to characters past watch the season that had critics everywhere praising it's creative choices and led to so many old fans returning. Watch and judge for yourself, no one can quibble at the quality of the writing.

    So that's it. The end of an era. The OC it's been an interesting and (at times) irritating ride but I wouldn't take back any of it, not one single second. Redemption was had in the end, season 4. The perfect way to say goodbye to a transcendent show.
  • Ryan Atwood join the world of The Cohens and The Coopers, and it will never be the same again.

    You know, I discovered this series too late. I started watching it in its third season, and from what I've been reading in Season one (don't ask why I didn't buy the DVD - it's because it's not available where i live), it's like, well, it is a prime time soap opera, in the likes of Days of our Lives, where everyone is sleeping with everyone, it's kinda hilarious. Aside from that, it's very entertaining. The dialogues are sharp and witty, and the actors are really suited to their roles. They're very believable. My only comment, I think Mischa Barton is taller than Ben Mackenzie, but it doesn't hurt the show so just scratch that comment, they look good together.
  • Good but....

    I started watching OC some time ago at the TV. They only premiered seasons 1 and 2 and I decided to watch the other 2 seasons in English. The first 2 season are full of drama and Marissa and Ryan flying around the other but never it's a good time to have a relationship or a crazy guy (Oliver) appears or an ex-girlfriend (Teresa) or anything and destroys everything! This gang are always in danger or what??? The litle trip to Tijuana ends with a semi-dead Marissa, Ryan hurts any guy he mets....The 3rd season is like the first 2. It beggins with drama and more drama and ends with the death of one of the main characters!! And then comes the last season, my favourite, seems that after Marissa everything has calmed down! It's a story of drugs, stupid teenagers, fights and love, I don't know why but I still watch it, I guess I can say that I like it...:roll:

    2 words for this show "ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT" THE OC is my personal favourite show and i am sure alot of other ppls has everything romance, drama, comedy....heart capturing...scintillating....fabulous....well written..
    ..breath taking. right from the kitchen scenes with the cohens to ryan and marissa and seth and summer this show is just amazing. the ending montages at the end of each epsiode...ryans punching...seths sarcasm . with an amazingly hot cast..this show provides complete satisfaction.
    the cancelling of the show was truely devastating to hear but one thing remains , no other show will come even half way close to equal it!...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT
  • a drama about a popular town and the people in it

    i love this show sooooooooooooooooooooo much i cant describe its my fav show and bring it back people!!! i miss it heaps and tuesday night will never be the same with out it !!. i think the plot is very easy to under stand and it isnt the same week after week after week its something new, fresh and intresting very week i just love it. the show isnt like a boring adult show its accutally a teen show its made for teens so its got every thing a teen is or has gone through. so young people can really relate to it!! and thats why i love it so much!!
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