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  • not a good show

    Oh my God, that show was abysmal..
    thank God it ended. I've found it very unoriginal and unrealistic as well. In my opinion this show was meant to end very soon, in fact I have alway thought that The O.C was way too similar to "Dawson's Creek", "Beverly Hills" and stuff like that. The first series got a decent audience but in season three the show became even more dumb and it lost a great part of the audience, and even when they try to jump the shark, it simply did not work..
    Of course it was sad for those who liked it, but I'm actually relieved that it is over!
  • One never knew what was going to happen with the character relationships and daily situations. Great story line and great show all together.

    This show was a great soap opera. Coming from a person who never watches anything like this, that's saying a lot. The story line was great from the get go. The characters were people that one could relate to very quickly. You had the cheerleader, the nerd, the bad boy and the class princess. Now who can't relate to that? Every episode keeps the watcher in suspense and forces them to wait a week to see what happens. The one thing that I think was not good for the show was killing off one of the major characters of the show, Marissa. I didn't think that was a good idea because season 4, the last season, just didn't have that spark that the first three had. I still watched it to see what will happen but quite frankily, they should've left it at season 3 and had a season finale like the one for season 4. Overall, it was a fantastic show.
  • Bring it back please!

    That is one of my favourite shows I am a little bit disappointed because Marissa die I like the couple of Marissa Copper and Ryan Atwood but it was better Ryan and Taylor are soo cute they the first funniest couple of The O.C. in second place are Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen. I'm happy for seeing Ryan and Taylor together for me the funniest episode was when Taylor was falling in love for Ryan so she make him self an sleepy therapeutic, i tink that episode is calling slepy beauty. For the fans of Taylor and Ryan it´s so nice!
  • From 2 episodes on season 1 to the 16 episodes on season 4, I liked this series more after every episode

    First of all I have to be honest...
    The only season I saw completely was season 4, between yesterday and today.

    When O.C started at my country, I didn't watch it because I didn't like the channel and I was never home at time for the episode.
    So when it changed to fox, sometimes when I was zapping i stop to see, so I understood a big part of the story and every one of them, i must have seen 2 or 3 episodes from season 1, 5 or 6 from season 2, 15 or 16 from season 3 and all of season 4, this last between yesterday and today.

    I guess at the bottom i just didn't like Marissa very much and i liked seen Ryan with Taylor,i don't know...

    I thing that this was a great TV series and I'm happy that everything ended up well

    Ryan at Berkley, Seth and Summer at their wedding, the look on Taylor's eyes to Ryan, the fact that Julie graduated, the new Cohen's house....

    I simply loved this last season
    I laugh a lot with my sister watching it and I'm sorry it as ended But i guess it is normal, in all the great seasons, the end is hard for the fans because they watch and live it for so long that it leaves a void

    To all the cast I want to give my congratulations on a amazing show, i really loved it more every time i watched an episode. thank you


    PS: sorry if my English isn't good
  • The O.C. is about 2 main families living in Newport Harbor.

    The OC has to be the best teen drama around. I love love love it! I am soo mad that they canceled it, because it taught me so much about all kinds of different things! I loved the OC's quirky little characters, Seth- the geek, Ryan-the criminal, Summer-the beauty, and Marissa-the b***h. :) I love Seth because he isn't like any other kid in Newport. In accuality, all the characters are different in the own little way. This show should deffinently have a spin off of Seth and Summer's life together, or Sandy and Kirsten's new baby, in his or hers teen years.......:)
  • not the same

    This show started off as a hit. During the firts couple seasons it continued to thrive but went downhill after they killed off a main character. It was a fun hardhitting drama in the beginning but turned into a soap opera. I wasn't misha'a biggest fan but the show definitely can't go on without her, it just isn't the same. In the last season I thought it was a little too soon for ryan to fall in love all over again after her death. This show definitely could have continued a few more seasons if they hadn't killed her off.
  • cunningness turned into fights, alot of fights.

    personally i think it is very much over rated and it is not that good but it is still a very good show and entertaining enough to plan to watch it prior to the release. the characters are unlikable at the beginning but they do eventually grow on you. one thing that lets it down is the fact that it is abit more unrealistic that it should be. the situations that uprise are someewhat unexpected because of this reason but people sometimes just want to see something down to earth. overall the series is worth a look but dont expect too much.
  • OH MY GOSH. The O.C. has to be my most favorite show in the entire world. It is mainly about 4 teenagers living in Orange County.

    Woah. The O.C. is a wonderful show. Why they cancelled it so soon, i do not know. Though sometimes it can be a little too dramatic, The O.C. is very much apart of my life. Each of the characters has their own little problem, and that is very entertaining. I loved watching each of the characters evolve as a person, espesially Ryan and Summer. I wish that there could have been more seasons to the O.C., maybe even 11, like 7th Heaven, but i'm glad the producers cancelled it before it jumped the shark. For those of you who don't know what Jump the shark means, it means when something really good takes a sudden fall to failure. That was just to make it 100 words. :)
  • The OC is the perfect serie I like that it returns.

    Pain was one that let it emit. It seems me of the best series than I have seen in the personages you get to take affection to them much realistic so that they are each I capitulate has something special and without a doubt oc to noticeable style one pain that at least finished with only 4 seasons tapeworm that to have followed 2 season but so that did not know poco.OC is brilliant that they do good spin-off
  • Hello my name is Jennifer, and I am an syndicated-to-Soap-channel-O. C. aholic. I am COMPLETELY addicted. I didn't watch one epside whenever it was on, but one episode of it on Soap, and I was hooked, line and sinker. You too could be an addict.

    What I love about O.C.:
    1. Seth's funny joke that always comes right before the theme song.
    2. Everyone needs a lawyer at some point, and Sandy is always there to say "Don't say anything, and I will meet you at the station."
    3. Julie Cooper's plight of trailer park to amazing house to mansion to trailer park to mansion.
    4. Taylor Townsend period.
    5. The soundtrack.
    6. The fact that The Crab Shack has hosted some amazing bands, and somehow it is no big deal to everyone who lives there. Ex: Rooney, Death Cab, and Killers
    7. I could go on and on.
    Just watch it!
  • is it to late to save the oc?

    is it to late to save the oc, i think a spin off with summer and seth would rock, maby like a sit com. i men they were to me the most intesting caracters in the oc with alot of personalety, dont you think and tey were fun to. so maby not save the oc, but save seth and summer. i mean like what happend to them it dosent matter that they shoud their life story att the last episod it wasent a biggy the spin off could be in betwen. i like the hole summer saves the world thingy and i want to know oe about by
  • One thing that this show does so well is make you tense, happy, sad, and mad, all at the right times. You also find yourself yelling, crying, and cheering at the screen while others stare at you wondering if you are mental.

    At first I admit, I didn’t like the O.C that much, it was an interesting show, but I hated so many of the characters. But later as the show progressed, you see that behind all the glam of Newport, that everyone is just human. The people you once hated turn normal, and though some of them are still not exactly loveable, you still understand somewhat why they act like they do sometimes. Everyone is different some people are horny, not as smart, or whatever, but the point to be noted is that everyone has their own charm. Everyone is different and that’s what makes life interesting, I love how with this show every problem is magnified by the life they all live in. It’s such an interesting show, I love how it progresses, the first season is amazing, and my favourite so far. I think its shows like that give us all hope that even when things are rough, you never know what surprises are in store for us. So many things go wrong in this show, just like in life, but things work out in the end for the most part. This show is so great because it sticks to the realism of the world around us, life is complicated and never easy, and like this show it has its ups and downs. This is an amazing show, and I think it has a little bit of everything so that it could appeal to a wide audience, but it certainly has some “awwww” moments, and I am not shy to admit that. Again awesome show, I would recommend it to everyone, and I admit, when I first heard about it I was critical. I am glad I got over that and gave it a chance, because I love to watch shows that make me feel as happy as this show does. One thing that this show does well is make you tense, happy, sad, and mad, all at the right times, and you find yourself yelling, crying, and cheering at the screen while others stare at you wondering if you are mental. It’s the best when you have someone watching the show with you, because then you can pause and yabber on about it and forget about your own problems for once, even if it is just for a moment.
  • The greatet show ever!

    The O.C. is the greatest show ever. It had everything, comedy, drama, great plot twists and amazing characters. The show was just as much about the parents as it was about the kids, and it was never boring. It started with Ryan Atwood moving in with his lawyer Sandy Cohen and his family in Newport Beach California. The first person Ryan meets is his next door neighbor Marissa whom he connects with instantly. He then meets Sandy’s son Seth who becomes his best friend. Seth is in love with Marissa’s best friend Summer. Through out the series these four become family to each other and you really get a sense of that especially in times of trouble. Another thing I love about this show is that no two characters are the same. Ryan is the quiet but defends the ones he loves and is very loyal; Seth is neurotic, hilarious, and sort of an outcast among the beautiful, tan people of Newport; Marissa is really dramatic and a little too trusting; and Summer…well it’s really hard to describe Summer because she changed so much through out the series, she went form being this shallow drunken mean person to this caring eco-friendly new age hippy to somewhere in the middle of the two. Many characters came and went and with the exception of Johnny (the worst character in the history of The O.C.) we were sad to see them go. The show dealt with things such as alcoholism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, death, affairs, money laundering and shady business practices and how easy it is to get caught up in them. If you watched the show for all four seasons then you really felt the characters were your friends and family and when it ended it was really sad. The show was a pop culture phenomenon that launched bands, made being into comic books and geeky cool and really made a name for most of its actors. Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Ryan, Summer, Marissa, Julie, Jimmy, Caleb, Taylor, Luke and many others will live on forever in the hearts of all The O.C.’s fans and it will definitely never be forgotten.
  • Pretty people many problems.Newport Beach California where scandals, love triangles,and plenty of partying takes place and more.Starts when bad neighborhood teen Ryan Atwood is taken in by the cohen family. Oh just watch the show and see for yourself.

    I absolutly loved the O.C. when i first saw it. I loved the core four ever sinced and cried when times they were broken up. My all time favorite couple is Ryan and Marissa I cried every time i saw the season 3 finale. I hated it when Ryan got with Taylor. I personally think season 4 sucked so bad! My favorite season is i can't decide between 1-3. I just loved the Countdown episode it was funny yet very romantic.The O.C. actually is a big part fo my it made my fashion sense better and the way i look at things differently.Long live the Core Four!
  • I want it back soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A GREAT SHOW ! I love this show and i really want it back! The show had an great character ark and the first season was sooooooooo well writin and the ratings where great and it was great the actors where superb too!! The shows second season got much critisism with marissa having a lesbean relationship and seth and summer breaking up but i thought it was better than season !!! Season 3 was soo boring shhhh....... until the second half of the season i also liked the introduction of taylor townsend and the return of mini coop!!! The fourth season and unfortunatily the last season was great why was it cancelled i hate fox dark angel,firefly and family guy !! All cancelled !!! I love the show and if you come across a petition sign it plz even i ur not a fan!!! If your not a fan i also suggest you watch the show its Teen soap at its best tied with One Tree Hill!!!
  • The show is about a troublemaker taken in under the roof of a Orange County hotshot lawyer and his family, Ryan quickly makes friends and enemies in his new domain..

    Fantastic show. Too bad they killed off Melissa Cooper and that ended with the show's cancellation.. Not the best series finale I've seen though, but atleast they really closed the series..
    It was kinda fun to see how the different characters evolved throughout the series and how they co-existed. Really good work done there by the writers. The cast did a great job. The selection of the cast was excellent and they all fitted well together on the show. Too bad they just couldn't let Melissa go to Greece to work on her dad's yacht, and stay there for a couple of seasons..
  • I think the show is, was brilliant!!!. They need to bring the show back it is much better than Laguna Beach.

    The oc (Orange County) is a calm peacful place were all the wealthy people live until Sandy Cohen brings home a kid from Chino home Ryan. Ryan befiends Seth a loser with no friends. Throughout the first season Ryan helps Seth build up confidence to talk to the girl he loves Summer and Ryan fights (literally) for the girl he loves Mirissa. In the second season Seth and Ryan try to patch up their relationships, Ryan has a serious fight with his brother Trey. The third season shows the aftermath of Ryan's fight with Trey and prepares for collage aswell as porm and graduation but makes a new enemy Volchok, Their is devastation for Mirissa. In the fourth season Ryan has fun in a stell cage, Seth and Summer try to prepar for whats next and there is surely devestation for newport.
  • OMG i cant believe it's cancelled!!!you guys should definitly bring it back. even though Marissa died. oh man i cried.this show is just so GREAT!! i absolutly LOVE the OC!!

    this is the greatest show known to man, but in my case..woman!! I'd be the happiest person ion the whole world if the OC was brougt BACK! It changed me! Please please please bring it back!IT also touched me. i mean especially marissa dying. oh my god. that was heart breaking. i think marissa and ryan should've had a second chance. and that Volchok guy, oh was he a problem. he made me mad. haha. But just seeing Marissa die like that just broke my heart. i actually cried. i cried in alot of parts actually. that's how much it touched me.but i think Ryan deserves another chance at love. Why not try it with Taylor. But she will never replace Marissa. No one can! so please bring the show back! please!
  • I miss this show!

    I absoutley love this show. I love it, and I miss it as well.

    I wished they never axed it and they should bring it back.
    It had a creative script, wonderful story lines and funny characters. My favourite character of all time was Seth. The writing from his was excellent. He has a dry sarcastic humor and I loved it. The O.C was excellent in it's prime but I must admit it did start to go down, particuarly when Marrisa Cooper was killed, I loved her to. I miss this show and I have yet to find a replcement which focuses on the life of adolecences. I LOVE YOU O.C.
  • I honestly did not get to see the o.c. when it was actually airing. I was always in sports and I never had time to watch t.v. and try to get homework done. now that i am done with school i am watching the re-runs and i love the show. I love it.

    I think that it was not a very good idea to kill of marissa. I think that people liked the original cast. Once something so good is done, it is hard to make something just as good. Kind of like movies. A lot of them that have sequals are never as good as the original. The only series that has actual been good all the way through would have to be shrek. Rocky was a bust, rush hour 2 was not as good as the first, miss congeniality 2 wasn't as good and same with charlie's angels. it is really hard to make something better than the best.
  • An excelent show!

    Four seasons ago, Ryan was a disturbed kid who lived in a broken home. When he met Sandy Cohen, his life turned upside down. He was adopted by the Cohens in Newport beach, the social center of the Orange County. Right from the beginning, he felt like he didn't belong there. However, a certain girl changed his mind: Marissa Cooper. Marissa was a popular, beautiful girl with a great life and a great boyfriend (or so it seemed!). Soon we found that her father was stealing money from his clients to support his family's extravagant needs and her boyfriend was cheating on her. Suddenly, this girl's life was a mess, which brought her close to Ryan.

    This is the beginning of a story that is full of surprises, twists and turns that you won't see coming.~

    Who thought rich kids had no problems?
  • The OC is all about a bunch of troubled rich kids and Ryan. Anhhh...poor little rich kids.

    I can't believe that I love the OC. It's so embarrassing to admit, but I do. I was obsessed with the relationships and the deaths and all of the drama that Orange County has to offer. I hate it, but at the same time I love how event the geeky nerds are hot because really sometimes your tired of looking for inner and you just want some Seth or Ryan eye candy. I loved relaxing in front of the TV and watching the characters of the OC freak out over the mostly little problems and the some what big ones. I was initially sad when it ended, but I got over it very quickly.
  • young guy from chino a poor californian town gets adopted ( kinda) by rich people who lived in the plastic town of newport beach california. BEST SHOW EVER

    this is a show about how a good guy from bad background can get a second chance. Ryan atwood gets taken in by the cohen family later in the show he meets marissa and falls in love. Drama-Heartbreak-Love-and other things make this show the best thing since one tree hill. I give it 10/10!!!! long live the oc
  • The OC was so good when it first began.

    I have to say when i first watched the OC is was addicted to it. It was so interesting and good to watch. However the show started to get really ridiculous after Marissa was taken of the show and it lost its appeal. I think they made a shocking mistake when they cut Mischa Barton but hey she didn't turn up to work so why should they pay her? Anyway the storyline started getting really out of whack and i lost interest in the show that i once would never miss. I wish the OC was still on though and I say Bring Back Marissa.
  • Boy from Chino taken in by rich family from OC. Gets the girl next door. Very predictable and corny.

    This show was a major disappointment. It had so much potential, but it was just really cheesy. I have to admit, I've wasted hours of my life (that I'll never get back) watching, waiting, hoping it will get interesting. I kept thinking, well, it'll have to get good soon, it just has to... it never did. Too predictable, too corny.
  • 4 teens and their parents living in Orange County and all their problems.

    I love this show! It is great to watch. It's sad though that Marissa got killed. Her and Ryan should have been together longer. By the time they get back together she gets killed. Ryan always finds a fight no matter if he wants it or not. It was great that Ryan and Luke became friends because in the beginning he was a jerk towards Ryan until he found out his father was gay and needed a friend and a way to deal. The show was cancelled to soon. It is way better than One Tree Hill. One Tree Hill should have been cancelled not The OC. At least there are repeats and the dvd's.
  • this is my absolute favorite show ever. I cry every time i watch the last episode [you can bet that since the beginning i have been the one who races out and buys the seasons the day that they come out!]. LETS TALK ABOUT THE OC SOMETIME!

    This, since the very first episode captured my heart about 4 years and one month ago, i have been a complete addict. I can go on for hours, and I find myself quoting the OC at least a dozen times per day. That might sound really dorky, but it is acutally a loveable quality. Anyway...If you never watched the OC, i recommend catching up on Soapnet. I can assure you the OC will change your life. Sadly, you will probably dream in the OC on occassion [or if you are like me, practically every other night!] and you might develop an unhealthy obsession, but its okay. I'll still be your friend! Talk to me sometime...I can induldge in amazing OC conversation! Overall, cancelling my favorite show was one of the worst decisions that FOX ever made, next to killing off Marissa Cooper!
  • Esta série é uma porcaria, uma grande bosta

    Esta série não vale nada! é uma porcaria, não tem conteúdo!... não presta pra nada!... não tem começo nem fim, não tem sentido... Os atores são uma porcaria, tem um monte de gente velha fazendo papel de gente nova, como se ninguém percebesse!!!!....

    Sem falar que acabou muito rápido..., deve ter sido cancelada de tão ruim que era. A NBC nem quis vender o resto do BOX pra não envergonhar os EUA na frente da America Latina...!!!

    Enfim..., eu nunca assistiria e nunca vou assistir nem a abertura da série.

    The oc é uma porcaria que ninguem deve assistir

    Cauê :)


    OBS: Correção do Horário 15:09 (Horário de Brasilia)
  • The OC is about Ryan, a boy from Chino getting a second shot at life in upper class California (Orange County). You can watch him grow with his new family and friends.

    I can't believe it's over!!!! Season 1 is the best season out of the 4 and i would recomend that you watch atlesast the first series.
    People think that the OC is pretty lame, and I really thought it was before I watched it but in actual fact I find really good to watch the characters develope with there relationships.

    I think they shouldn't have ever killed of Marissa in season 3 but after she did they were right to stop the show, not to say I'm not gutted like I say they should bring it back, but with Marissa!!!

    Watch this!!

    Peace out
  • this show has all the characteristics of a perfect television series. there is no shame in dragging your friend to the store at 12 o'clock midnight on the day the latest season comes out, to be the first to purchase this amazing show.

    this show is one of my favorites as well. im a hardcore, greys anatomy fan, and yet this show seems to strike my fancy. the music they play is completely differnt from that on greys, and the plot line is no where near similar, and yet this show has been my backbone for the many years it has been on air. this is a truly outstanding show, and without the amazing features that bring this life, it would be just another fish in the sea, instead of the amazing blue whale gracefully passing us by, we just need to take the time to stop and notice what this show has become- an outstanding addition to add to your "best of" DVD season collection.
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