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  • this show has all the characteristics of a perfect television series. there is no shame in dragging your friend to the store at 12 o'clock midnight on the day the latest season comes out, to be the first to purchase this amazing show.

    this show is one of my favorites as well. im a hardcore, greys anatomy fan, and yet this show seems to strike my fancy. the music they play is completely differnt from that on greys, and the plot line is no where near similar, and yet this show has been my backbone for the many years it has been on air. this is a truly outstanding show, and without the amazing features that bring this life, it would be just another fish in the sea, instead of the amazing blue whale gracefully passing us by, we just need to take the time to stop and notice what this show has become- an outstanding addition to add to your "best of" DVD season collection.
  • The life of Ryan Atwood and how he changed the lives of the coens and others around him! Ryan was adopted by the Coens and becomes best friends with Seth. Basically about the loves of their lives and the highschool drama they have to deal with!

    Okay Wow where to start...The OC was perfect! i love that show EVEN when Marissa died! Not many people gave The OC a chance when Marissa died. Seth and Summer were the perfect couple! Same with Ryan and Taylor after marissa died! No one needed marissa anyways..She was such a depressing character who brought everyone down. Taylor took her place and it was fine because taylor was such a fun and hip character! lol Her and Ryan were cute! If the OC stayed on then Marissa's sister should have dated Chris Brown! It would be great! Chris brown is madd hott! lol anyways The OC should have never stopped and it is still my favorite show and i am about to buy every season!
  • This is a great serie, has all you can look for: love, friendship, drama and jokes. All the cast is great!

    I loved the O.C. since the first episode its a real funny serie where all the characters matter... The writers mixed the drama and the love with the funny part of life.

    There too many young people with very different way to live , there is Ryan who had a very difficult childhood with a drunk mother and a stepdad. Ryan tries everyday to grow up being a better person and defending everyone who loves him.There is Seth who is Ryan's best friend, he is the most funny character in the show . There is Summer and Marissa who are best friends and the gilrfriends of Seth and Ryan.
  • Obsessed Completely

    "THE OC" is in fact the best teen drama that has ever been on the television airways. I have been watching the show since the beginning and haven't stopped since. Now that the show has left the air for good with a fourth and final season awaiting DVD release, I recommend picking up every season to own or rent. The first season was masterful, witty, and has all of the teen angst you could hope for.
    From the moment troubled outsider Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) arrives in Newport, he is not accepted by many. Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), Sandy (Peter Gallagher), and Seth (Adam Brody) make up the Cohen's, a family willing to give the outsider a chance. With in no time Ryan makes friends with Seth and the beautiful and popular girl next door Marissa Cooper (Mishca Barton). And with friends come foes with Marissa's jealous boyfriend, and the captain of the water-polo team Luke Ward (Chris Carmack). Nevertheless a Newport wave of peer pressure, love triangles and generational conflicts ensues in this California beach side community that is the O.C.
    The show returns for its second season and to no surprise has more drama than when it debuted. Only this time Ryan is back in Chino with his ex-girlfriend Theresa Diaz (Navi Rawat)who is pregnant with either Ryan or her ex-fiancé's child. Seth is Portland with Luke and his gay father. Meanwhile back in Newport Marissa is sleeping with her gardener and Seth's clandestine love Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) is hanging out with a replacement of Seth. And even the adults have love trouble. Julie-Cooper Nichol (Melinda Clarke), Caleb Nichol (Alan Dale), and Sandy all get caught up in sins from the past while Kirsten has a fling with her co-worker. But nothing amounts to the explosive season finale and the best cliffhanger yet.
    A third year begins and senior year is better than ever. Almost. Although this season brought many new story lines and a fantastic new character Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser) the season was somewhat of a letdown. On the first episode Trey Atwood (Logan-Marshall Green)'s storyline is wrapped up appropriately and new characters begin to flood Newport. Marissa must choose between Ryan and a surfer dude Johnny Harper (Ryan Donowho). Summer must decide whether or not she can trust Seth. Julie must decide how to move on with her life. Kirsten must try to move on from her alcohol addiction. And Sandy must decide if he wants to take on Caleb's legacy of scandal. Nevertheless the season finale is a disappointment to some but the most intense cliffhanger O.C. fans have ever seen.
    Highschool is over. Time to move on. But events conspire to reunite Summer, Ryan, and Seth in posh Newport beach. This season the script returns to its comical appeal and witty dialogue after the melodramatic third season. Nevertheless the season focuses on three important characters Julie, Ryan, and Summer, the three people whom were closest to Marissa. Julie must choose between a billionaire or a down and out man. Ryan must decide if he is ready to move on from Marissa and catch Taylor. Summer must decide who she really is. And the other characters have decent story lines that wrap up the series perfectly. The series finale is without a doubt the best episode and the last five minutes will make you cry, laugh, and love the O.C. for what it is- The best television series you have ever seen!
  • The O.C was about the life of a wealthy county, when a boy from Cino arrives and interups what looks like the perfect lives of the residents. We soon discover that their lives are not perfect but are broken!

    I truly miss The O.C, I found myself in some of the same situations as the characters. It was a show that helped me realise that being rich doesn't mean that your life is perfect. I want the Programme to come back, I loved the characters and all the drama. Yes The O.C was often over dramatic at time but thats why I liked it. I want it to come back so I can find out what happened to Tayler and Ryan which wasn't made clear. I think I speak for all the girls who watched that we will miss Ryan and Seth.
  • the shows been over for 3 months now but i figure since i brought he season 4 box set today that i might as well pay a little attention to a show that was verry good to its fans.

    i didnt start watching from the start. i caught part of season 2 about a year and a half ago and fell in love. not just with the characters but with the story as well. im truly sorry that the show ended. there was so much more they couldve done but at least it ended happily. i think its the kind of show people wont forget about quickly and in 20 years when they're doing reruns on the telly and my kids are as enthralled as i have been i'll be able to say 'i was your age when this show was on' just like my mom did when i watched old eps of 90210. i cant wait to see what some of the actors do next as i think that from here they can do allmost anything.
  • The story revolves around Ryan, Marissa, Summer, Seth and Taylor(at least in the 4th season)...and the extraordinary life in Newport.

    I really love this show and it's such a shame seeing it end. When I watched the series finale i felt sad especially when Ryan was reminiscing about his experiences in the cohen house where he changed from being a broken teenager to what he is now. I didn't enjoy the 4th as much as the other seasons simply because the story is not interesting enough without the RYAN-MARISSA loveteam...( i hate her for leaving O.C!)
  • One of the most interesting drama serial is THE O.C. Their problems are very interesting and help teenagers to be self.

    The most interesting problem which appear in The O.C. is growing up the main characters: Marissa Cooper, Summer Roberts, Rayan Atwood and Seth Cohen. Theri friendship are somethimes break down. But when they are together in a TV serial is nice moment, because they are laughing and jokeing. In this serial it isn't only a friendship and relationship but a problem conect with grow up. Parents sometimes aren't understand theirs, but they are want to protecting theirs. Life in Orange Country changed after the come to town Rayan Atwood. Who have other opinion about this film please give me some examples.
  • One the best show ever!!!!

    In the beginning show was good but with every episode shows started to be more and more better and more funnier. Then the second season come and the show was again good and at the end it begin to be better and better. Exactly the second season was briliant except the part where Marissa have her Sexual orientation. The thirds season was also good one because in the third season we have a lot of new characters and thats way thew third season was my favorite. Then Marissa die not a big deal. Show must go on. Then fourth season came and they put show against Grey's Anatomy and CSI. 2 most popular shows in the world. At my opinion they put OC on Thursday so they can shut it off because they knew that nobody can compete with Grey's and csi. At the end The OC Was THE BEST SHOW EVER ON TV
  • One Of A Kind = The O.C.

    Well, I have to admit, I began to watch since episode 10 and I liked it. After episode 15 I loved this show. Great stories with a lot humour and drama. Lovely, profound and intriguing characters acted in wonderful scenery. But after the first two unforgettable seasons, the show went downhill pretty fast in its third. I had to force myself to watch it. But it did pay off. The fourth and last season delivered an ending that made me very happy. The O.C. is/was a very enjoyable show that created memorable characters (like Seth) that I will never forget.
  • How does such a great show, become so awful?

    Yes, i am a guy.
    I do like "The OC" Or maybe i should say that "i DID like 'The OC'" The first season of this show was great. It was very entertaining, and very enjoyable to watch. The acting isn't great, but it is not bad. With the exception of Adam Brody, who gives a hilarious performance as Seth. The character of Seth was one of the main reasons this show is good. The end of the fist season doesn't have a happy ending, but it should have been the end of the story. The writers told a great story, and it came to an end. But then they added extra chapters to it. Don't get me wrong, season 2 is good. But it just goes downhill from there. It is no wonder this show was canceled.
  • The O.C was the one of the best Drama show from now. The one who play Ryna and Marissa was the good actor and actress. The O.C should bring back aleast like 3 more season. The O.C also teached the life lesson. I watch The O.C at Soap channel every weekday

    The O.C was the one of the best Drama show from now. The one who play Ryna and Marissa was the good actor and actress. The O.C should bring back aleast like 3 more season. The O.C also teached the life lesson. I watch The O.C at Soap channel every weekday. Fox should give The O.C should another chance. Or give spin-off to The O.C. How about Ryna and Marissa should be main charcter. Other character should be guest star. The O.C deserve more than that. I am very disspointed that The O.C ended. The O.c is one of my favorite show.
  • I totally and dearly love this show!

    Okay, so first of all, I'll say that The OC is my all-time favorite show and I'm sure there will never be another show to take place of The OC! It was drama, but also fun. It was sad, but also hilarious. There were tragedies and comedies. I laughed and cried. It was just great to follow those guys on their journeys, watch their stories and see Fab 4 grow up and then enter the life. I truly miss them all, they're just irreplaceable. I love all the main charactres, no matter how awful they sometimes acted. I know it's over, but, like Adam said, we still have DVDs, to keep these guys and their ups and downs in our memories! I'LL NEVER FORGET!
  • Set in beautiful southern california, The O.C follows the lifes of 4 young teens and their familys in their wealthy community.

    The O.C shows us that being beautiful, powerful and rich doesnt mean that your life will be troluble free. With some of the most unique characters, the O.C sets a bench mark for drama. The realistic storylines add to the powerful charcters creating one brilliant show. The show has no lack of depth with compelling storylines that range from common society issues to more unusual difficulties. But The O.C isnt all drama. The comedy in the show is fabulous especially from the character Seth whose quirks attract much attention. Over all the O.C is just one great piece of television and will never be forgotton.
  • The OC will live on forever!!! I can\'t say enough nice things about it: funny, touching, lots of action, great music, beautiful women. You really can\'t go wrong. God bless The OC

    The OC is the best show I have ever seen in my short life.
    I have never seen anything like it before in my life. Not many shows touch you so much and make examine your life and make you understand yourself. The OC did it for me. A lot of my writing is influenced from that show. I hope to create something as brillent and heartwarming as The OC was. I think my favorite characters were Seth Cohen, Summer Roberts, and Julie Cooper. I liked Seth because I\'m a lot like him. Eternally cool, funny, and always there for your friend. I aspire to be as geniune as he was. I liked Summer and Julie because well first of all. WOW!!!!! Talk about beautiful. They would make any guy melt. They are also very driven women. I think any woman who sees what they want and can get it is very sexy. They don\'t make them like that on the East coast. I\'ll miss the show when they end next month. But I know the finale will be a night to remember. The OC has acheieved status of those of Beverly Hills 90210, My So-Called Life, and Melrose Place. It will live on forever!!!!!!!!! God bless The OC!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Now that is over I think it's a model for another teenagers show!

    The O.C. is a good show that the drama Love, friendship, and death are major themes in this group of teenagers from orange county.
    Season 2 and 3 were my favorite.
    I don't think that the death of marissa was a good solution for the lacks of story but I liked the audacity from the producers for doing that. However in season 4 The plot lines and story lines are out of control but by bringing in new characters like Taylor and her mother who had no place in the show in the previous season was funny.
    This show it marked my generation for shore!
  • A trendsetter but too dramatic.

    The O.C. is a good show, but it is just too dramatic. The plot lines and story lines are out of control. Everything really revolved around 'Marissa Cooper' until she died. It was annoying that everything had to be about her and she was always the one who needed help. After her death the show got even worse by bringing in new characters like Taylor and her mother who had no place in the show. It was even worse when they aged and brought back Kaitlyn. The show ended horribly and had no enthusiasm in it. I felt like it was a waste of time.
  • I can't believe thatthe OC is over!!!

    I loved watching new episodes of the OC because I really liked the relationship between Seth and Summer. They were a very cute couple and now we won't be able to watch it anymore. I also loved Taylor because she was just so funny, I mean she really made me crack up every time. But I also thought that they really wrapped everything up a little too quick, I mean trying to end the show by showing what happened with every character during one episode is really hard and they managed to but I really felt that they should have gotten a few more episodes.
  • The show became better as the writers got rid of Marissa..

    I hope I didn't offended anyone by saying that, but it's true. I really think that the fourth season was the best one.. at first I didn't like it so much - it dealt with Marissa's death too much in my opinion - but from one episode to another - it just got better and better!
    [and to think that I was disappointed when I heard of Marissa's death!.. now I say they should have kill her a long time ago... lol ]

    And as for Tylor - at first she was annoying but as the time passed she kindda grew on me.. I still don't like her so much, but a lot more then at the beginning ;)

    I think it was a mistake to canceled the show, but that's just me.. at the meantime I hope that One Tree Hill won't get cancel as well.. I dont know what I'll do if it does :(
    --- because there's only One Tree Hill ---
  • The O.C. follows the life of group of teenagers showing the love, loss and heartbreak.

    This show was my favorite. I started watching it in season 2 but I knew I had to get season 1.

    Season 1 and 2 were my favourite and the way that they did Marissa's death at the end of season 3 was heartbreaking. However season 4 never had the same appeal for me as it seemed a bit rushed. This doesn’t take away from the outstanding first seasons though!

    The story lines were awesome! I hated Oliver for what he did but this proves that his acting was phenomenal! The other cast members did an awesome job.

    Thank-you for 3 compelling years! O.C. forever!
  • Was amazing in the first 2 seasons...what happened?

    I remember vividly the night i began watching The OC, all the way back in 2003. Very, very quickly was i sucked in to the lives of the uber-rich in Newport Beach. Looking back on that season now, i only wish that the writers kept it up. Season 2 was also great, but still didn't have the shine that the first season did. But don't get me started on season 3. I thought Marissa's death could have turned the show either way; and at the start of season 4, i was hopeful. Some of those episodes have been my favourite throughout all 4 seasons. But soon it made its way back to the lacklustre standard of season 3. I think it was time for the show to go, before it got even worse. I'm still giving it a 9, because I still hold the first two seasons in the highest regard, and just wish that the show could have stayed that way.

    At least i can always watch season 1 in my dvd player.
  • The O.C Pilot

    I just watched the Pilot of The O.C. and wow i was amazed this show swept me off my feet. I am into shows like Dawson's creek and One Tree Hill but this show was different. I really liked everything and the story behind it. I am going to purchase season 1 tomorrow and i can't wait. My sister has watched this show before and i know she likes it so i know i will too. This show is on soapnet as well. I am going to start tuning in for that as well. All i have to say is this show is very well written and if you likr teenage drama this is a great show to get into. I am kind of upset that its over. I was really going to look forward to watching some new episodes but at least i can kick back with a coke and some popcorn and watch season 1-4 guessing and wondering what will happen next. I cant wait. I just found a brand new hobby lol.
  • I really loved the first season, but the writers had ruined it.

    The OC had everyone talking about it! After each and every episode my school would be buzzing with the hype of a new crazy situation from the OC. But as the series went on haven't the situations gotten a little repetitive? I have always been a huge fan of the OC since it first hit the TV screens, and just like other viewers I too was sucked into this beautiful world, where gorgeous people worried about money issues, drug abuse, pregnancies and terrible tragedies! The first and second seasons were astounding! There was not another show like it each episode full of drama and there was enough gossip per episode to make your head spin with excitement. However on watching the third season I have felt more and more disappointment in what used to be my favourite show.

    The scenarios are all the same, Marissa interested in a new guy - Ryan jealous, they break up.. didn't this similarly happen in the first series with oliver?! Anna comes to the rescue yet again.. a bit of an obvious outcome that she would save the day just like in the first series! The same issues keep occurring.. this show is meant to fascinate and shock the viewers! But i feel that in the seasons 1 and 2 because so much happened we expect the rest of the series to live-up to this dramatic tempo of life.. The third season hasn't done it for me there were some episodes i found so dull that i decided not to watch them- never would i have thought i could miss an episode until now. The ending did pick up (as usual) however this is only to ensure that viewers watch the opening episodes of the next season... I won't be watching the next season that for sure! The OC has gone stale!
  • *spoilers*

    As much as I'd love them to bring back The OC, I see the chances are very slim. It seems like the producers wanted the show to end indefinately as they covered every possible way to revive this great show. They did not just leave it hanging, they rushed through Ryan and Taylor's relationship (which I would have liked to see more of and also it's development). They've also moved the Cohens out of Orange County into Berkeley, therefore the current title "The OC" would not fit. It would seem odd to suddenly move them back to Orange County for any reason as they just settled in with the new baby. Also, everyone is now grown up (at the end) and there would be no more teenage drama between Ryan, Taylor, Summer, or Seth. Finally, the show ends at somewhat near the beginning of the show (Ryan/Sandy spots a kid in need and offers help), making it pointless to continue.

    However, it could be possible for them to continue the story between the Cohens as a more mature drama a few years later when we're closer to 2012, but I highly doubt it.

    I just wish they didn't kill the show so soon. The show was really great. Even though I disliked parts of it (whiny Marissa), the storyline was very gripping. I was absolutely addicted to the show. Too bad the show ended so early in season 4 as Taylor, one of my favorite characters, had just started to become more central to the storyline. All in all, I guess the final scenes of 2012 was a good closure.
  • Following the lives of Ryan, Seth, Summer, Marissa, Sandy, Kirsten, Julie, Kaitlin, and Taylor in The O.C. is entertaining and addicting.

    This is one of my favorite shows ever! Evert week i had to be home in time to watch this show. It's seriously the best! Hot guys and great stories. What else could you ask for in a show? It is great! This was a show that my brother and I both liked, so now, i am gonna get all the seasons and just spend a week just watching them all. This is one of the best shows i have EVER seen. I loved it! Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie are HOT! Which just added to the incredible show! This show was the best!
  • i think there should be a season 5, for sure!

    season two is my fave...
    it starts off with the boys having run away from home. ryan is in chino with his girlfrend theresa, who is also pregnant with his baby. he is working in a construction site, as he is well good at arcitechture. everything seems to be going well but ryan feels something is wrong. expecially when sandy comes to see him. meanwhile seth is staying at lukes dad's house. he doesnt want to speak to his parents and in a way he is mad at ryan for leaving him as ryan was his only friend. but when ryan leaves and goes to see seth, he imidatly changes his mind. at home the boys only have one more day until school. ryan and marisa get back together almost straight away..until ryan finds out about DJ..
    but thats another story.
    you will just have to watch!
  • This show is stupid it sends the message to kids that getting drunk and taking drugs is ok. The show is full of people cheating getting drunk taking drugs and killing people Its complete rubbish.

    This show is such a waste of time i couldnt even be bothered to look or talk about so i am wittin about it its so dump my family doesnt even watch it i used to love it then i just lost complet intrest in the whole thing and sold the boxsets i got for 5.00 .
  • Awesome...

    At first I thought this would be a The Hills or Laguna beach knock-off but boy,it sure proved me wrong.I LOVE this show for it's supreme storytelling and it's excellent ships.
    In fact,if I were in charge there'd be a new episode each & every week.That's how much I love this show.The O.C. 4ever!!
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) is a troubled teenage youth from the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles who finds himself on his own after he is thrown out of his own house. He finds a place to stay in the posh home of the Cohens in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, the O.C. (Orange County), California. Ryan is accepted by the stern but compassionate Sandford "Sandy" Cohen (Peter Gallagher), a lawyer who represented Ryan in the past for his miss-deeds. But Sandy's wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), aware of Ryan's criminal history, is wary of this new house guest. The Cohen's son Seth (Adam Brody) bonds with Ryan quickly and shows him the ropes of the community and vice versa for Ryan giving advice to Seth about life and love. Ryan develops a crush on Marissa Cooper (Micha Barton) a neighbor girl who lives down the street and has problems with her not-so-sheltered existence in dealing with her distant father Jimmy (Tate Donovan) and weak-willed mother Julie (Melinda Clark). Also, Marissa's best friend, Summer (Rachel Bilson) is oblivious to the crush that Seth has on her, while taking a liking to Ryan. And so begins a new life for Ryan, the Cohens, the Coopers, and basically everyone else in the wealthy, picturesque, secretive, turbulent community of Orange County.

    - Alex
  • it's stupid it sends the wrong messages to people it's full of drunken drug addict cheating killing people.

    This show is stupid it sends the message to kids that getting drunk and taking drugs is ok. The show is full of people cheating getting drunk taking drugs and killing people. Its complete rubbish. The show does have real life issues but it doesnt show us the right way to handle them. I cant believe people watch these sorts of shows
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