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  • From the first episode they came out with I knew that I was going to be hooked. The OC is one of those shows that NOT just teens can relate to. I am now 27, and I can still relate. The stuff going on with the characters happen to all age's every day

    All the fighting, drinking, drugs, the dork getten picked on, the love, and the lack their of, the bad boy is what makes this show hit so hard and so close to home. I'm a girl, who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, just like Ryan. My best friend in school was this dork of a guy, who was in LOVE with the most popular, and also the most stuck up girl in school. Every day, he would try to get closer to her, and make her realize, that he truely loved her, and for that he got the crap kicked out of him, on a daily bases. That was in high school, and even though he no longer gets the crap kicked out of him, he still loves somebody he shouldn't. Unlike high school, I'm not that angry teen any more, I have grown up, and I now have kids, and dont want them to have to go threw all the things that my friend and I went threw. Every day I have to fight for my kids, so that they can be safe, and happy. And I still have to put up with the nasty people, and I always will. But I let it go now, because I know thats the only way that those people can feel good about them selves, or be happy, is by other people's pain and suffering. So in closing this time around I say that all of us are like a combonation, of all the characters on The OC. We all have our faults, secrets and inner demons. But we can make a difference, in the way that we chose to handle them.

    The best teen show in the all history. Excelent music and performances. Amazing show. Marissa is beatiful. Seth is the best. Summer amzing too. Ryan great. Sandy and Kirsten the best parents. Please dont forget the show is hiliarius. I love this show. My favorite caracter is Steh Cohen is amazing guy.
    The best teen show in the all history. Excelent music and performances. Amazing show. Marissa is beatiful. Seth is the best. Summer amzing too. Ryan great. Sandy and Kirsten the best parents. Please dont forget the show is hiliarius. I love this show. My favorite caracter is Steh Cohen is amazing guy.
  • The is one of my favorite shows ever.

    This is one of favorite shows even though it's over. I never actually watched it on television before only once or twice. It's diffetently a show to watch over and over again. I've actually watched the first seacon three times alreday in the last week and a half. Sometimes I only watch my favorite eposides that are really good. Every time Iwatch the show it feels like it's the first time I ever watched the show.It never get's boring espeacially the character ryan.He's so hot,that's why the show never gets boring and Seth is funny.Ryan is the kind of boyfriend I would want. In "the countdown" right at the split second counting down to one he runs through the door and kisses Marissa. That's my favorite eposoide.
  • Truly An Awesome and Thought Provoking Show!!!

    The show follows the life of outsider Ryan Atwood (Bad Boy from Chino) and shows how he fits into life at the O.C and how he affects the lives and loves of the new people around him. My Reason for loving this show so immensely is simply the chemistry between all of the characters is amazing and the plot line constantly delivers every episode as a new chapter opens up and new secrets are revealed and new sub plots are developed. Basically to sum up just watch the O.C because it is awesome! even though unfortunately it has ended after an awesome 4 seasons of non-stop entertainment it doesn't stop those who haven't watched it getting into it and those who have from watching it again!
  • currentely it has ended, but as with any long forgotten television series...we always have dvd :)

    the love life and trials of some of the prettiest people we shall never meet. this is the basic synopsis for the oc (or it should be anyways) the rags to riches story of ryan has made every middle class boy of a certain age dream that one day, just one day, a upper class family made up of a jewish lawyer type person, a blonde hot mum and a nerdy son will sweep you off your feet and take you to a life of money, private education, sun and of course...mischa barton and rachel bilson =D. enough to make anyboy dream i know. i have been saddened by the programs end but i am not crying over spilt OJ over my bagel on my breakfast bar in my plush mansion, for i will (as i has already said in my summary) have dvd.
  • The OC has definately come back to it's former glory this season! This season has not let me down a bit, it has been gripping, sad, funny, romantic and everything @ once. For those who stopped watching The OC, too bad! You are missing on a hell of alot!

    The OC has definately come back to it's former glory this season! This season has not let me down a bit, it has been gripping, sad, funny, romantic and everything @ once. The OC is back, and the people who stopped wathcing it, Too bad for them because it is off the hook!! TheOC4Ever!

    If FOX cancels this season, they are out of their minds, they need to give it more episodes, lets say 22 and need to give The Oc a season 5, because realistically now, what would any of us do without The OC!

    It really sucks now that The OC has been cancelled by unappreciative FOX who expects all of it's shows to be #1 on the night, they will soon enough feel the loss of nearly 5 million viewers.

    I know that no show will ever take the place of The OC.. The Oc will live on in my heart till the day i die, i am completely obsessed and will never forget it! :( RIP OC!
  • Watched all 4 seasons. Loved it

    I was very very sad to see this great show come to a close. I miss some of th characters from earlier seasons but i really began to have a soft spot for kaitlin Cooper now that Marissa is gone. THe last episode was very touching and i really didnt want it to end. But i feel the last episode answered alot of questions and it was very good.

    My favourite character was Seth throughout the series as he is like me in many ways. i hope many more shows like this come across me one day. If you liked this i suggest one tree hill.

    Great show
  • The series was about a troubled kid called Ryan atwood who who taken under the wing off Sandy Cohen and his family. Here Ryan creates a bond with Sandys son Seth. This leads then on a trip that ryan woud never have thought would happen to him.

    This series was the best around when it came out it had everything a teenager wanted. It had love, friendship, betrayal, it had all the works. Seaon 1 was brilliant you could say that what some series had in 3 seasons O.c had it in one. It kept viewer longind for more each week. Season 2 was also very good, not better than season one but on a par. The split of ryan and marissa i think is what caused the downfall. Season 3 had its ups and down but then season four just lost its spark due to marissa dieing in the season before, even though the last few episodes of season four especially the finale and earthquake were brilliant.
  • What has gone wrong??

    what has gone wrong with this great show??
    The first 2 seasons of the show were fantastic. Then the 3rd season just lost it for me it all started to spiral out of control. Then the 4th season started and I was started to really enjoy it again. But again it has started to annoy me with the toing and frowing with ryan and taylor, i just ask WHY?? I think that it is really starting to fail but i am really looking forward to the last 6 episodes and how they are going to end it?? I wanna know.
  • amazin show about ryan, marissa(til they killed her), summer, seth, and taylor(in the last season), teenagers livin in orange county california.

    this show is ful of drama. i tuned in 2 late and only got 2 watch the final 2 seasons. i pity those who never got to watch this show wile it was on the air. i believe it should be brought back and put on the cw, replacin 7th Heaven, who has had its chance and lived a long run of seasons. wile i like 7th Heaven, i find it to be gettin old and in need of replacement by another, younger show such as the oc. PLEAS consider resurrectin it and placin it on THE CW!!! trust me, its worth it
  • About rich teens living in Orange County, California.

    I really really really miss this show! It should of not ended just because Marissa left. I missed her but I still thought the show was great! Taylor and Ryan hooked up this season, Seth and Summer are still together, Seth has a new sister and Kaitlin gets a brother! I started watching this show in season 3 and really liked it so I started watching it and I need to watch the first 2 seasons even though I seen part of season 1 episode number 2. This is my third favorite show and I miss it and it wasn't ready to end!
  • love it, but sad to see it go.

    i thought that it was the best season fianaly, but i am so sad to see it go. i almost wish they wouldn't have ended the way it did, so some other net work would have an easier time picking it up. i wish more would have happened with ryan and taylor. and who did julie end up being with? frank or the bullit. i hope not the bullit just because he had to many kids already. i just keep hoping they will say surprise and there be one more episode for us to watch. and they should have added some more marissa in there too. in the flash backs.
  • A great show til season 3, but series 4 is classic O.C

    A great show til season 3 which probably signaled the beginning of the end of the show with annoying storylines and lack of orignality. Season 4 is up there with 1 and 2 as great seasons because it was refreshing and better to watch than the third. Series 1 is the best of all 4 and will be remembered for Luke saying to Ryan in the pilot "welcome to the O.C. b*tch Losing charactors such as Marissa, luke, Caleb and Jimmy didnt help the show because they all added alot to it. I think they could have got another season out of the show because it would have been interesting to see what would happen to them in the future. Hope you agree with the review.
  • life in the oc

    i have whached the show from the start, and i ahve to say that i like it so much better now that marisa is gone sorry if i spellt it wrong. i never liked the character and i think ryan is better with out her he has less stress in his life, ans appers to be happyer now that he is with taylor. sorry if i spellt that wrong to. i am just so glad the summer and seth got married seth is my fav character he is so funny and cute. i hope ryan and taylor are togther cos you dont know at the end i like to think they are.
  • The show was awsome. Very good story lines my son is only 9 yrs. old and he got into the show and he usually does not get into my shows and it surprised me that he did. My son wants to watch it all the time with me. I have soon to be all 4 box sets. KUDOS

    This show has been my favorite show since the beginning and it will always be my favorite show. This show has alot of memories for me growing up and dealing pure pressure from friends, if yu don't drink or don't do drugs then you are not cool. But I learned by my mistakes. In this show the story lines were awsome, and the people that had the story lines did an awsome job. Thank-you for 4 good years and I wish the show would of never ended because it was a very good show, job well done. thank-you for a good show
  • I have to say i am EXTREMELY disappionted that the oc is finishing i looked forward to watching it every week.

    I have to say i am EXTREMELY disappionted that the oc is finishing i look forward to it every week and frankly wish it had been an every day show, i really wish they would rethink there decision and BRING IT BACK! I do think it was the best show before they killed off misha barton as she was one of my favorite characters but have now got use to it with autumn reeser and still think it is the best show (if only there was a way to bring her back from the dead)The excuse they have given so i heard is that their are not enough viewers in the states to continue with production but what about the viewers in the uk is there not enough of them? Neighbours was unsuccessful in the states and they were going to cancel the show however look at it now with the support of viewers from the uk that show has continued for years. This is the second show (charmed is the other show i liked)i have really liked and watched constently and it is now being axed what is T.V coming to!!!!!
  • This started out as an awesome show. Then the writers started repeating themselves.

    I understand why it had to go. For me, season 2 and 3 starting repeating what already happened and that started to get on my nerves. So of course, they wait until the 4th season to give me Ryan and Taylor, which I loved, and now they're gone. She was so adorable to watch and the episode where everywhere Ryan looked, he was daydreaming about her, it was great. I will miss that starter relationship the most. Farewell!!
  • The O.C is a great show but over the summer people have gone a bit OTT with the episode ratings!

    I'm looking forward to season 4. Change is feared by most people but we mustn't judge untill we've seen the finnished product. The season 3 finale was the best epidoe of the entire show. The show always produces very good episodes (but it always has a problem with starting new seasons, as the premiers of seasons 2 and 3 was a snooze fest!).
    The Characters are all likeable but Seth and Summer are my faveourite. They're kinda like the Jack and Karen of Will and Grace becuase they have great chemestry, they're not the most pivitol characters and they're extrememly funny.
    I hope Sandy, Kirstin and Julie remain in the show becuase the adults are an essential part of the show and Kirstin's alcholism has been the best story ark of the show... lets hope Jeri Ryan returns as the villand from the beginning of season 3.
    But being in the UK, we get the episodes later and i always check to see if a good episodes coming up. However, over the summmer, it seems everyones added 10s to each of the episodes and the ratings just look totally unrealistic. I know we dont want to see our fave show with a few low ratings but then whats the point in the ratings system if we're not gonna rate properly? Reviews like "this wasn't the best episode ever but i'm still giving it TEN because it's the OC" are rediculous. Just look at the rating for the show (8.5) and the lowest rated episode (9.0)... that's rather impossible. So, people dont be scared to rate a good episode with a 7 or an excellent episode with an 8.5. And to the producers... keep up the good work!
  • Absolute c***

    This show The O.C is absolute c***.It is a stupid drama show that sends a message to teenagers to fall in love and be a couple while at school.Iam so glad Fox axed it and that Channel 10 will never be able to air it here in Australia ever again.The O.C offically SUCKS dudes.
  • Awesome!!!

    OMG!! I miss it soo much , It should be broughten back. i loved the o.c , i was a decated watcher of all four seasons and i got the first 3 dvd seasons cant wait for the 4th. fox should have keep it going for the whole 4th season and then ended it, would of been better. I'm very sad to see it go.
  • I use to love this show so much!

    I use to love this show so much! this show use to be my favorite show in the whole world but after Marissa died things really did start to go downhill and I just got bored with the O.C and I stopped watching it, I did feel really bad not watching it but I knew that there were other shows that were on and it really wasnt interesting so I couldnt believe it but I did stop watching the O.C. Well from what I have heard about this season it has been great, I cant believe I stopped watching the O.C in the last like nine episodes! I love this show and I will miss it so much because it is one of the best shows that has ever been made!
  • Rich Kids from Orange County, what could be better to watch. See these Teens go through the ruff times that everday people go through and how they are solved. See them grow up and become different people from the start to teh end. Great experience, Enjoy

    This show was an instant hit with the young crowd, this show could relate to those teens that these actors were playing. I think this show started off with a great season, First season got you waiting for next weeks episode. The second season something went wrong, but was still maintaining it, with shocks and changes. The third season ended in a way that i dont think anyone wanted but overall the 3rd season was a waste of time. The 4th as it was getting better FOX pulled the string on the show. I hope there will be a show like this soon, its nice to see what you may have been like years back.
  • I'm so sad to see this show go

    The O.C. was definately by far my favorite show on television. It had a rough season last year but it definately came out of it's funk with the 4th season. It's so sad to see this show go because it the first show that I watched from the very first episode to the very last. This show was a constant revitalization from a long week at school and I will miss it immensely for my last year of school ahead of me. The plots on the show were ones that kids could easily relate to and really feel the pain and joy of the characters. I just hope that future writers can tap into the awesomeness that was the O.C. and come up with a new show that teens can relate to.
  • Sun, Surf, Sex- 3 key components of the OC. But thats not all. Watch Ryan, Seth, Summer, Marissa (up to end of S3), Sandy, Kirsten and the rest of the Californian's as they go about life in the OC.

    Quite simply, the best show that was on TV since Friends. The OC has it all- comedy, drama and sheer entertainment. The acting was top notch, the characters were loveable, the writing was incredible and the show just had an aura of greatness. Sadly its gone but the followers will live on- Bring on an OC movie!!!

    The last episode was awesome- they definately went out with a bang!!! The last scene was so powerful, it will go down in history as one of the best television scenes of all time... Now I never cry, but I wont lie- I was getting a little choked up!!! (LOL)

    Anyways, thats my 2 cents. Laters
  • I LOVE THE OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG i totally forgot about reviewing The OC.
    I think The OC was the best shows ever created ever in any country and in state and in any univers.
    I have seen ever single episode 1 and every episode before season 4 three times or more. My favourite character in The OC is all of them but by the smallest of margense Seth because he was always nice and has always been funny thorugh single episode.
    I also liked trey for the times he was there and i thought it would of been good if they invloved him in the last episode so him and Ryan could have a family reunion with Frank. Im sad now that it is finished. i never thought it would finish because before season 4 it got all the rateing and all the kids choice awards....... i wish it didnt end......... :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  • The OC (Orange County) takes place in the heart of The OC known as Newport Beach. With a vast array of characters like the Comic-Geek, The Beauty and her Best Friend, Influential parents and lets not forget the loner who doesn't seem to belong anywhere.

    This show sparks a new dawn of "Hope" for all the avid OC Viewers out their. With the show's finale being a montage like film ending their is room for Spin-Off's and their is a large possibility for an "OC Reunion" episode. In FOX's mind the OC had overstayed it's welcome on their network, and in a marketing standpoint they were 100% right. Each season the show recieved worse ratings than the one before but not just because of one reason. Some people may have stopped watching for several reasons, a main reason that was noticed early on was the Time-Slot changed which conflicted Smallville. After someone watches smallville they may not be able to watch another show so they chose the earlier one due to that's when they just got home and wanted to relax. Another huge factor was the death of marissa which Josh Schwartz thought would boost the ratings tremendously. Well what can I say? He was wrong, thats for sure. Otherwise, the farewell episode to the unforgetable series will stay in everyones minds and hearts for years to come. Lets thank everyone who made The OC possible and keep sending those harrasing emails to the one's who cancelled it!
  • "The O.C." is not your typical soap opera/drama show. It is by far the most interesting and entertaining show of its kind.

    This show presents a great deal of ideas on how we would picture ourselves in the different stages of life. It invites us to relate to the very amusing characters as if we were in their shoes. Then, we would be able to imagine a whole lot of answers to the WHAT IF's that occasionally visit our thoughts. This can then help us understand, appreciate and realize the facts of life that we normally wouldn't care about or accept.. or we could just simply agree to the events that take place in each episode and be entertained.
  • The OC showcases the lives of teenagers crossing the emotional quotient of their time. Covered in wealth, each of the characters deals with the circumstantial intricacies. A chain of problems proves how difficult life can be, irregardless of status.

    The O.C. is a drama series meant to titillate the emotions of the teenagers of this generation. The characters are presented in such a way that viewers can look up to them as their icons, basically because of the appeal in fashion and wealth. Close to perfection is the kind of influence the show is trying to convey. Nonetheless, it provides a pinch of reality, that tantamount to the cash you have in your pocket, life can never be in bliss. Problems bombard your path as portrayed by Marissa's story. Past delinquent behavior haunts your present status as shown by Ryan's character. Etc. Etc. Imperfection therefore is part of our being.
  • The O.C. Season One Awards

    Season One Awards

    I cannot believe it.This shows over(Sobs...Sobs...)
    But before I bid this show its final goodbye;I'm going to give awards on all the seasons,as a way of honouring a show that has been the center of my universe since the beggining.I am also writitng this to all those who hasn't watch or hadn't heard of this show(Shame on you!);its good.Watch it.

    Most Controversial Character

    Nominees are:

    1.Julie Cooper
    2.Luke Ward
    3.Oliver Trask
    4.Nana Cohen
    5.Hailey Nichol

    Runner-up:Oliver Trask

    The character of Oliver Trask has always been debated by O.C. fans and I find him very difficult to relate to and hard for me to like him as a villain.His potrayal of a kid with mental illness and change in personality(Especially from The Third Wheel to The Links)is still too sudden and not well done.He was evolved way too fast for the viewers to catch on.(He only appeared in 5 episodes).

    Winner:Luke Ward

    I know this is probably very unorthodox of me to pick him, but I have to show you my point.In the first five episodes, Luke was portrayed as the jealous boyfriend.Jealous of Ryan.After the shooting,his reaction to Ryan changed extremely,thanking him happily.After his father came out,he made friends with Ryan and the crew way too easily and his outbursts of eagerness were at best,pathetic.He was always potrayed as extremely one-sided.His love for Julie was revolting and vomit-inducing.Him claiming he still loved her was horribly pathetic,to say the least.If you watch the first episode with Luke and the last episode with him in it,you would never believe it.It's hard to see such a big character like Luke go down in such a bad way.

    Best Guest-Starring Character

    Nominees are:

    1.Hailey Nichol
    2.Anna Stern
    3.Theresa Diaz
    4.Dawn Atwood
    5.Caleb Nichol

    Runner-up:Theresa Diaz

    Before Theresa Diaz showed up,I always thought there was a missing link in Ryan and Chino.Then,Poof.Here's Theresa.She showed us the world Ryan was in before he came to Newport. The engagement to Eddie was surprising and the fact that Eddie abused her and her pregnancy is more than enough to show the viewers what kind of world Ryan was once in. Navi Rawat also did a brilliant job potraying such a weakened character.

    Winner:Anna Stern

    Anna was a fresh face in the show.Very unique in terms of character and somewhat mirroring Seth's sense of humour.The scenes between Anna Stern and Seth are definitely unforgettable.Her down-to-Earth personality complimented Seth.Yet,her departure was forseen as her storyline was more more-or-less centered on Seth(Who chose Summer).She is a great character,written very well,and Samaire Armstrong gave the character the cute edge and sassy-ness it needed.

    Worst Guest-Starring Character

    Nominees are:

    1.Grady Bridges
    2.Kate(Paris Hilton)
    4.Rachael Hoffman
    5.Taryn Baker

    Runner-up:Grady Bridges

    I have no idea what came into the minds of the writers when they came out with such a stupid character.The only logical reason I can think of is that they did that was so the gang could go to L.A.Maybe the character was supposed to be like this,but I find Grady self-centered,clueless,stupid and ridiculously bland.Colin Hanks acting didn't struck as brilliant either;The only reason he's here is the fact that he was in the movie Orange County

    Winner:Kate(Paris Hilton)/Rachael Hoffman

    One would know that Paris Hilton is shoo-in to win(I agree!)But she tied with Rachael because Rachael dissapointed me more.Kate(Paris Hilton) appeared in The L.A. and did nothing but flirt with Seth and merely has three lines.She could have easily been invisible and no one would have notice.Paris' acting sucks and thats why Kate is just a creepy parody of her.

    Rachael Hoffman;I don't know what to make of it.She is a friend and co-worker of Sandy,accused of having an affair with him by Caleb,and flirted with Sandy.When Sandy rejected her advances,she shrugged it off as if it were nothing.(The Homecoming).Then,she dissappeared;Never to be mentioned again.She had so much potential,the writers,however, took the easy way out.What the hell were they thinking!!!

    Best Main Character of Season One


    All Main Characters

    Runner-up:Ryan Atwood

    He is undoubtly one of the characters The O.C. cannot go on without.He is thrust into the world of the O.C. while handling what he left behind.(Chino,Theresa,Eddie,Trey and Dawn) and finding out what O.C. has in store.(Marrissa Cooper and the Cohens).He is the main focus of the first season and Benjamin does a great job potraying him.His character was well written(His savior complex-Theresa and Marrissa) and most of the scenes he was in were brilliant.

    Winner:Julie Cooper-Nichol

    The biggest B**** in town.She is everything Newport is about.And a wonderful character to dwell on without getting bored.At first,I thought she would be another dumb O.C. bimbo(Think Tary Baker)But she surprised me.A lot.Her reaction to Jimmy troubles were done well,maybe a little predicatable.Her moving on to Caleb is a shock yet you don't think that it is impossible.Her fling with Luke as stated above,seemed like something Julie would do every day.She is the kind who can do the impossible like a person ride a bike.She steals every scene she's in.Her Weeding in The Ties That Bind was nice yet her face in the dress gave a nostalgic feel.Displaying how well she's done as villainess of the O.C.She is definitely, the best character on the show.

    Most Memorable Quote:

    Nominees are:

    Every Line on The Show


    Kirsten(Ranting about Caleb-Julie's marriage): This is an unholy alliance. This is two storm fronts colliding. This is the apocalypse for us all!

    This monologue more-of-less sums up the shock and awe of everybody in Newport and the viewers themselves.It was scary yet charmingly cute.This also gave us insight on Kirsten's relationship with her father.


    Luke(to Ryan): Welcome to the O.C.,b**** There is no explanation needed(Going to give one anyway).This line is the red carpet and signal of the birth of a new hit TV series.

    Most Memorable Scene:

    Nominees are:

    Every Scene on the Show

    Runner-up:Anna's Farewell to Seth(The Goodbye Girl)/ Seth & Summer making out on Cart(The Telenovela)

    Anna's farewell was wonderful.It was truly sad how their relationship doesn't work.Anna's letter and their last words together were amazing.They both stole the scene and viewers were amazed at how well the thing looked.The actors playing them were great.This is one scene I will never forget.

    Seth & Summer was forseen(At least by Me) to work out against all odds.This was their great symbol of love.It was magestic without losing its humour(You owe me ten bucks, Cohen)The love between the characters were undeniable and the passion felt was indescribable.This was the start of their epic romance(which lasted till the end of Season 4).

    Winner:Ryan saying Goodbye to Marrissa (The Ties That Bind)

    This last scene in the last episode was brilliant.They actually didn't say goodbye,which made this scene even greater as it showed the viewers that words doesn't have to be exchanged for the feeling to be felt.The music was great too.

    This is the End of the Awards Ceremony.I would like to extend my gratitude to all who had contributed to this and made this event a great success.
  • Why are we getting rid of The OC?

    This show is fun, realistic, full of fashion, teenage drama, cute personalities, and some bigs stars were born here. Why can Fox decide to stop a well writen television show like The OC? Fox tends to say that "When people can't get enough then it is perfect to sotp." No! I, along with others, Love The OC. Fans are disappointed and need recognition. The "Orange County Crew" hasn't even graduated college! Please, bring it back!
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