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  • Why are we getting rid of The OC?

    This show is fun, realistic, full of fashion, teenage drama, cute personalities, and some bigs stars were born here. Why can Fox decide to stop a well writen television show like The OC? Fox tends to say that "When people can't get enough then it is perfect to sotp." No! I, along with others, Love The OC. Fans are disappointed and need recognition. The "Orange County Crew" hasn't even graduated college! Please, bring it back!
  • One season shines over everything. It was the thing to watch. Three seasons fallowed - they uncovered structural problems, still two seasons were fun to watch. One season shouldn't exist. Read for more details.

    The O.C. was a very interesting series I enjoyed to watch. Back in season one; this was the show you just had to watch. Everyone talked about it and everyone watched it. It was a fun show: all the good looking people all madly in love – that was really fun. People hoped for Seth and enjoyed Marissa’s broken heart. The shiny happy world was perfect.

    Then the second season started and everything was just the same. So people started to get bored and stopped watching. So the show producers and writers thought the people would want more drama. So they added more drama and since the ratings still were pretty good the season ended like that and everyone was still happy.

    Then season three started. Same concept again. Still no new ideas and the only concept the writers did have, was to bring in more drama. So the show got to an incredibly low level: It was everything all over again: More drama. The worst thing about that, all that drama had to focus on only one person: Marissa. All the others were just around hurting to watch her, but that’s all they ever did. And since you could tell what’s happening, but just had to replace the name of Marissa’s latest friend. The stories got worse every single week. I barely could stand to watch it further. Many others didn’t and so the ratings dropped to the absolute low. The network however didn’t saw what was going on, but still had the dream of the season one ratings and the hype the show had. I don’t know any details, but I believe Mischa Barton saw and knew that the show couldn’t be saved anymore, so she did the best thing she could do: she left. For most of the remaining fans, that was the last nail in the coffin. So they zapped away as well. I don’t blame them.

    With the fourth season some fun came back. The super sweet kid Kaitlin who just tried to get her own family was a really nice addition. Of course she lied to everyone and manipulated everything. But the best thing that could happen to the show was Taylor. She was everything what the show needed. She was beautiful, funny and desperately in love. That was again so sweet and really nice to see. Sadly once again, the writers were too limited and only could handle barely more than one couple. They focused on Taylor and Ryan and tried to do something with Julie as well. But with that, Summer and Seth and his parents got lost entirely. Everything ended pretty cheap; still the show had a chance with the entire fourth season. They used it at least partially.

    In the end I can say that it was worth watching. The first season, was just the show to watch and it was guilty pleasure (10 out of 10). This season was everything form a trendsetter to most admired lifestyle and clothing style. It reflects the dream of an entire society at that time: Beauty, wealth and the hunger to love in the knowledge that nothing is forever.
    The second season was ok and had some nice moments as well especially with Alex (8 out of 10).
    The third season was bad, really bad. I often watched it a few days after when I had more time. It just wasn’t worth any trouble. When you haven’t watched the show yet, don’t watch this season – it isn’t worth it (3 out of 10).
    The fourth season however had some really bright moments and some dark moments as well. The funny moments are surly worth to watch this season. (8.5 out of 10).

    Over all I loved this show. I loved three out of four seasons. That’s why I give this show a nine. Season one shines just over everything – that’s why this number is so high. One season that was the thing you simply had to watch. The flow of things just is perfect. For this season alone this show deserves to be watched.
  • A family adopts a troubled boy, Ryan, into their family. He turns their family upside down but for the better. This shows shows us that rich people have a lot of problems, too. But this show shows us the troubles with humor and beautiful people.

    I love The OC. I was really sad when they cancelled it. But i have to say that they ended it beautifully. I think that the OC should have changed their time slot instead of completing with Grey's Anatomy. If they maybe changed their timeslot, they would have had better ratings. i haven't started watching Grey's Anatomy yet but i do have it on DVD. I wanted to give my time to the OC. I find this season really exciting to watch. There's so much more humor this season and i loved it. The cast so great, and i'm really going to miss watching them altogether.
  • Pretty awesome show

    it sucks that the show is ending and i just started watching it this season
    i like taylor and ryan together and i got no idea why thier canceling it
    but i liked it so far
    the actors are good
    seth and summer are adorable together kinda sucks they broke up in real life though
  • The O.C. is orignally about a boy, Ryan, who is from a very poor community and is adopted by a family from Newport Beach. During the seasons he becomes a part of the Newport community, but it is still about his and his friends problems.

    The O.C. is a great show! I started watching it during the 1st season and was not able to miss an episode since I watched the first one!
    Eventhough it takes place in a town that is not characteristic for other towns in America, that is what it makes unique. To show how people handle their problems in the rich communities and how people who originally does not belong there are treated. Anyway, I think that the show was great until the last episode. I hope that The O.C. will not be one of the forgotten shows. People should remember that great show and I know that I will!
  • Ryan Atwood is an outsider from the low-income neighborhood who arrives in the high class town of Newport Beach after he and his brother steal a car. This is about Ryan, his friends and even their parents too.

    I've never been one for "teeny" drama shows, but I think I'm softening up to them in my old age. I was a late comer to The O.C., not really watching the show until the middle of the second season. I've seen all of the episodes and believe that the third season was definately not up to the quality of the first and second seasons. When the fourth season debuted, it seemed to breathe some life back into the series and was a great improvement over season three (although this didn't stop the ratings from falling and Fox from cancelling the series).

    The O.C. circles primarilly around the lives of Newport teens Seth Cohen, Ryan Atwood, Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts (later introducing Taylor Townsend and Kaitlin Cooper as major characters). It deals with their relationships, they challenges they face, with of course the added dash of sensationalized drama. The show started focusing on Ryan's struggle to fit into his new environment, but progressed to the crazy situations and struggles the kids face.

    This is a show that has tried to steer itself away from the pure "teen drama" labels that other shows like it have had by introducing adults into the story. Aside from hearing about kids exploits, you also hear about their families (which are rather disfuntional at times), and their parents love lives, dilemmas and professional problems. These plot threads are just as much parts of The O.C's story as the story involving the kids is and are major parts of the show's overall plot development. You definately get the feeling that the show isn't just about teens, but the writers want to tell adult stories too. This makes the show all the more appealing to viewers of all ages.

    The O.C. debuted August 5, 2003 and quickly became a hit sensation. The show came to a conclusion on February 22, 2007 after four seasons (with the last season being a short 16 episodes). Over those four seasons the show had to deal with the loss of a few major characters, a decline in ratings and overall buzz generated by the show and the premiere of other strong Thursday night competitors like ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

    If you like other "teen drama" shows like One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, or the host of others that have been out, you'll probably like The O.C. Even if you haven't seen these types of shows you might be surprised at just how the show can suck you in with it's blend of humor and sensationalism.
  • The O.C. started off as a great show, it went through its rough times, with bad seasons like season 3 and really good moments like the first season. To see it end is just bizarre.

    Even when I kept watching The O.C. knowing it would end in a couple of weeks, I didn't think that by the end of the series finale I would actually feel as if it was the end of an era.

    Sure the show wasn't anything like what it was when it first started, with no Marissa on the show it was just different, but in my honest opinion season 4 was way better than season 3, which I think was a train wreck.

    With a perfect series finale, The O.C. says goodbye to all its viewers, who probably years from now will remember how Ryan punched every face in Newport, all of Marissa breakdowns, how Summer turned from pretty and popular into environmental girl and Seth's taste for comic books, music and movies.

    Even if the show left us not at its best, it still can be said it makes you feel a bit weird seeing Ryan at the end watch that troubled kid. History would only repeat itself, and you know you would just want to watch it all over again.
  • chiar dak sunt actori nu au reusit sa nu se faca observata despartirea din realitate summer si seth aveau o vraja care te facea sa-i placi pe loc insa despartirea sa vazut clar, sunt distanti si asta a facut ca sez 4 sa fie unul de umplutura

    ingrozitor chiar dak sunt actori nu au reusit sa nu se faca observata despartirea din realitate summer si seth formau un cuplu perfec aveau o vraja care te faceai sa-i placi pe loc insa despartirea sa vazut clar, sunt distanti si asta a facut ca sez 4 sa fie unul de umplutura mai bine se lipseau sincer eram indragostita d toti acotorii dar sez 4 m-a facut sa-l vad doar asa sa nu ma fi uitat degeaba la celelalte sezoane, lipsa misch-ei s-a observat nu mult deoarece devenise prea disturbata mintal dar asa k perforanta a intregului serial imi pare rau dar sunt total dezamagita
  • Fantastic Finale!!!

    Well, I love this show and always will, but I must say that the finale was awesome! At least we got to see where and how everyone ended up! I love that everyone become a success in their own way. I think the show ended great and I look forward to seeing the reruns on Soapnet, at least one network is smart enough to keep 'em comin! I dont know if I will continue to watch tv any more if they keep taking away the good shows, they do that all the time! Anyways the OC will always be remembered!
  • The series finale "The ends not near, its here" was an amzing episode. i thought that the oc may try to hard to make it all sad and depressing but they had a lot of happiness and joy in the episode i really enjoyed and though the flashbacks were great!!

    This show is really amazing, i cant believe its over, i mean come on! season four was the best and no one even watched it, its such a shame. just because season three was a bit weak at times everyone stopped watching this show?? that doesnt make sense? many shows have had bad seasons .. friends had like 3 and still it was still huge!! its really to bad, but i guess s**t happens and its time to call it quits for the oc!!. I hope everyone watched the season finale it was amazzingg ??? alright so long oc, its been something
  • The Chrismukk-huh? Best Ep Ever!

    I love alternate universes! They are awesome. This was an awesome episode. It was so cool, how Taylor could have been a boy. Sandy and Julie being married was the funniest thing ever. I loved Jimmy being back, that was great. The idea of Marissa being back was just weird, I mean, she's dead. That's the way it should stay. Sandy and Kirsten not being together was just wriong, don't you think? They are the only couple that has been together throughout the entire series, it's just not right that they weren't together for this ep. It was really fun though.
  • This show fell downhill after killing off Mischa Barton who played Marissa Cooper. The OC is classified as a drama and she brought the drama. Why would Josh spend 3 years building up a relationship between Ryan and Marissa only to kill her off?

    I am a huge fan of this show and have been since the second season. I bought the first season on DVD and immediatly loved the show, but to admit it I was a bit disappointed when it didn't continue on as fabulously. I think the show was still great but you just couldn't compare with the first season. The first season had the right amount of drama and the characters were all so loveable. I would just like to talk about Mischa for a minute-I loved her character the moment I saw the show. She was vulnerable, innocent, troubled and yes, dramatic. People complain on how whiny she was but I never saw that. Who wouldn't whine with a life like hers? I mean, sure, she had the big house, the popularity, the jock boyfriend and the seemingly perfect family, but it was all an illusion. Maybe it was a bit extreme to OD in Tijuana after seeing her boyfriend cheating on her and her parents divorcing, but she has problems like all of us do. The big house and seemingly perfect life don't fix whats really going on. She couldn't deal with the things going on in her life, didn't think twice, and downed a handful of painkillers followed by tequila. What I loved was the Marissa/Ryan relationship. They were always my favorite. He was so much like her yet they were so different. He had come from this bad town, Chino, where his dad was in jail, his mom was an alcoholic, and his moms boyfriends were abusive. Marissa had never experienced that but she connected with him with the family deal. Bottom line, I don't like when people bag Marissa because of her behavior, when half the people who do that whine even more. This was my first review, so please, give me some slack!
  • Without Marissa on the show everyone is crumbling down after her death. Ryan developed a new relationship with Taylor townsend, Summer and Seth's relationship takes a wrong turn and Kirsten is pregnant. How will the shows last episode end?

    My fave TV show. I have the first 3 Seasons on DVD. I wonder when the fourth one will come out. Just can't believe the show is getting cancelled. What will I watch on Thursday nights now? Well, I think I better hang out with friends now. Julie's third marriage will probably not last long, Summer and Seth will be together forever and the new baby Cohen will not see her new big brother Seth.
  • Ryan Atwood is a troubled child from Chino, who moves in with the Cohen family after being kicked out of his house. He learns to adjust to the luxe Newport life, while he finds love, friends, and causes all types of problems.

    The O.C. is the best show ever to hit the air! The idea had never been done before, and it was so original. I thought all the storylines were amazing, and I loved how they proved that one person can change a whole community. I thought that the Ryan-Marissa realationship showed a real teenage realationship. Even though, the show can sometimes be overly-dramatic, its addicting. I have seen every episode since it aired, and none of the storylines made me ever change the channel. I know everything about the O.C., and I can recite the pilot word for word. This show also changed t.v when they killed off Marissa. Even though I was sad, and knew the O.C. would never be as good as it was with Marissa, I still watched loyally every Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. It's my favorite show forever, and I am very sad that it's ending. But, I think that it's time has run out. But, overall the whole show was five stars. So, good job Josh!
  • well, its after the earthequake, and everyone except ryan and kirsten are ok. ryan has glass in his back. kirsten thinks something is not right. taylors a freak. summer is trying to save pancakes. and seth is awesome. he saves ryan.

    well, i thought it was good. not the best but cute. i love how seth saved ryan with that little shopping cart and gave the homeless guy his car. hes the best. and i loved the end when everytone united it was rlly cute. i liked the part when taylors mom was in the wagon with her toe messed up. it was rlly nice how now we found out kirstens ok n having a girl. josh is rlly trying to sum it all up wich i think is great. each character is ending off in a good direction which i like.
  • The greatest teenage show of our era

    The OC is the only show that I have ever watched weekly and been personally attached to, and it is a shame that it's ending. I watched The OC for the first time on August 5, 2003 because I had heard it was based on my hometown, Orange County, and after watching it I knew that it was something special. The entire first season was undoubtedly the best, and it contained series classics like "The Pilot," "The Heights," and my favorite OC episode of all time "The Countdown." Season 2 started off slowly, but when they got to "The Rainy Day Women" the show was back on track and just as good as season 1. The Core Four reunited and Trey came in to stir up the drama. Season 3 started out great with the first 3 episodes which were all based around the main characters rather than guest stars, but the show quickly started to sink in quality, even with the decline in writing, the show still managed to have a few more good episodes during the season including "The Anger Management," "The Safe Harbor" and "The Sister Act." After they killed off Marissa I thought I was done with the show, but I tuned into "The Avengers" and saw that The OC had completely reinvented itself so I stayed tuned in. For the most part the first 10 episodes were pretty solid, even though I strongly dislike Ryan/Taylor, it's better than Ryan/Sadie. The show had two straight crappy episodes when Taylor's French husband was on (Who really cares if Taylor was married in France?) but quickly turned it around and after 2 series classic episodes "The Shake Up" and "The Night Moves" The OC is ending with a bang. Even though The OC had some downtime in Season 3, it's definitely one of the best TV shows of the decade, and completely blows other crappy teen shows like "One Tree Hill" and "Laguna Beach" out of the water.
  • Funny, witty drama that tells the story of Ryan Atwood, a strungling teen who finds hope and love with the Cohens. Throughout the show, all the characters grow and change and ulitmately become better people because of the people around them.

    All I can say about this show is wow. When I first saw the commercials for "The O.C." back in the summer of 2003, I had no interest in it at all. But when it came on my mom started to watch it and I caught it one time (I think the 2nd or 3rd episode) and I just fell in love with the show. With all the characters being so amazing and impacting each other in such great ways, not to mention the awesome story lines, I was hooked. Since that day, I haven't missed an episode and watch the show on DVD all the time. It is and will always be my favorite show due to its memorable charcaters and fantastic writing. So, R.I.P. The O.C. and thank you for making my teenage years and the rest of my life just a little bit better.
  • Great witty drama

    I can't believe the O.C has ended, it needs to come back! It was my favourite show ever, and i mean EVER! It was stylish and it had great drama with a mint soundtrack, but the main thing is it was funny! It made fun of it's self and I loved it. The Summer Bummer just aired in England and that was one of the funniest episodes i've seen in The O.C. This show has to come back, it needs to come back but there is no chance of that happening so I'll have to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • love it. my favorite show. i will miss it a lot!!!!!

    I first thought that i would give this show a try. i saw the preview for it on fox four years ago. it looked cool. i never thought i would end up loving it. Season three was bad but I continued watching. my favorite episode was from the first season when Marrissa told Ryan that she loved him and all he said was thank you. i was never a big fan of Misha's tho. she was whinny and annoying at times. i did like Caleb tho. i thought he was an interesting person. i may not have cried when Marissa died but Caleb was a different story. What ever happened to Luke? welcome to The O.C @#$%&.
  • Love it!

    I cant believe this show is getting cancelled! I have all the seasons on boxset and i watch them all the time! season 1 is my favourite because every one was happy in it but season 2 and 3 the characters were all depressed! which brings me on to Marissa! i miss her now that she is dead but man was she annoying! all she done was briong ryan (the babe!) down and just caused problems for everybody! The Oc has its funny moments too and its not all serious! I think season 1 was the best season but i realy love season 4 too! BRING it BACK PLZ!
  • The O.C. is a great show. I just finished watching the 3rd season on DVD. I cannot believe this show is getting cancelled.

    Mostly everyone knows about the O.C. It's famous and one of the better shows out there. It has a great story line. Seth is my favorite paricularly because he seems like he is usually clueless and confused. He is also funny. It seems to me like there is always something different on every show. The characters could not be better played and I think that this show should continue. After Marissa died, it felt like the show kinda slowed down. The show did seem like it would come to an end though. It is just unfortunate that this great show won't have any new episdoes.
  • Great start, terrible middle, good ending.

    When "The O.C." first aired on FOX during the summer of 2003, it quickly captured the hearts and minds of television viewers from all walks of life. From teens to twenty-somethings to adults with children, "The O.C." brought families together and cued water cooler gossip at work.

    The show's humble beginnings in a not so humble area of California (the affluent, Newport Beach) was what drew fans to the show in the first place. It seemed like every viewer was able to relate to at least one character on the show, be it Ryan (the outsider), Seth (the only child), Marissa (the spoiled daughter), Kirsten (the working mom) and Sandy (the humble public defender). While "The O.C." sped through it's first season, it seemed to cover most every major issue that may appear in a teenager's life, some critics said that the show was doomed for an early fall. Well, they were almost right. The show's second season, while not nearly as successful as the first, was still fresh. It was the third season that made fans realize that "The O.C." may be out of steam. Now, here we are, in February of 2007, which is the show's fourth season, and it is about to leave the air. Only a few shows remain.

    What history will remember about "The O.C." is yet to be determined, but for those of us that were influenced by it, we'll remember it for Ryan's glares, Seth's sarcastic humor and Sandy's big heart.
  • The O.C. one of my personal favorite shows that I liked better then Beverly Hills, 90210 tells the story of Ryan, Marissa, Luke, Summer, Seth, Taylor, Kaitlin, Sandy, Kirsten, Caleb, Julie, and Jimmy.

    When the show first started on the pilot episode it was about Ryan coming to Orange County and seeing how the other half lives and befriends cute popular girl Marissa Cooper who is currently dating Luke Ward. The story also tells about Seth's likeness of Summer Roberts a girl from school he has a huge crush on who later become romanticallt involved. The character Taylor Townsend isn't introduced until season 3 but just breifly until she becomes a series regular in season 4 along with Kaitlin after they reintroduce Marissa's sister. The character of Jimmy was written off at the beginning of season two but made a special appearance at Caleb's farewell but then was written off again when he got into trouble with money again at the beginning of season 3 and the Julie Cooper character has come along way since season 1 when she was married to Jimmy Cooper. In a way I think this is the perfect ending of the series has to end it should end here where everything is perfect and since it is now being picked up by another network to shoe repeats is like watching it from the beginning again and that I think is good and uif they did do a spinoff of the O.C. I might watch it depending on if the show is really good.
  • How I got hooked on the OC

    August 5th 2003

    There was a lot of hype about this new show that was about to start. Usually the shows I like are not too popular (or just not popular enough, ex: Arrested development) Usually the shows that are popular I don’t really like. The whole reality fad was lost on me. What kind of person would eat maggots for money?
    I was in my room with my two year old son lying next to me sleeping. The show I’d been watching was ending and this new show was starting. Lots of these shows can be summed up as ‘teens behaving badly” or “rich people with no morals” (I grew up in the J.R. generation.)
    Usually I don’t go for stuff that is over hyped and all I knew about the OC was that it stood for Orange County and I do really like the Jack Black movie by that name. I looked at my sleeping son on my bed. As a single mom I worry about my son having a role model. I don’t have any brothers and his father really is NO role model.
    I decided to base my opinion on the way the boys in the show behave.
    So I watched it.
    Of course, I liked it and eventually grew to love it.

    In the first episode I found the boys to be sweet, sensitive and chivalrous. As the years went on I found the OC to be smart, funny and the people are decent and human. They have their weaknesses but usually make the right decisions. Of course I have more to say on the show but that will come later on an episode by episode basis. There are quite a few lessons we can take from the OC.

    February 10, 2007
    I may need to start an "I miss the O.C." support group. I can't believe it is almost over! Would it have killed them to give us a full season? I'm trying to be brave but I'm really going to miss this show
  • I thought it was a good episode.

    I was surprised about that guy being Ryan's dad. I also like what his name was, Frank Perry. I'm thinking it's an injoke between the writers. Ryan is a Journey fan and the lead singer was Steve Perry, so i guess dad is also a fan and decided to use that last name as an alias. That was a clue that he was Ryan's dad.
  • this show is awesome, i love the drama in it. it reminds me of how my fiends and i act with each other. the whole show and cast are awesome. i want to bring this show back, it would be nice to talk and work things out. Great job all, it will be missed.

    I loved the setting for the show placed in the OC, it had that feel that just brought me in. The pilot season i was like whats this. I didnt know what to think at first, but it made me interested and ive watched it ever since. i think that it has more life in it. just remember good drama brings people in. The cohen family is awesome and that includes summer, ryan, and taylor. When i heard the show was ending my heart stopped, bring it back. I want to help bring it back. Great job again! WOW, this season is going all out. I just cant believe it has 2weeks left:(. Ive grown with everyone on the show and i dont want it to leave.

    I want to start with saying that season 1 was amazing, nothing like any other. Season 2 was great, not as good as season 1 but you cant blame the writers because lets face it, it would be pretty hard to folloy up.

    Season 3 - Mischa Bartons acting was DISMALL to say the least, when her character died I was like "thank god". I dont hate her but that girl just doesnt learn. OLIVER, VOLCHOK, TREY etc.

    P.S. she snitched about her death. Bitter, ungrateful move.

    Season 4 - Brilliant, credit to the writers for making the last arguably the best.
  • Good to start but as it kept going it lost it's edge...

    The first season of this show was absolutely amazing. I was hoping it would stay this way. Unfortunately it didn't have the staying power. Season 2 was good, not as good as the first season but still had a lot of likable characteristics. Then the third season came along and after just a few episodes I knew the show wasn't going to be on for very much longer. I'm actually surprised that they were even given a fourth season. I didn't even make it that far into the third season before I gave up on the show. Sometimes I guess a show only has a certain lifespan before it becomes obsolete.
  • This is my favourite show ever

    First things first, I absolutly love this show. It gets better every season. I think Season 4 wasnt as great as I thought it would have been but at least the first three seasons were good. My mate told me that the ratings have dropped since Mischa Barton left the show. I mean people shoulnt watch a show just coz there is someone really cool on it. What about the other girls like Rachel and Autumn. They are just as cool as Mischa was. Maybe even cooler. I think its stupid the way people watch a show just coz the main star is "the coolest thing ever". Just ask yourself this, "Would you ever watch a show just coz someone cool is on it."
  • I wish this show wasn't going off air soon.

    The OC is definitly one of my favorite shows. I was a little disappointed when they killed Marissa off but Taylor isn't that bad. And can you believe Kirsten's pregnant? A little shocking. It's one of those shows that you never want to end; you just want to continue to see what kind of drama will happen next. There have been some parts in the show that I haven't liked but the high points sure do cancel them out. I hope that Summer and Seth get married before they end the show but I don't think that that will happen. The OC has been a great show for teens to watch and I'm looking forward to the last episodes to see what will happen with everyone.
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