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  • Ive watched the oc since the beggining and its never failed to amuse me and leave me feeling great. the acting is amazing and even though plots may be farfetched or somewhat unbelievable the characters bring it down the earth and enjoyable to watch

    Ive watched the oc since the beggining and its neever failed to amuse me and leave me feeling great.
    the acting is amazing and even though plots may be farfetched or somewhat unbelievable the characters bring it down the earth and enjoyable to watch. since it came on tv its been my favorite show with every box set watched at least 6 times, for 21 hours per box set thats alot.....and my room coverd with it .

    I think sandy supports the whole show. alothough hes not my favorite character i think he is the 1 that brings everything and everyone together.
    summer is beautiful, funny, not self absorbed, and sweet.
    many people think shes annoying and fake but i think she brings ligh tto the series even when darkness lurks in the plot.
    seth is my fave in the show and i think they are matched perfectly on the show and off.

    seth is contantly funny and his problems are enever as big as ryans but always seem tpo take priority. i love that about him and i think hes is really good looking. as ryan is stong and brooding, seth is fragile and adorable.
    his fasions sence is perfect with him living in all stars, as i do and his taste in music and films is the best. he would actualy be my ideal guy.

    now marissa is awsoem i love her. i think shes very self obsessed but thats what builds her character. shes gorgeous and graceful but makes you smile lots. i woulnt say one of my faveorites becasue she seems to bring alot of gloom to every1. however she is full of fun and happiness at times.
    i love her character so much though. and without her its def not the same!!!!

    i could write so much more but not atm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • The OC is definitely one of the best shows on TV. It's a mix of humor, drama, wonderful acting, great music, and absolutely faboulous writing. I love this show, and i cannot believe it is ending :(. Newport beach will always be a home for us all :).

    The OC is amazing. People who don't agree either never gave the show a chance, or think that it is so in the 'mainstream' that it is not worth it. But, people that believe this obviously never got to know the REAL oc. Behind all of the beautiful people, teenage drama, partying, etc. is a fabulous show and those elements actually help it. The drama, though some say is way TOO dramatic, is very enjoyable and helps us to be close to the characters on a personal level. The sarcasm and humor brought on by many of the characters helps to add entertainment to the show, also, and the writing is fabulous. The flashbacks and way the writers use past events to reflect new character traits and events are not only extremely creative but really help to develop the show. If a viewer does not agree, they obviously do not understand the past events involved. ie: Marissa's death was creatively done using flashbacks from marissa & ryan's meeting, and from events in TJ. Without these flashbacks, the scene wouldn't have been as good. The music on the oc is AMAZING and i know people that don't even watch the OC that buy the mixes. The acting is superb, and the chemistry between characters even better. The OC has developed so much throughout these four amazing years we have spent in Newport Beach, and it is so wrong that it has to end. What was supposed to start off as a summer mini-show has developed into a phenomenon. Thanks to all the amazing actors, the amazing chemistry between kandy, the core four, julie & all her crazy stunts, all of the wonderful guest stars (many of which i'm sad i never got to see more of), the crew, fabulous writers, and of course Josh Shwartz, for inventing this place that we have all come to know & love. As Luke gratefully told us, "Welcome to the OC, #$%^!! Once we entered the OC, we really could never get out, and i'm glad i never did :). "I think i could get in more trouble where i'm from". haha. This phenomenon will undoubtedly be missed and FOX is horrible for cancelling it and will regret it. The Pier, the Bate Shop, the Diner, the Pool House, Harbor, the cohen/cooper/roberts houses, and everywhere and everything in between will always be in our hearts. California here we leave....and love, and will greatly miss.

    A Perfect 10 :D.
  • This show is my first LOVE!!!

    Well, I really think that this show is the Best Thing On Television!!! The storylines are great and not too out there for a TV show. I can't believe it's really coming to an end, but then again I wouldn't want it to drag on like 7th Heaven. All in all I think The O.C. has had a good run and I can't wait to see what Josh has come up with for the series finale.
  • i'm so sad for this show..

    i am really disaapointed with this show.. this used to be my favorite.. this is actually the first American show that i watched and it got me really hooked.. i think if not for this show i would not discover how nice American shows are.. this is really close to my heart..

    but I have to agree with everyone else whose saying that this show is not near as good as it was before.. i tried watching the fourth season and i was like "What on earth is this?" i didn't like it at all.. it is really sad that the show got cut.. but I'm actually glad that it did.. this show was going no where..
  • Like it says = Absolutely Fabulous!!!

    It's more than sex, drugs, and indie rock n roll. It has substance and wonderful storylines! Sandy and Kirsten are a great couple and they present a solid backbone to the show. Julie Cooper is incredible and definitely my favorite character; she's hot and scheming, but has a heart and knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it.

    And then there's Ryan...i seriously cannot get enough of him, he is an absolutely stunning example of what a man is. What i wouldn't give to..........

    Anyway...Summer and Seth, the other main relationship of the series is great and really showcases what true love can really represent and the obstacles that almost all relationships encounter.

    I also love how the writers or creators or whatever throw in certain symbols and hint at certain things that only the true fans of the show would know, like certain songs or certain peices of dialogue.

    This show is much more than a pop culture phenom. It's much more and to me fully defines an era in my life. It will be missed. All my Love for the OC
  • Ryan Atwood, the bad boy from Chino, comes to live with the Cohens in the glitz and glamour of Orange County, but through the very first episode we see that nothing is as it seems, especially in the OC!

    THis show is absolutely fantastic. From it's groundbreaking pilot episode up until this latest season where the creativity and writing has peaked to a new level of perfection, the OC has become a world-wide phenomenon. Sure, it's had it's ups and downs, but i think that in the long run, this show will live on in the hearst of its loyal fans as a pivotal moment in their lives.

    The show is so much more than exploiting the lives of the rich and shameless, it's so much more than shopping (i actually think they only went shopping maybe two times in the span of four seasons), its more than "woes me i'm so rich and miserable." It has heart, drama, suspense, and some of the BEST writing on television in the last decade. If you get past the horrible reviews it gets from the people who don't even watch the show, you would see that it actually is an addicting, fun, relevant show that sets trends and breaks boundaries in creativity and writing. This show doesn't deserved to get cancelled, but since it is, it is at least going out on a creative high!
  • Fantastic show

    Full of glitz and glamour, great cars, mansions, clothes, great looking people, great weather, what more could a person want. Ryan from Chino gets taken in by the Cohens who live in Newport and are very rich. Ryan falls for the girl next door but her boyfriend Luke is not the kinda person you want to cross. Marissa finds herself in danger and Ryan comes to her rescue but will this always be the case!!!!!!! Seth, the Cohen's son, was like the invisible guy at school. He had always had the biggest crush on a girl named Summer, who just happens to be Marissa's best friend, he even named his boat after Summer. Anyway he finally gets her to take notice of him and what happens when she realises she is falling for Seth Cohen!!!!Will she risk her popularity for love!!!!! Although life in Orange County may seem perfect as we all know things are not always what they seem.
  • Personal Favorite

    I've known the OC since his beginning (ok, maybe a few months later, cause I live in Portugal) and I can say, I really, really hated the show in the beginning, mostly because of the way they advertised it. The idea that they passed through the advertises was that this was a show where we would just see girls shopping, parties every episode, superficial storylines... Resuming, the life of rich people, plain boring. But after catching it again, maybe a year ago, I started to fall for it, and it turned out to be my favorite show. It's nothing like I thought it was, it's a great show, with great acting, excellent storylines, and a great selection of music, which helps the show to achieve a more high level. Altough the quality dropped in the second and third season (especially in the third), it regained the quality of the first season on the fourth, making it again one of the best-written shows out there. I reccomend you, watch it, cause it's great.
  • Season 1 was the greatest, the second half of the 2nd season saved that season, the 3rd season completed the series. Now the 4th season has run out of ideas, and does not give you the same feeling as watching the first season.

    For all of you disappointed with the OC being axed, don't worry, "Life As We Know It" is a great series that can be compared to the glorious 1st season of the OC, and is definately better than seasons 3 and 4 of the OC by far!!

    If you ask me i will only buy the first 3 seasons, because the 3rd season is an appropriate ending for the series.

    Remember people "Life As We Know It" - i assure you, you wont be disappointed!! Unfortunately LAWKI was axed after the 1st season because of a lack of audience as a result of the ludicrous time slot the abc channel gave it. The thing is that LAWKI hasn't run out of ideas (as the OC), and if fox could get their hands on it, advertised it, it would definately appeal to all those who loved season 1 of the OC!!

    i think that the oc is a great thing to watch i have'nt wacthed soo much but ma friend told me bout it and especially since i m practically in love with chris brown i saw little clips of him in the oc i still cant belive that he's suppose to be an band geek he doesn't really act like it though, he still looks sooo soo soo soo soo soo cute i dont get how pplz dont like him
  • A show that will sometimes surprise you but will most of the time make you wonder what the hell the authors were thinking.

    A show about a young juvie from a rough neighborhood helped by a rich family living in Orange County, California. The biggest problem with the OC (and this is obvious during the first two seasons) is the over-use of the same old story pattern. A character is involved in something that he tries to hide, he makes matter worse and at the moment where it couldn't be less public, the secret comes out of the bag to make way for another secret that will once again come up in front of the biggest possible crowd. Repeat for fifty-something episodes. It's as if the starting writers ran out of ideas after only a couple of episodes. Also it seems that in the OC, when a character does no longer have the possibility of having a secret to be publicly revealed he has to be gone forever. He or she doesn't move on to other things, or find new friends to never be ever heard of ever again, this character has to leave the state or die. The first two seasons are overly repetitive and heavily predictable. I was told that season 3 was the worst when I purchased the DVDs but I ended up liking this one the best because it tried a different approach (even though having secrets publicly revealed and random deaths once in a while). There are some redeeming qualities to this show. The cast is incredible. Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen was an excellent casting decision. Adam Brody as Seth Cohen saves a lot of episodes from being totally boring. I also liked Kelly Rowan and I hope she has a great career long after the OC's cancellation. Mischa Burton is a good actress but her character is so incredibly annoying that she doesn't prove it here. It's the same thing for Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood but not because he's annoying but because he's not saying much. Melinda Clarke's performance is often hurt because of the writers who don't help much in making her character believable or likable, that is until season 3. As for Rachel Bilson, at the beginning of the show I would have liked to see her character ran over by a truck but in the end she's a big part of the comic relief. Also some recurring characters left way too early (Samaire Armstrong's character comes to mind)

    The OC does a lot of things wrong, but humor is not one of them. No matter how repetitive or impossible it gets, it's still fun to watch for those fives minutes with Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson or for Peter's one-liners.
  • A good show

    The O C is a fairly interesting show to watch to pass the time when you are looking for a show to watch on Thursday nights. But one thing that happened is that FOX decided to do is cancel the show on February 22, 2007. I wonder why fox is going to cancel the show. The song California is stuck in my head. . . . . . . . . California, California. This is pretty good so I will give it a 7.7 out of 10 since it is a bit weak-minded Come on fox don't end the show.
  • A great cast with chemistry and sarcasim. At first you might think stereotypical show like 90210 but far it's not.

    At first I wasn't going to watch it because I thought 90210, but I just had a good feeling about it. What got me to watch it is the character Ryan Atwood, played by rookie actor Benjamin McKenzie. Ben does a great job playing Ryan Atwood a disgruntled teen, with physically and drug abusing parents, and a brother that can't keep himself and his brother out of trouble. But Mr. Big Shot attorney Sandy Cohen helps Ryan get out of trouble. After Ryan's brother steals a car and gets into a police chase with Ryan in the car. Well, Sandy and Ryan get close and Sandy and his wife Kristen (played by Kelly Rowan). Then everybodies life changes. Seth Cowen (played by Adam Brody) is Sandy and Kristen only son. Of course everybody knows the two ladies. Marissa Cooper (played by Mischa Barton) and Summer Roberts (played by Rachel Bilson). The show started out great. Great plot, great characters, and great production. BUT then after every season the stories and plots got weaker, but still good. I just wished the would of changed writers after the second season. Season 3, last season, was very predictable and slow. There is only 5 episodes left. I think it's a smart choice to end the show. The writing the last two season have been short of expectations compared to the first two seasons. I think Rachel Bilson character of Summer Roberts was great showing her maturity but then decided to stop after the 3rd season making her seem "dumb". Then decide to make her smarter then Seth her boyfriend?! Made no sense. With this it's last season I suggest people not to start watching it now and start at the beginning. Which are on DVD, then you will get hooked. If you start watching it now. You won't see how things started and how people have grown on the show. It goes down as my #1 Guilty Pleasure of All Time. It has everything for a guilty pleasure. Sexy girls and moms. Sarcastic humor. Non stop chaos. Teenage girls half naked. Off the wall store lines that would never happen, let alone 10 different ones in one year. So go and rent or buy the first season. I guarantee you'll watch all of the 1st season one sunday.
  • A show that has gone downhill after its first season recovers and makes a terrific comeback for its final season.

    The OC is a show that originally followed the lives of four completely different best friends. One is a tough kid from Chino with a rough past, another is a comic book nerd, one is a beautiful glamor queen and the final one is the girl next door. After a successful first season, the OC was offered a second season. The OC lost a few viewers and after a mediocre yet acceptable second season, was offered a third.

    The third season was a disappointment to Fox and fans of the OC. The show used sex in an attempt to regain viewers. Rumour has it that Misha Barton did not like her new bad girl attitude and was killed off because of her unwillingness to play her part.

    Now, in its final season, the OC uses quirky lines and quick setting swaps to make for very interesting TV. Good writing is back but it's too little too late for this OC crew.
  • Sad to see it go!

    I love this show - even though I am way too old for it! I guess once they took Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 off the air it left a little empty void inside of me that craved the cheesy exploits of young, rich, beautiful people. This show filled that void but sadly it too is going off the air. The part that is even sadder is that I think it is one of the best seasons they have ever done. I didn’t think that this show was going to work without Marissa but it does. I love the whole Taylor/Ryan match. Taylor use to drive me crazy but now that they have showed this human side of her, her character has really developed into someone I enjoy watching. On another note – not so thrilled with the Seth/Summer relationship! This was once the highlight in the show for me. Watching the nerdy Seth win over the love of the beautiful popular Summer was most enjoyable. But the passion is quickly dwindling away. I suppose that the chemistry of these two actors has changed now that their real life relationship has come to and end and it is totally coming through on screen!

    All in all, watching this show (at home alone) over the years has been a Thursday night staple in my life and it will sadly be missed.
  • The OC is an interesting show, my favourite soap kind of show.

    I\'m not a big fan of teen drama shows, however The O.C. is different, mixes the right amount of comedy and drama, with the occasional action seen. Season 1 was something different, exciting and acceleratingly dramatic. Season 2 slowed down a bit, however the quality was still as good as the first season. Then the third season came along, everyones least favourite season, but not mine, it\'s my second least favourite, i still quite enjoyed it, and it had an explosive end. As for season 4, my least favourite season, but everyones else\'s favourite, the Ryan and Taylor relationship seemed a little forced and unnecessary.
    So my favourite season was season 1 and my least favourite season was 4, but it wasn\'t by far, the quality has remained quite constant in my opinion.
  • Welcome to the o.c. b*tch!

    Even though it is not as fun as it use to be. This drama about a boy from a bad neighborhood is still a very good show. I just loved the first season, when Marissa was still there and we still liked her. In season 2 and 3 she got a little selfish and eventually she died. I really hated that they let her die. Not that I hate taylor but she is just a little much sometimes. But anyway. I think the show really wasn't just about Marissa and Ryan. But how Ryan evolved from a kid from a broken home to someone with a great future ahead of him. But i don't think it such a bad idea that the show is coming to an end.
  • The O.C. is a wonderful show.

    I love this show. But it soon went downhill when Marissa died. I loved all of its California drama. I think all of the charactors had a pretty good attitude. This show was very creative and it had some good juicy drama to top it off. If your looking for a great show id tell you to watch The O.C. The O.c. had great acting and all of the charactors had their own special little place in the show. I think that all the charactors had a good meaning to them. This show kind of reminds me of a Degrassi or Beverly Hills 90210
  • Not just a rich kid drama.

    Since the end of season 3, the possibility of a cancellation dangled high over our heads. A few weeks ago we were given closure. The OC was ending, but if you look back, we had a good run. And we had enough time to see our favorites emerge and evolve. Ryan started off as the brooding misunderstood bad boy, but now he is a kind, loving member of the Newport community, becoming a Sandy Cohen type figure by trying to solve peoples problems. Seth started off as a geeky loner, he know has a college to go to, many friends and a wonderful girlfriend in Summer. Summer was a out of control party girl who didn't care if she upset anyone but since she met Cohen, she has discovered how to be a good friend and a caring person. Marissa was a girl no-one listened to even though she had personal problems, by season 3 she had established a nice calm relationship with her friends and her mother which was a complete change for her. She was also more open to people. Taylor started off as a lonely, freakish, obsessive, controlling b****, but with friends and a boyfriend she was able to be a bit more normal but she still has strange boy problems. Jimmy started off as a con, ready to scam anyone out of their money. Now he is doing successfully on a boat chartering company. Julie was a conniving golddigging b****, and well she still is a conniving b**** but she has a heart now and accepts that having a perfect life doesn't have to make you boss people around. Sandy and Kirsten have had their hardships but they have got through them and easily as well. So, there is a bridge from the start to the end, and it looks like everyone is well off.
  • Orange County Drama at it's best!

    I love this show! I've been watching this show from the beginning, and I'm sad to see it ending this season. I love all of the characters, and the drama is addictive. The relationships and stories are so exciting, and I'm sure many of us can relate to them in more ways than one. I'm going to miss this show when it goes, but thank goodness for DVDs!
  • California!

    The OC has become part of my life. I love california now and it is my favorite state. so many people from my school watch it and i dont like the fact that its being taken off the air. This show keeps me awake on thursday nights i am always excited to see it and i love all the drama that goes on in it. the show is just like the real thing its life for ya. What you see is a little leading on but its truely california and its not makeing some fake look on california. There have been so many twist in this show and all were so great i juss love this show more than anything.
  • What was Dawson's Creek for the 90s, thats O.C. for '00s. The show is (was) just perfect. I hope that somehow the show will go on, 'cause its gonna leave an irreplaceable blank in the teen drama section.

    The Show Must Go On.
    There's something you just gotta love about this show ... Is it hot chicks, cute guys, their sweet little problems or life changing situations, glamour and fashion or chino-characters, marriage or high school sweethearts? For me, I think it is simply Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. Seths indie-pop/rock style and Summers jokes and ... well ... everything she says sounds funny. They are two totally original characters and the reason why I find this show one of my best. And it was the time to put teen shows in some different place, somewhere not simple, boring and we've-been-there place, but Orange County - the place where everything is chic, bling-bling, fabulous and beautiful.
    Its very sad to know there's not gonna be more of that, and although there's gonna be fresh and new teen shows, this one is gonna be hard to replace.
  • The OC is great show that I've been watching since it first aired in 2003.

    The OC is great show that I've been watching since it first aired in 2003. I fell in love with the characters portrayed by the actors. My thought on fox canceling The OC. What Are You Thinking!!! Do they really care about what the viewers think? The conclusion I have came to is. NO!!!
  • JUST LUV IT!!!

    i luv it to death...from beginning to an end...luv all characters...every's just awsome...the best show on TV ever...i know it's not the same anymore but once it was sooo do not forget people..:) SS&RM...just perfect:) SEASON 1&2 forever!!!i also loved s3 and s4 but idk s4 is just sooo way different...everybode has changed...Seth Summer Ryan has growen up and it's just soo annonying:D no more Harbor anymore :/ I also miss Marissa but it's not the main problem...she was doubt:)...but i thought that it could work without her...that it could be's soo sad how it all broke up...I just want to say that i will LOVE this show till the and next year and whatever comes after that..:)
  • A great show about the life of rich kids in Orange County, CA.

    It is sad to hear that FOX only bought 16 episodes for next season. It would be sad to the hit series to end after only four years. However, there are still ways for the writers to keep the focus on the remaining 3 characters. The show should pick up right where it left off because if there is no funeral for Marissa there will be alot of upset fans. Which leaves the writers with the entire summer to focus around Seth, Ryan, and Summer. But if it doesn't there are still places they could go if they don't completely cut the original characters out of the scene. How many other shows have been able to replace characters and still stay strong.
  • This show is amazing. I find myself watching all the seasons,then restarting.

    This show is amazing. I find myself watching all the seasons,then restarting. I love the friendship that has formed between Ryan and Seth. Also Summer and Marissa\'s friendship. Summer was always looking after Marissa like a true friend should. I <3 it! (i was sick and in the hospital when OC 4 started and the dumb hospital tv didn\'t have fox, so i\'m waiting till it comes out on DVD). i love the friendship between Summer && Marissa because it reminds me alot of the friendship i have with my friend...always there even when the drama came and in The OC, it always did! lol. I can relate alot to this show and i bet many others can also. It touches so many subject that need to be touch but in a way thats so brilliant. For example, when Marissa overdoses in TJ, they did such an amazing job expressing the subject realistically. that is something i relate to. The OC covers so much drama yet is hilarious. I don\'t know how Josh Schwartz does it, but it\'s AMAZING!!
  • it was good...

    what can i say about the oc except that when it started it took precidence over every other show that i watched. i thought it was the tv god's gift to humanity. it was well written, funny, serious and the characters were always fun to watch. that was season one. that was the best season so far of the series, it had everyting and it kept viewers coming back every week to find out what would happen between ryan and marissa, to hear more of seth's one liners, and just to get lost in their everyday rich kid/poor kid lives. i thought that with a season like this it could only get better because the good stories would come back for season two, boy was i wrong.
    season two stated of fine. i mean it wasnt the greatest but there was still enough drama to keep my coming back every week. but season two was not an uphill climb like season one. it was more like a heart moinitor, going up and down. it was never at a constant, so i started to lose some interest, but then there would be a great show and i would be drawn in again. i hoped that when season two was over i would get a great season three, i was more wrong than before.
    season three started off with a bang, ryan's brother being shot ( i know it was the end of seasin 2 as well). This season though was a complete disappointment. i mean the stories were no longer interesting, i mean ryan and marissa together, summer and seth the same as before, yeah they broke up but for one episode, and i just wasn't interested in the lives of these characters anymore. i did watch every episode, but that was just out of habit more than actual real interest. the season ended well with death, but i didn't even care. i thought this show was going to be like 90210 of the new millenium, but i was wrong and tv viewers are going to have to wait for another show. this show is going down fast and picking up speed as it drops.

    wow finally the end is here.
    i think the OC had a good run but everyone knew it was time to end it. i think Mischa Barton knew that it was over and got out at the right time. I hope all the young actors especially Adam Brody and Benjamin Mackenzie find more acting gigs as they are very good at what they do. I feel bed that it was cancelled, but i think the core audience grew up. the people started watching it when it first came out, who were the same age as the characters, grew out of the oc just as the characters grew. i think that it was trying to ride the coattails of 90210, but never caught on. this show i know will be missed, and i will say it had its moments but now let's let it rest in peace
  • SO UNDERAPPRECIATED!!! this drama has really redefined adolescence in the US as we know it. I am so upset this show has been cancelled as it has always brought new ideas and a sense of good values to the perverbial table. It will be missed.

    This show will follow in the foot steps of the honeymooners, a program that, at the start was held to a less than deserving esteem, but is now regarded as one of the funniest sitcoms of all time. The same will come of the OC, a show which has redefined a generation and instilled a sense of happiness and appreciation for friends and family in teenages across the country. In some years, the show will be looked back on as a milestone in the world of television. But for now, as the sun sets on newport for the last time, we wave one final farewell to a show that changed the mindest of millions of american youth. And as the coast of Orange County fades into the distance, we will be watching.
  • California, here I come!

    Unfortunately, this is one of those shows that's not easy to get into. I had heard of it every now and then, and I thought basically what everyone else who hasn't seen it thinks - a show about rich kids and their stuck up problems - who'd want to watch <i>that</i>?

    I saw a two episodes without knowing what show I was watching, and I didn't understand it. Because of the lack of understanding, I didn't like whatever show I thought I was watching.

    Then last year a girl moved to my school. She'd talk about it <i>all the time</i>. The OC this, the OC that, OMG! Adam Brody!

    So i gave it another shot. And came in on an awful episode, that was dark, and extremely drama-y. I hated it.

    But then, at the beginning of June, another friend rented the first season. I don't know how, but she convinced me to watch the Pilot. And since then, I've loved it. It's bordered on obsession.

    So why is it so good? It really <i>isn't</i> a story about rich kids and their problems, although it is included. The story is formed off of a poor, abused, and frequently-in-trouble kid coming to this rich neighborhood and his struggle to fit in. Immediately you are drawn to this kid. You see his struggles with his family, and you really feel for him. And then you see how misunderstood he is in this new neighborhood. As a child of a military parent, I have moved around many times, and I could relate to that.

    The O.C. has beautifully shot scenes, amazing writing, and wonderful acting. You could see the newer actors improve throughout the seasons, and the more experienced ones stayed strong. It is well known for it's witty one-liners that keep it from being like any other drama. At its best, it has a wonderful balance of light and dark, comedy and drama, that keeps you entertained and wanting more.
  • this is an amazing show that make you feel positive towards life.

    I think that The O.C. is spectecular. According to the topic, people may think that it is a simple show but in fact it is great... The O.C. contributes to fashion, relationships and thoughts of the viewer. Also this show includes beautiful people and gorgeous songs.
    I think that The O.C. is spectecular. According to the topic, people may think that it is a simple show but in fact it is great... The O.C. contributes to fashion, relationships and thoughts of the viewer. Also this show includes beautiful people and gorgeous songs. min 100 words min 100 words min 100 words
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