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  • the 1st time is basically the last time...

    The O.C.. wow what a popular show, but i have no idea why this show is so popular and why do a bunch dumb teenagers like this show. This show has the same plot in the every single episode. The boys and girls god mad at each other and both are very pissed off and just want to kill each other..then BOOM wow they are together again, and bangin each other.. ONCE AGAIN! Yea its some pretty aweseom plot for the first time, but it's like the only thing thats going on in this show.. this show is one of the worst drama/romantic(?) show i've seen in my life, even though i havent seen a lot of them, but this one is a complete waste of time and its giving teens
    a horrible idolization....Not All The Hot People Are Rich!!They Are NOt Allow To DO Anything They Want To Do. if ur a huge ass fan of this show, then i think you should start reading some books and work really really hard in school.
  • Utter crap...

    It is unbelievable how white this show is. Thank God I don't watch this crap and don't even plan to because it's just gotten worse each season. If we wanted to watch rich white people, we should've just watched Will & Grace. A Christmakah(I don't care how it's spelled) Bar Mitzvukah is possibly the whitest thing I've ever heard of. This show is just for trashy emo teenagers. Please don't watch it...
  • A boring show about 20-30 sum year old people ting to play teenagers in high school

    Terible show that is unoriginal and boring. You lose brain cells watching this show. Don't waste your time on this show because your time can be better spent. Acting is better in real life than on this show!

    Since when do old people pass off as young? this show sucks. It is all about how rich people complain that they have problems and they dont have any way to deal with them.

    The actors arnt even that good looking. Come on people, use your brain for once and change the channel before youget brainwashed.
  • this is a stupid show about rich people who have nothing better to do with there money its a wanna be One Tree Hill but One Tree Hill is great this is was funny to watch that girl struggle in a new school though

    an absolute waste of time if i would never watch this show again its pretty sad to no that some people watch this and acutally enjoy it if you want some real drama you should watch One Tree Hill on wensday nights at 8 o'clock on channel 11 the wb
  • Worst, show, EVER!!!

    Why was this made? This is the worst show ever put on tv. And what kind of name is the O.C.? Orange County? At least give it a better name! Well I hate it because it's a soap opera. I LOATHE SOAP OPERAS!!! The O.C., I also hate also because it's stupid name (I already metioned that above). It's a soap opera (I HATE!!!), stupid name!
  • worst

    The worst show of all time.I can't belive it has been on this long. The actors are all good but the characters are so unreal and flaky. The plot of the show just keeps getting worse and worse. It's like the writer are running out of good stories so they just make up something so silly.
  • Yet another prime-time soap opera where everyone is rich, beautiful and caught up in the same old scandals as 90210 and Melrose Place.

    If you put this crap on in the daytime it would be called Days of Our Lives or whatever other garbage is on at that time.

    The writing is terrible, and the acting matches up.

    Seth is unbelivably irritating, he makes me miss Urkel, and every girl on the show is a pretentous b**ch.

    I find myself laughing out loud whenever i try to watch it (and not at the 'funny' parts). I can't wait for the episode where they all become friends and go on a trip to Mexico and everyone dies horribly in a plane crash, now THERES an original idea.
  • why dose anyone watch this

    THE REAL OC. Yeah right. that is the headline for the show. This makes Oarnge county look bad. The producers must be working with the same people that made Laguna beach. Nothing but Prepy Kids who have anything they want. Then they find a problem with there perfact lifestyle. The main kid thinks he is a tough little rebel kid cas he ran away from home ooooooooo really impressive. its pathetic. Anyone who is reading this DONT WATCH IT. If you wanna know what the real OC is like visit it. Not Malibu places like La Habra, Brea, Sunny Hills, or evan Annahime. Being from the OC i take this show as an offence
  • The O.C. is a bunch of crap....

    I cannot for the life of me see what is so great about this show. The acting is terrible, the story is lame and unrealistic, and anyone above the age of 16 should feel like a moron if they enjoy this show. But, with the popularity of some of the shows on today, people will watch anything. I hope this show dies and is never heard from again.
  • It really is.

    I turned to Fox and I watched this show for 5 minutes and I almost died. The characters suck, the scripts suck, the storyline sucks. It's retarded how someone falls head-over-heels for someone, then 24 seconds later they've been shot by god knows who. Plot twists, new characters, and over-used material do not make a show intresting.
  • WAS the biggest show at my school. Now it's just old, and dry.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The OC started out as a great idea. When I first heard about it, I actully gave it a chance. Not bad. But as time went on, I realized what crud the show had become. My school thought the same. Aside from a small group of girls, everyone stopped watching. I guess they agreed with me. By all means, watch it! But be prepared to be extremely dissapointed.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Who cares, pretty much like every other teen show on TV just with rich kids.

    Why this show is the worst show on TV:
    1. Rich, spoiled kids who do pointless things
    2. Bad acting. Can anybody act in this show at all? It may be a question that the universe will ponder for all time.
    3. You want to hate every single person in the show.
    4. A show designed for popular people who want to live in a fantasy world.

    This show should be banned by governments for pointless content and lack of intelligence. The show only wins awards for its popularity. Has anybody ever seen it win awards like the Emmys, the awards that matter? Who cares that it wins the teen choice awards. I don't. Stop this show now. Won't somebody save us from the rich kids please?
  • Possibly the worst TV show ever imaginable. The standard for white trash teenagers with pistachio nuts for brains to chat about over over-priced latte's at $tarbuck$

    Absolutely worst TV show EVER.

    think bold and the beautiful, but actually worse.

    i dont know how i survived watching one episode.

    i wouldnt even watch this if i was buried alive and all i had was a TV that only played the o.c.

    I'd rather shoot myself that watch this waste of a TV show. this TV show is the reason why more originaly better TV shows are refused.

  • . Rich white kids with "issues," and I emphasize the word "White", cause on a diversity scale of one to ten, this show is a meeting of the KKK, does not make television. A crime-fighting monkey with HIV makes good TV. A kid on ritalin could write for this

    Such a cheesy, crappy show. Rich white kids with "issues," and I emphasize the word "White", cause on a diversity scale of one to ten, this show is a meeting of the KKK, does not make television. A crime-fighting monkey with HIV makes good TV. A kid on ritalin could write for this show. Although the script would be 1 page long, and consist of "I'm bored, Let's ride bikes. Look a bird. what does this do." it would still be better than what's on it now.
  • If I could give this idiotic show a negative number, I would!

    I'm not entirely sure just how this show has made it this far. The only possible explanation I can arrive at is the producers were/are thinking with their d icks and not their brains, "Oh gee, let's get young aesthetically pleasing to the whole of society teenagers and put them in even more abominable story lines than the soaps that are already on today. First we need abnormally skinny rich girls so we can make sure that the young women of this country feel even worse about themselves than before they started watching the show. Then we'll get good looking young men just for the sake of showing off their abs and tanned bodies. Then maybe throw in a geek or two just to round the series out. Wouldn't want the show to seem unreal now would we? Then we'll finish off with a couple dysfunctional parents just so it makes the kids look smarter than the adults."

    Am I close? Yeah, I think I am. And Before any critiques of this review come swarming through, please be advised that I am not basing this OPINION on a general ideal of what I think the show is about. I've seen enough of this show to merit it’s unfavorable review and a warning to coincide with my previously stated remarks about the show's horrific content.
  • As far as popular shows go, this is the worst

    What can be said about this show that hasn't been said already? It is not original. It is just a soap opera that airs at night to take advantage of teenagers with no sense of good media. Two biggest gripes:

    1. Guys who watch this and defend the show by saying "the chicks are hot." Watch a fucking porno if that's the case. It has better plot.

    2. People who say they can relate to the people on TV. You don't live in orange county (well most of you). You probably aren't that rich (shouldn't you be watching frasier or something). Also, if your family is like their's I think you have more problems than "OMG I MISSED LAST NIGHT'S OC".
  • the OC is so bad . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ... .

    this is a complete waste of time it lacks orginality the characters suck the humor is lame, unrelistic storyline, its so overrated
    one tree hill is so much better then this piece of ****
    the only good thing about the OC r seth and summer and they r still not worth watching one tree hill, smallville, ally mcbeal, charmed etc r better much better
  • blah blah blah...and the yearning minds of teenagers are yet filled with more garbage.

    Now, I'm in awe. I'm in awe because I am one of the only people I know (male OR female) who doesn't watch this show. What is it's draw? What makes millions of teenagers watch this every week? It's JEALOUSY. "I want the perfect life in California" or "I wish my life was this dramatic". It's pathetic and if your life was that dramatic you would probably be hated by a lot of people. And no, "Marissa reminds me of myself" is not valid either. Marissa, is a made up character with more problems than the world itself to make the show "more interesting". The '90210' of our time is embarassing for my generation. Don't even get me started on Laguna Beach.
  • I hate the O.C and I don't care who knows it. To me the O.c is a boring no plot waste of time that shouldn't be on the air. But don't come to me with complants just because I'm expressing myself, don't mail me stupid things like...

    don't come to me saying things like " why don't you like the O.C you should" and "Your dumb if you hate the O.C I think your dumb" I'm not saying I hate more so I just "don't want it on the air anymore" I liked greg the bunny and if FOX cancels a good show like that and leave a crappy show like the O.C on the air then someone over there must be insane. Now like I said before please don't come to me saying things like "Your stupid for hateing the O.C"
  • This is the stupidest show in history!

    Am I the only one on the planet who thinks that this show is an utter waste of time? I certainley hope not. Seriously I'm supposed to be entertained by a bunch of spoiled rich kids who in real life would have been dead long ago from STDs. The show needs to be cancelled with extreme predjudice ten have all of the copies burned and the ashes dumped into the ocean! The scary thing is, this is prime time T.v. this is the best that the network has to offer. That is not just sad that's pathetic. The reason I watched it is that a friend said it was great. I lost all respect for him. I was so nauseated by this utter waste of money and airspace that I considered watching Survivor over it. Oh yeah One Tree Hill sucks too
  • One of the crappiest drama's todate...

    This TV show was one of the biggest sellers for FOX, How ever it was the show that single handedly killed FOX for me. It showed me how low FOX was willing to go to gather up their dragging ratings. This show was based on life in the 'World renouned' "O.C." and the trials and tribulations these 'poor' kids go through. I think the only thing more annoying about this show then the repedative story line, is the theme song...

    All in all; A horrible waist of money and time...
  • Pretty people with problems.

    This show is the epitomy of bad. Ooo, look at me I\'m a hardcore kid from a bad area and I\'m coming up to the OC to cause trouble, but then I don\'t because I\'m not hardcore. Ooo, the writers ran out of ideas and made me lesbian. Bad stuff.
  • A boring show about dumb people.

    I strongly dislike this show and anyone who watches it. The OC is a disgrace to the other OC in Oak Creek Wisconsin! It's a boring overused plot of snotty rich kids with their boyfriends and clothes. It would be better as a reality show. But i think its dumb and pointless. The drama isn't even sad or leaves you on edge, it just leaves me bored and angry for even tuning in.
  • This show is stupid

    I think the show should be cancelled. It sucks, it has no plot and the theme song is boring I have 300 good reasons why this show should be cancelled. Why did they even make this show? My sister loves it. She stopped a ONE-TIME only clip of the next Harry Potter movie.
  • The ONLY show my wife and I HATE, yet still watch

    Each week we have a set # of shows that we watch together. Sunday we have Desparate Housewives (and sometimes Cold Case). Tuesdaywe have House. Wednesday we have Lost. Thursday we the OC.
    We love all the other shows I listed, but when it comes time to watch The OC, it comes down to us screaming at the TV because once again the idiot characters are getting into a huge fight over something so small and stupid that a normal person could solve it within minutes....or us making fun of the show because once again the writers have come up with another retarded storyline.
    So why do we watch each week? I have no idea...maybe it has something to do with Summer's sweet sweet rack :)
  • Why is it this show is on the air again?

    This is one of quite a number of examples that show a serious lack of originality in today's television [and movie] environment. It is no wonder box office revenues are down, what with the tired plots, subpar scripts and "stars" like Jennifer Lopez carrying movies. As for The O.C., this show is like a big conglomeration of Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, Melrose Place, and Dawson's Creek.

    Cancel the show already...
  • The O.C is a perfect blend of overused characters, typical team drama and a sense of irritance not felt since Dawson's Creek.

    This show is incredibly dull, and generic, and isn't even worth watching. The characters are utter crap, you don't even care enough about them to remember their names. I've seen 5 episodes of this and I honestly contemplating suing the bastard who fabricized this show for psychological trauma. The only kind of person who would find this show appealing are ditzy teenage girls who drool at all the supposedly "hott" men. Do not waste your time with this drivel.
  • Awful show.

    Awful show. Not suitable for those under 18 (or anyone for that matter).
  • terrible

    This show and shows like this i don't understand why people watch this garbage. I saw the first episode and thought it was pretty good, but after i turned really boring and annoying and i couldn't watch it anymore. I would rather watch infomercials than this pile of garbage. WARNING RANT AHEAD this show sucks and all shows like this should be canceled and that it enough said get rid of garbage programming like this. every time shows like these get canceled I swear three more pop up even more terrible than the last. hears an idea watch a show like Lost, or Dexter those are shows worth watching. sorry for the rant but i can't stand shows like this.
  • not a good show

    Oh my God, that show was abysmal..
    thank God it ended. I've found it very unoriginal and unrealistic as well. In my opinion this show was meant to end very soon, in fact I have alway thought that The O.C was way too similar to "Dawson's Creek", "Beverly Hills" and stuff like that. The first series got a decent audience but in season three the show became even more dumb and it lost a great part of the audience, and even when they try to jump the shark, it simply did not work..
    Of course it was sad for those who liked it, but I'm actually relieved that it is over!
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