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  • this is my summary for the o.c.'s crappy season.

    i watched this once. once. maybe halfway through. complete tripe. honestly. it's not even a guilty pleasure. more like my days are ticking away toward middle age, and i'm sitting here watching this? why? i didn't know. i honestly didn't know why. so i turned it off. and now i don't have cable anymore, so it doesn't matter anyway.
  • Have I found my Beverly Hills, 90210 replacement?

    I've only been able to catch a couple of episodes of Fox's newest teen hit, The OC. When the show debuted in August of 2003, I had to tune in to see what all the hype was about. Teens in "serious situations" and steamy love scenes...this sounded right up my alley! Something to fill the void left by Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place? I watched the first couple of episodes and then an episode here and there since then. I enjoyed the show but not enough to program it into my TiVo. I've got more exciting things to watch on Thursdays (Joey and Survivor: Palau...the dual tuner TiVo rocks!). Maybe I'm just getting too old for teen drama.....
  • No pouty Orange County teenagers are going to pull me away from Survivor: Palau, which has been terrific so far.

    I don't really watch this show either. There are usually too many other things on. Like Survivor. No pouty Orange County teenagers are going to pull me away from Survivor: Palau, which has been terrific so far. Can't wait to see who makes it to the end. Tom seems like the shoo-in but I'm waiting for the big upset. I would tivo the O.C., maybe, except now they put the new Will & Grace episodes on at 8:30 so I record those instead. That show can still be funny, 1 in 4 now is really funny, but it's probably for the best that the next season will likely be its last.
  • Many people I know love The O.C., and I too enjoy watching it with them--though perhaps for all the wrong reasons. I end up laughing through the emotional scenes, and cheering when someone is murdered. They tell me I have problems... but I know better!

    Many people I know love The O.C., and I too enjoy watching it with them--though perhaps for all the wrong reasons. I end up laughing through the emotional scenes, and cheering when someone is murdered. They tell me I have problems... but I know better!

    I grew up with Beverly Hills 90210, and then watched a few characters spin into Melrose Place. Both of these shows at the time highlighted the plight of privileged teens living in those special LA community bubbles. Fast forward 10 years, and although the venue has changed, The O.C. lifts every story line from its predecessors.

    That's not necessarily bad if you don't mind getting a kick out of terrible acting, unbelievable spoken dialogue, and generally predictable situations. However know to curb your boisterous outbursts when around serious fans, as they’ll take very unkindly to your insensitive and outrageous behavior. It’s just below a 7 which is hey, pretty good, no?
  • Basically 90210 but a bit better.

    Okay, so the OC. Crappy? Any good? Ive got mixed opinions but, for the most part, the show isn't too bad. I'm a bit embarassed to say that I listen to a prime time soap opera, perhaps thats putting the show in a negative place, but Im not intentionaly saying that the show will be an embarassment. To keep this short, I suggest trying the show out, EVEN if you dont like soap operas. Just give this one a chance.
  • great show

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  • A great show with awesome music but may be a little on the too happy side

    Granted the show is mainly for 14 year old girls but honestly the one main reason I watch this is for the music. I love how they favor indie underground bands, from Death Cab, The Killers, The Thrills, Modest Mouse and more....I cant help but to watch it. I think the characters are great too, the storylines are a little too happy but otherwise is a great show.
  • I love this tv-show. I didnt imagine that it'll be that good.

    I heard that this so is nice,so I watched 1 wpisode and after it I dint believe it I didnt think that it'll be that good, I watched the another episode(The Countdown) and loved it more and more and I really like it now! It has a great cast,too. I hope u watch it! I am sure yo are going to love it if u watched it.
  • The O.C. is like pizza. Even if it's bad, it's still pretty good. I know that's so lame, but it's true. The O.C. is one of my favorite shows these days.

    I love The O.C. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn\'t totally reflect on the whole Orange County. The O.C. is based on rich teenagers living in Newport Beach, which in that case the show should be called The Newport. Anyways - This show gets better and better everytime I watch it. Even if some episodes are bad, it\'s still pretty good and has something to look forward too.
  • For most people that watch this show. It's more of a Guilty pleasure then I good show.

    For some reason I am in tune to this show. I was never in to 90210. But for this show I am. I was young when 90210 was on but this show seem different to the old one. The OC is about people living in a Soap life.

    Everything always goes wrong but at the end everything but one thing fixes together. Like other 1 hour shows, there are multi story plots throughout the show and if you are in to on plot you will forget about it when you watch an other plot of the story until that plot comes up again. When the story ends for the week, you hope that your favorite plot will be reveal at the end.
  • Ryan is the kid from the "wrong side of the tracks" with a heart of gold. Seth is the wise-cracking geek who's had everything given to him for his entire life. When idealist lawyer, Sandy Cohen brings Ryan to live with his son Seth in posh Newport Beach,

    This show revolves around cliches. It knows this, and that's what makes it great. The writing is smart, the plot twists often unpredictable. Its certainly a soap opera...but its about as good as a soap opera can get. The beginning of the first season was probably the was much more edgy. The show still manages to shock, but it definitly seems more comfortable now.
  • This is a wonderful show however Season 1 set the standard so when i found out that season 2 was going to start i was excited however having 3/4 of the current season i am disappointed. however it seem to get better from episoide 18

    I really like this show but like i said season 2 has been a disappointment, i mean it was a very slow start , nothing ever picked up, marrisa lesibian thing was good when wouldn't of lasted which was kinda of obvious it wouldn't worked out. Zac , what the point of his chacter after he left but i really like how he try to break summer and seth up.

    i really liking what there have done with Kirsten and Sandy relationship, first Recebba thing then Kirsten having a crush on Carter, i think this is what has been good about this season.

  • Pretty people with problems.

    This show is the epitomy of bad. Ooo, look at me I\'m a hardcore kid from a bad area and I\'m coming up to the OC to cause trouble, but then I don\'t because I\'m not hardcore. Ooo, the writers ran out of ideas and made me lesbian. Bad stuff.
  • A substitute for friendship!

    As a fan of Beverly Hills 90210, i think that The OC is definitley one of the best since 90210. I believe that one of the reasons this show is amazing is because it deals with real issues and not just with the teenagers but with the parents as well.

    This is truly on of the best shows on tv and it gets better every show. I hope that FOX keeps this show on the air as long as possible.
  • The O.C is aspirational and a perfect portrayal of the youth of today.

    The O.C is aspirational and a perfect portrayal of the youth of today. It has influenced so many aspects of toodays teen culture, and in turn, been influenced. It's really like what Beverly Hills 90210 was to the generation before us. Great drama that captures so many aspects of everyobdys lives has been added to this great show that captures our hearts and minds. New bands have been introduced into our lives, such as Death Cab For Cutie and Imogen Heap, and even new holidays (Chrismukkah). As an added bonus, this show appeals to a wide audience, from teenagers to parents, as it produces great drama and acting. ROCK ON ADAM BRODY!
  • Excellent!

    The beautiful beaches and bitches in California made me so addicted to this show, not to mention the fabulous girls and boys in it. Mischa Barton, you are so great, I love you so much! I also like Seth's mother, who looks like Jeniffer Aniston, another female star I loved so much.
    California, here we come!
  • The show is based around orange county's wealthiest.It has anything and everything that you would want in a program.Young people getting drunk,Old people getting drunk.Everything in this shows is full on they do not sugar coat anything.You may be shocked

    Drama, romance, comedy and Adam Brody what more do you want. If you don't know I am talking about the brilliant tv show The O.C.

    It has sun, sea and seth this show is the hottest thing around with the faboulous plots and the excellent writing, you have just got to love it. They have had Marissa overdose, 3 love triangles and a kid from chino come along and enjoy the fun. They have had marriage problems, divorces everything you can think of and that was only in the 1st season. The second has come off the ground but when Ryan brother Trey came along he put the sparks back into it. Everyone needs to watch the show it is the best ever and the season finally is gonna be big.

  • We have an Orange County in Florida, and it's nothing like this!

    Hooked from the very episode I ever saw (which, funny story, was the Season 1 finale), "The O.C." is currently near the top of my favorite TV shows ever. Even though I'm of the "90210" age, I enjoy this show so very much more.

    What makes it different? Better writing, more interesting characters, an experienced older cast guiding a promising younger set...I could go on and on.

    But what I love about this show is the sense that these could be real people. There are no stereotypes. You might be able to fit a couple of characters into archetypes, but it would be a struggle. The bad boy is also the vulnerable loner and oft-times voice of reason. The geek is also the romantic hero. The "slut" is also the sweetheart. Etc. Try saying as much about Brenda or Dylan.

    Two thumbs way up. Okay, one thumb slightly raised for most of the second season. But overall, a fun, fun show.
  • The OC is a great show for teens and even parents to enjoy. Every episode deals with something that everyone has went through at least once in their life. Ranging from drug addictions, dating, divorces, and sexuality. The OC is now the favourite show of m

    The OC is a great show! I watch it every Thursday. Right now they're showing the 2nd season so i am getting to watch it for 2 hours. I have season 1 on dvd. I have to be honest i think season 1 was maybe a little bit better than season 2. I guess it's because it's the first season, it had to explain everything to the audience. I remember the first time watching The OC. I got so into it watching the pilot episode. I had to just keep watching it. I even can got my friends into watching it. It's kinda stange though how a person can get hooked on a tv show. But The OC isn't really a tv show, it's my life.
  • Amen to Tizzay5's review, it has everything someone has went through, and even if you havent its still very good. I dont have the dvd but tizzay5 has persueded me from her review to go get it.

    Alright, This is the best show i have seen in a while. Sometimes i get into a show but forget to watch it, but this is too good to miss. You cant not watch it, after 5 minutes i was HOOOKED! Big or small, young or old, there is a place for you in the OC. All i can say is just amen to tizzay5's review because she said it all!
    I bow to you tizzay5.
  • The O.C. is a flavour of the month, and always will be for me when it's around. Without making too many comparisons to other TV shows, I think the O.C. manages to cram so many shocking events into each episode, it moves a mile a minute. Never left bored!

    Both seasons I've followed with fervour. I have to say though, the 2nd season has managed to outdo the 1st in my opinion. In terms of weird relationships occurring and mishaps and secrets, the 2nd season has thrown out all the stops. And this is why I love the O.C. It literally moves a 'mile a minute', as was mentioned in the 1st season special.

    It seems to be a show that has polar opposites. People either love it or hate it. And I think the real reason for this is that the O.C. runs a tightwire on maintaining a plausible story. For those that don't get sucked into the drama, they find themselves looking at an incredulous show much reminiscent of 90210, and write it off as stupid. Then there's those (like myself!) who do get drawn into the storyline and find themselves totally absorbed into the life of the Cohens, Nicholls, etc.

    I must admit that sometimes I've taken a step back and said to myself "this can't be happening". But I think skilful directing and acting has successfully attracted such a large audience that it's impossible to write off this show as "just another 90210".

    A definite thumbs up for me, this is one of my favourite shows.

    Ben de Orange Country'de yasamak istiyorum.Çok güzel bir yer.Tabi birazda para olmasý gerek dizide gördüðüm kadarýyla tam benim yaþayacaðým yer (tabi öncelik Las Vegas o ayrý bir konu) deniz,kum,kýzlar... benim yaþýmda bir genç baþka nerde yasamak isteyebilir ki. Güzel kýzlarla dolu hafta sonu partileri... Kýsacasý ben de O.C. de yasamak istiyorum
  • A rose is a bed of thorns.

    It's not easy to find something that's worth watching these days. Although I don't know if one can say there is anything truly worth watching on tv. My point is that when the oc came out there was something "good" on tv. Although it took a few episodes to hook me in. Also had to watchin it from the beginnning to get hooked. Not something you can just jump into. There's to much in the past to catch up on. Anyway it's a good show. A good way to spend some down time if your into the teen scene. Enjoy.
  • Not just a "chic flix".

    I never though that this show was any good, just a "chic flix". But after watching it I notice this really is a funny, entertaining and absolutly addicting show. The actors are top of the line, not that soap opera stuff. The plot is actually some-what overdone (it's not a every-day type of lifestyle), but it all come together nicely and comes out as a suprisingly awesome use of a hour.
  • i really think that this season was beta!

    i personally think that this season was way better than the other seasons (but i am not saying that the other seasons suk) but this season had more of a suspense 2 it with caleb dying, marissas parents getting back together, carter and kirsten, tre, and summer with seth. i mean this season has had its great moments. i really do like this season i dont know y i guess its just that every show that u c and u c whats gonna happen the next episode it tends 2 have more drama and suspense since the previous episode. so here goes to the OC
  • The O.C. is the biggest new teen show, but is it really as great as it's made out to be?

    I tuned into this show a few episodes after the Pilot after all my friends told me it was the best thing on TV and unmissable. I started watching and found it to be pretty good stuff. It was light and entertaining; the California coastline and the troubles of a bunch of rich and beautiful people.

    But it wasn't long before I started to judge the O.C. It may be very entertaining, but I can't help but get this huge sense of deja-vu every time I watch it. I know there's only a certain amount of things you can have on a teen TV show, but how much do they have to recycle and repackage from Dawson's Creek and give it a more glamourous appearance?

    This is not my only criticism; I feel that a lot of the time the writers aren't doing their best and thinking through their plots enough. The lesbian plotline was a huge joke - my friends and I called the O.C. "The Fake Lesbian Show" for a while. I can't say that I've ever seen a move on a TV show that was so blatant in trying to boost ratings (particularly with guys - I even noticed my dad becoming more eager and excited to watch when this plot started up :P).

    I think those are the main flaws, but if they took a little more care in crafting the show, it could actually be very good. I won't question the acting abilities of some of the actors, but let's just say sometimes they don't provide the most convincing performances...

    But at the end of the day, if you take the O.C. for what it is - a simple, light, fun show without any depth, and don't analyse it too much, it can turn out to be kind of cool.

  • A show revolved around rich hardcore families, cocktail parties, fashion shows, after parties, debuts, banquets and all their dirty little secrets...just what America needed!

    Though said to be a "stereotypical" and "fake" show, it breaks through the barrier of every teens most desired dreams, every parents worst nightmares, and never fails to cross the lines.

    Pure drama. I love the love that stirs between the O.C. residents and love that during every episode I'm rooting for Ryan and Marissa or for Seth and Summer!

    Marissa/Summer-Both bring the fashion forward to keep the show very now. Marissa brings some of the most dramatic scenes on the O.C. and keep you watching.

    Ryan-Brings the hottness up to new heights! Whats hotter than a badboy with a good heart? Deeply in love, broody and lost in this new world.

    Seth-Brings the craved comic relief. Every show never fails to make me literally laugh out loud.

    Other characters keep the O.C. rolling in issues we can't even begin to imagine could ever happen to our lives.
    10.0! All the Way. A must seee for pure entertainment!
  • Today's version of Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C. has given us a starlet in the chica with brown hair on her head.

    I don't watch this show- i don't stay up at night thinking about it- i don't plan on moving to the OC. I don't wear the same clothes they do. I don't have OC posters on my wall. I don't even know where the OC is. I don't even know where the O is. I don't even know what the C stands for. I don't think the girls are pretty- oh wait, yes I do.
  • this show used to be EXCELENT!! what happened to it!?!?!?!?!? i miss the smart story lines and the witty comedy it had in the begginig!!!

    this show USED to be good...
    i watched it the first time it was on the air and followed it all through half way the second season, since then, i watch it every once in a while or just when i catch it on tv...
    i think it just began to get WAY to dramatic. and everyone getting involved with everyone, that really got me dizzy....! :s
    i like the concept, LOOVE the actors, but i think they need to come up with something more creative and fun. something different and honestly, don\'t they go to school??
    maybe they could go back and write more episodes involving them in their school activities, like the carnival! that was fun!!
    i dunno much about the recent episodes, i live outside the u.s. so i watch them kind of late, but from the latest i\'ve seen, i really miss the witty comedy it had in the begginig!!!!
    i think this show could easily lose its popularity.....
  • Keeps me going in life. I wouldn't be able to go on without it.

    What a powerful show. It really is. It's everything you wouldn't want your life to be and everything you WOULD want your life to be at the same time. It's great. It gives you emotion you didn't think you had or ever felt before. The Writing is incredible and like many shows can make desisions you don't like but in the long run their for good reasons. Many people think the show has gotten worse after the first season. Well, I don't totally agree but I did enjoy the Second Season. I think the third will be the best because they have all these Old Characters they can take back. Alex, D.J, Eddie, Thersea (Already made an appearence) and of Course Luke. I can't wait to see what they do next.
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