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  • best show ever Marissa' Summer's..Giggle Seth's.Sarcasm Ryans...Broodin n punchin for his wife Kirstens..tough motherly love **** Kaitlynz..teenage drama Anna's..wittyness

    best show ever...miss this kinda made sense and had a personal touch to it.. there aint no other show like OC...90210 is alrigh but its not the O.C everything about oc was
    loved it!!!

    there will never be any other show like the OC.

    Ryans...Broodin and punchin for his wife
    Kirstens...tough motherly love
    Kaitlynz...teenage drama
    taylors...unstoppable mouth

    its was oh so cool...u guys...make a remake with all da same that'll will be cool..continue from where marrisa dies but bring her back to life.
    it'll be the best comeback ever...shows these days are jst wana be' gossip girl and 90210..

    The O.C was epic...a Master Piece.
  • great

    the oc it one ov the greatest programs going no other tv show could beet it so i wished it came back on with the same characters and bring marrisa back because i think it was a bad mistake cuttin her off

    i think seth goin a lot better with anna than he does with summer she is such a selfish idiot

    i also think that ryan goes well with marrisa if she wasent so bad to him poor thing i so hope that the oc comes back on even if they don't live in the big house or manshon .
  • Awful show.

    Awful show. Not suitable for those under 18 (or anyone for that matter).
  • it's stupid it sends the wrong messages to people it's full of drunken drug addict cheating killing people.

    This show is stupid it sends the message to kids that getting drunk and taking drugs is ok. The show is full of people cheating getting drunk taking drugs and killing people. Its complete rubbish. The show does have real life issues but it doesnt show us the right way to handle them. I cant believe people watch these sorts of shows
  • Absolute c***

    This show The O.C is absolute c***.It is a stupid drama show that sends a message to teenagers to fall in love and be a couple while at school.Iam so glad Fox axed it and that Channel 10 will never be able to air it here in Australia ever again.The O.C offically SUCKS dudes.
  • i'm so sad for this show..

    i am really disaapointed with this show.. this used to be my favorite.. this is actually the first American show that i watched and it got me really hooked.. i think if not for this show i would not discover how nice American shows are.. this is really close to my heart..

    but I have to agree with everyone else whose saying that this show is not near as good as it was before.. i tried watching the fourth season and i was like "What on earth is this?" i didn't like it at all.. it is really sad that the show got cut.. but I'm actually glad that it did.. this show was going no where..
  • The OC is a Television Show about a boy, named Ryan, that is "saved" from the criminal world, by the Cohens, a rich family, which lives on Newport Beach!

    I love The OC!
    In my opinion is the best show ever!
    There are great actors on it, and a good history!
    I think people from every age can watch and like, because it addresses many different issues! I really don't understand why they canceled.Most of the people said it was because of the death of one of the main character,Marissa, but i don't agree, and I think the show mantained the same quality even after her death!
    About the performances...most of the cast is really good,but ofcourse there are some actors that need some "help".
    Ending, it is a really good TV show! I recommend, watch!
  • How do you find this show entertaining?

    The O.C. suck. I dont understnad what you people look for and find entertaining about this show. This show is worse than the movie Hatchetman,(which was horrible) You want real realistic drama, which I must point out in the O.C. is really bad unrealistic drama, how is it that people keep breaking up at the same time, that to me is unrealistic. However, the X-Files delievers action, drama, great storyline and great acting (which lasted 9 seasons) the only way you would get me to watch this show is if you put a gun to my head nad told me the only way you wouldn\\\'t kill me is if I watched the O.C. ITS SIMPLE...
  • Unoriginal, uninventive, and rehashed all come to mind. This is basically a remake of sorts, of "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Party of 5." It's just more badly written lifstyles of the rich and fictional.

    The show is...bad. I tried to watch it, but it's just nothing I can get into. The plot lines are too unbelievable to feel entertained instead of insulted. I watched a few episodes and hardly smiled at the funniest moments, I got the jokes they were making, but the word "Christmacha" just isn't funny.This is also portraying an image that is nothing like living at the beach. I live in a beach town and most of the other more inland towns hate us because they think we all live like the people on this show, which we don't. No one, anywhere is like this fake group of people. This is just everything we've already seen in these "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Party of 5" rip offs. (insert name) is going out with (insert name)and then they get drunk and "accidently" cheat on them. Or, someone's pregnent...uh oh! It's just boring and unoriginal. I gave the show a chance and I just don't like it.
  • Esta série é uma porcaria, uma grande bosta

    Esta série não vale nada! é uma porcaria, não tem conteúdo!... não presta pra nada!... não tem começo nem fim, não tem sentido... Os atores são uma porcaria, tem um monte de gente velha fazendo papel de gente nova, como se ninguém percebesse!!!!....

    Sem falar que acabou muito rápido..., deve ter sido cancelada de tão ruim que era. A NBC nem quis vender o resto do BOX pra não envergonhar os EUA na frente da America Latina...!!!

    Enfim..., eu nunca assistiria e nunca vou assistir nem a abertura da série.

    The oc é uma porcaria que ninguem deve assistir

    Cauê :)


    OBS: Correção do Horário 15:09 (Horário de Brasilia)
  • A show that will sometimes surprise you but will most of the time make you wonder what the hell the authors were thinking.

    A show about a young juvie from a rough neighborhood helped by a rich family living in Orange County, California. The biggest problem with the OC (and this is obvious during the first two seasons) is the over-use of the same old story pattern. A character is involved in something that he tries to hide, he makes matter worse and at the moment where it couldn't be less public, the secret comes out of the bag to make way for another secret that will once again come up in front of the biggest possible crowd. Repeat for fifty-something episodes. It's as if the starting writers ran out of ideas after only a couple of episodes. Also it seems that in the OC, when a character does no longer have the possibility of having a secret to be publicly revealed he has to be gone forever. He or she doesn't move on to other things, or find new friends to never be ever heard of ever again, this character has to leave the state or die. The first two seasons are overly repetitive and heavily predictable. I was told that season 3 was the worst when I purchased the DVDs but I ended up liking this one the best because it tried a different approach (even though having secrets publicly revealed and random deaths once in a while). There are some redeeming qualities to this show. The cast is incredible. Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen was an excellent casting decision. Adam Brody as Seth Cohen saves a lot of episodes from being totally boring. I also liked Kelly Rowan and I hope she has a great career long after the OC's cancellation. Mischa Burton is a good actress but her character is so incredibly annoying that she doesn't prove it here. It's the same thing for Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood but not because he's annoying but because he's not saying much. Melinda Clarke's performance is often hurt because of the writers who don't help much in making her character believable or likable, that is until season 3. As for Rachel Bilson, at the beginning of the show I would have liked to see her character ran over by a truck but in the end she's a big part of the comic relief. Also some recurring characters left way too early (Samaire Armstrong's character comes to mind)

    The OC does a lot of things wrong, but humor is not one of them. No matter how repetitive or impossible it gets, it's still fun to watch for those fives minutes with Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson or for Peter's one-liners.
  • Morrisa ugly girl


    Like the show, but the girl which plays Morrisa is terrible! She is too much....stoped watching cos of her. Can't believe they couldn't find some nice, pretty girl for this role! I would like to see at least a little attractive people in the show, but Morrisa! Come on! Can't even say if she is a girl, looks like half man, half woman, horrible! Replace her pls!


    Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) is a troubled teenage youth from the wrong side of the tracks in Los Angeles who finds himself on his own after he is thrown out of his own house. He finds a place to stay in the posh home of the Cohens in the wealthy community of Newport Beach, the O.C. (Orange County), California. Ryan is accepted by the stern but compassionate Sandford \"Sandy\" Cohen (Peter Gallagher), a lawyer who represented Ryan in the past for his miss-deeds. But Sandy\'s wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), aware of Ryan\'s criminal history, is wary of this new house guest. The Cohen\'s son Seth (Adam Brody) bonds with Ryan quickly and shows him the ropes of the community and vice versa for Ryan giving advice to Seth about life and love. Ryan develops a crush on Marissa Cooper (Micha Barton) a neighbor girl who lives down the street and has problems with her not-so-sheltered existence in dealing with her distant father Jimmy (Tate Donovan) and weak-willed mother Julie (Melinda Clark). Also, Marissa\'s best friend, Summer (Rachel Bilson) is oblivious to the crush that Seth has on her, while taking a liking to Ryan. And so begins a new life for Ryan, the Cohens, the Coopers, and basically everyone else in the wealthy, picturesque, secretive, turbulent community of Orange County.
  • A decent enough show

    The O.C came to TV at the perfect time for me. In my teens, not doing much with my life, with a nice soundtrack to accompany the story lines. This is by no means a very good show and there is nothing majorly compelling about it, but it is a very nice teen drama and is perfectly suited for anyone that can relate to it. If you find yourself thinking that what you are seeing is quite stupid I couldn't blame you, but if you enjoy Ryan finding his way into a new life in the early episodes then sticking with this show will reward you. There are good emotional scenes at times and the relationships of the characters are nice enough. Like I said, nothing too deep about it, but a nice enough show that it will probably be fun to come back to some time and relive when I have completely forgotten what happens.
  • Without Mischa Barton... this show is boring...

    I was not an exact fan of the OC, but at least I enjoy watching it, but after Season 3, this show has gone to the ground. In some episodes, I think that some of the plotlines were good, but the subplots were bad, but after Season 3 the whole show change into a boring style and now I can't stand watching it. So I am going to tell you this: you should watch the first three seasons of the OC, but after that you should not bother because it is going to bore you very, very much. The good episodes are among the second season, but if you were a sort of OC fan before Season 3 you should not even think about going to see Season 4, because Mischa Barton the show has come to sort of pointless. That's all I have to say about this show...
  • Many people I know love The O.C., and I too enjoy watching it with them--though perhaps for all the wrong reasons. I end up laughing through the emotional scenes, and cheering when someone is murdered. They tell me I have problems... but I know better!

    Many people I know love The O.C., and I too enjoy watching it with them--though perhaps for all the wrong reasons. I end up laughing through the emotional scenes, and cheering when someone is murdered. They tell me I have problems... but I know better!

    I grew up with Beverly Hills 90210, and then watched a few characters spin into Melrose Place. Both of these shows at the time highlighted the plight of privileged teens living in those special LA community bubbles. Fast forward 10 years, and although the venue has changed, The O.C. lifts every story line from its predecessors.

    That's not necessarily bad if you don't mind getting a kick out of terrible acting, unbelievable spoken dialogue, and generally predictable situations. However know to curb your boisterous outbursts when around serious fans, as they’ll take very unkindly to your insensitive and outrageous behavior. It’s just below a 7 which is hey, pretty good, no?
  • Ryan Atwood a kid from wrong side of the tracks gets help from Sandy Cohan, who sees a good kid having to deal with the bad things in life

    I had a love hate feeling about this show. I first didn't want anything to do with the show. Fox promoted the show so much that I couldn't wait for it to start so the promos would stop. Then the night it premiered I couldn't find anything else to watch. I really liked the 1st season and looked so forward to the next season, but season 2 really put me off. It seemed like Seth and Summer would get back together only to have Ryan and Marissa break up and by the time they patched things up Seth and Summer were ending their relationship. That and the whole Oliver thing really pissed me off. Season 3 seemed to be going in a better direction until the end of the season which again didn't sit well with me. Season 4 looked like they finally got it back on track only to have it be cancelled mid-season
  • Missing it very much...

    If there is replacement show for Beverly Hills 90210 (original one) it was "The O.C", so instead of making the remake of BH (remake really sucks), the producers should not end the O.C. For me the end of this show is the end of the third season where Marissa died. Because for me the relationship between Ryan and Marissa is the plot of the series and when she went, the show all fall apart unfortunately.
    I like all of the charachters maybe the acting was not the first class but it was really an amusing show Although I dont like teenage drama series, I watched it without skipping one part (not season 4).
  • this is my summary for the o.c.'s crappy season.

    i watched this once. once. maybe halfway through. complete tripe. honestly. it's not even a guilty pleasure. more like my days are ticking away toward middle age, and i'm sitting here watching this? why? i didn't know. i honestly didn't know why. so i turned it off. and now i don't have cable anymore, so it doesn't matter anyway.
  • One of the best examples to fall under the definition of 'Overrated'.

    I don't understand how this show has become so popular amongst the teenage viewing population. First of all, the actors are at least 10 years older than the characters they play. E.g. Ryan is supposed to be 17 years old or there abouts but is played by a 28 year old actor. It's just not convincing to see typical high school students looking like post-graduate university students. Perhaps Ryan, summer, seth and co. were all too stupid to graduate highschool the first time and have had to repeat for the 10th year in a row? Generally, the quality of the dialogue is shocking at least compared to deep and meaningful dialogue in Dawsons Creek. This show is overrated. Period.

    Another thing that bothered me, was that there is too much happening. Yes, the things that happen ARE in fact things that are in the average teenage life. Death, gay experimenting, drugs, sex, boy/girl troubles, and of course, violence. BUT with all of this happening in every episode, it just makes too much drama, and way too unrealistic.
  • chiar dak sunt actori nu au reusit sa nu se faca observata despartirea din realitate summer si seth aveau o vraja care te facea sa-i placi pe loc insa despartirea sa vazut clar, sunt distanti si asta a facut ca sez 4 sa fie unul de umplutura

    ingrozitor chiar dak sunt actori nu au reusit sa nu se faca observata despartirea din realitate summer si seth formau un cuplu perfec aveau o vraja care te faceai sa-i placi pe loc insa despartirea sa vazut clar, sunt distanti si asta a facut ca sez 4 sa fie unul de umplutura mai bine se lipseau sincer eram indragostita d toti acotorii dar sez 4 m-a facut sa-l vad doar asa sa nu ma fi uitat degeaba la celelalte sezoane, lipsa misch-ei s-a observat nu mult deoarece devenise prea disturbata mintal dar asa k perforanta a intregului serial imi pare rau dar sunt total dezamagita
  • this show rocks !!

    The oc is one of my favourite shows because it shows how real life could be for some people !! this is the best show to watch and i think this show is totally awesome ! i've watched like every episide they have made that's how much i love it ,i hope everyone else watches this show to but if they don't watch it they are missing out !!!
  • life about the calebs,the nichole and the coopers in the oc or the orange country.

    the show is really nice.Seth and Ryan are the best.Although in season 2 when marrisa and ryan get back together is a little bit too much of them.Any way alex was great and summer's OKAY.I luv seth although he's shown as a geek, he's still pretty funny.The show is awesome in every way.THe high school teen initially and then life after graduation,the show rocks.I Love the show though it isn't completely perfect all the time.But...hell! it rocks any way.i Am absolutely addicted to it is all i can say.i have watched the whole of season one and two(am indian)...i am really waiting to watch season 3.
  • Fad show

    This is a fad show, I swear. I can\\\'t stand these kinds of shows. The stock characters, the rediculous story lines, and all the other nonsense that is just nonsense. I can\\\'t understand why anyone would even find this show appealing. I mean the acting is apalling and everyone looks like they show be in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog but their acting skills belong in the dumpster. This show is fad and it will phase out, as all fads do.

    No offense intended to anyone, just an opinion. Peace!
  • Terrible! Terrible! Terrible! THAT\'S ALL I CAN SAY!!

    This show was great like the first season and the beginning of the second season, but after that it was terrible!! I used to be hooked to it, never missing an episode, and now I can barely keep myself awake for five minutes...I don\'t know what happened with the writers or the actors or something but everything now seems more appealing than watching this. The writing is terrible and everyting is predictably, even though i have barely watched 5 ful episodes this season. I can\'t believe this show is even getting another season, when it should have been down the tubes long ago.
  • The most pathetic television show ever created.

    Perhaps one season of this show would have been borderline okay. Break ups, run away low life’s, fights, affairs you can only do these things so many times. It’s all teenage soap bull. And now because of its popularity there are other shows resembling the OC how much more crap television do we have to put up with? Why don’t we keep more Sopranos and less Apprentice, American Idol, and Survivor? Any ways this was just a rant about a crap tele. show.

    show score - 0/10

  • This show is so bad.

    This show is really bad. Acting, script, music, everything. This is really over-rated indeed. Commercial trash. It was OK in season 1, but It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s going downhill very fast. If you want to see a good show, that is like O.C, watch One Tree Hill. This is just a bloody mess lol.
  • The O.C.: A Show About Jerks!

    Back when I was seven or eight years old, I would get all of my impressions of high school from Saved by the Bell. For the longest time I was under the idea that high school was a fun, family friendly society that I could look forward going to every morning for four years of my life. Now, the FOX network has decided that they should stop lying to their younger viewers about the horror that is high school by producing a more realistic teen drama titled The O.C.

    Each episode starts off with a bizarre, high pitched squealing noise. I think it was suppose to be the theme song, but those are usually enjoyable. Unfortunately, that was gold compared to the rest of this horrible train wreak. In the period of only sixty minutes I witnessed the worst acting, writing, and awkwardly placed licensed music television has to offer.

    I guess the reason The O.C. is so popular is because it deals with edgy subjects such as sex, drugs and anything those wacky teenagers are into these days. But why make a show this crap when all the jerks at school are constantly boosting about it like they deserve an award. In closing, The O.C., like a car crash, is horrible, but unlike a car crash, The O.C. is unwatchable.
  • Its A BH 90210 Spinnoff!

    All The O.C is a spinnoff of Beverly Hills 90210. Its just updated to today actors and actresses. Close to the same plots! its a waste of time its always the same old thing "I'm pregnant with your boyfriends child" then they get revenge and someone dies or backs off. Its stupid!
  • not the same

    This show started off as a hit. During the firts couple seasons it continued to thrive but went downhill after they killed off a main character. It was a fun hardhitting drama in the beginning but turned into a soap opera. I wasn't misha'a biggest fan but the show definitely can't go on without her, it just isn't the same. In the last season I thought it was a little too soon for ryan to fall in love all over again after her death. This show definitely could have continued a few more seasons if they hadn't killed her off.
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