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  • The O.C. is like pizza. Even if it's bad, it's still pretty good. I know that's so lame, but it's true. The O.C. is one of my favorite shows these days.

    I love The O.C. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn\'t totally reflect on the whole Orange County. The O.C. is based on rich teenagers living in Newport Beach, which in that case the show should be called The Newport. Anyways - This show gets better and better everytime I watch it. Even if some episodes are bad, it\'s still pretty good and has something to look forward too.
  • One of the best teen dramas of all time but it will always come second on my list.

    The O.C. was one of the first shows i ever watched religiously.I discovered it one summer and i immediately fell in love with it.With that said,the O.C. is my second favorite teen show after One Tree Hill.I love both shows but i think One Tree Hill is better,even though the O.C. gets all the praise.They both started the same year but OTH evolved so much more.
    Anyway,let's talk about the show now.The show is about a troubled teen from Chino named Ryan who after being kicked out of his house ends up in the home of a rich family in Orange County.There he forms friendships,he finds love,he faces his own fears and he tries to overcome his troubled past.
    Most of the characters are excellent and well-written and most of the storylines are enjoyable.On the other hand,the acting is average.Benjamin Mckenzie is sort of wooden, Mischa Barton is not exactly the best actress and Willa Holland is insufferable.However,a few members of the cast,like Kelly Rowan,Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher are truly magnificent.
    The first season is definitely the best season of the show and the beginning of this beautiful journey.The pilot and the tear-jerking season finale are two of my favorite episodes.
    The second season is not as good as the first one but definitely one of the best.Kirsten's alcoholism,Caleb's death and the return of Trey are extraordinary storylines.
    The third season is kind of a let down considering the strength of the first two seasons.Johnny's death and Volchok were two aspects i hated about this season.
    The fourth season is the worst season,IMO.I thought it was kind of weird.Storylines i hated include: Summer wanting to save the world,Che and his spirit animals,Taylor getting married to that obnoxious french guy who wrote a book about her(??) and Ryan's dad ending up with Julie...
    As a whole,the O.C. was and always will be a great show that influenced a lot of teens around the world,including me.Long live O.C.
  • O say can I see how this show stays on TV? No.

    Orange County never looked so fake. Until this show debuted in 03. This show has taken over my family, with my sister and Mother claiming they watch it devotedly. But I, I can't give this show that same time. Ya see- I need my TV to be realistic. And, in some world, that I dare not even dream of because it is so out of my tax bracket it's painful, the O.C. may seem relateable. But to normal wage earners like me, it seems like vapid excess. Everyone's cute, everyone's rich, and their main problem is that they don't realize what a blessing that is. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh-my mother and father are divorced, I need to get in my Porche and cry a spell, give me a break!
  • each episode makes me want to watch more

    i missed the 1st half of the 1st season but since I started watchng it I can't stop. I make sure I never miss an episode now as it gets better every week. I am really looking forward to season 3. I have even got all of my friends watching this show.
  • The best teen show ever!

    I first watched the first episode and thought it was amazing. I then watched the second one, and the third one, the fourth one... and by the end of the first season, I was in tears when Ryan was leaving Newport to go back to Chino. I got hooked to this show really bad. Seth was sailing away, Marissa was heartbroken, Kirsten was in tears, Sandy was heartbroken, Summer was heartbroken and most of all, Ryan too was heartbroken. I even loved the second season more, with Zack in the mix, Lindsay - the illegitimate love child of Caleb Nichol, Carter who had a crush on Kirsten, Julie's porn Identity revelation, Rebbecca Bloom - Sandy's old flame popping into town, Alex the sexy lesbian Bait shop manager who had a thing with both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper and Trey Atwood, the mislead Atwood that comes to live in Newport with the Cohens and lands in a lot of trouble. It was just amazing watching the second season! The whole Johnny Harper drama in the third season, Taylor Townsend and Dean Hess secret romance, Sadie the cousin who comes after Johnny's death, Volchok the bad boy afraid of Ryan Atwood, Dr. Henry Griffin and Matt Ramsey turning Sandy Cohen to 'Caleb Nichol', Kirsten's relapse to alcohol, Kaitlin growing boobs, Dr. Roberts and Julie Cooper having a thing and getting married, Summer and Marissa having a cold war, and finally Marissa dying in a car crash... Come on that was entertaining! And for the fourth season, I thought that it would be boring without Marissa but it turned out that Taylor Townsend was a great source of comedy. Her french husband Henri Michel was amazing. I couldn't get enough of this show. So sad it came to and end due to cancellation, but I loved it so much. Long line The O.C.!
  • 4 teens and their parents living in Orange County and all their problems.

    I love this show! It is great to watch. It's sad though that Marissa got killed. Her and Ryan should have been together longer. By the time they get back together she gets killed. Ryan always finds a fight no matter if he wants it or not. It was great that Ryan and Luke became friends because in the beginning he was a jerk towards Ryan until he found out his father was gay and needed a friend and a way to deal. The show was cancelled to soon. It is way better than One Tree Hill. One Tree Hill should have been cancelled not The OC. At least there are repeats and the dvd's.
  • I absolutely love this show. The show is really interesting and really dramatic. I love the fact that they were smart enough to think of this. I like all of the characters, especially Marissa, and I love the whole cast and crew.

    I am very glad this show exists. They were smart enough to create something different. There is a very reason why 90210 passed the best teen drama torch to The OC. It was the most talked about show for a long time and it had the greatest and the most interesting storylines that 90210 didn't even show. Marissa and Summer are my favorite characters because they are hilarious. I also like the fact that they made nerdy Seth date the it-girl. Ryan is very cool and a great lead character. I can't say anything wrong about this show only the fact that the only reason it was canceled was because Marissa died. Now it passed the torch to Gossip Girl.
  • Bring the O.C. back! My favorite show of all time. This show was like a triple layer chocolate cake: Light and fluffy on the outside, but more comnplex and darker on the inside. And it tastes good too!

    This was a must-see show for me. The cast was absolutely perfect, and all the characters were very likeable. Ryan: The bad boy. Seth: the funny and quirky guy. Marissa: The girl all the guys want that likes to drink and party. Summer: The spitfire. The plot was great; always kept you guessing. This is a show that on the outside is light and funny, but on the inside is much more complex and darker. Ryan Atwood moves in with the Cohen family, going from poverty-stricken Chino, to the fabulous Orange County. There he becomes part of the Cohen family, meets girl next door Marisssa Cooper, and gets into more than his fair share of trouble.
  • A Fantastic Show! (More of a final season review)

    The final season of the OC flows seamlessly between comedy, drama, romance with intelligent cohesive writing and fluidity. The show went 'back to the beginning' to the originality and vibrancy that once made it so enjoyable. This final return to form came after a string of asinine storylines mainly those of season 2 & 3 where more often than not the dowdy Marissa was at the centre and causation of the conflict.

    The OC was at its creative height in the first season and the final chapter closes the door in a remarkable flurry of quirky, nostalgic and romantic episodes. I have always been of the opinion that this show worked better as a romantic comedy and with much gratification this strength was put to appropriate use this year. The OC never worked as a serious drama henceforth the final season sought to fix that issue and consequently delivers numerable episodes which can be easily considered some of the strongest of the entire series. The OC is about as flawless as a narrative in this medium can be. The second and third season are weakest, but one cannot deny that there is little fault in such a funny and innovative season of television such as season one and four.

    The new-ish characters, namely Taylor Townsend et al. and the new relationships formed in the final season really drive forward the considerably shorter run of episodes (16 in fact) in a way one has not seen since the beginning. Autumn Reeser, an incredibly nuanced actress, is quite the revelation as she steals almost every scene she appears in. Having said that without giving away any plot points Taylor and her new love interest couldn't have more electric and beautiful chemistry; the romance in season 4 was poetically handled all round with humour and wit, something that has been in deprivation previously. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson prove they can still be one of the only couples on television that are actually more fun together than apart; Ben McKenzie absolutely shines this season and Ryan has a wonderfully realized character arc that assumes the focus of the story as it should. One can really tell the actor was enjoying himself this year.

    The series finale is moving, poignant and I freely admit to blubbing my way through much of the entirety of this season, the finale being no different. But never fear there is plenty of sqeeing like fangirl to be had too :)! A thoroughly enjoyable run of episodes in a series that was sadly cut short. But thankful for small mercies the OC went out in a blaze of glory not to mention a creative high. The final episode acts as a rewarding payoff for both long and short term fans with a healthy dose of irony and melancholy the sun finally sets on the OC as we flash forward several years in the future to revisit our favourite characters. The finale could not have been more fitting; the last scenes might just stand as the most perfect 10 minutes of the entire series as the story comes full circle. So why watch this season? If you want funny situations, tongue in cheek dialogue, romance abounds and the haunting tribute to characters past watch the season that had critics everywhere praising it's creative choices and led to so many old fans returning. Watch and judge for yourself, no one can quibble at the quality of the writing.

    So that's it. The end of an era. The OC it's been an interesting and (at times) irritating ride but I wouldn't take back any of it, not one single second. Redemption was had in the end, season 4. The perfect way to say goodbye to a transcendent show.
  • this is my absolute favorite show ever. I cry every time i watch the last episode [you can bet that since the beginning i have been the one who races out and buys the seasons the day that they come out!]. LETS TALK ABOUT THE OC SOMETIME!

    This, since the very first episode captured my heart about 4 years and one month ago, i have been a complete addict. I can go on for hours, and I find myself quoting the OC at least a dozen times per day. That might sound really dorky, but it is acutally a loveable quality. Anyway...If you never watched the OC, i recommend catching up on Soapnet. I can assure you the OC will change your life. Sadly, you will probably dream in the OC on occassion [or if you are like me, practically every other night!] and you might develop an unhealthy obsession, but its okay. I'll still be your friend! Talk to me sometime...I can induldge in amazing OC conversation! Overall, cancelling my favorite show was one of the worst decisions that FOX ever made, next to killing off Marissa Cooper!
  • This show fell downhill after killing off Mischa Barton who played Marissa Cooper. The OC is classified as a drama and she brought the drama. Why would Josh spend 3 years building up a relationship between Ryan and Marissa only to kill her off?

    I am a huge fan of this show and have been since the second season. I bought the first season on DVD and immediatly loved the show, but to admit it I was a bit disappointed when it didn't continue on as fabulously. I think the show was still great but you just couldn't compare with the first season. The first season had the right amount of drama and the characters were all so loveable. I would just like to talk about Mischa for a minute-I loved her character the moment I saw the show. She was vulnerable, innocent, troubled and yes, dramatic. People complain on how whiny she was but I never saw that. Who wouldn't whine with a life like hers? I mean, sure, she had the big house, the popularity, the jock boyfriend and the seemingly perfect family, but it was all an illusion. Maybe it was a bit extreme to OD in Tijuana after seeing her boyfriend cheating on her and her parents divorcing, but she has problems like all of us do. The big house and seemingly perfect life don't fix whats really going on. She couldn't deal with the things going on in her life, didn't think twice, and downed a handful of painkillers followed by tequila. What I loved was the Marissa/Ryan relationship. They were always my favorite. He was so much like her yet they were so different. He had come from this bad town, Chino, where his dad was in jail, his mom was an alcoholic, and his moms boyfriends were abusive. Marissa had never experienced that but she connected with him with the family deal. Bottom line, I don't like when people bag Marissa because of her behavior, when half the people who do that whine even more. This was my first review, so please, give me some slack!

    Kaitlin Cooper...MY IDOL.Shes like sooo biiitcchhyy and it makes the show worth watching! ! ! ! She even looks like Marissa ! [R.I.P Marissa by the way]
    Oh and i hate julie cooper. OMFG i hate her so much but i dont know where the show would be without her! she thinks shes 16 again and its fricken hilarious.
    But i must say ... i thought the OC woud be ovah without marissa! Hell, was i wrong..its just as good! Seth and Ryan are still sensationally hot.
    So its officiall..The Oc is the greatest show ever to be made. =D
  • This show owns so much. This season is way better than 2 and 3 so far, I think the writing has been interesting and more witty this time around. I'm glad there isnt too much drama so far this season, because SOOOO much crazy stuff has happend in the past

    This show owns so much. This season is way better than 2 and 3 so far, I think the writing has been interesting and more witty this time around. I'm glad there isnt too much drama so far this season, because SOOOO much crazy stuff has happend in the last couple seasons, glad they are making things a bit more realistic. I just hope more people will start to tune in because the ratings have been low. Once the season gets more dramatic I think the ratings will pick up. I'd like to see Luke return for an episode. Yeah.
  • A sharp and smart drama. The O.C. is the best new show in years. Hilarious at times, and heartbreaking at others. All star cast, perfect writing, intriguing plot twists and well developed characters make this show one of the best on television.

    FOX promoted The O.C. as another teen soap. It may be considered a part of that genre, but it is much more than that.

    The show opens with a pair of young guys stealing a car, which ends in a car chase with the police. Our hero, Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie), the younger of the two boys is only 16. His older brother, Trey, is over 18, and had a gun and drugs on him. Trey is going to jail. Ryan is not. Ryan comes from a real classic white trash family. His mother is a drunk, and her boyfriend is abusive. After Ryan gets kicked out of home, he has nowhere to go. So he picks up a payphone and calls his lawyer, Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher). Sandy immediately goes to pick up Ryan from Chino and take him back to Newport Beach. Sandy explains that he doesn't make a lot of money, but "my wife does." The two then drive up to a beautiful, huge house.

    Sandy's wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), doesn't want a rough kid like this staying in her house, and who can blame her? She doesn't want her son, Seth (Adam Brody), in any danger, although we can tell that Ryan is no real danger.

    The show immediately introduces us to many interesting characters. Seth Cohen is hilariously sarcastic, but also very unpopular. Ryan really becomes his first friend. Ryan immediately falls for the troubled beauty Marissa Cooper(Mischa Barton), who lives next door. Marissa is one of the most popular girls in Newport, and so is her best friend Summer (Rachel Bilson). Although Seth has never spoken to Summer, he has been in love with her since he was ten. Unfortunately for Ryan, Marissa has a boyfriend, Luke (Chris Carmack). Luke is your typical athletic jerk.

    And don't think this is a show all about the teens. The adults are just as beautiful, important, and interesting as the kids. Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are probably the best parents on television, and have such a realistic marriage. Julie and Jimmy Cooper (Melinda Clarke and Tate Donavan), Marissa's parents, are also intriguing. Julie is a snobby bitch who treats money like it's unlimited. Jimmy is a man who loves his family, and doesn't want to let them down. Unfortunately that means he lets them buy whatever they want, which forces him to hide the financial scandal he's in the middle of. Caleb Nichol (Alan Dale), Kirsten's father, is a classic and loveable villain.

    This show deals with interesting topics, sometimes outrageous, but always makes them believable. Whether it's Marissa's constant battles with her mother, Ryan's attraction for Marissa, Jimmy's financial problems, Sandy and Kirsten's occasional fight, they always feel real. This show is a character driven show about familys, and relationships.

    Very rarely you find a show with good acting from every single castmember. Luckily, this show is one of those few. Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan two of the most talented actors on television. Benjamin McKenzie has mastered the brooding badboy role. Mischa Barton gives perhaps the most gripping portrayal of teen angst in years. Adam Brody is absolutely hilarious, and is also very strong in serious scenes. Tate Donovan plays the caring father with secrets very well, and he really makes you feel sorry for the guy. But for me, Melinda Clarke makes the show. She takes a character as wild and evil as Julie Cooper, and turns her into the most loveable bitch in a very long time. She takes the most outrageous storylines (for example, sleeping with your daughter's ex boyfriend) and turns them into hilarious and dramatic storylines, but also keeps them very realistic.

    Josh Schwartz has created a masterpiece with The O.C. Great acting, great music, great characters and great storylines make this show quite possible the most enjoyable program out there.
  • Finally... a show that shows how difficult it is to be young, rich and beautiful.

    You know your stomach churns in excitement when Luke and Julie are caught sleeping together, when Summer and Seth break up, when Marissa explores her sexuality, and when Sandy spends the night with another women. All these moments and more have you excited and at the edge of your seats, and once the final credits come on, you say to yourself "What is this crap? An hour of my life wasted!" and swear you will never watch it again. But that promise is long gone and forgotten by the time next week comes around and the show starts again with Phantom Planet's rendition of "California." We know it's wrong that everyone is cheating on each other and that the kids are drinking, having sex and lying to their parents. We know this isn't a healthy sort of lifestyle, but hell if we care. This show has us by our pinkies, we are hungry for more. We live off the drama. We can predict what is going to happen right off the bat, we KNOW how the episode will end, but we stick around for the ride anyway. We KNOW Summer and Seth will end up together and that Kirsten will survive the car crash, but we can't seem to be able to reach over to that remote and change the channel. And that my friends, is what The O.C. is really all about.
  • Although The OC is about to drown(barring a miracle), I'll still never understand why people don't appreciate the best written characters on television, even if they are in the worst storylines.

    The OC, for me, started in 2004. I live in the UK, and we got The OC in Januray of that year. Having missed out on most series at their beginning(Smallville, Buffy), I decided that if this was good, it'd be MY show to follow.

    I'd watch it every week, and follow it until its end. Looking for another weekly show to watch after getting into Buffy, The OC was a perfect choice. Slightly edgy, well-directed with beautiful music and strong storylines, the first episode was definitely one to watch.

    It went on for a whole season. A great season too, that saw shocking, entertaining storylines without a hint of rubbish. It was damned witty, its characters were all iconic and it was heavily emotional. Whilst many shows these days basque in false emotion; Lost, 24 and maybe even House at times are fine examples of a "false" connection with its characters. Whilst other shows like these rely on temporary emotion to drag you in, The OC kept you in the loop wiht its characters. They drove the storylines, whilst other shows let it be the other way around.

    Throughout its first season, The OC did little to alienate; sure, Oliver was a little annoying but he didn't drag it down, and the storylines involving Seth, Jimmy and Ryan were all brilliant.

    Then, the second season came along, and things did begin to deteriorate in some departments. Although never being completely submerged by the Rebecca, Newport magazine/Caleb-Julie or Seth's comic storylines(as well as other questionable moves, such as Lindsay), it did lose some of its spark that remained so alight in its first season.

    I continued to love it, however; it always remained compelling even if it was questionable; once again, each character possesed something so iconic that you COULDN'T stop watching- or at least I couldn't.

    The audience, however, begun to leave. Too impatient to wait around for improvement, this is when the show began to lose its buzz. For me, though, I felt like the show was being widely underappreciated. It seemed like The OC was a victim of its own buzz, much as Lost is now; big and talked-about for a season, yes, but annoyingly ignored by the "lamestream" and critical media when its really developing.

    People like an idea, and nothing else; they understand nothing about their own tastes, and don't really watch television for any reason other than "everyone else is doing it". Maybe if The OC had started out without the buzz, its audience would have started modestly and grown instead of being kicked to death by CSI and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights.

    If only people weren't so easily alienated. The OC continued to be compulsive viewing, even as it went into its 3rd season. Now, the beginning of this season didn't entirely work, I agree. The Kirsten alcoholism story was a little flabby, but it was met with a nice conclusion that brought Julie and Kirsten closer together.

    Season 3 felt like a rebirth to me, and yet for so many others it was awful. I still don't see why; Kaitlin added a lot of spark, the ending credits had a swanky new theme and Ryan had found a great girlfriend in Sadie, who I've heard is returning this season.

    As well as some nice semi-closure regarding Ryan's relationship with his mum, the Sethummer storyline was a lot nicer as they figured out how they piece together as a couple. The third season was brilliant! Ridiculously underrated by critics and viewers, it took the show to new places. I liked this place; nothing was taken too seriously, including Ryan's birthday, Julie's marriage with Dr Roberts and whatever else you care to mention.

    It ended nastily, but not in a critically brutal place. Marissa dying was sad, but it was well-performed and important to the show.

    Here we are at season 4, and an ungrateful fanbase is jumping off the wagon at the worst possible moment. I've seen The Avengers; it felt like a complete rebirth; each problem the characters had were washed away. It sort of felt like when Marissa dies, so did a lot of the clutter.

    The second episode continued this fresh-feeling version of The OC that a lot of fans liked in the first season. Still, statistically nobody cares. Why aren't you getting back on the bandwagon?

    As the only show left that feels like its "mine", I'm devastated to see it die in the ratings. What are you doing?

    Are you moronic, America? Just plain silly? The best show on television is sat there waiting for you, whilst you kill it with bull like "Grey's Anatomy". The producers gave back the show you loved, so you better start watching it again.

    You know what? If The OC dies, it'll be the biggest injustice since Angel was cancelled. Its stupid, nay silly to ignore this show!

    I've liked every season of it.

    SEASON 1: 9.4/10
    SEASON 2: 7.6/10
    SEASON 3: 9.5/10
  • The OC came out of the gate very strong and was able to get a HUGE following right away, but the story of these funny loveable characters were cut short due to many different reasons, still a great show.

    From the moment the first episode starts with main character Ryan and his brother trey, there is something different about this show. A show that melds the worlds of adolsences, adults, wealth, drama and humour all into one and makes it interesting while doing so. Most agree that the first season of this show was its prime, it brought you into the world of the Cohen's, one of the richest families in the OC and illustrated the main differences (and similarites)that people of wealth have in comparison to lower middle class people. But none of that matters. Its the characters that REALLY make this show amazing. Father Sandy Cohen, Mother, Kirsten Cohen and their son, Seth are actually a very close wealthy family and each of them in their own way break the mold on the stereotypical "rich family." then enters Ryan, a boy from a VERYdifferent life and yet, somehow they all come together to form this great unit, great family. then of course comes the drama, things like love interests for the boys Ryan and Seth (Summer and Marissa)and people like Kirsten's bossy, rich, powerful and opinionated father, Caleb Nichol. If you haven't seen the show, pick up the first season. Its great. Its definitely keeps you interested and there are no slow spots, this show just keeps getting better. The second season is also good, but beware, the third is not even near the same level (however, the fourth, thats DEFINITELY worth watching). ITs a shame that FOX wanted this show GONE and that Grey's ended up getting all the ratings on thursday's because the OC was definitely something special!
  • I reviewed often at and have had questions about why I don\'t post at I thought I'd give it a shot beginning with "The Sister Act."

    “The Sister Act”

    So yeah, it’s Tuesday afternoon, around 3:20, and I’m just now sitting down to write this review. I’ve had a lot going on trying to finish my course work for January term (I wrote a paper and presented a project on South Park’s “The Passion of the Jew” so it wasn’t too bad), but truthfully, I’ve really just been disinterested. I’ve been dreading writing this review because I knew that meant that I’d have to actually go back and think about it. And as much as I enjoy watching The O.C., I don’t enjoy rehashing it anymore because frankly, it’s bad right now.

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked this past episode overall, but there’s just something inherently bad right now, and it’s going to remain that way until Johnny is gone and the show stops focusing so much on Marissa or one of the many guest stars that come and go. Ryan, Seth, Summer, Kirsten, and Sandy are tertiary characters now. They aren’t main characters, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves. They are playing second-fiddle to Marissa and the characters that infiltrate her lives. I’m going to excuse Julie here because she’s had a fairly large storyline lately, one that has developed her, and although she’s involved with Marissa and what could turn into a huge Kaitlin mess, she’s handled the role very well.

    I started reading through my old reviews, the ones from last season namely, to see how I’d changed my writing style, to see what had worked, what hadn’t, etc. What I noticed was that in the primitive days of these rants/reviews/editorials, I looked at the characters as people, for the most part. Occasionally, I stepped out and commented on the actors, and I almost always mentioned the writers, but I felt that these characters were actual people, and I could actually get in their minds. Whether the storylines last season were any good – and I’m just speaking of the final episodes of the season because I didn’t write until “The Rainy Day Women” – was up for much debate, but I think that many were emotionally gripping and handled very well. Kirsten/Carter, for example, was a completely logical step from an otherwise atrocious Sandy/Rebecca fling, and the alcoholism that resulted was understandable after the year she’d had. But now, the show isn’t about the characters’ and their flaws, but it’s about the writers and their flaws. Clearly, character flaws are interesting; writer flaws are not. When a character has an imperfection, we want to learn more about them, we want to see how they overcome it or succumb to it. When a writer has an imperfection, the characters become incredibly imperfect, and there’s a tremendous difference between having imperfections and being incredibly imperfect. Ryan, a generally good guy, has genuinely troubling rage issues that he can’t overcome. That’s an imperfection. Marissa makes the same mistakes over and over, doesn’t care who she hurts, and completely isolates herself for the sake of vanity. You may be thinking, “Oh, but Drew, we’re all imperfect,” and you’re right. We are. But we strive to fix those things, and that, for me, is a perfect desire. Marissa doesn’t attempt to change, or better yet, the writers don’t attempt to change her. They rehash the same gimmick every year and hope that we won’t notice despite the fact the show prided itself on attracting smarter fans with smarter writing. It’s not a complete 180 yet, but it’s around 110.

    I say all this not to say that I’m retiring from writing about this show because I’m not. The reviews will continue to come though they may not appear passionate as they once did, and they may not be as long as they once were because there just isn’t as much to write about. Now, this could all change soon. There was a point last year where we all felt the same way, though then it was more of a frustration than a sense of disgust (and at least each character was focused on while the side characters were mostly on the side; you could argue that Lindsay went against that grain, but I wouldn’t because I think it’s very weak), and that changed. Maybe this will too. We can only hope so.

    So, as I stated, I thought this was a good episode. It, of course, was drug down by the ridiculousness that is Johnny Harper, but what can we do?

    Let’s start with the obvious most important thing in this episode: the reintroduction of Kaitlin Cooper. Willa Holland, despite a strange speech problem that comes from trying to cover her almost native accent (she wasn’t born in London, nor has she lived there all her life, but she did live there as a child, and to be fair, she’s no worse than Mischa), was fairly convincing in the role. She’s gorgeous jailbait, and I’d be shocked if she doesn’t get stalked by at least twenty old men now that she’s in the public eye. Regardless, though, I don’t particularly like how this storyline played out for several reasons and not just because it ended with her and Johnny on the beach. But first, if she knew that her mom was broke, then why did she assume that she’d find her at Caleb’s place? This, of course, could be a swerve, whereas she stole the money for herself, discovered that her mom was broke, and then made up the lie. If that’s the case, and it’s the writers’ idea for a swerve, then I’m not sure I like that. See, if she’s lying, then they resolved this story too quickly. And I honestly believe that this episode’s storyline is resolved because I don’t have much faith in the writers anymore to have this become an episodic arc. I think the money was stolen, and that’s that. They should return to the idea of Kaitlin having a stalker, but I’m just not sure. I hope I can eat my words, though, because I think there is definite potential there. It would give us a reason to care about Kaitlin, and it would be a great insight into what she’s gone through in boarding school. If it turns out that she’s telling the truth, then this whole bad girl angle is killed already. It’s fine if several episodes down the road, we see Kaitlin unfold and show a glimpse of her humanity, but if they really want to take this bad girl angle anywhere, there was no need for her to show any glimpse of remorse. Apparently, the casting call requested that she be more of a Lolita character, just a sexy fourteen year old, but if that’s the case, then the writers shouldn’t have allowed Fox to act is if she’s the next Valerie Malone. There’s an easy way to promote sex, and anyone with any sensibilities on the production team could have made that call to Fox.

    As for Johnny and Marissa, I don’t remember much of what they did, other than completely spitting on the great storyline they had last week where Johnny freaking leaves the show. You know, the writers send someone beloved like Anna off, and we don’t hear from her again (not yet at least), but they send someone like Johnny off, have it look definitive, and then bring him right back despite the fact the story is completely limping to its death. Actually, it’s more like limping after death, and not in the way that Jesus rose from the grave and walked around, but in the way that zombies in bad b-movies do. We’re all going to die if we can’t avoid it. Putting Johnny and Kaitlin together builds absolutely no tensions since no one actually cares about Johnny and Marissa together, and thus, no one cares if this causes problems between Kaitlin and Marissa especially since Kaitlin has to go back to school soon anyway (probably, assuming she wasn’t thrown out of school; it’s a nice idea to have Kaitlin a thief just like her father, but having her thrown out of school to create some bond between her and Marissa would be absolutely stupid). There was a moment, at the beginning of this storyline, where it was completely possible for us to care about Marissa and Johnny – it was definitely a bad plot device from the beginning, but it really took off down the drain when they tried to run the “Johnny gets me” angle instead of just having it seem that Marissa’s inner turmoil over shooting her boyfriend’s brother was getting to her, and she needed a change – but that moment, so very brief, is gone. I’m sure that we’ll get plenty of wonderful Johnny/Kaitlin/Marissa angsty moments tomorrow night (yes, it is now Wednesday), so everyone who’s excited please jump up and down.

    Of course, as those moments unfold, I’m sure we’ll see Ryan sit around like a douche and do nothing because that’s what he does now. He does nothing. Sure, he fought Kaitlin’s battle for her, but that was because he had nothing better to do. Do he and Marissa have sex anymore? Plus, Ryan’s got this bizarre superhero complex that they’ve injected into his character rather than furthering his development from the great “The Anger Management” earlier this season. I’ve been learning a lot about Christ figures in film lately, and I’m starting to think that Ryan is one. In film, most Christ figures are somewhat awkward and don’t handle social situations well. Despite the fact that he was very outgoing last year, he’s regressed to this point again. Further, whenever someone is down, Ryan zooms in to redeem them, act mature, and then go back to brooding. Perhaps the writers have intentionally done this. They’re trying to make a religious statement. Wow, I suppose there is method in madness. Never mind the fact that Ryan really shouldn’t care about Kaitlin’s problems, nor should he put up with Marissa’s crap anymore, but he continues to because he’s useless now. It’s funny how when the show focused on Ryan, it was consistently good, and the farther it’s gotten away from him, the more it sucks. Wait, that’s not funny, that’s sad. It took bringing in Trey last year and shifting the focus back to Ryan in order to redeem season two after love triangles and lesbians ruined it. It’s not a coincidence. Ryan is a fabulous character when handled correctly. But having him solve the Cooper problems, while not dealing with his own, isn’t working. The beginning of the season had the best scene ever on the show, Ryan putting his head on Sandy’s shoulder in sadness. That should have been the beginning of emotional exploration and a stronger bond with Sandy and Kirsten through familial drama. But it hasn’t come anywhere near that. Kudos to Ryan for addressing Chili as “Bizarro Seth,” and a middle finger to Marissa for not realizing it was Ryan saying, “Get the hell away from that stupid school,” by the way.

    But not all hope is lost on the show, though it’s certainly relegated to only a handful of screen minutes. Julie and Neil is the best written love story on this show so far. I don’t mean that they are as good of a couple as Seth and Summer, but the writing has been excellent because the writers took time to develop emotional complications for the two of them. Thus, everything made sense when they were together because it seemed like a case of neediness that led to chemistry. It was a completely logical, unforced storyline. Perhaps it was a bit contrived given that it is Summer’s dad and Marissa’s mom, but I’ll accept it because these two absolutely ooze chemistry. As someone recently said about Ted and Robin on the awesome How I Met Your Mother, these two have something so potent that you could bottle it and sell it. They’re just fun to watch on the screen. I am shocked that such a heavily medicated step-monster could have already left the house, though. Regardless, I thought the insertion of Veronica into the storyline was nice because she clearly has an agenda, and this was definitely a good way to get through it, plus it allows her to gold dig just a bit. Sports agent or not, you can always use the money of a plastic surgeon. It is a little creepy that she wants to date him after he’s change her boobs, but I guess it means that there’ll be no awkwardness. If he doesn’t like him, he could only blame himself. Anyway, a lot of people were angry that Julie compared Veronica dating Neil to the Gulf Coast. I’m not sure if people were angry at Julie or at the writers, but clearly, this is a problem with Julie. This line was perfectly in character, so the writing was not flawed at all. Julie, despite glimpses of humanity in the past and a huge chunk of humanity emerging this year, is very self-involved and always will be. It’s not something that she can overcome because it’s clearly deeply rooted in who she is. I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be disrespectful coming from Julie, but to her, she can reasonably equate the two things. And here’s to hoping that Julie and Veronica have a catfight or two or three or fifteen. There is a lot to explore with Veronica versus Julie. Trust me.

    And it’s not just Veronica bringing the hot awesomeness to the show, but it’s her daughter, too. Taylor, who is just so incredibly excited to have friends, is part pathetic, part hilarious, and overall incredibly endearing. A lot of people are upset with the way that Seth and Summer are treating Taylor, especially since it’s clear the person they consider their real friend, Marissa, is a self-righteous bitch. And that’s true. She is a horrible, horrible person. But I don’t think that Seth and Summer are treating Taylor too badly. I think they tolerate her as best they can, but she’s so incredibly clingy, clearly starving for attention, that it’d be damned near impossible not to feel somewhat detached. They aren’t bad people, they’re just human. Granted, they’d probably be able to handle more if they would cut ties with Marissa, but that’s not going to happen. This story was a bit thin, though it was extremely funny. Seth’s obsession with genital warts is a bit disturbing, but it’s definitely a good plan. Go Google Image that and see what comes up. And I loved the idea that voting for Kerry would be enough of a turnoff; that’s a deliciously O.C. idea as it’s a complete satire on the community. I voted for Kerry, actually, so maybe that’s why I can’t get a date. Sadly, it looks like Neil/Veronica is off, and while that’s good for me as a Julie/Neil fan, it sucks for everyone who loved Taylor running around trying to choose a bedroom. Ah, teenagers are so full of life.

    As for Sandy and Kirsten, well, they had one big scene together where they discussed Marissa. Then Sandy was funny when he agreed that Veronica was a “ho bag.” And then Kirsten told everyone to drink. Yeah, what a useless pair these two have become. From the moral core of Newport, the hilarious and loving couple, to the strained family who worked to come back together, they have always been enjoyable. They aren’t now.

    And that’s going to do it this week, finally. It took a while, and now I’m tired. You’ll notice that the end of the review really slacked off, but that’s okay because if Schwartz can do it, then so can I.

    I’ll be back next time and I’ll reintroduce the random thoughts section and hopefully I’ll something very good to say.


    Questions, comments?
  • Uhh.

    I don't hate the O.C. Honestly, I don't hate it at all, but I have to say this show has done everything possible for teens: drugs, sex, smoking, quick romances....and I have to admit it's becoming a little repetitive and predictable, I mean maybe next season will like lighten up and stuff but right now I'm skeptical as to how they are gonna revitilize the show again. I hope it'll be as good as it started off being but ah. I mean Marissa dying...she was allright at first but now she's sort of whiny, and irritating, so I can't say I'll miss her completely.
  • This is the stupidest show in history!

    Am I the only one on the planet who thinks that this show is an utter waste of time? I certainley hope not. Seriously I'm supposed to be entertained by a bunch of spoiled rich kids who in real life would have been dead long ago from STDs. The show needs to be cancelled with extreme predjudice ten have all of the copies burned and the ashes dumped into the ocean! The scary thing is, this is prime time T.v. this is the best that the network has to offer. That is not just sad that's pathetic. The reason I watched it is that a friend said it was great. I lost all respect for him. I was so nauseated by this utter waste of money and airspace that I considered watching Survivor over it. Oh yeah One Tree Hill sucks too
  • OC is the best show ever!!!

    I think that this show is the best!!! I just started watching it, and now I can\'t stop, not that I would like to stop but anyway! i mean, it have so much drama in it and that\'s just great! at first when i heard that someone in my class was crazy about the show, i was just like, oh, yeah right!!but then i watched one episode and i fell for it to!!!! now i have to watch it all the time!!!! they have such great actors/actress!!! this is one of the best shows i\'ve ever seen!!!! i\'m like a tv-show junkie!!! and i watch many tv-shows and this is one of the best!! I LOVE OC!!!!
  • It's the BEST teen Comedy Drama I've ever watched. I love it!

    I never watched the first season on tv, I ignored it. I never knew what I was missing until I watched it on DVD and I'm now so addicted to The O.C.! I love Adam Brody, Ben McKenzie, Rachel Bilson. Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher, Mischa Barton, Alan Dale, Tate Donovan and the rest of The O.C. cast. I've at least seen them in other tv shows like Gilmore Girls, Judging Amy, 24, Neighbors, Friends and I still cannot get enough of them, especially Adam Brody whom I love just the way he talks with his tongue! I Love The O.C.
  • Amazing, just amazing. I never really liked any teen soaps, but man this one is awesome.

    Amazing, just amazing. I used to rag on my best friend, whom like myself is a guy, for watching this show. He used to always tell me I didnt know what I was talking about, and if I gave it a chance, I'd be hooked. So one night in 2004 I decided to tune in, and I caught the episode, "The Chrimakuh That Almost Wasn't" I thouroughly enjoyed this episode and immediatley called my best friend to ask him if he could lend me his first season on DVD! After watching the very first episopde, I COULDN"T STOP WATCHING!!! I maintained and watched every single episode on from "The Chrismakuh That Almo9st Wasn't" Live on TV Until the very last episode in 2007, "The End is Not Near, It's Here," Which nearly brang tears to my eyes. Season 1,2 and 4 are absolutley incredible, however there is a big hiccup in season 3, not very wathable up unitl the last four or five episodes of the season. This along with 24 are probably my all time 2 top favorite shows!!!!!
  • Ryan Atwood, the bad boy from Chino, comes to live with the Cohens in the glitz and glamour of Orange County, but through the very first episode we see that nothing is as it seems, especially in the OC!

    THis show is absolutely fantastic. From it's groundbreaking pilot episode up until this latest season where the creativity and writing has peaked to a new level of perfection, the OC has become a world-wide phenomenon. Sure, it's had it's ups and downs, but i think that in the long run, this show will live on in the hearst of its loyal fans as a pivotal moment in their lives.

    The show is so much more than exploiting the lives of the rich and shameless, it's so much more than shopping (i actually think they only went shopping maybe two times in the span of four seasons), its more than "woes me i'm so rich and miserable." It has heart, drama, suspense, and some of the BEST writing on television in the last decade. If you get past the horrible reviews it gets from the people who don't even watch the show, you would see that it actually is an addicting, fun, relevant show that sets trends and breaks boundaries in creativity and writing. This show doesn't deserved to get cancelled, but since it is, it is at least going out on a creative high!
  • A beautiful show!

    I LOVE IT! First of all, Rachel Bilson is a cast member. Oh, yes! I love her! Also, Seth is basically a rich version of myself. I just wish I got to date Rachel Bilson. It is an excellent show with tons and tons of drama. It keeps getting better and I thrive on Newport life!
  • The only reason why I like this show was because of The Dearly Beloved epsiode and maybe Benjamin McKenzie

    This was an extrodinary episode which makes people remember why The OC is such a great show. Filled with both emotion and excitment, the writers know how to keep thier audience intrigued. The scene in which the Cohen's convinced Kirsten to go to rehab was brilliant and emotional. Ryan relating her to his mother helped to bring full circle his relationship with his families in Chino and in Newport. This heart- touching scene was one of my favorites. Ryans confrontation with Trey also proved that people can never truly change. Trey will always be the way that he is and Ryan will always fight to defend those that he loves. This part of the episode kept viewers on the edge of thier seats and ended fataly. This was unexpected and genius. It showed that Marisa really does love Ryan and would do anything to defend him. Leaving everyone in shock and in anticipation of the new season, it was, by far, the best episope of the OC that i have ever seen.
  • an amazing show!

    An amazing show! I hated when I heard that it was coming to an end. I just hated! I didn't watch the first and second season, but I watched season 3 and 4 and I loved it! This show showed us the ward life of Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen with a touch of fun. I loved the entry of Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend and Willa Holland as Kaitlin Cooper. I think that the dead of Marissa Cooper put the story more interest. I cried when Marissa died. It was so sad! And the music...made me cry...
  • the cohen family transforms the life of ryan atwood in so many ways. drama with every character is constant, however the story is mostly about ryan.

    this show is ridiculous. i cant even put in words how much i love it. i watch it all the time. i hate watching things more than once, i feel it is a waste of time, however this show is something i will never get tired of. it puts me in a mood i not necessarily like, but i cant stop watching it. the music in the show is awesome. the characters are great and the story is wonderful. it is sad how much time i spend watching this show, but its so interesting and it is something i truly love. ryan atwood is absolutely gorgeous. i love him!! one thing i hate about it is that marissa became a lesbian. she and ryan's relationship didnt need to end. they were too perfect. taylor is great and everything, but once you start with someone, it is in people's minds that they should be together only. that they are the only people meant for eachother. still love the show and just put a bid on ebay for the series=)

  • the oc should be back but now with the cw! the cw should ressurect the oc!

    i think fox has been very cruel to the oc they now have this show called so your smarter than a fifth grater! give me a break! i mean what is fox thinking am going to start watching more cw and i think the cw should ressurect the oc! i know the writer is working on gossip girls but hey nobody knows the oc could be picked up form ground.just like star trak when somebody donated money. anyways fox is getting too much into reality like amrican idol which is good but they are laking good tv shows like the oc and this new tv show called drive that not going to last.
  • A great show you just can't miss.

    There are few shows that reach the level of The O.C.

    For starters, this show is fantastic, some fun parts, drama, etc. Personally I like how the characters evolve and how greatly performed they are. Everything is so well produced.

    The plot is well done, although personally I think its a bit over the top kind of thing.

    The cast great, pretty varied and great looking.

    Some bad things about it is that the plot gets pretty old quickly, but all in all is a great show.

    If you have nothing better to do and The O.C is on, you should definitely watch it.

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