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  • I liked the show when it first came on, but after season 1 I gave up because I thought the whole concept of the show was ridiculous.

    Season 1 was very interesting. But it shows teenagers in a really bad way. I liked the Oliver storyline, but I didn't like Theresa's pregnancy very much, I thought that was silly. Seth and Summer are a cute couple, and when Seth left I thought that was really immature, although I can understand why. Season 1 had so many good qualities, amongst the unbelivable drama and the terrible depiction of teenagers. After season 1 the entire series went down.

    Lindsay still remains the one thing I HATE about the show. I thought she was pointless and someone who Ryan would never go for. I hated how Summer and Seth broke up and got back together, same with Ryan and Marissa. It was like, by the end of the year, their break-ups never existed which I hated. The only good thing about this season was Alex. I liked Marissa and Alex's relationship, because it's normal some teenagers experiment. Season 3 was even worse. Taylor was horrible, and so was Johnny. While the guy was cute, he was also terribly annoying and I wish he didn't have a crush on Marissa and remained her friend. Kaitlin was a good addition to shake things up - I completely forgot Marissa had a sister before she came, and I think it's real she'd feel jealous of Marissa because people seem to idolize her and Jimmy really did, in my opinion, love Marissa more than Kaitlin, or showed that love more. Charlotte was another bad addition - hated that storyline, but this season, to me, redeemed Julie Cooper. She was not nearly as cruel and vile as usual, and I think it had to do with her suddenly becoming poor. Johnny's death was stupid, I wish they did that better, and I hated Marissa dying too. Marissa, I think, was a key character in making the show.

    Season 4, is one I can't really comment on, as I haven't seen a whole lot of it. But I gave up on The OC a long time ago. I do think it has some positive points about it, and it's not on my worse-show-list category, but I do think that over the course of 4 years it did go downhill and changed for the worst. But I'll always love Seth and Summer, Ryan and Sandy and Kirsten. So this show gets a 6/10 from me.
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