The O.C.

FOX (ended 2007)





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  • a show that total changed things and paved the way for shows like one tree hill and gossip girl and a remakes of 90210 and others.

    i think the oc is one of the best shows of all time for its catagory. it total changed things well there was 90210 and mel rose place but the oc was diffrent it had if funnyness and comdey on top of the serious topics that kids went through and had alot of high rated eps. and drew in millions of views over 9 million watched the first season. it changed thing. it had so many good eps from chrismaka to the final countdown and so many others and it had its serious eps were marisa over does and were marisas mom cheats and her father loese everything. and kalab dies in the pool and to the porn tape of marissa mom.i think you could say the life in the oc was crazy. it was a great show and could of kept going if marisa did not die and i was so mad when the show went off. but its was one of the all time greats for its catagory.