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  • A show that treads new water, and revolutionizes how TV shows are written...not hard to see why this is such an amazing show.

    Ever since its creation, The O.C. has raised a new standard for television shows everywhere. The writing, character development, and invention of the "Adam Brody" character arch type are just at a new level of emotional suspense and comedy that no drama before it even compares. It starts off pretty standard; a small fish in Ryan Atwood is introduced to a big pond when he moves away from a broken down ghetto to a financially lush environment in Newport Orange County. Throughout the show we see him evolve and try to fit in his new community with his bad boy demeanor along with his friends, most notably his brother in law, Seth Cohen.

    Although the story doesn't sound so different compared to other teen dramas, where it absolutely excels in is its absolutely fantastic writing. Dialogue, comedy writing, it does everything at an elite level. Every episode you wonder to yourself if the best writers in the business joined together to carve the episodes out. You'll be laughing out loud at least a couple of times per episode in largely thanks to Seth Cohen's witty remarks and sarcastic humour, or feel so empathetic with the various love relationships or dramatic situations that happens with various characters in the series. What sticks out the most is how particularly strong the supporting cast is; side characters are developed better than main characters in other TV shows, and that's no knock on those other TV shows. Coming into watching my first episode of The O.C., I was an anime head into those gory action animes, but The O.C. has really opened up my eyes to dramas, though the unfortunate thing is that none of them will ever be better than The O.C.
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