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FOX (ended 2007)





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  • the cohen family transforms the life of ryan atwood in so many ways. drama with every character is constant, however the story is mostly about ryan.

    this show is ridiculous. i cant even put in words how much i love it. i watch it all the time. i hate watching things more than once, i feel it is a waste of time, however this show is something i will never get tired of. it puts me in a mood i not necessarily like, but i cant stop watching it. the music in the show is awesome. the characters are great and the story is wonderful. it is sad how much time i spend watching this show, but its so interesting and it is something i truly love. ryan atwood is absolutely gorgeous. i love him!! one thing i hate about it is that marissa became a lesbian. she and ryan's relationship didnt need to end. they were too perfect. taylor is great and everything, but once you start with someone, it is in people's minds that they should be together only. that they are the only people meant for eachother. still love the show and just put a bid on ebay for the series=)