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  • The best teen show ever!

    I first watched the first episode and thought it was amazing. I then watched the second one, and the third one, the fourth one... and by the end of the first season, I was in tears when Ryan was leaving Newport to go back to Chino. I got hooked to this show really bad. Seth was sailing away, Marissa was heartbroken, Kirsten was in tears, Sandy was heartbroken, Summer was heartbroken and most of all, Ryan too was heartbroken. I even loved the second season more, with Zack in the mix, Lindsay - the illegitimate love child of Caleb Nichol, Carter who had a crush on Kirsten, Julie's porn Identity revelation, Rebbecca Bloom - Sandy's old flame popping into town, Alex the sexy lesbian Bait shop manager who had a thing with both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper and Trey Atwood, the mislead Atwood that comes to live in Newport with the Cohens and lands in a lot of trouble. It was just amazing watching the second season! The whole Johnny Harper drama in the third season, Taylor Townsend and Dean Hess secret romance, Sadie the cousin who comes after Johnny's death, Volchok the bad boy afraid of Ryan Atwood, Dr. Henry Griffin and Matt Ramsey turning Sandy Cohen to 'Caleb Nichol', Kirsten's relapse to alcohol, Kaitlin growing boobs, Dr. Roberts and Julie Cooper having a thing and getting married, Summer and Marissa having a cold war, and finally Marissa dying in a car crash... Come on that was entertaining! And for the fourth season, I thought that it would be boring without Marissa but it turned out that Taylor Townsend was a great source of comedy. Her french husband Henri Michel was amazing. I couldn't get enough of this show. So sad it came to and end due to cancellation, but I loved it so much. Long line The O.C.!
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