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  • Family of the Year - The Cohens!

    In a show renowned for its inclusion of indie music and creating the first real bromance outside of Scrubs' JD and Turk, the only bad side can actually be summed up by the constant goings-on of one character - Marissa.

    It is ironic that although the arrival of Chino-born Ryan Atwood is a catalyst for many a scandal in Orange County, it is the girl next door who manages to grate on my nerves on every topic, from her relationship with Ryan to her death. The only real character development without any reversal for Ryan came after marissa's death and his subsequent relationship with Taylor. I also don't see how Marissa was ever referred to as the hot girl in school.

    Other than that though, I will forever remember this show in it's portrayal of the best family unit on tv in the Cohen household. from Seth's adorable geek to Sandy's calm humour and Kirsten's maternal warmth. Anyone would be lucky to have a family like that, which is why everyone should hope to be inspired by the troubles ryans journey.